Matteo Guendouzi completes deadline day Arsenal departure

Hertha Berlin has confirmed the loan signing of Arsenal midfielder Matteo Guendouzi.

The Frenchman had been frozen out of the Arsenal first team since June when he fell out with Mikel Arteta.

He was expected to start afresh this season and Mikel Arteta even claimed that he will be given the chance to have another opportunity as an Arsenal player.

But he hasn’t featured for the club this season and it looked increasingly likely that he would leave the club.

Having failed to use him as a sweetener to land Houssem Aouar, the Gunners have now managed ship him out on loan to Hertha Berlin.

The German side is on a signing spree in this transfer window and the French midfielder will become the latest player that joins them in Berlin.

Guendouzi still has two years to run on his Arsenal deal and he will hope that he can impress Arteta from his loan spell in Germany and earn a place back in the Arsenal team when he returns in the summer.

This deadline day is expected to be a busy one for Arsenal like most teams, but they will still be able to do business with other English lower division teams after today.

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  1. Good to see him leave on loan. Torriera should follow suit soon.

    Now awaiting the Partey Announcement!!!

  2. Jim Beglin running commentary: “That was a wonderful run from AFCBell, he’s been the star player of this match, he’s been dazzling and strong headed all summer.. He dribbles DiMarzio, here he comes.. Can you look at that? He just left David Ornstein in the dust..
    He he comes, is he going to take the shot?!
    Oh no!! That was a trick shot, he passes the ball to Charles Watts, Charles Watts is going for goal here.
    He takes one down the left corner in the 18 yard box, the ball is going in!!
    On no!! Here comes Fabrizio Romano with the perfect Tap in!!
    In the 18 yard box!! Can you believe it!! He scores!!!
    Arsenal win! Thomas Party’s secured!!
    Absolute scenes at the Emirates.”

    Jon Champion: (Takes a deep breath and says “You know what Jim when you look at the absolute work Bell put in, and the finish Fabrizio is executed.. I’m wondering can he do more? You know can he do more that Tap in goals??”


    1. 😂😂😂Hilarious Eddie. Let’s keep calm for a couple more hours till it gets confirmed by the club

  3. This isn’t a bad move to be honest for all parties. Matteo will get guaranteed game time and will develop into a better player then come back more mature for Arsenal next summer. Then his value could go up and can cash in or he becomes the player we all think he can be…

    Interestingly we have signed their CB Rekik for Hertha for £900k. Does that mean Chambers, Papa or Mustafi is leaving??

    Get Thomas Partey wrapped up and let’s have a go at this top4. COYG

    1. I think the relationship with MA is so bad that I don’t think we will see him in the famous red and white again.

      Shame really as I really liked his ‘little sh!t’ attitude and if he gets his head screwed on can be a great player. Always reminded me of a peak Robbie Savage but with skillz.😁

      1. Yes we all make mistakes when we were young and we got a second chance ARTETA wants to give him a second chance instead of throwing his dummy out of the pram he said the slate was clean for everyone we yet to see if Ozil will get a chance instead of £350 000 sitting at home

  4. I hope Douzi comes back matured and a better player.. Would love to have him fulfill his potential here

  5. Can only agree that this loan move could help him fulfill his talent. I though he was great but went off the boil – maybe as a result of discipline issues – who knows?

    All that I would add to those among us who have criticised Arteta’s stance on this sort of thing is that the whole team eventually showed no real discipline under Emery and we came down on them very hard. They were pampered etc etc

    Arteta had to deal with that as one of his top priorities

    That said, I really do hope that Guendouzi has a really successful year and comes back a better player and young man

    1. Well said. Those players were over pampered too much. It’s why I’ve never complained about Arteta’s strict ways.
      We have a bunch of spoilt players.
      Arteta is weeding them out and even though the sight of it might be unbearable for some.
      It’s what’s necessary for us to rebuild

  6. Diego Simeone is furious…
    I don’t know how Arsenal pulled this shithousery but it’s kinda funny and satisfying.

    Arsenal never bothered negotiating with Atlectico today and didn’t even inform Atletico of their intentions.
    Instead AFC called Laliga straight and activated the RC… Simeone wasn’t expecting to lose him.
    Yeah well I guess the reason Arsenal did that was because of the way Atletico handled the negotiations for Torreira and Partey.
    Will it favour us long term? Can we still do business with them?

