Matthieu Flamini joining Arsenal exodus to Turkey?

Just when Arsene Wenger seemed to hint that he was not going to be entering the transfer market again this summer, we now find out that Matthieu Flamini is expected to be leaving the club in the next few days.

Galatasary have reportedly agreed a transfer fee with Arsenal for the big Frenchman, who has not started a game for the Gunners at all this year. The emergence of Francis Coquelin seems to have scuppered his chances of returning to the starting XI so it makes sense for him to move on if he wants first team football in the twilight of his career.

The fee will be just a few million because of his age and with just one year remaining on his present deal, and he will be joining Lukas Podolski who has already moved to Gala. He could be playing against Joel Campbell who has been snapped up by Fenerbahce and there is a possibility he could also face his old mate Robin Van Persie.

If this transfer comes to fruition it will immediately ignite speculation that Wenger is in the process of lining up a new defensive midfielder to challenge Francis Coquelin for starting spot, which have all be calling for since the end of the season.

But who could it be….?

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    1. giroud plays well as a dm in his usual no9 position based on his ‘hold up play’…but don’t mistake that gibberish with playing in midfield which requires more concentration and technique which the tall man does not possess at all…hed make a good defender though

      1. He is a good defender, he defends from the front as all good teams and players do. He’s also good at the other end.

    2. Ahahahaha!!! Honestly, I once had this feeling that Giroud will make a good DM, cuz he’s. Often slowing down things upfront like a bored traffic warden.

    3. Good news to hear flamini is leaving, he managed to do an OK job with us, but we need more than OK to be challenging for the title. Wish him all the best, with him leaving surely Wenger will have to sign a DM. Arteta vis injury prone and we just can’t rely on him to cover lecoq. Hope Wenger thinks the same and does not count on jack to do the job. Jack is a creative player and has a good shot on him, he should be playing a more attacking role.

  1. Flamini and a goalkeeper (Ooospina I’m afraid) will definitely leave for there to be another addition this summer. It is not cast in stone that the addition will be a replacement of some sort to fill in the vacant spot at DM. My gut feeling is that we are looking at an opportunistic buy be it an AM, CM or Winger. That player has to turn up for us to buy.

    1. Moutinho would be a savvy buy of Flam is leaving, he’s a terrific player. Wenger loves his technicians, maybe someone like Moutinho will replace Flam this year, but longer term replace Arteta leaving Beilik to mature.

      If Flam goes I’d be surprised if we didn’t buy.

      1. Ya but moutinho isn’t a DM he plays further forward. Let’s leave the CM position to Ramsey wilshere and santi and get another specialist DM to rotate w Le coq

        1. We don’t need players like moutinho, we have many players just like him or should I say even better than him we need a DM someone like wanayama, carvalho or biglia

          1. No to Moutinho….but yes to Biglia/wanyama/carvalho……OK THEN. Jesus christ.

        2. Actually he played as a CM 18 times, AM 15 times, and DM 11 times last season and performed best from deep. So to simply say he “plays further forward” is lazy at best.

          He could easily be bought and played as our deepest midfielder, and his 2.1 tackles an 1.8 interceptions show his defensive contribution is top notch. He’s a brilliant footballer, would be a perfect foil for Coquelin who is an upgraded Flamini full of physical ability. Moutinho is technical and streets ahead mentally.

    1. Your being too harsh on flamini, I will never forget his motm performance against besiktas in the return leg. He is not the same flamini he was when we signed him but he had some good performances for us. We should be wishing him the best. He was an OK player, not the class we need but OK…thank you flamini for your services

  2. Flamini’s only real attribute is his energy. He runs more than anyone. But he’s 31 now, his stamina will go soon.

    1. @Mick The Gooner
      “Flame” is a fighter. One of the few we have in our squad. He would be a damn good DM if he were more disciplined to hold his position.
      But if you look closely at those few goals he did score, they were done by making runs(and abandoning his position) our forwards should have made.
      Say what you like about him. He has served us well…

      1. exactly. Came in on a free transfer people seem to forget. Had ana amazing first few months but then became average. Did a decent job and I thank him for coming back because Wenger was not going to buy a CDM at all if Flamini wasn’t available on the free.

        1. @RSH
          Plus he did held it down at the back when called upon to do so.
          Much respect to the dude…

          1. It happens allot, players who aren’t necessarily attackers but then just get carried away in our team. Even Cech on his debut was playing small ten and twenty metre chips over to our fullbacks when all he had to do was throw it or play it low and hard, he even played a few into Cazorla area and we lost possession. I hope it was just because he felt it was a bit of a party atmosphere.

        2. All wenger’s fault……. All wenger’s fault…… He had to wait until there was no hope of bringing in a proper D.M/defensive cover at the time….. When all hope seemed lost…… Mattieu “freebie” flamini became an option

          1. Flamini was our last CDM buy, and before that we had no CDM at all besides Song who was more a CM. It has been a position Wenger constantly neglects, which is why I’m so glad Coquelin has stepped up. If Coquelin didn’t come about I STILL think Wenger wouldn’t get a CDM this summer too.

