Match Report – Arsenal top of Premier League after hard fought 2-0 win over Wolves

Arsenal have returned to the top of the Premier League standings thanks to a hard-fought 2-0 win over Wolverhampton this evening.

The game started positively for Arsenal and just two minutes in, Kai Havertz tested Jose Sa as Arsenal looked to quickly score after two games without finding the net.

Gabriel Jesus and Bukayo Saka took turns worrying Sa, but Wolves survived the opening minutes without conceding a goal.

Declan Rice came close to opening the scoring in the 20th minute, but he dragged his shot wide of the post.

Arsenal continued to dominate possession against the injury-hit Wolves, but the home side should have opened the scoring when Joao Gomes found himself one-on-one with David Raya.

The Arsenal goalkeeper made a superb stop to keep the scores level, it was a good save.

Fifteen minutes after that save, Arsenal found the back of the net with Leandro Trossard scoring a surprise goal after the ball had kindly broken to him in the Wolves’ area.

Arsenal began the second half with the intent of extending their lead and continued to trouble Wolves, but Gary O’Neil’s side defended well.

Ben White, Martin Odegaard, and Rice all had chances, but they either shot wide or had their shots blocked as Wolves remained resolute, trying to get back into the game.

Mario Lemina, Tommy Doyle, and Rayan Ait-Nouri caused problems for Arsenal, but they weren’t significant as Arsenal defended their box well.

The game entered added time in a second half that was largely quieter than the first, and Saka missed a glorious chance after waltzing through the Wolves’ defence.

Rice had a superb shot saved by Sa, but Odegaard finally put the game to bed with a tidy finish from the back post.

The Gunners returned to the top of the Premier League table after a professional performance.

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  1. Massive win, with 3 points bagged. One down, five to go. We host Chelsea next, in a thrilling encounter. COYG!!!

    1. @Didrik Plehn
      Contrary to what you think, supporters/fans who are critical of either players or the manager, doesn’t equate to them wishing the team loses. Jus sayin…

      1. I know mate, only tired of all the negativity surrounding a club which has become one of the best in the league. COYG 🔴⚪️

      2. This is not always true. There have been fans who have wanted the team to lose with the hope this could convince owners to sack the manager.

        1. Care to name one? Be brave and come up with a name dont run away silently when this kind of question is asked.

          Without a name you have committed slander and defamation.

          1. Just a layman’s point😜; I don’t care much for what David said, but who could he have slandered or defamed if he didn’t give a name in the first place?

            1. To clarify.
              This is not a show of support for David, I’m just pointing out that HH’s comments were technically incorrect and misleading.

          1. No proof whatsoever David – you should be ashamed of yourself for saying this about fellow supporters – strangely enough though, it DID happen when AW was manager and I can provide the name if you want!!

            1. There was quite a lot of that on Le Grove at the time Ken, not so much from Pedro, but his acolytes.

        2. Even I dont agree with THAT DAVID. I am well known for refuting the many negative fans on here.
          But I DO NOT agree, as clearly it is NOT TRUE, what you allege!

          1. JA is not the only site where Arsenal is discussed and there was a lot of toxicity when we lost 3 in a row at the beginning of the 2021 season.
            This was posted by a fan “somewhere”, prior to our game against Norwich:
            “I’d prefer he’d lose tho, so we’d have conte cause he might win the norwich game and lose bunley and tottenham, or maybe win the games for Septembe”
            The details of record remains but I am not going to post it here.

            1. My point was that it does happen. It may be unlikely right now but if we have a run of bad form I wouldn’t be surprised.

                1. The fact is that it has happened although you may choose not to believe it.
                  In the aftermath of our loss to Bayern we already have fans calling for the manager to be sacked which I would consider rather extreme. Quite clearly such fans do not believe there is any future with Arteta. And we have seen high levels of negativity at times so the point stands.

                  1. So what’s the problem if fans do not believe Arteta as a future ?
                    You seem very insecure with your defence of him everytime you post your nonsense.
                    As for your ridiculous post above ,the least said about that the better .

                    1. My points stand.
                      I consider it rather extreme to call for the manager to be sacked immediately we were knocked out of the CL. If you consider that ”nonsense” that is up to you.
                      I will express my views as I see fit.

                    2. Why should it bother you if a person want the manager to be removed? What do you lose if Arteta leaves Arsenal? Are you in his PR department? Is he your family?

                      And if a person wish for the team to lose (at which point I don’t consider him a supporter or at the very least has let his emotions get the better of him) will the team lose? If a person wish for Arteta to get fired will he get fired?

                      Only a mere wish of a fan or fans does not make it a reality. In the end only the owners have that power and fans in unison if they see that the club is going the wrong way.

                      You trust in the manager, his process, his plans, his phases and everything about him. Then just let him shut the naysayers with his work.

                      If you think you have to defend him everyday then you don’t truly believe in his abilities. If his work did speak for him would there be a need to defend?

                  2. And what about those fans David? Its their opinion. And di you know what? You might be right in your assessment of our manager but so might they. None of us know because guess what? Its opinion!!!!!!!

                    1. So what if it is opinion? Are you suggesting that opinions can only be stated and not challenged?

                    2. No, I am not on about opinions but your assassination of people who dont share yours. Your opinion is your opinion but respect everyone has one and it mey be different to yours. And for the record. I am NOT an Arteta supporter. I am an Arsenal supporter. He like the ones before, are employees to do a job. When they do the ultimate job of winning a major trophy (after all the investment) he will get my appreciation. Until then, as far as I am concerned, he is doing NOTHING that no other manager could do for Arsenal. I would argue that the BIGGEST change in Arsenals recent form, is the money spent. When trophies are won, Arteta MUST get the credit, he WOULD deserve.

                    3. You can express you’re views as you see fit as is your prerogative ,but your ridiculous blatant attempt to stamp on fellow JA members as backfired on you with your now wiggling out excuses because you have no proof .
                      It’s quite sad TBF ,unless you can post names ,then I will apologise.
                      Oh and I will also post my views as I see fit

            2. One maverick so called fan does not make your point. Even a tiny few would not either.
              All rules have EXCEPTIONS and knowing fans realise they are of no real guide to what is the the norm.

              Have you also never realised DAVID, that when emotions run high, as they certainly DID back then, with those three draws that cost us the title,. that all manner of things are said which are NOT meant seriously??

              If you understand and studied how humans react, as I have spent a lifetime doing since my late teens drama studying days, you would know that well understood and widely recognised fact.

              Open your eyes and ears David and think a great deal deeper then your post shows you actually did not

              . If you were simply stating that there were a TINY FEW exceptions who said they wanted us to lose, then what was the real point or value in your post?

              Everyone KNOWS there are always exceptions, as I have said. But SO WHAT!!

