Matt Le Tissier slams Gareth Southgate over Bukayo Saka decision

Gareth Southgate’s decision to entrust Bukayo Saka with the crucial spot kick for England at Euro 2020 has come under criticism from Matt Le Tissier.

Saka, who had been one of England’s standout performers throughout the tournament, was chosen to take the decisive penalty. Unfortunately, his miss resulted in Italy claiming the trophy amid the electric atmosphere of Wembley Stadium.

Tragically, Saka faced reprehensible racial abuse in the aftermath, leading to multiple arrests. Reflecting on the choice, Le Tissier deems it as one of Southgate’s regrettable mistakes during his tenure as England’s manager.

He said via The Daily Mail

‘That was the most horrific decision made by an England manager I have ever seen in my life.  

‘I think he (Southgate) has done the bare minimum of what should have been expected given the teams we played against.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saka had the confidence to take that kick and could have scored as he had done before and after that time.

It wasn’t England’s day and Southgate would probably allow him to take it if the manager had to do it over again.

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  1. I have no problem with the decision. Jorginho, a PK specialist, missed his for Italy too. You never know with spot kicks.

  2. Don’t think it did him any harm. He’s our penalty taker now, and generally does it very well. Either it was character building for him, or it gave him the chance to show his strength of character.

  3. LeTissier is yet another lazy critique who never dared to try and manage himself. Given his crazy ideas on many issues I’m at a loss as to why anyone asks his opinion about anything.

  4. I agree wigh Le Tissier apart from a very weak German side who did England play certainly no one of note Everyone gets carried away with the nationsl side as soon ad England ever play a good team they wilt and lose Long time Arsenal fan club before country always Stuart Jarman

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