Massive reality check from Mikel Arteta despite two brilliant wins

Arsenal has enjoyed some thrilling results in their last two games. Despite losing 2-1 to Tottenham beforehand, the Gunners picked themselves up to beat league champions, Liverpool, 2-1 and they followed that up with a 2-0 win over Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-final.

Those wins were just a few days apart and they have come as serious morale boosters for the Gunners who have been struggling all season.

It is fitting for the club fans and players to be carried away with such an amazing run of results, however, Mikel Arteta hasn’t been carried away and the Spaniard has told his players to maintain that level of performance, and consistently because it doesn’t make sense to do it in just two games.

He reminded the players that the league is a marathon and that they have to maintain that level of performance for ten months and not celebrate after just a week of good performances.

On Monday he said as quoted by the Mail: ‘Obviously this is a marathon, this is a long-term thing that has to be played and you have to do it consistently for 10 months.

‘It’s not good enough to just do it for a week so we haven’t done anything, just won two games that give us a big plus in the league and the sense that if we are all doing our best we can beat any team but now we have to be consistent and do it every three days.’

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  1. Two wins in a week is just good, but truly speaking I do not any improvement that Arteta made as emphasized by pundits. Emery left us in No.10 on the log, we still in the same position

    1. I feel the same. I actually think we have degraded more. I am giving him a pass this season but if we don’t get into Champions League next season Arteta should be shown the door.

    2. Are you for real? We are in 10th? How come i see it differently, ? I see the 2 teams in 8 and 9th are 1points ahead with a game more than us. Am only gutted we might not reach 7th on the log and spurs might take 6th

  2. It’s unfortunate the transition between UE, FL and MA made us dropped lots of points, as its show in number of draws in EPL this season, but overall MA has a pass mark of 60% from me, though it took him a while to get the players to this level, he has showed he has a plan and with time and support, he is going to return us to competing again, I hope he rest most players today against weekend and towards FA cup finals.

  3. Arteta is improving these players without doubt,he as I have said before needs huge support from the owner and board and I am sure he wants big signings,it is wrong to belittle what he has done so far,give the man a chance he has shown great potential in my opinion,wherever we finish this season ,his big test will be next season and with the help of the silent one ? he will take us to the next level.

  4. What really show that Arteta is improving players? I fail to see that because we are in the same position where Unai Emery left us. Im refusing to be brainwashed by media and pundits

    1. Before emery was sacked, he was on a losing spree. Arsenal couldn’t beat anyone. If we had allowed him stay, what makes you think we won’t be in 15th on the league table??
      You’re saying you forgot how terrible this team was under Emery??
      What magic where you expecting? That Xhaka would start playing like prime Pirlo? That Mustafi will suddenly pass the ball like Van Dijk?? Come off it, man. Arteta has don great things with what he has. Stop being so darn negative.

    2. I’ll tell you, it’s the play on the pitch. Apart from Manchester city, can you tell me a match where Mikel Arteta lost by 2 goal deficit?… Many of you are ungrateful even by just seeing what Arteta has done you still say you’re in the same position okay could you ever dream of challenging wolves more talk less of Liverpool or city?.. This man is trying to grow this team to a standard in a short space of 6 months. It took pep and klopp at least a year with big signings to just to instill what they wanted to do, but MA has only 2 signings of which are defensive players. Did you ever think in your lives that saka, nketia, Nelson or wilock would perform at the level they are operating??… I read posts here where many of you wanted these guys sold off even Arsenal almost sold nketia, xhaka and a host of other good players b4 Mr Arteta came. I wish iwobi was here I would love to see how Arteta would transform him. Arteta has been training the players to play multiple positions and play them well like Tierney at cb or saka at wing back or left back. You folks are out here doubting the man who is making your team great again by saying you’re still in the position you are like nothing has changed. When was the last time we beat southhampton?, and if not for a red card on nketia, we would have won that game at Leicester as the red card killed the team spirit. This team is growing even without signings and many are saying sh**t. Let’s be sincere the guy isn’t trying his best, he is getting everything spot on and correct. They said he couldn’t do it, he’s too young but he’s able to keep ozil outta the squad without much fuss, something even emery couldn’t do. Look at lacazette and pepe how they’ve improved or don’t u fans want them gone again?? Since Arteta came into the club, statistics show that Arsenal cover more grounds on the pitch than their opponents, that shows that the whole team is ready and fighting for the manager… Nothing anyone does that can please any human being so I advice you folks, if u don’t like Mr Mikel Arteta, you can go (DELETED)

      1. I’m with you pattyx, some of us are too impatient, I was one of those that continually lambasted Xhaka and I have to admit he is now playing better, still not convinced long term though.Arteta is looking like a shrewd move and could be a good thing.

    3. I’ve said this many times but under Emery the club was going down the league rather than being stable as it is now

      Where do you think Arsenal would be in the league if Emery was still in charge? My feelings in October were that we were heading for the Championship

    4. Do you watch the games or just check the league position? Anyone watching can see the steady improvement we have made since MA took control

  5. A quick reminder about MA performance against the big teams
    Man Utd – 1/1 (game played/won)
    Spur – 1/0
    Liverpool – 1/1
    City – 2/1
    Chelsea – 2/x(1draw, 1loss)
    Wolve – 1/1
    Leicester – 1/x
    How did we perform in the above games in last 2seasons? I remember one of UE popular comment about Liverpool ‘for us, we never want to play Liverpool, ever’

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