    2. We played poorly. The narrative is some players are exhausted and need rest. That was clear in the game and can cost us on Tuesday against Chelsea. We all want to win, that’s why we point out issues we feel may stop us from winning

  2. It wasn’t a hard fight because Wolves were lame at attacking, but Arsenal played too safe and could only make very few chances to score

    I’m glad we won the game, but we obviously need another CF type to make more chances

    1. Stop this rubbish, every time we need this, we need that, inverted this inverted that, this is business end of the season, save what you think we need and don’t need until the summer and support the team

  3. Glad we won, and fingers crossed we win on Tuesday as well. Would give a nice 4 point cusheon ahead of City.

  4. A hugely important result which will allay some of the nerves – both mine and the players. Watching Trossard on the box right now and he looks absolutely exhausted and in need of a good night’s rest. Odegaard’s goal was neat and my man of the season so far

    1. I think we might finally agree on something Sue. Some of the players look knackered. But again we rotated the same 3 positions – LB, ST and LW. Chelsea will be a tougher test, but the same payers have to go all the way, cause the rest of the squad is not trusted.

      1. Wow a smudge of agreement Konstantin 👍but obviously not overly enamoured with our win?
        And a bit more agreement on the subject of Arteta not having sufficient faith in the totality of the squad. It’s better than last year but still too weak

          1. Already have. For some reason I love this club so much, I had to put my thoughts out at 4 am in the morning when I was back home.

        1. I am happy with the result. I just want to see us lift the league title and I won’t shy away from pointing out things I see which prevent us from doing it.

          I think not rotating the squad is an issue we’ve had the last 3 years and it is again evident in the legs of the players. Just because we won the game doesn’t mean Saka should’ve played 90 minutes again. Talk about a player needing a break. The boy will play on 1 leg, rather than trying somebody else. Shouldn’t we have rested him and get him fresh so he can actually take a player on again for a much bigger away game at Tottenham?

          City players have played between them an average of 5 games less than our players even though the are in the FA cup final and played the club world cup.

          Pep is the master of squad management. Why did we build the bench we have if we will not use it. You cannot deny we’re trying to win the league with 13-14 players.

          1. Couldn’t agree me that some players have been over used. We can all pretty much name the players on the bench that are not good enough to allow the same level of rotation that City can employ

            1. I can agree on Smith-Rowe, Eddie and Nelson, they are done.

              But what about Vieira and Partey? The only thing I remember from Fabio is coming on against Fulham to turn the game on its head and then never playing again. And Party was arguably our most important midfielder last year. Both have been with for weeks now, nowhere near the side. You say they are not good enough?

    2. Yes he does Sue. Though it doesnt help that LT is built like a 15 year old boy and not a man with REAL strength and muscularity, similarly to Viera too.
      Obviously skinny players are always at a disadvantage in our very tough and physically demanding Prem.

      Seeing him laughing together with SAKA right after the game, it was PLAIN how much smaller even than Saka, who is himself quite small, Trossard really is!

        1. Yes PAT, I too have seen that claim that Saka is 5ft 10Ins.

          But its widely known that many small or smallish players try to kid us they are taller than they are. He is, I would suggest 5 ft 8 and a half and Trossard is at most 5ft 6 IN AND CONSIDERABLY MORE SKINNY.
          For clarity, I do not say SAKA is skinny though. Of all our players who either play, or would if not often injuredor they were better than they are , I suggest Trossard and Viera ARE both skinny.amd small all round.

          So Is HAVERTZ but his height aids him enormously.

    1. Not much actually He stil had that big chin and big nose! LOL!
      To be serious , you have a point!

  5. 11 comments so far. 7 main comments and 4 replies, after what’s supposed to be a vital win. Not sure why the significant decrease in posts.

    1. Nothing to complain about apart from not scoring at least 3 goals or for failing to rotate sufficiently blah blah blah

      From the depths of gloom from the last 7 days to show the MENTALITY to at least see out the win for tonight gets my vote.

        1. Because only a real fan is happy two decades without a title?
          Only real fans would be happy with this week ?

          All the fans who wanted Wenger out were they real fans ?
          By your logic

          1. My logic? My logic is Wenger was the best. What the ‘fans’ think is usually all over the place, depending on the most recent results. But I’ll mostly defer to match going supporters, rather than distant fan boys.

            1. Having said, that there’s one match goer here who’s lately become annoyingly aggressive, and I’m quite close to effing him off😉.

      1. Ahh short-sightedness at its finest! Great, we won a game against a Wolves squad missing a bunch of their best players like Cunha and Neto with Saka playing another 90 minutes when he looks like he really needs the break.

        I wonder if we don’t beat Chelsea and Tottenham, because our players are literally run down to the ground, what will the excuse be?

        I also want to remind people that it’s still in City’s hands. History shows they’ve never bottled a title run-in. The seasons they haven’t won it, was because they were already too far behind at this stage.

      2. So this time last week if I had said we would lose to Villa and Munich but beat Wolves that would have been ruining the narrative ?

  6. With my critical analysis which might be presumed as negativity, Arsenal have been toothless of late, the only guy determined to score is Trossard. Our strengths remains our biggest weaknesses, which is Bukayo Saka who doesn’t care about anything since he has no competition, Gabriel being physically good but tactically dormant, all passes have to go to Saliba, no progression, and Jesus being Jesus, dribbling the Brazilian way way but enjoying to miss chances, and our knowledge it all coach, ever proving his loyalty with the same faces like Havertz, even in games that are suited to ESR like Wolves. Let’s see how the season will conclude.

      1. perhaps I appreciated a scrappy win ….. A good and typical performance for renowned “bottlers “

        1. . I just found it odd that you couldn’t find a good word to write. Could have said that it was scrappy in the first place and I would have agreed with you

    1. Amen! Spoken facts. It’s not negative it’s looking beyond one win against a depleted Wolves squad, which doesn’t win us the league by the way. Still in City’s hands and still 5 much more difficult games to come.

      1. Not “spoken facts”. There are one or two reasonable points mixed in with some odd comments.
        As for the game, it wasn’t the best or most efficient performance but it was a good solid win.

  7. Even if I hope we can win rest of the games, do not expect City to drop points. Rather we should hold our head high if we can finish the season strong, and do what we can do. Irrespective, I would like to see at least 3 reinforcements for first team (like top 15 players)
    We need to generate some cash, and fast. These players are not worth experimenting on anymore
    Nuno Tavares(15m)
    And these need to be upgraded, any worthy offer comes we have to consider, and replace
    Ramsdale(25m) – replace, Okonkwo coming back, or 10m budget
    Zinchenko(25m) – Timber will take that spot
    Soares and Elneny will free up wage bill. If we can keep Jorginho, we will need to trim down the players that Arteta will anyway never play and trust.
    If all sells can happen, that would be 150m+, enough to get us a ST, right sided CB who can play RB, Zubimendi or a pure CDM to go with Rice, 2-3 young gems to go on loans if needed for a total of 250m. That would free up 2 first team spots, even Vieira can be moved on if he cannot get games anyway.
    Ethan Nwaneri, Walters, Cozier-Duberry, Lewis-Skelly etc should be used in first team and used for minutes

    1. Sensible post, apart from some valuations that are wildly optimistic, esp given FFP and the footballl market in general.

      Nketiah though you have UNDERVALUED. Partey will be unable to raise any fee at all IMO. Age and injury proneness will prevent that !

