Matteo Guendouzi – Welcome to Arsenal (plus skills video)

Arsenal’s new young midfielder Matteo Guendouzi has been playing regular first team football with Lorient for over a year, and it would appear that Unai Emery believes that the 19 year-old is already matured enough to be part of the Gunners senior squad. He said: “We are delighted Matteo is joining us. He is a talented young player and a lot of clubs were interested in him. He has big potential and gained good first-team experience last season with Lorient.

“He wants to learn and improve and will be an important part of our first-team squad.”

Judging by this youtube video from World of Football, he certainly looks very relaxed and skilful on the football pitch and if he can adapt quickly to the Premier League he looks like an excellent investment.

Have a look and see what you think….


  1. Sparkles says:

    One for the future IMO. He will definitely get a couple on games in the cup matches and some sub appearances in the league games, but we will see more of him in the future. I hope he doesn’t stall.

    1. Diana says:

      I sure hope so. And be introduced slowly, a few sub-ins before ever starting vs starting a full game because of senior injuries. We need proper rotation, and hope we can field our strongest 2nd team in the Carabao/English League Cup/ whatever its called now, so that when needed in the first team, they are properly match ready

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    come on lads…

    lets give our boys in Russia a big final support

    hammer the belgians and bring back the bronze

    golden boot and bronze would a fantastic result

    1. Durand says:

      Please bro give it a rest already. Maybe try

      You talk too loudly and too proudly; shame you didn’t learn a lesson the first time.

      Perhaps a quote from Mandela, “I don’t lose, I either win or learn.”

      1. Amitosh says:


  3. Gavana says:

    Those passes remind me of Fabrigas!

    1. Tas says:

      his fast his alert he can defend and dribble, his finishing against the goal needs work, I say start him on the bench immediately

  4. Diana says:

    I like that he uses his physicality, passes well and properly move ball forward without the ridiculous “attempt at long passes some DMs do. He also has pace. My worry, which would depend on who he is coupled with, is he drifts forward a little too much, like he is a box-to-box vs a full on DM. This is not necessarily a bad thing because he has the defensive awareness to not be Ramsey;with regards to defense). Otherwise i like what i see. What does it mean for AMN though? Hope its just healthy competition or Unai wants to utilise them differently

    1. Phil says:

      I can see AMN and Guendouzi starting Carabao Cup and Europa League games together.AMN is quality and will relish the competition to win a starting place in the first team over the next couple of seasons.What we need is to get him settled into a position and keep him there.He was too often played as a WB and although he didn’t let anyone down his showing at OT proved conclusively that he needs to play centrally.I can remember a youthful pairing of Fabregas and Flamini playing together and these two could form just as good a partnership over time.

  5. Vic says:

    I wish him good luck. He has every quality to succeed

  6. Chiza says:

    When emery was asked if he will continue with wenger’s tactics and philosophy this was what he said..
    “I want to win. The performances, every day, for work on attacking, defending, is to be competitive each match.

    “My first idea is getting better day-to-day with our players and working hard with our players, to transmit my ideas.

    “The system for me isn’t the most important.

    “For me, the most important thing is to be and to create one competitive team. And then, we have the quality.”
    You see what he said..I WANT TO WIN!!!… please take note of that.. He is a winner,he would do everything to win if it means dropping sexy football and going for a pragmatic football.. Emery is willing to do that… That’s a winner… Wenger lost the winning mentality long time ago..he wasn’t ruthless and he paid for it but still respect to wenger for everything he did in his first few years
    Emery words have endeared him to my heart.. He is just the coach we need after so much suffering with wenger…he would make us successful again…he would take us back to the top

  7. Fidel O says:

    When kante was bought, nobody knew him. How much $ was he bought? Don’t even go there and who is Kante now, were is he now….. (2) Yaya Ture, remember when the poor lad came for trials in Arsenal? Umm. Wenger simply sent him back he skiny and slow. (3) Sani the German marching of Man . C that was left out of the world cup,(it was a mistake). He was a very young lad of eighteen or so when his coach threw him into championship league March against Real.M. and what happened? Sane scored seamless requisite goal, and it was never the same for him. There are plenty of these around and I can say that we’ve got a diomond Guendozi who was equally discovered by a diomond EYE. Believe me this guy will not be sitting on d bench long.

  8. royal says:

    I love wat I watched abt this guy, this lad is ready forget his age. Wow to those long rang passes.

  9. Taku says:

    That guy! That guy!! He is a player. Take my words for it…

  10. Kachope patrick says:

    If the Wilshire and fabregas played at 17 with their small bodies why can’t this new diamond excel in our team. ?He looks good. Wish him well.

  11. lacaHero says:

    Wenger said we are buying too many players in midfield…he doesn’t see why we bought Torreira. cos we already have Elneny… LOL..

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