    1. Simeone, the brash, demonstrative
      take no $#@! general is now pissing
      and moaning because Arsenal
      essentially told the AM brass to
      EAD by activating the release clause?

      The AM backroom movers and
      shakers have nobody to blame but
      themselves for this.

    2. hope they still take Torreira. I guess they’ll have to since they are a midfielder short now, ha! Should’ve negotiated w/ us and they could’ve planned for his departure better.

    3. They will surely do business with us in the future.

      As the replacement, they got a world cup star instead of a hyped-up spoilt brat we try to push to them. As it is a loan deal at market price with no obligation to buy.

      Then they got the full amount of the release clause cash up front to help with their financial problems.

      The shrewd Spanish negotiators are laughing to the bank now. They got what they want still managed to pamper the other side’s ego.

      Classic lesson for those learning negotiation skills.

    4. Eddie, quite simple; Arsenal came up with the €50 million buy out clause amount and Thomas Partey was happy to come.
      Why the Club had to put you, I and others through the stress of this is known only to these masochists! 🤔😅😁

  7. Good luck to him but way out if his depth at a club like Arsenal .
    I was waiting for Barca and Madrid to come in and bid 50 million .

        1. Lenohappy, told you it was reported Partey wanted to play for us and all we needed was to pay the release clause.

          Good to know MA knew which one of Mesut or Matteo he wanted out, now I understand why we didn’t sign any playmaker, MO is cocked, loaded and ready to fire, with Partey, Xhaka and Elneny backing him up – what a sensational scenario we have unfolding before our very eyes.

          Surely this means another contract for Mesut, but with a realistic salary of £200,000 a week?
          With Saka and Martinelli as his back ups, the long wait is nearly over Mesut, the fans will get right behind you and Mikel Arteta…the worlds our oyster COYG’s

          1. Lmao. You’re exactly who the biblical Joel had in mind when he said, old men will dream dreams. Yours is an exaggerated self-illusioned dream BTW.

            1. Kstix, only if Partey doesn’t sign will my dream as an old man not come to fruition – MA knows exactly what he is doing and he has my 100% backing in not going for an inferior playmaker.
              You young uns must have been the thought behind the nigh on biblical saying “forgive them MA / MO, for they know not what they think.”
              Guendouzi has gone to a club matching his status, while Ozil remains with one of the top clubs in the world and Partey’s joining the party!!!COYG’s

              1. Ken
                I support you on Ozil might get back into the team cos I’ve always been saying it that Ozil wasn’t in the team because of the change in formation, but with Partey available, I can only hope.
                Ozil, Partey, Xhaka
                Ceballos, Partey, Xhaka
                Ceballos, Partey, Elneny
                Ozil, Ceballos, Partey
                Ozil, Partey, Elneny

                Make can make someone dream.

                But giving him such a huge contract of 200k is not gonna happen.

                And if you Ozil fans think Arsenal board are punishing him for no football reasons, what makes you think his contract will be renew by this same board?

                1. Bobs, the 200k a week was a tongue in cheek remark, but I’m glad you see the potential, rather than the normal knee jerk reaction when his name is dared to be mentioned on JA.

                  I really hope that it has been a football reason and not a political one and it seems that neither MA or MO have been saying anything detrimental in this regard.

                  Partey is the perfect player to have supporting a player like Ozil, who’s game has always been creative – just as Partey will be for Martinelli.

                  A superb acquisition for the club, one that will open many doors for our current players.

          2. Ken, if you have checked my previous posts, I have stated that Ozil may be given another opportunity if Arsenal gets Thomas Partey and a specialist DM to do his tackling and ball winning for him. Whether Elneny or Xhaka (not really in his skill set) can play the DM role, we will wait and watch. It will be interesting to see whether Ozil is still up to it and how this pans out. It would be great for Arsenal if it succeeds this season.

            1. ozziegunner, I know you have my friend and, as I have just said to Bobs, if one would just step back for a second and thought about what this signing does for the club, rathet than the usual knee jerking replies, then it might just be possible to have a meaningful exchange of views… glad that three of us can see the potential.