      No one will pay anywhere near what you hope for Lokonga and Tavares . OR for Marquinhos. But a good post , overall!

  8. Loved the way Rice played in the final 20 minutes. He provided a dynamism on the left that none of the inverted fullbacks have been able to do. I guess it was only possible because Partey could cover midfield defensive duties, so either a top class wing back is the answer or we need to strengthen the midfield, bring in a real striker in place of Jesus and definitely rely less on Harvetz. Now that’s progress, Just Saying!!!

  9. A solid 2-0 win against a Wolves side, notwithstanding they were missing critical players, played Arsenal with 9 behind the ball.
    Another clean sheet away was important in a pressure game; however the impotence of Arsenal in the final third was there to see. Arsenal’s defense was impressive again, but Arsenal created 24 shots to 5. The concern is that only 9 of the 24 were on target compared to 3 of 9 for Wolves. Corners were 2 to 1 to Arsenal. Arsenal is crying out for a clinical striker to capitalise on the chances being created.
    The midfield played well, but waiting for Havertz and Rice to find accuracy in their shooting boots. Rice impressed again when able to move further forward with the introduction of Partey. Job done, now onward and upward.

    1. Perfect summing up OG and it puts pressure on both city and pool – something that seems to pass fans by – pool are still in the race!!
      I don’t care how we play, who we play and what team MA puts out from here on in, as long as we get three points.
      Chelsea next and yet another big game COYG!!

  10. Ahh, had almost forgotten what a win feels like😅. Our performance wasn’t great for a Wolves team B and makes our clash with Chelsea unpredictable. I hope their FA elimination kills their spirit. If we win that match, the rest will be winnable since we will have one week spacing and Arteta’s lacking in squad rotation will not be exposed.

  11. Given the lack of comments after that excellent win, it looks as if MA has shut up some of our so called “fans”….thank God!

    Raya – 8
    White – 7
    Saliba – 7
    Gabriel – 8
    Kiwior – 6
    Rice – 7
    Havertz – 7
    Odegaard – 7
    Saka – 6
    Jesus – 7
    Trossard – 7

    Martinelli – 5
    Partey – 6

    1. Jen I know we disagree in theimpoirtance of team versus another team HISTOIRY.

      But we are as one with how we suppport out club. And in refuting those who remain determined to be pessimistic and who patently cannot, or else refuse, to see the wider,fuller, truer picture.

  12. Those who have come out saying the narration has been ruined etc….

    We were playing Wolves that should be a routine win.

    So when we lose does Arteta ruin “your narrative?”

    Unfortunately this kind of “ruining the narrative talk” seems like bulying people into silence tactic to me!

      1. And I doubt their supporters were very happy and supportive about it were they?

        The club of Arsenal size should defeat the club of Wolves size. Are we challenging for the title or fighting to avoid relegation?

      2. Wolves were depleted to the point where they had five teenagers including a 15 year old on the bench. Your ratings Jen are way over the top. It should have been mostly sixes except a 7 for Odegaard and an 8 for Rice. Raya only had to make one save. Yes, it was crucial but I’m sure Ramsdale could have also made it.

        1. @Joe I agree more with your ratings. A good win though and happy for the 3 points against Wolves. Now to win the remaining games and see where we are at the end of the season, which is not over yet! Come on Arsenal 💪♥️🤍

    1. HH

      I read your interjection to a Jon Fox post on the match day article and thought, hmm … you’re brave sticking your oar in on that subject, namely the referee. You are pretty quick to write posts in favour of those who support your narrative. I don’t think you can have it both ways and then call it bullying

    2. I’m free to say or write more or less whatever I want, and I respect the limitations of freedom of expression. I got the expected response which was totally predictable.

      Arsenal has been struggling against Wolves for several years and I don’t expect an easy win at Molineux Stadium. Wolves has individual qualities and a great team spirit more or less every time we play them. Most of our victories has been one or two goals expect the 5-0 win at home in May last year.

      More or less all big clubs have “small clubs” they are struggling against, and playing against them is definitely not a walk in the park, and it’s not only an Arsenal issue.

      I don’t expect us to win, nor do I expect silverware and I deeply respect Merci Wenger. I have a hope that Arsenal one day soon will fulfill the dreams of all genuine Arsenal fans.

      I have not been an Arsenal fan for more than 50 years because of our trophy cabinet 🔴⚪️

      1. Another great post Didrik and I really hope Jen and Jon read how real supporters should converse with each other.

      2. In addition, I think it’s great having a manager who has played for our club, respect our history and former managers. I hope we will continue to find managers with our DNA. For the same reason I really hope MA will be a successful manager, he’s one of ours 🔴⚪️

        1. He was an awful signing ,I believe it was when we just lost 8-2 to Utd .
          All i remember about him as a player was when he was sub on lost us a goal and was sub off .
          As a fan his time here as a player was probably our worst period ,not his fault but wengers for signing him .

          1. He signed AFTER we lost to united DK and I disagree with your views of him as a player and agree with Didrik 100%
            However, I respect your opinion as another true Gooner – simple and easy to follow admins rules and for both of us to make our points without abuse!!

          2. I think you’re confusing Arteta with Eboue🙄. Arteta was a very good player and captain for Arsenal, not one of our greatest, but good enough that Wenger tried to get him to stay on after he’d retired, to join the coaching staff.

            1. Jax, iirc, it was against Wigan ? Eboue came on and his first involvement was to tackle Kolo.

              1. I can’t remember the oponents or detail. Just poor old Manny actually crying after being booed by our fans and then subbed off after being subbed on.

                1. I bow my head in shame Jax, as that was the ONLY time I have ever booed one of our players.
                  If I could only turn the clock back I would.
                  What he’s endured since hanging up his boots is awful and I’ve lost track of him since covid.
                  Anyone got any ideas?

          3. If you can only remember one game, then you’re hardly in a position to judge his Arsenal playing career.

  13. John Fox has always defended referees when people accused them of bias, corruption, etc. But when it comes to Arteta now he even complains about referees? First time I have seen that from him.

    Yes, I agree with anyone who supports my narrative that all managers should be judged by the same standards. Not criticize one and make excuses for the other for the same criticism.

    I don’t deny that at all. Same as you agree with those who support your narrative. When you post I know exactly who will reply to you in agreement.

    Saying people are not fans because they give deserved criticism when we lost because of our faults, or accusing others of wanting the team to lose without a shred of evidence what do you call that?

    So if I am not happy with how we lost, I have to stay quiet or be labeled as not a fan or accused of wanting the team to lose.

    Yes, I call that bullying someone into silence.

    Because those who support my narrative are supporters of Arsenal, not Arteta (as a person not as Arsenal manager), in the end, we are going to get what we want however it goes. Either Arteta will win trophies like we expect him to, or he will be removed and the club will get someone else to try.

    Unlike you all, we (or at least I) believe in Arteta’s ability to win trophies. That is why we expect him to. It surprises me why it’s taking him this long.

    You don’t make excuses and apologies for 5 years straight daily if you turly believe in the ability of the one you are making excuses for.

