Martinez reveals why Saka and Martinelli will be Arsenal’s ‘future stars’

Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has labelled Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli as ‘the future stars’, but not only because of their contribution on the pitch thus far.

The Argentine goalkeeper has recently become a regular in the first-team for the Gunners, filling in for the injured Bernd Leno, but the 28 year-old has been in-and-around the squad for some time.

Youngster Martinelli recently signed a new long-term deal with the club, and moved to thank David Luiz and Emi for helping him to settle in at the club, and the latter has now responded, labelling both the young Brazilian and Saka as ‘different class’.

“I’m telling you, Saka and Martinelli are the future stars, not just for the Arsenal, but in the Premier League and in the world,” Martinez told Talksport.

“They’re willing to listen, they do extra work away from the training ground, they get on with everyone in the club and when they’re on the field they do different stuff.

“They are different class. If they put it in their mind that they can be the best, they can reach that.”

The Argentine goes onto claim that Saka should already be in Gareth Southgate’s plans for the England international team.

“Saka can be in the England team already, he’s the kind of player you need in your team. It’s not just about how much he gives you [on the pitch], he’s very positive and even with the top, experienced players that have been around, there are not many players like him.

“He’s a team player. I could give him my gloves and he would perform in goal, that’s Saka. I’m a bit worried, actually!”

The duo have already showed immense talent on the pitch, and it is refreshing to hear so much praise coming from their attitudes shown off in the training ground also.

Are there any other youngsters at Arsenal that could well form the future of the club? Who rates higher at present, Saka or Martinelli?


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  1. Far more important than last nights game , where we were unlucky and played well for most of the game – and also far more important than whatever happens in the remainder of this season is THIS fact: that in Arteta, we have without any doubt at all, a superb and great manager who has yet to convince even a number of “unseeing”(in the Wengr sense of “unseeing”) Gooners. When I see, as I regularly do on here, daft comments from certain, almost all younger fans, who say that he was only a assistant coach under Pep and has no pedigee of his own, then I have to despair at the wilful self blindness of those foolish MINORITYof Gooners who simply refuse to see what the rest of us see only too clearly.
    Arteta is by FAR our clubs greatest asset right now and represents all that is good,mature, intelligent . professional, demanding, dynamic and thrilling about our club. This needs saying, so I have said it!

    As to Patricks “who is better” question, I say this; Patrick , both Saka and Martinelli are OUR players and both are top quality. As teammates, they are not in a daft competition with each other as to which is the better but are BOTH huge assets, now and thankfully tied down with long contracts.
    Should you not, INSTEAD, be asking, are both going to go down as true Arsenal legends in years to come and NOT trying to start a fake competition between two clearly hugely talented TEAMMATES, who by definition , work together, NOT against each other. Seems to me that would be far more pertinent a question to ask.

    1. Jon,
      I’m glad you brought up the subject of Arteta. What a difference he has made to our great club! I never cease to be amazed that his rookie credentials are still being seized upon to cast doubt upon his clear and obvious ability. He has taken over at a time of internal turmoil and world uncertainty to bring stability and belief back to us.

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