              1. If Arsenal got someone like Soumare as DM, I would be more certain; however Elneny or Xhaka may surprise. Ozil will have to compete with Ceballos and Willian for the CAM role by impressing Arteta at every opportunity. I can see Ceballos blooming in a more forward role. As for Ozil, if he can’t thrive with Partey tackling, winning the ball back and driving forward, your idea about a renewed contract will turn to dust.
                As I have always argued this one signing increases Arteta’s options and makes the team so much stronger.

    1. Harry Rednapp in sky changing any positives he may be pushed to give re Thomas partey into “yes but what about spurs?!” Shut up Arry!

      Partey has come yes!
      Now we just need a quality 10, either get ozil functioning again or push cebalos forward now weve partey.
      Personally I can see a 2 in front of the back line of maybe Luiz and Partey with Luiz pushing forward.

                  1. I’m over the moon. If Arsenal had signed a specialist DM as well I would have been over Mars as well. 🍾🎉🥂🍷🍸

          1. Cheeky 🤣😉😝

            Kstix, after Liverpool’s annihilation yesterday, their fans are calling for Karius to return 🤣🤣🤣 You couldn’t make it up!!!!! Hahahahaha

            1. 😂😂😂What in the world?. They probably deserve karius right now.
              Some of them said, before the cup game, that Adrian was better than Leno. I laughed them off. Guess I’m still laughing now huh? I rubbed it in their faces so badly yesterday.

              1. My face aches from laughing so much… they’re not forgetting this for the next 6 months at least!!!
                Alisson is out for 4-6 weeks, lovely jubbly 😀

                  1. Avoided me at all costs 😂 So had to go and find them and ask what hours were they working 7-2?! 🤣 and carried on from there, Ken…loved it!!

                  2. Brilliant Sue, just need Everton to lose a game and the Invincibles will remain just an Arsenal thing!!!
                    Partey is confirmed on our official website 😁😁😁

                  3. And so soon as well, Ken 👍👍
                    I’m chuffed to bits with TP, Ken!! Down to the wire, but it was worth the wait!!!

  8. No creativity still. He needs to change to 4-3-3 with atleast someone playing as AMF, otherwise strikers will feed off scraps for the remainder of the year.

    1. Agree I was really hoping we sign Aouar but we can still manage to some extent if we play a triangle of Partey with Ceballos and Saka either side of him. We were once renowned for having the most creative of midfiledrs in the game and now we have none. Only one I can see who can be Santi’s and Fabrigas’s thrown heir is Saka, inform see anyone else. Ceballos is on loan and ESR is 2-3 season away from being a regular for us.

  9. Wilshere is free now, should we sign him on an year contract ? He said he was fit for most of the season. He can be utilised to provide us with some creativity in middle. If things don’t work out we can let him go next season.

    1. I agree. He played with Mikel so they know each other well. At 28 he could be a decent back up option that offers something different to say xhaka or elneny.

      He wouldn’t cost us anything and we could offer him a pay as you play contract. I would much rather have the option of putting on wilshere from the bench than Joe Willock who I really don’t rate even though he is still a kid.

  10. @mohan
    I’d like to see wilshire back on a pay as you play contact but hed be homeless soon! Problem is staying fit long enough to get match fit.

  11. Brilliant Sue, just need Everton to lose a game and the Invincibles will remain just an Arsenal thing!!!
    Partey is confirmed on our official website 😁😁😁

    1. No way Everton are going to remain unbeaten so I won’t loose my sleep over it Ken. Although I think we have completely different problem on our hands, Everton are emerging as strong contender for champion league spot. We have only just started but everything is nicely falling into place for them. This will be one of the most exciting season witnessed, no one would run away with the league like last time. City are a mess, Liverpool have shown they are vaunrable, Leicester are strong contender as well, Everton has emerged as new threat, Man U will steady the ship eventually, Spurs look good (Morinhio always has a good second season with every club) and of course Arsenal have come out of the storm n things look very positive for us. Shame fans would have really enjoyed this season sitting in stands.

  12. Now the Club have to move out 2 players o de-register.The candidates? Sokratis,Kolasinac,Mustafi or Ozil.

  13. Wrighty to MG –
    “I wish you all the luck in the world. Will always be one of my favourites”
    Aww!! 😍😊

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