      1. In answer to your first paragraph HH
        How on earth could JF’s comments on poor officiating be labelled as pro Arteta? I have noticed that his reply to you has been removed but I wasn’t surprised by his reaction to yours

        In answer to your 4th paragraph
        There were posters – during Arteta’s first 2 years who were hoping we’d lose. Maybe they were trolling but it did exist, albeit in small numbers then. It’s not the case now but it did happen

        In terms of criticism- everyone has the right to an opinion if they are not happy. Usually moans and groans are made when it’s a poor result and that’s understandable. As Dan writes, it’s about how you win or lose. But coming off a bleak week with a win should be good news and it was a case of how we won which I can’t find fault with. It wasn’t about great football but it was about character. Constructive criticism is healthy but finding fault for the sake of it is worthless

        You refer to your belief in Arteta that he will win trophies etc. I have seen occasional post of yours when you have given Arteta a good write up but it’s mostly criticism. The money spent, the poor signings etc. That ‘routine’ win is a slack comment in my view when all it needed was – not the best game but we came through it after a disappointing and torrid week

        Your last paragraph isn’t worthy of a reply quite frankly

    1. What you , who admit in effect to being a timid individual, who is afraid of what you regard, wrongly, as “bullying”, (when it is only robust and forceful debate) are in truth, is a snowflake, HH.
      You are NOT being bullied,but only being debated with and SOME of your opinions being strongly challenged in print.
      It is known as free speech and is a precious right given to all of us, unless we belong to the woke brigade who wish to close down all opinions that do not accord with their own.

      As you regard such challenges as being “bullied”, perhaps you ought to be more careful about your delicate state of mind.

      And therefore leave JA, as it is too straight to the point for “helpless souls” which is what you seem to be labelling yourself.

      OR you could toughen up and start standing up for your own opinions and stop being afraid of people you will never meet and who will not, nor ever wish to hurt you.

      You are afraid of life itself HH, as it seems to me!

      I have never in my long life, not even once, believed I was being bullied. Nor capable of being bullied.

      And always will be, as I STAND FIRMLY behind my views.

      Finally HH, you fail to understand, for some odd reason that although I always state refs are NOT cheats, that is not defending them from correct allegations from others, and from myself, that most of them are USELESS AND TOTALLY INCOMPETANT.
      NOT cheats, but useless at their job, apart from a very small number.
      Or to put it another way, HONEST IDIOTS!

      Hope that easy to understand distinction is now as clear to YOU, as it is to other Gooners.

      1. Lets set one thing straight first, I am not afraid of being bullied nor have I said someone bullied me.

        What I have said and you understood very well despite pretending otherwise, as usual, is saying someone is not a fan or has narrative because they have criticized a bad performance, is bullying them into silence!

        What is so hard to understand there for you an English person, with a University Degree on this beautiful language?

        1. HH I neve said not insinuate that you ans a few other on JA with whom I almost always disagree , But that, ,although ATTEMPTED bullying, is NOT actual bullying and I hold a VERY different view on what ACTUAL bullying entails.
          Weall knoew that on JA Ad Pat closely polices any commen he feels not welcome. I know thuis from muh personal experice of his policing and as he knows , firnlu disagre on ADEAL of his reasons for censoring my owmn and manyotherd posts. But overall It DOES preven ant REAL bullying and thois ewho ost regularly DO, IMO, need to stand up for their own beliefs and views and not b shy in debating, with due thought and intellect, with others.
          I want to assure you that I HAVELONG KNOWN YOU ARE AR EAL FAN .
          Sometimes we all, myself included, say things in haste or with high emotion , that later we realise we do not mean and may even be ashamed of having said.

          Decent folk with TRUE humility will apologise on such occasions. Therefore, IF I have ever given you REAL cause to believe I think you are not a true Gooner, than I gladly apologise.
          In reality HH,

          it is inconceivable that ANYONE AT ALL, NO MATTER WHOM who spends their regular time on JA is not a real fan, whatever may be occasionalLy said in haste or foolish anger. Sincerely HH!

          1. “I want to assure you that I HAVELONG KNOWN YOU ARE AR EAL FAN .
            Sometimes we all, myself included, say things in haste or with high emotion , that later we realise we do not mean and may even be ashamed of having said.”

            I couldn’t agree more. I have seen this personally in my life countless times fans fight like bitter enemies because of their passion for their respective clubs and the next days they are the best of friends.

            I don’t hold anything against anyone I have arguments with in here. Even more so considering my plate is far from clean.

        2. But nothing from you HH on my refs paragraph, to say that perhaps that you NOW understand what I did and also did NOT say about refs?

          1. Your “honest idiots” has finally made me understand your point. That they don’t do it deliberately.

            I apologize (honestly) for anything I have said against you regarding your views about refs.

            I still believe though, during the great Alex Ferguson era, they were purposeful biased.

            1. HH Why did you believe thatthey were”purposefully biased” whoich means cheating, when Fergie managed you do not NOW believe it? What has changed in your opinion?

              As you know, I have never thought or accepted others slanderous opinion that refs cheat.

              I have in contrast, consistently said most of them are not fit to ref and are,in most cases, simply awful. I have held the opinion that refs do NOT cheat for my whole life, which is as true now as it has always been.

              I do think though, that way, way back in time, decades ago when there was FAR LESS MONEY andLESS all round media and social media presence, refs were able to ref without the huge and unfair pressure that fans today, and in particular the foolish advent of VAR puts them under.

              They were never in my hearing called cheats back then and on the terraces were simply shouted at to “get some specs refs”.

              Much milder criticism and fairer too! The supreme irony is that ALMOST ALL fans everywhere ARE biased. but refs are not.

              1. For the simple fact that during Ferguson era all bad decisions “coincidentally” hurt opponents and benefited Man utd, questionable penalties, questionable extra times, Man utd players not being penalized for offenses while opponents being penalized for lesser etc..

                And if there was anything I have seen universally agreed by football fans, it was referees bias for Man utd.

                Now I will take your point that they are just incompetent because their decisions seem to hurt many clubs not only one.

            2. HH. I’ve ever heard “honest idiots’ before reading it here (by jon). I think “innocent fools” might be a far more appropriate term. I didn’t realize you were not English until reading your comments on this thread. You’re very good with a sometimes difficult language.

      2. Jon, I think HH is one of the most honest people on JA, who stands by his opinions no matter what anyone says.
        I do believe that you recently claimed you were being bullied on JA, am I wrong about that?
        If so, I apologise.

          1. HH
            I think you are very lucky to have the support of such a well respected Arsenal supporter and enthusiastic debater on JA in Ken1945

            I vehemently disagree with you on some topics relating to Arteta’s management which I’m happy to discuss , but you were very lucky that I didn’t complain to AdPat about a reference to me in one of your posts as being an untrustworthy person. Similar word to dishonest in my book. That’s why I wrote to you that you can’t have it both ways in terms of bullying/silencing free speech in this article.