          2. i’m sorry to say that y’all……. I’m sorry it’s my fault………. I signed fLamini

  3. I dont think there will be any replacement for flamini
    Arteta will cover for coq but if arteta is injured as well then we can deploy chambers and in worst case if he is also injured we can use santi there
    It is very difficult to find some one who is ready to play second fiddle to coq
    Forget benders or krychowaik they will demand first team football straight away

    1. “Arteta will cover for Le coq” ……… Hehehehe….. Yea like Diaby covered for Arteta and Kallstrom covered for Ramsey L()L

      1. exactly. Arteta’s time is up, doubt he can stay fit anymore. Still think he has a little to offer honestly, but wont be fit to do it.

      1. Lol

        Correct, @KickAssFan! We would be waiting to see the trophy and perhaps the victory lap pass by Hendon. Don’t hold your breath though!

        1. Still with that AKB and WOB shit. Sometimes I don’t know which camp is dumber. Arsene has his faults big deal he has too many pro’s outweighing cons, both camps need to wind their head in a bit.

    1. totally…the league has 38games…

      we can rotate and each will play 19 games….this will keep them fresh and competent

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  5. Don’t mind if Flamini stays. Because Wenger isn’t signing another DM this summer guys. So if Arteta gets injured, like I expect him to, there is no cover for Coquelin at all.

    1. I disagree with the “no cover for Coquelin at all” part. Chambers, Bielik, maybe Wilshere or Gabriel can play in that position. Not at the same level and perhaps poorly or average but they can still play there.

  6. With the arrays of midfielders at Arsenal, the truth of the matter is the Boss doesn’t have to sign a DM if Flamini leaves. Arsenal are well covered in the defensive midfield area as seniors Gunners Arteta, Ramsey & Cazorla can effectively manned the position. And young Bileik and Zalalem could be thrown-in into the fold should the need arise. Likewise, I don’t think the Boss need to sign the full blown bearded striker from Real Madrid as Arsenal already have 4 natural strikers in the name of: Olivier Giroud, Theophilus Walcott, Daniel Welbeck and Chuba Akpom. Who are all poised to score 88 goals in all competitions for Arsenal this coming campaign. Less we forget, Ozil, Sanchez, Wilshere and Oxchabo are all attacking goal poachers for Arsenal. And I am confident they will all poach sufficient goals for Arsenal. Let’s forget about injuries to our beloved Gunners next season. From day one to the end of the season, no Gunner will be sidelined with any injury. It won’t happen. I want to greet Flamini if he is going away. I say thank you Flamini for those valuable contributions on & off the field you’ve made to AFC. We appreciate what you did for us. It’s been wonderful having you with us at club Arsenal. We’ll miss you. I wish you well in your next undertakings.

  7. Lol

    Correct, @KickAssFan! We would be waiting to see the trophy and perhaps the victory lap pass by Hendon. Don’t hold your breath though!

  8. shame to see flam go but he served his purpose for the club, as stop gap d/m so thank you and good luck at your next club, probably be bielik to take his place, as he is making waves at the youth level, could be wengers wild card youth surprise teenage midfielder. haven’t seen one of those in awhile apart from fabragas, cant see wenger splashing a big amount on replacement no a position he likes to spend much on, unless he gets a cheap replacement stopgap again. or he might have a good deal for javi martinez hidden away from us.

  9. Hopefully Wenger signs a new CDM true competition for Coquelin someone that could potential put him on the bench. So they both can fight it out

  10. we should have a guessing game as to how much we think wenger has left in his transfer kitty as so we can wonder how much he can afford to waste on a marquee forward player
    my guess is at least £65 million left.
    i think think he will be willing to go as high as £55 million on marquee forward.
    me thinks he is putting together a massive deal for reus, has anyone noticed how Dortmund are very reluctant to let arbuamyang to leave. maybe it is because they are ready letting one of there superstars leave already, and greedy wenger cant have both reus and arbuamayang. so me thinks we have worked a deal for the better of the two.
    oh please let this be the truth coyg

  11. A football club is like an army barrack, though we gonna miss him for those awkward moment and wonderful contributions he made. It’s apparent that with his imminent exit, there would be some questions about Wenger’s plans in the middle of the pack this time around. But u can’t trust mr. Wenger at all. Still hoping he disappoint our thoughts. Wish him success wherever he goes.

  12. Perhaps it means Aw is being less sentimental. With the guys we have leaving so far it does lead me to believe that their will be at least another incoming and hopefully a WC one. Just feel there is something going on behind the scenes. I don’t usually get that feeling as been a supporter of Arsenal since the 70’s and in that time seen a few things and learned not to get too carried away. Just feel there is something going on that’s going to surprise us…..just don’t know who!

  13. I for one wudn’t care a bit if he goes, even if Wenger doesn’t sign a kid in his plec,,, will never ever forgive Flamini fo that fast one he played on us..GOOD RIDDANCE n gud luck…

  14. Flamini has deputized well since he came back but wouldn’t mind him going to another club in exchange of 1-3 millions. Only concern is our DM position will look thin (Coquelin the only one really in that mould & at THAT level). Arteta is a good back up with leadership, vision and great passing accuracy but injured again and the campaign hasn’t started yet (who knows how much he will be able to give us?). Bielick looks tender and haven’t seen much of him yet! Also it would be good if we could be proactive instead of waiting that Flamini goes and Arteta possibly retires at the end of next campaign. Some good targets are still available: Witsel, Carvalho (even injured we wouldn’t need him for the start of the season and Wilshere could play there as well),Krychowiak at a fair price with qualities.

  15. Normally, d sale of flamini should mean we re getting anoda dm. Bt at arsenal, anything can happen. So dnt hold ur breath yet

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