Massive changes for women’s football teams at club criticised by Arsenal’s Beth Mead

Lioness & Arsenal Women star, Beth Mead, criticised Thornaby FC when they announced last week that the board had voted to drop its female teams, saying the committee were making a “horrible decision” and that she was “disgusted” with the decision.

The six board members who voted to scrap the female teams have stepped down, including former chief executive Trevor Wing. Board member Philip Genery, voted against the decision along with chairman Gary Morris.

Thornaby FC have appointed Alison McGee as their new chief executive officer and said its girls’ and women’s teams now had the “foundations to carry on”, as per BBCSport.

“We have been around this fantastic club for the last couple of years and this next chapter is an exciting prospect to be part of,” McGee said.

“There is so much potential for men and women together, girls and boys, one club.”

Thornaby FC Women’s co-managers Abbey Lyle and Claire Streeter said: “We want to shine a positive light and we are proud of the football community for standing by us on this.

“We are excited about what is to come and we want to look ahead. We would love for the club to hit new levels and look to the future.”

We wish Thornaby FC the best of luck in the future and long may their female teams enjoy their football. And a very well done to our very own Beth Mead for adding her voice, significantly increasing visibility of the situation and helping to turn that decision around..

Michelle M

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  1. Stop spending millions on men’s football
    . When did the when did men win the European Cup to get to the World Cup Final other than 66

  2. well done Beth Mead, inspirational for women s rights off the field, a role model for young women s skills on the field, maybe too nice a person to accept or want many accolades, but imho Arsenal and England s best asset and ambassador

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