            I repeat a reply to you a day or so ago, that I put Arsenal above any player or manager and you will know soon enough if I think Arteta can’t win us a league or trophy and has gone as far as he can. Until that day comes I will continue show my support for Arteta

            1. SueP and HH, thank you for your comments.
              As passionate Gooners, we have one goal and that is to see The Arsenal being successful.
              Our views may be different on how that can be achieved and we sometimes forget we are debating with fellow Arsenal fans, such is said passion.
              Jon and I have very differing views on most things Arsenal, but I respect him hugely as a person with his liberal outlook on life – just wish, Jon, you showed more tolerance to others.
              I’m sure if Jon and HH met up, they would get on well discussing our great club and the differences would disappear in a cloud of reminiscing don’t you think SueP?

              1. Hi Ken1945
                I think face to face debate is infinitely better than tapping at a keyboard. Words can be misinterpreted so easily or just as important, is tone which …. Sets the tone!😃. However, JA does provide a good platform (thanks AdPat)

                Unfortunately, large swathes of this post match article has involved such a level of controversy that it reminds me of the toxicity that existed which has been a thing of the past- fortunately. I’m sure JF,HH and I would get on like a house on fire but debate should be respectful

                Apart from anything, are you suggesting that Third Man, Jimbo and Jen are one and the same? I’m incredulous

                1. SueP you are so correct in your point about actual face to face debating versus the printed word.
                  There is, however, a style of writing that comes across from an individual – such as Jon using capitals to emphasis a point, or the use of grammar and punctuation.
                  With regards to Jen, TMJW and Jimbo, there is such a degree of likeness, that others have also seen and commented on it.
                  To be honest, I’m not bothered what anyone wants to call themselves, but it’s worth noting that TMJW and Jimbo were banned by admin.
                  I’m not suggesting that Jen should be either, because she has a right to her opinions and it’s not my site anyway!!
                  So, to FINALLY answer your question, yes I do but Pat assures me that’s not the case – and to be brutally honest, who cares anyway???
                  We will never see eye to eye and will keep challenging each others views, factual or not!

                  1. An interesting theory of yours Ken, that those three profiles may well be one and the same person. Personally I cannot say I recall Jimbo and though I do remember TMJW, I feel sure JEN IS NOT that banned person.
                    But as you say, so what?

                    I have noticed however that JEN has seemed rather keen that others BELIEVE she is femail.

                    But that, by itself , means little, unless one is a conspiracy theorist, which I have never been personally.

                    1. TMJW was an out and out conspiracy theorist. That I do remember Jon. Weird stuff about Covid and 911

                    2. Haha, so because someone mentions the dangerous jab, that person is someone else, who is also conspiracy theorist.

                      So I take it you don’t follow the science then? The mounting evidence? Excess deaths since the jab up a whopping 20%. Healthy sports stars dropping left, right and centre. SADS off the charts. Young people all of a sudden with serious heart issues. What on earth happened in 2021 I wonder?

                      All I can think of is that an experimental gene therapy was released that bypassed all safety protocols, that the officials knew caused serious harm, and death, with little protection, that no one, even the creator, was allowed to question, was forced upon the public.

                      Hey, ignore all those facts, it’s probably just a coincidence. Crazy how so many braindead sheep there are, that lap up anything the corrupt media and government tells. Critical thinking is clearly a crime these days.

                      And yes I am all of these people! TMJM, Jimbo, Dan, Lester, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Bergkamp0102, Liz Truss, hahaha.

                    3. In reply to AdPat and Jen

                      I uncovered a fascinating article dated 27/2/21 by TMJW called Four Reasons Why Arteta Must Be Given More Time

                      It was an interesting read and I enjoyed checking on who contributed back then. Funny then that I should read a post from JW which started with “Dear Mr Harry Lime ….”

                      I assume Jen that you know that Harry Lime was a character in the classic British film The Third Man

                      A total saddo who has no doubt infected vulnerable people. With your garbage theories Not so funny is the current measles outbreak because they believe the likes of you

                    4. So the truth is out at last eh Jen, TMJW and good old Jumbo.
                      Even the signature Hahaha was there at the end.
                      I actually took the time to write an article about Sanchez and his contract, just to show what you REALLY knew about our club – precisely nothing!!
                      I hope Pat releases the article anyway, for those who might have been misled by your lies about Arsene Wenger once again, but that’s up to him.
                      . At least we won’t have to suffer the dribble about past history affecting today’s results and well done to DK and PJ for spotting who you were and raising the alarm bells.
                      There are enough liars such as Trump out in the world, without having one on Just Arsenal.

              2. Ken, Much would depend on the age and generation HH is, IF in your entirely theoretical comment, we were ever to meet. In life personally.

                I get on famously face to face with many people whose views on this and that I do not respect.

                But it must be said, admitted might be a better word, that I find little kinship or closeness with a great many REALLY YOUNG adults.
                (Not the same with children though, as I gel extremely well with REAL KIDS).

                That is not to say I may not like them and think them good people.

                HH MAY be a little older but he is clearly far younger than I am.

                Some years ago I recall asking him where he lived and what country is his heritage but he preferred not to reveal that, as is his perfect right naturally .

                But even so that told me quite a lot about his what I would call “lack of confidence” in life , leading me to presume he IS quite young.

                It is rather easy to read peoples character AND personalily, accurately too, when they have been posting regularly for many years on JA.

                On your other important point KEN “wishing I showed more tolerance to others”, I must say that depends massively on their character in particular, and, to a lesser extent, on the openness of personality of such folk.

                I have NO tolerance for laziness, even in thought, or for ignorance and boorishness and never will.

                . I am bound to say I vastly respect folk with clear intellect, ( but generally NOT those who lack it) and who can and are willing to debate in detail.

                Perhaps you can think of SOMEONE who fits THAT bill admirably Ken!

                1. Not off the top of my head JON, but hang on – Durand, OG, Grandad, SueP, Phil (when he was around) HH, Reggie, Pat himself, Sue (when she was around) Didrik, IG, HD, AB, DK, Kenny Rolfe (when he was around and what a memory he had!!) the list on Just Arsenal goes on and on, that’s why I stay here, to learn more about our great club and it’s kaleidoscope of different fans from around the world!!!
                  My apologies to ANYONE I missed off the list, but, for what it’s worth, I read every single post within the article that has peaked my real interest.
                  Yes, I know, I’m a boring old f**t!!

                  1. Great humour KEN.
                    You will not be surprised to know I disagree with you about SOME on that list.

                    Though I much agree about others. Some still present and a particularly boorish one who has not been on JA for some time gone.

                    I recall he was something to do with a well known dog food which he use to advertise in MOST of his posts!

                    And be assured KEN , that despite our many quarrels, I have NEVER found you boring.

                    Though being the hypocrite I and all other humans are, I am bound to have said you were, at some time or other.

                    1. Spoke with Phil just the other day Jon and he still speaks VERY highly of you, always referring to you as his “PAL”.

                    2. So KEN he DOES have taste after all!!

                      I thought he only tasted PAL, as he advertised his dog food so constantly.

                      Do feel free to tell him that when next you speak, as we never liked each other , to put it mildly.

