Mat Ryan has not come to Arsenal to be a reserve to Leno

After the Runar Runarsson debacle (to be fair Arsenal didn’t have much time or money to replace Martinez in January), it is great that the Gunners have brought in a proper Premier League goalkeeper as his replacement today.

But, as we have seen from his record, he is not used to (or happy to) sit on the bench wherever he plays, and it seems he is here with the intention of dispacing Bernd Leno as Arsenal’s Number one.

As he told today after signing his loan deal: “I’ve never been a goalkeeper where I’ve liked to sit on the bench,”

“I’m sure every goalkeeper says that, but I’ve come here under the circumstances where Bernd has obviously done a great job for the club in his time since he’s arrived and he’s a very top-quality goalkeeper.

“But I believe also that I’ve shown that in my career until now also and I’m looking to come in here and push him and him push me. Like I said, we’ll try to get the best out of one another and to improve as individuals.

“If we can do that, then who’s going to be getting the nod on matchday with the number of games that we have in all the competitions that we’re still alive in? It’s going to be who’s in the best form and that’s only going to help the team to perform better and to get better results hopefully.

“So I’m very eager and keen to be here and get to work and start creating some nice memories through being successful.”

It is great for us Arsenal fans to see that we actually have two keepers fighting for their places, as we know Leno was not up to his best just after we sold Emi Martinez.

Now we know life won’t be so easy for the German when he sees how good Ryan is in training. And god forbid if he gets injured!

I, for one, am keen to see him playing in the Cups and the Europa League to see if he is worth keeping in the long term..

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  1. Love the spirit, and wish him all the best at Arsenal. But displacing our German shot-stopping machine (who I rate as one of the best in EPL) will not be quite so easy or even possible looking at Ryan’s record in the league.

  2. Does he even realize that he’s coming on a 6 month loan…who says stuff like that, maybe he’s just delusional enough to make sense for a club that still doesn’t have a clue…I’m starting to think that the only reason we kept Leno over Martinez is because, like usual, we gave him an absolutely ridiculous wage, which would have been a real stumbling block to move elsewhere…he makes substantial more than Ederson and Allison…this was like our mini-DeGea/Kepa bonehead wage bill decision, as Leno’s CV certainly didn’t justify such a valuation…when are we going to do our due diligence when it comes to recruitment decisions…btw I’m not stating that I think Leno is a bad keeper, I’m just saying he doesn’t make sense on those wages, especially considering our financial constraints…no wonder we can’t afford to address our real needs again…welcome to Loanfest central

    1. Heres a few facts for you, but please dont let
      them interrupt your one sided narrative…

      A Becker—-$90K a week, $70M transfer fee

      Ederson—-$65K a week, $35M transfer fee

      B Leno—$100K a week, $22M transfer fee

      I may be in the minority here but Leno has
      been playing on the same level as both of
      these keepers over the past year and sure
      as hell was the cheapest of the three when
      AFC signed him a few years back.

      Of all the bad contracts that the Arsenal brass
      have dished out over the years Leno’s weekly
      compensation surely isnt one of those.

      1. you do realize I was referring specifically to our wage bill issues?…as you can see he’s making more base salary than those other two Keepers, who quite frankly would be much better as playing out from the back/sweeper-keeper…as for your assessment of their respective play over the past season, that’s rich as you decided an incredibly small sample size for the purposes of your comparison so that it conveniently fit your twisted narrative…btw if we had kept Martinez, who played better in his 2 months of appearances than Leno has since his arrival, he could have been on about half the wages even if we tripled his salary at the time

        1. Cmon Pat ,I didn’t even see what he posted ,I didn’t think we got personal so I dont get the deleted posts , you know me I don’t mind one bit of hat he said .
          Seeing as you left David’s post calling him a cross dresser I can’t see hat we both said was any worse

        2. Well, this guy is out of contract at Brighton in the summer, so he is definitely eyeing a permanent move once the loan ends. And how it quickly turned from the positive things he said to our Leno’s wage!! You must be having Emi hangovers still, and I bet it has lasted way too long.

    2. Why did you erase my posts but not this Polman clown’s comments below? seems pretty inconsistent admin

  3. Being an Aussie, I would not dismiss Ryan as being a potential number one. He is not the kind of guy to come to Arsenal for a free ride. His international career is at a crossroads. And no fault of his. He has been world class for Australia,, and getting us to the World Cup. There are a few so called uneducated Arsenal supporters that don’t rate Matty Ryan. This man has helped Brighton stay in the Premier League for the last 3years. He knows all about pressure. Ryan also play well for Australia in the World Cup. Lenno will never play as a first choice goalkeeper for Germany in a World Cup,,or let alone a Euro Championship. Lenno is so suspect with the ball at his feet. Lenno is unsure of collecting corners and crosses. Lenno doesn’t command his 18 yard box. Lenno goes down too early in a one on one situation. Lenno can pull off a remarkable, only to pat down the ball to the in running opponent to tap the ball in. Arsenal’s number one goalkeeper really should be Martinez. Wish Martinez had of stayed,,,, Lenno would have buckled under pressure by now. Lenno will buckle with Mathew Ryan there. Matty is a true Aussie. He won’t lie down. Matty Ryan will put up one hell of a fight for the number one position. And for the record, Brighton supporters have wished Matty all the best,,,, but they want GRAHAM POTTER’S head on a platter. Brighton supporters are p_ssed off big time. Let’s welcome the man. It is true he is an Arsenal Supporter from way back to his childhood days. David Pohlman of Australia 😊😊😊😊😊😊

    1. You obviously rate him highly David and as you have actually followed his career, we should all take your comments on board.
      However, let’s not start comparing him to Leno yet.
      I just think it’s a brilliant move to sign an experienced PL keeper, who has followed the club and is so up to playing for us!!!!

      1. Hi there Ken 1945. I’m an Arsenal supporter through and through. But above that, I am a goalkeeping coach. I am very sure Mathew Ryan will do well at Arsenal. I’ve only followed Mathew because that is my job. The guy could have signed up with with Arsenal four and a half years ago. Someone told Matty that he wasn’t tall enough to be a professional goalkeeper. I stand 6 foot. When standing next to Matty, I never realized he was shorter than me. He trains hard. And loves working with the midfielders at training. I don’t entertain the thoughts of him playing this weekend. I’ve a strange feeling with that. Anyway that’s not my call,,, that’s Mr Arteta’s

    2. Being an Arsenal fan you don’t seem to rate Leno, which is fine as it is a very subjective thing. But the sheer volume of flaws you offer to prove why Ryan will be the better goalie at Arsenal is severely lacking in balance in terms of qualities that make Ryan so much better than him. Apparently it’s because he’s a true Aussie as you say, knows about pressure and helped brighton stay up for 3 seasons?? We really had a crisis in the goalkeeping department if that’s all it takes to overthrow our no. 1 gk who has single handedly saved us countless times

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