Matt Turner makes solid Emirates debut with clean sheet against Bodo/Glimt

There were many Arsenal fans complaining about Mikel Arteta selling Bernd Leno to Fulham extremely cheaply, and bringing in the unknown American Matt Turner, saying that a man with no Top Class European experience would obviously be inferior to the German international that left.

But Turner is not short on experience, having played over 100 games in the MLS and has been outstanding as the USA mens Team Number One, and he is very glad of the opportunity to show his skills, even if it is only in the Europa and Cup games for now.

He got his second start for the club against Bodo/Glimt (and his first at the Emirates) and had hardly anything to do in the first half, but he had to make some good saves in the second. This is how he described it: “It was a really, really special night for me,” he said on “Obviously watching from afar, games in Europe just look like beautiful theatre. To be able to put my feet on the grass tonight, play, and keep a clean sheet – it was just a really special night for myself and for my family, but more importantly, for the team to get a win.”

“I think overall, you gotta be happy with the clean sheet. A couple of plays in good moments that I made, but also definitely room for improvement in a lot of areas. So I’ll look at the film and just continue to try to get better and better. And at the end of the day, the most important thing is, for me, the team winning, and I’ll do whatever I can to help make that happen.”

His big moment came after the break, when Turner denied Amahl Pellegrino’s driven shot from close range, and his excellent reactions came into play. “That’s a big moment as a goalkeeper, especially with 56 minutes of not really doing much. And then to make a save, clear the ball, and then we sort of turn them and start building our pressure up again. It’s good when a team gives you a warning sign that they’re really coming forward, to be able to stand up to the task. It gives your team some confidence in you back there and they know that things are taken care of, so then we can start building that confidence back up within the match.

“So it was a big save in an important moment, but again, still other areas where I feel like I could do better,” he added.

But personally I think he was much less nervous than in his first game in Zurich, and I believe that he will develop further. After last night, I think Arteta will believe the gloves will be in safe hands if Ramsdale is not available.

What do you think?


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  1. I think that Arteta ALWAYS had full confidence in him . Otherwise he would not have signed him and let LENO go.

    I also think that is so OBVIOUS that it’s rather pointless asking “why”, at all!

    1. So Jon
      Basically I simply wasted my time researching and writing that 500 word article?

      I don’t know why I bother sometimes , grumble, grumble….

      1. Id argue that Jon’s comment is more pointless than than your question of “why”. You asked why to invite comments in the comments section and that is the whole point. So not pointless at all, unlike the grumblers comment lol

        1. I wouldn’t argue, there is no argument, his comments are just verbal diarrhoea and grating!!!!!!!

  2. IN FACT,
    I don’t see anywhere that ANYONE one asked “why” …

    Now I’m confused. Mind you I DID say “What do you think?” Was that it?

  3. I just hope Ramsdale doesn’t get injured because, while he may be a decent shot stopper, i dont think i have seen anyone so nervous or poor with the ball at his feet. He would get roasted in the prem in my opinion.

    1. To say “I don’t think I have seen anyone so poor with his feet” is a complete over sell… Ramsdale is really good with his feet, but also he has improved a lot in the past 3-4 seasons. Leno was not great with his feet 3-4 seasons ago as well, but has gotten better… Turner is not great with his feet, but will improve… And he hasn’t really had the game experience to improve with his feet because teams don’t build from the back with the goalkeeper as much in the MLS… He will get better, but he is not horrible right now.

      1. How can you say “he will improve” Leno didn’t and my opinion is, i haven’t seen any goalkeeper look so poor as Turner with the ball at his feet. He has to improve, if he has to replace Ramsdale.

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