                      That is a relief to me too, as IF HE LIKED ME or I LIKED HIM,that would be a truly scary thought!

                  2. One thing I certainly know about Third Man Ken,,, is that he was an Englishman that migrated to Australia. I made a comment a few years ago, and he asked me want I meant. When I explained with what I meant, because it was Aussie slang, he then explained that he had migrated to Australia from England. But you are right, Jen is very much like Third Man/Jimbo. But like you,, I too am still in two minds. I also saw the similarities. I still find time regularly to read with what’s going on on Just Arsenal Site. It’s one of the better Arsenal sites around. Reading comments is one thing,,, but myself making comments is something totally different. Since moving back to Japan last November has been so hectic football wise. Reading certain people debating their opinions is so refreshing. Especially when Admin Pat has to come in and settle certain people down. It’s good to go the bed Reading everybody’s comments

                    1. Nice to hear from you again PJ!!

                      Yes, your correct that TMJW said emigrated to Australia and he also said he was a very successful businessman who run an old folks home.

                      We clashed over his outrageous claims about AW and claimed his views were facts – I used to enjoy proving him wrong and his usual way to try and wriggle out of being caught out, was to deny he said what he had said!!
                      He also had a soft spot for Trump and that idiots views on covid.
                      I do miss him though, along with Jimbo, but Jen has taken up the cause!!

                      Does your busy schedule mean that your article on keepers is on hold?

                    2. ARE gone I meant to say. I can’t have another conspiracy theorist Trump supporting Covid denier spouting rubbish on JA and insulting people. Is that clear lol?

                    3. Actually Ken1945, I’m glad I didn’t get around to doing the article regarding Aaron Ramsdale and David Raya back in November of last year. My opinion has vastly changed. And it’s not, “WHO IS THE BETTER GOALKEEPER”,,,,, But what’s better for young Aaron Ramsdale. That lad has a very good future and career ahead of him. But I don’t think it will be from playing in the English Premier League. As you know, I did 17 or so years in Germany. 9 years spent at Hamburger SV and 8 and a bit years at FC Schalke 0411. For 5 years at Schalke I had under my guidance a very young youthful Manuel Neuer ( a headstrong lad). He always said that, ” HE WAS GOING TO BE THE BEST”. That was never said through arrogance,,, he backed his own ability from day one. Some people think he’s arrogant and hard to get along with. It’s true, he has fallen out with HEAD COACHES and MANAGERS over the years. Majority of people don’t know how Manuel Neuer ticks. He never got to be the WORLD’S BEST GOALKEEPER for being a nice polite little boy. As a 15 year old lad he was way beyond his years. We always talk about goalkeeping and goalkeepers. A few times Ramsdale has come into our conversation. And I would have to agree with Manuel,,,, Ramsdale would be better suited playing in EUROPE. One only needs to look back on some of the best European goalkeepers over the past decades to today’s modern era. I would hate to see Ramsdale to a Chelsea or to a Wolverhampton. I will try to sit down and write up an article

                2. Though we have yet to agree on football matters, I tend to agree with you in your all other views. Especially about life.

                  Were we to meet, I would have enjoyed talking to you about life and I am sure I would have left thinking the time spent was worthwhile.

                  I don’t put anything about me online because I have found it quite effective in not letting online unpleasantness get to me and its not required for all the socials I use (JA most of the time and Reddit occasionally).

                  In these great sites only the opinion and thoughts of a person counts which is a great thing in my opinion.

                  And my age is 35.

                  1. HH, I am genuinely touched that you chose to tell me your age. It is a great age to be and you make me envious.

                    I much agree that face to face we woud get on ,though probably best to avoid discussing OUR football club. lol.

                    You are wise not to reveal much about your personal life on social media in general.

                    I am on Facebook,only , other than specific theatre and music sites, but all I reveal is that I am a liberal minded Christian who believes PASSIONATELY in ONE RACE ONLY, OUR HUMAN RACE.

                    I tell folk I am with Sue, as I am proud she chooses to live with me, despite all my faults!
                    In friendship, Jon.

            2. SueP I think you misunderstood and I wonder why you say I said you are untrustworthy person.

              What I said was I never fully trusted you regarding your views on Arteta. That your support of him is it because he is Arsenal manager and he deserved more time or is it because you like him and you will support him not matter what and for however long?

              Nowhere did I say you are untrustworthy as a person.

              I am afraid had you reported to Ad Pat there would have been no ground for my moderation or ban.

              1. I do enjoy my debates with you and I hope we will continue. Believe it or not despite our contrasting views come the end of the season I will be happier if you are proven right because we will be celebrating the title.

                1. I think HH it’s best to put this debate in the cupboard and hopefully words cannot be misinterpreted going forward.
                  We all want Arsenal to succeed whoever is at the helm

        1. Presumably ken THAT is some por attempt at a joke!
          I did complain that Ad Pat UNFAIRLY CENSORS SOMEOF MY POSTS.

          But that is not in any way any attempt to bully me It is simply him standing up for what he believes, however rmuch I MAY AND DO disagree with why he does it Utlimately it IS his site and he can and DOES do as he wants.
          Ken , I have know since eearly childhood that life, in general is NOT fair. I accept that reality,easily in myown case, as I have been incredibly fortunate in life and am well aware of that.

          I have spent much time TRYING , often uselessly, to STAND AGAINST CRUELTY, HATE AND REAL UNFAIRNESS to others of our race.

          The overwhelming majority of such victims live in war torn countries ruled by, or under threat, from vile dictators, in reality.
          And NOT those on JA, unless they live in such inhibited countries.

        2. Ken my reply to your post was for mysterious reason censored. It said nothing untoward in it but Ad Pat is wary of my posts and ensures I am treated differently from many others who speak their mind. I am no longer allowed to speak freely on MANY subjects but in my post there was NOTHING at all that any reasonable admin could possibly object to.

          I wil try, probably pointlessly again, to answer your last sentence Of course i am not bullied! I have said and say again that PAT runs his site as he thinks fit and often censors my posts.

          But since early childhood I have known the world is not fair, esp to helpless ordinary folk in horribly run countries and war zones with vile dictators running countries and threatening and frightening othe countries.

          We on here and in Britain generally are very fortunate, so being censored is simply a slight irritation and certainly NOT being bullied by PAT, NOR BY ANYONE ELSE.

          HAVINGHAD SUCH GOOD FORTUNE MUCH OF MY LIFE, I never considered anyone even tries to bully me. The very thought is laughable .

          1. Thanks for the reply Jon – glad to see you and HH are mending fences and that dear old Jen and her/his historic nonsense has been outed!!

        1. Let’s hope the players don’t think like that. The next game should always be classed as the toughest.

        2. Utd is the toughest because of how bad we are at Old Trafford. Spurs will give us so many opportunities to score.

  14. Wolves manager Gary O’Neil said we were ‘one of the best teams in the world’. I’ll take that😃.

    1. He literally had nothing to moan about, because he is the villain this time, with his rugby tackles and getting away with it. Any football insider would know Arsenal played well and deserved more, contrary to what armchair managers on here thinks.

