Massive showdown looming for Arsenal this week over star man

One of the most crucial decisions facing Arsenal this week is set to come to some form of conclusion this week when the club sits down with star man Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

News has broken over the last 24 hours that clubs from the Chinese super league are interested in his services and are willing to offer him a huge wage of £300k per week.

Add to that the clubs transfer policy where they will demand that any player with just two years left on their contract agrees to a new deal or be sold. Aubameyang has two years left on his contract.

Now, Arsenal is prepared to offer him a wage rise, said to be in the region of £250k per week, and it is then down to the Golden Boot winner to accept the offer or move on.

There is confidence at the club that Aubameyang will agree to a new deal and remain in London and even though the base wage is less than what the Chinese will offer there is a bonus of £3.75 Million for every completed season he has with us.

On the face of it losing Aubameyang would not be a good thing but it would be far from disastrous, he will be 30 this year and he does have a significant sell on value and we could be in a lot worse situations, in fact, we have in the past and if Auba refuses to agree on a new deal then it is best for everyone if he does move on.

But regardless, we will all know soon enough and the sooner the better because the last thing we would want is for this to drag on through the summer.


  1. 60 M is very good for a 30 years old striker. We have seen his inability to open the space for his teammates and he couldn’t finish some important chances as well

    I can imagine we would get a slower target man that can play well as a false nine and take the attention out of our wingers, someone like Firmino

    With 60 M, we can buy two young players. We need more attackers that can break the opposition’s defense and do not always rely on tap-ins

  2. Sheesh!! 3.75m bonus!! Doesn’t he also get a bonus for every goal scored & if we go onto win that particular game?!!
    No wonder he has so many cars!!
    This is getting ridiculous now – the amount being paid out, I mean, yes I really like him, but it’s not as if he needs the cash!! No wonder we’re in sh*t street!!

    1. I heard most English ladies’ aspiration is to marry an EPL footballer, because of their well-endowed body and handsome income

      Is it true Sue?

        1. You can tell from my avatar how virile I am, Sue ………….and loaded too !…………..and not to wake the neighbours up I have a silencer for my weapon ! 😆

        2. Haha love the avatar, Le Coq! So with how virile you are, how the hell do you fit in your pasty runs?! ?

        3. Tell you a secret, Sue and dont tell anyone else on here…………`s the pasty`s that make me virile………….or is it the runs ? 😆

    2. Exactly Sue, we are paying so much on wages, i think our wage bill is higher than Liverpool’s, and with three years in a row in the Europa league, it becomes even more difficult to manage that under our financial model. I love Aubameyang and i want him to stay but only if he signs an extension on his current 190k weekly wage, no need for an increase as that is plenty enough. If he refuses to sign or is asking for massive increment, then we have to consider selling for profit to re-invest back in the squad. I hope he signs an extension though as we have other players we need to worry about getting rif of.

      1. I agree Lupe! We’ll see if he’s in it for the money or not…
        So with Lichtsteiner & Cech off, I read Elneny may be going to Fenerbahce… oh my week is getting better & better ?

  3. Losing either one of Laca or Auba isn’t such a bad thing overall. I think Emery has had a big headache all season trying to fit those two in from the start, because no one really ever plays with two out-and-out strikers anymore. There have been times it’s worked so well, but we looked better early on in the season with one up front, which gave us the balance.

    It looks good on paper, but in reality, it hasn’t really worked for us. We’ll be so much more effective with one up front, with two natural wide players either side.

  4. I am praying that he agrees to a New Deal very soon. selling him does not guarantee a replacement,judging from our past experience.

  5. I want both Aubameyang and Lacazette to stay
    Most of everyone else needs to leave
    We are average with them
    We will be crap without them.

    Losing Aubameyang is unacceptable to me unless we can get someone of Same or better quality which is not probable

    We CAN NOT get two high quality players for £60 mill
    Maybe £100 million
    Mustafi £35 million
    Xhaka £35 million
    Ozil £45 million
    Hazard £115 million

    No way we can get someone for £30 mil. Our scouts are rubbish too

  6. Pig skin kickers all earn more than they should.

    Try yo get his wage down, instead of adding more to our wage bill, so we can afford to buy a 15yr old one legged pigmy with some distant potential instead!

  7. Auba earns more than 98 % of premier league players and he is 30 years old and you want to pay him more .
    You do know if you increase his contract you have to increase Lacazette as well .
    Auba may have scored more goals but LAca for me is more important to the team with age on his side .

    1. Aguero is 31, Ronaldo is 34, Messi is 32….. So the age thing is complete rubbish. Now, the question is whether or not Auba is all about the money or is he all about the trophies. If he’s all about the money, I reckon he’ll stay at Arsenal with an improved contract, it’s just a couple of thousand quid short of what would the Chinese clubs offer to him. Not everybody is ready to move their family to a completely different culture. Auba has a son and I’m not really sure whether or not he’s ready to expose his child to a complete culture shock. Not saying that life in China is bad, in fact, I believe it’s great but I believe that Auba as a parent and a husband isn’t ready for such a change.

  8. 41 goals in 65 games and people on here want him out, similar scoring ratio to Thierry. Give him what he deserves and add 2 years to his contract. The man’s a goal machine. Sell at least 8 players but not Auba

  9. As I have said before I believe we have to keep both laca and Abu. 250k is worth it for the stability. Sell others like kalaz, mustafi, Monreal, ozil, elneny, etc.
    Promote some youth buy smart young lower leagues etc and build for the next 2 seasons. Then we can sell him as we will still get a good deal from China for him.
    Torrera is good enough in my view it is his first season and I think he did well.

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