Mat Ryan breaks silence on his failed move to Arsenal

Boyhood Arsenal fan, Mat Ryan played on loan at the Emirates in the second half of last season.

He joined Arsenal from Brighton as the Gunners struggled with consistency from Bernd Leno.

The German had been preferred to Emi Martinez but he made Arsenal regret the decision after replacing the latter with Alex Runarsson.

Ryan represented a safer pair of hands when he joined as the club’s second choice and Arsenal was expected to snap him up on a permanent transfer.

However, that never happened and he has since moved to Real Sociedad while Arsenal continues to look for a new goalkeeper.

The Gunners have been linked with a move for Sheffield United’s Aaron Ramsdale and Ryan has made some sense of that link by claiming they gave him an impression that they wanted a homegrown goalkeeper.

“We got in contact with them (Arsenal) just before making a decision to see what their stance was and they just gave me feedback that I wasn’t top of their list,” Ryan told Australian media as quoted by The Mirror.

“I think the information that came back was perhaps they’re looking for a homegrown goalkeeper to fill a spot there but that’s as much as I know.

“You can only go about things with what’s dealt in front of you so it was an easy decision at the end of the day.”

Ramsdale would cost Arsenal a lot of money and Martinez’s transfer fee might not be big enough to cover it.

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  1. Dan kit says:

    I thought the reason was because he wanted to be a number one ,now this deal for Ramsdale is even more ridiculous,paying up to 30 million for second keeper because he’s homegrown .
    More concerning for me is that we go into fridays nights game with the same team as last season except white ,no upgrading just hoping for the best it seems ,watching that awful preseason I have no positives to offer and doubt I will all season .

    1. Bobs says:

      Take this as positive…
      We are going into Friday night with a team who has been away from the EPL a long time.

      If their is no changes after Friday, then the panick will set in cos by then we will be playing the EPL senior team with same team

  2. Sue says:

    OT.. Come on Villarreal

    1. Dan kit says:

      Nooooooo sue
      Won’t ever hear the end of it off Ozzie 😂

    2. A J says:

      Yes Sue- come on Unai!

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Sue and Dan, Villarreal very unlucky, hit the underside of the crossbar and the post in normal time. As ar as “never hearing the end of it”, just shows again how good a manager Unai Emery is at getting the most from the player resources available to him. Maybe Arsenal can put up as good a performance as Villarreal next week?

    3. Kenya 001 says:

      I smell a comeback sue an Alberto double?

      1. Sue says:

        No such luck, Kenya

  3. Kenya 001 says:

    I smell a comeback sue an Alberto double?

  4. David says:

    The repeated factoids regarding Martinez really need to be addressed. Unfortunately, one has to believe that certain writers have an agenda against the manager and are therefore repeating untruths about the circumstances of Martinez’s departure.

  5. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    OG…if we end up shelling out a boatload of cash for the underwhelming and ill-suited Ramsdale, I want to apologize to you personally for insisting on us not signing Ryan as a backup Keeper…I would gladly have him, at least for the upcoming season, as our alternative Keeper, than having this much-relegated Keeper on our roster for the foreseeable future…my bad

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Apology accepted.

  6. ken1945 says:

    I still cannot understand why we didn’t sign Matt, he was an excellent keeper.

    Dan, that’s the first time I’ve heard he wanted first team assurances – are you sure about that?

    1. Dan kit says:

      I ment that’s what I thought the reason was .

  7. O.T.S says:

    Just don’t get what my darling Arsenal is trying to achieve, honestly. Watching this guy at the back last season was a joy for me becos he was just too good. Isn’t matt yan the type of goaltender we’ve been searching for? A good passer of the ball. In the few games he’s played for Arsenal I couldn’t point a single mistake. What is Arsenal doing!

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