    2. Definitely nice to hear respect being given by other managers. Also, much kudos to the Wolves manager as well who makes it difficult for all their opponents. I know from Liverpool supporting mates of mine, that they worry about their Wolves fixtures more so than playing top four teams, in some cases. Wolves can definitely be called a tough opponent for ANY PL team and their manager deserves a lot of credit for that!

    3. I like Gary O’Neil as a manager Jax.
      He’s honest, passionate and knows what he’s talking about.
      The var decisions given against Wolves this season are diabolical, but he makes his points clearly and without insulting individuals – just like MA in a lot of ways would you agree?

      1. TBH Ken, I’ve not heard much else of what Gary has said, but he came across really well post match.

        1. Maybe he can explain how one of the best in the world are out of the CL In the last 8 and havnt won title in two decades ?

  15. The loss to Villa still infuriates! We now have to pray City looses or draws without us loosing and drawing again!! With them out of the UCL, that’s a tough prayer to get answered!!!

    1. For sure we will drop some points, no need to torture yourself wishing for the impossible. We try again next season. Hope Arteta becomes smarter this time round and buys what he really needs, a real striker and a DM, not another Havertz

      1. being a true football fan and a love for your football club is all about being tortured.
        win feel every moment, every high, every low and we question if we would have done that or done this then the result would have been different.
        we question players behaviour, the manager tactic.
        what we live for is the win and especially at this time of the season. to win beautifully and with total football or dig deep and win at all cost.
        yesterday we dug deep and won and the last 20 minutes was big for us. we were gaining strength and we ended with a smile on our face.
        i am not sure what you are talking about next season
        this season is still alive and whilst it is not in our own hands we are still in it
        keep the faith
        onwards and upwards

        1. Exactly! I can remember many claiming “we are out of the title race and would struggle to make top 4” back in December. Fair weather fans.

          1. I remember fans betting me we would the CL
            Said Eddie and Reiss were good enough
            That Smith Rowe would be trusted
            That we easily beat Bayern and they would lose ‘no sleep ‘ over winning at the Ethiad lol

            You would some would have learnt this week but we best Wolves and here we go again
            Be humble

            1. I know what to expect of the team at this stage of our development, hence why i told you and other naysayers that teams like united,toon,spurs don’t have what it takes to surpass us this season as you wrongly predicted, in a bid to ridicule the good job going on at our club, which you and many others fail to see. I still stand by my prediction that we will win the league title, which as of now is very much possible, like it was back in December where you wrote us off. another claims on your list i claimed earlier, is Eddie and Reiss part in our team, yes they are not Match impacters yet, but i’m confident they are GOOD ENOUGH to be part of Mikel’s plans. I’m never positive for the sake of it nor am i negative without looking at the bigger picture, like many on here, which is determined by our run of form, as you should know by now in my less than a year term, i’ve been posting on here.

              1. And I hope your right
                But if your positive for sake of it you have zero substance in your opinion
                To still say Eddie Nketiah is good enough
                We have won 1 game in 4 and your essentially saying any fan who is concerned is a fair weather fan . Yet you base things on our form?
                Where on our form can you see this tired team winning all 6 games

                And the irony is fan were proven correct in December
                Those two defeats meant we had to be flawlesss from that point on which we haven’t been
                I would argue it remains unlikely we will win title
                Hope I’m wrong

                1. I do think City and Liverpool will surely slip up. If we win all our remaining games I have us for the title.

                  Will we though? If the team manage to do that I will have unshakable trust in them going forward.

                  1. But what have you seen to make you think we are winning all 6 games.?
                    We looked tired and have a history of choking at this time of year

                    Hope your right though mate

                    1. It’s very difficult but it can be done, if we are capable that is! That’s why there is only one champion who overcome the difficulties.

                      Judging by upcoming fixtures difficulty it’s unlikely but not impossible.

                2. And how are the fans who claimed “we are out of the title race and would struggle to make top four” proven correct? Currently top of the league in a three horse race and you seriously think the fans were “right” to declare doom? And no where in my comment did i state that i’m positive just for the sake of it, neither do i judge the team based on form. My positive stance back in December and earlier this week, along with accepting we are not making it past Bayern in the QFs weeks before the first leg at home, proves just that.

                  1. I guess those In December who said we won’t win title are correct if we don’t win title ?
                    Your correct if we win title ?

                    I do fear the dropped points in December left us with so much to do

                    1. DAN you refer to the Fulham an West Ham defeats presumably?.
                      I alsO felt then that we had blownit But the excellent run since New Year has changed dmy mind.

                      I stil feel honstly, that we will probably though not definitely come up a bit short. But I feel optimism also ,proivide it is not like SAMUELS hugely likeable but unrealistc brand of personal fantasy optimism.

                      I do as you know always preach realism ,which to me means neither EXTREME views one way or the other.

                      We are these last two seasons massively IMPROVED and I genuinely feel EXTREMELY optimistic for next season.
                      I accept and agree with the views of ALL on JA who rightly say MA has made many mistakes, mostly in buying and not removing deadwood players, either at all or not even sooner.

                      AND in not rotating ENOUGH, though I also see his difficulty ,until the depth of quality is further improved.

                      Simply will never understand why awful players like Elneny an Soares are still here That makes NO SENSE AT ALL! Some others too.
                      But DAN, I am firmly behind MA and can easily see the year on year steady improvement and that is my whole Gooner supporting philosophy. I realise you dont share it!

        2. Absolutely correct and agree with you Alan with every fibre of my being. It is torture and it’s great! This season is not over and I still believe we can do this. Now is not the time for heads to drop, now is the time to believe that magic will happen. One or two points lead in this league is unrealistic to believe you have won the title. Does anybody at Man city truly believe they have already won the title- absolutely not! We are all still fighting, is City and Pool- this is the Premier league, the most unpredictable league in the world. Every game from now until the end will be like a final, that is for everyone – not just us! Even teams battling relegation can play like lions on their day in the run up till the end of the season.

          We are very much still in this title race! Come on Arsenal! 💪♥️🤍

        3. @ AB08
          Great Ist and 2nd lines in your post.
          We football supporters are all masochists of a sort and feel compelled to go through the rollercoaster of rides for a complete season.
          It is a the ‘HOPE’ (as Promotheus had locked into Pandora’s box) that keeps us going and rips us apart in equal measures. Only to do it all over again for the next season.

  16. We now struggle to score goals, I don’t know if the chemistry between players is no longer working or the opponents have found out our tactics.

  17. Our opponents are now alive to the link up between, Odegaard,Saka and White who I thought had another very good game last night.Our captain looks tired after his immense exertions during the season but thankfully Rice seems to have plenty of petrol left in his tank..Against a weakened Wolves team, Kwior, particularly in the first half demonstrated why the signing of a quality left back is a must for next season.As for Wolves, Killman is a very underrated centre back imo.

    1. Well spotted Grandad. Odergaard has been a one man press, these last few games. And i presume, not by design. Good little engine.

    2. 👍👍 Grandad and Reggie, my view as well. Odegaard is targeted on the ball now in every match, with passing lanes to him and way being closed down. The approach is stop Odegaard, stop Arsenal.

  18. Laboured a bit but got the win against a depleted Wolves side. The Chelsea game is huge for us and putting pressure on City, City are looking very tired in general so it will hopefully cause them to slip up!

    1 win in our last 4 games is not great at all but all we can do it try and win the remaining games and see what happens

    1. Well done Trossard for proving once again, the best finisher in the team. As well as the most intelligent. Pity, he doesn’t afford a staring role, afforded to less capable.

  19. @koss

    That’s the main problem I think. We’ve become too predictable in our manner and pattern of play. Sure we’ve improved upon seasons past, have become more robust and resilient and it’s worked for the best part up until now. Teams know that the main routes of our attacks are Martinelli and Saka and the patterns of play which fuel both of them are always by the same methods. Oedegard, White and Saka are always in tandem providing the attack on the right whilst Martinelli does the same on the left with the aid of others but not as regular with the three on the right. Once those patterns of play become common place, it’s easy for teams to nullify us. I don’t see why Oedegard doesn’t use his abilities across the pitch on Martinelli’s side to confuse the opponents and provide a service to Martinelli as well. It seems he, White and Saka are tethered together. When we played Villa it was business as usual. They knew how we were going to approach the game and also knew that they only had to nullify that single threat. They also knew that we were going to attempt to keep the ball for excessive periods in an attempt to prise and opening. All they had to do then was to let those players that weren’t so adept and deft on the ball have it…..especially at the back and put them under pressure knowing that they’d relinquish possession and we would going into panic mode as we are now on the back foot. At the same time, not having a plan B and or an alternative means of attack, we’d be void of ideas and would just have to see out the game and hope, some other fortune would prevail. I think we need more offensive minded players and… other modes of playing that would not makes us so predictable. We got to stop trying to score the most perfect looking goals as in having 20 intricate passes in the oppositions box and taking shots whilst the opening has already appeared. Use Havertz ‘ abilities one of which is his height and aerial ability and play the long ball if we’re being pressed from the back. I know the long ball is not very cultured and takes us back to George Graham’s day but it works. It can relive pressure, increases the speed of play in an instant and the offensive players such as Saka, Martinelli, Oedegard etc can latch on to the knock downs from Havertz and create something different and not as obvious and contrived as it is now. I’m looking forward to Timber coming back and hoping we not only get defensive solidity but some deeper offensive momentum. What we’ve achieved so far this season has put us in good stead but, it’s worked in the main against lesser teams that either afford us the time and space to do our thing or….teams that just aren’t good enough to do much about it ! I do think we need an out and out striker to aid us. Someone in the mould of Ian Wright….someone who knows where the goal is and will be ruthless in breaching it even if he has to kick, bite and b*&&%ck to achieve it. We don’t need another florid player who’s going to create pretty patterns with unnecessary interplay. At the moment we’ve got the basis of a very good team and think with just a few personnel additions and a different mindset ie alternative patterns, methods of play we could really become champions and multi tournament winners much sooner than expected !

  20. Yeah, we need to win every remaing match. In reality City don’t need to have a meltdown and lose. One draw from them puts us back in the drivers seat thanks to goal difference. Jus sayin…😁

    1. NY, call me out, please (i hope) if i am wrong, but I dont see us winning all our remaining games, so city (for them) woukd need a meltdown. They are very good when the heat is on. So if they dont win it, i believe, it will be a meltdown, even a mini one.

  21. Off topic but Nottingham Forests tweet is legendary and is exactly what is needed time for everyone to stand up to these corrupt idiots!

      1. Dan, usually clubs get the manager to make such statements and cop the resultant fine. I agree with you about a club making such claims on their official site.

    1. I concur. VAR has never been the problem, it’s the people operating it that are the problem.

      1. HD, SAME THING. Without people operating it, VAR is just a piece of meaningless and inoperable nonsense. Same thing as it is WITH people , in fact

        1. No jf, if the people at Stockley Park operated it PROPERLY it would come up with the right decisions. Cast your mind back to last season and our home game against Brentford. Their equalising goal was looked at for offside. The goal was allowed to stand because the fella looking at it never used the lines. That’s the OPERATERS fault !!

  22. Time for cheating and blatantly incorrect decisions to be called out. Appeals never change anything and NEVER affect future decisions, going through the “right” channels gets you exactly where it’s supposed to……nowhere

    Doing nothing is simply cowardly but unfortunately people have been brainwashed into thinking that telling the truth and calling out corruption publicly is “disgraceful”.

    1. I do think forest had 2 blatant pens ignored (the other was marginal – not a big deal on it’s own), and given how blatant they were, I do think it’s fair that they made a stink about it.
      However, I wouldn’t use words like corruption so flippantly – perhaps the issue they raised warrants some investigation but I would never say someone is corrupt without some evidence beyond some bad calls in one match.

        1. I think two were very hard to justify not giving – both were a defender attempting a tackle and catching the attacker and not the ball. The contract was above minimal in either case.
          There were two handball claims which I think were far less clear cut, however at least one of those is similar to many that have been given during the season, so with the context of the other two, I can understand the frustration from forest tbh.

    2. Coming from Forest who have been punished for cheating and are appealing it ?
      So they can openly break rules but officials can’t make mistakes

      Lets see what evidence of cheating they have though
      Difference between a mistake and cheating

  23. And cowardly is a generation not taking accountability and always needing to blame someone else
    What’s cheating got to do with conceding two goals to Everton or drawing at home last weekend with Wolves ,Luton , Burnley, etc ?
    Maybe …..and this is what some are brainwashed to not think…..maybe they ate not good enough

    1. Forest aren’t talking about Wolves, Luton or Burnley though Dan – they’re complaining about the referee in the EVERTON game… just as MA complained about the Newcastle away game, which I believe the majority backed him up on.
      The only difference is that Forest named the referee, while Arsenal didn’t.

      1. My point is take some accountability (not you lol )
        They are at the bottom because they haven’t been good enough period

  24. Arteta is too predictable in his lineups and substitutions that it’s easy to counter everything he will do in a game. Almost same first 11 the whole season and using the same substitutes. Good teams and managers have managed to easily nullify our threat as they know what is going to happen. No plan B and C is a big problem. He just continues to use the same players even when it’s evident they have been overplayed eg Saka. ESR, Nelson, Elneny, Vieira and Nwaneri all can’t be bad that they won’t get 10 starts a season. There are against weaker opponents when he needs to rest one or two players whilst giving game time to others.

  25. With the top three clubs all looking over their shoulders to see what the other two are doing, the best possible outcome for Arsenal will be to beat Everton at home and at the same we all become Spurs fans because they will be our last hope of at least getting a draw against Manchester City. Have to feel for Coventry today. How brave and how unlucky. Were they robbed?

  26. It’s no longer interesting, as @Didrik rightly commented, they have already ruined the narrative. At the end of the season, it will be story! Story!! Story!!! So sad when you remember that arsenal has the best injury record now…

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