Mauricio Pochettino better suited to Arsenal than Man Utd claims Scottish legend

Mauricio Pochettino urged to snub Manchester United and become next Arsenal manager.

Mauricio Pochettino would be a better fit as the next manager of Arsenal instead of Manchester United, according to Ally McCoist via the Daily Star.

Pochettino was recently fired by Tottenham as the team’s poor start to the season continued and speculation is rife as to which club he will manage next.

Several Arsenal fans were shocked that the former Southampton manager was fired before Unai Emery and they now wish to have the Argentinean as their new manager.

Pochettino has been a long term target of Manchester United and the Red Devils reportedly wanted him to replace Jose Mourinho last winter.

They eventually settled for Ole Gunnar Solkjear, but they have been linked with a move for him again after his sacking by Tottenham.

When asked which team he thought would be best for Poch to managed next McCoist insisted that Arsenal have the perfect squad for the former Espanyol boss.

“If you’re asking me, I think he’d suit Arsenal’s squad more than he’d suit Manchester United’s squad.

“I think there’s a group of players at Arsenal he could work with immediately.

“I think Manchester United’s a far bigger job, by that I mean long term, more of a rebuild.

“I think there are, at this moment in time, probably more players to work with at Arsenal. Manchester United fans might not agree with that.

“Yeah I do [think Emery is vulnerable]. I think he’s probably the most vulnerable, [Manuel] Pellegrini as well.”

Pochettino won’t have a shortage of takers but the former manager of Arsenal’s biggest rivals may have reservations over a move across town.


  1. Innit says:

    I’m okay with it if it happens. Not thrilled. Like I wasn’t thrilled when we signed Emery. But I will give him as much time to prove himself as I’ve given Emery, again IF it happens

    I think he would pick United simply because the Glaziers are more ambitious than Kroenke. And spends way more money on signings

    That’s a big thing in my opinion

    Also, he knows joining Arsenal will upset Spuds fans for obvious reasons

    The only plus for him joining Arsenal is that he stays in North London

  2. Skills1000 says:

    I just Want Emery out. The person in charge of sacking Emery needs to be sacked.

  3. Will says:

    No chance we get Poch. Hasn’t he said he would never work for Arsenal already due to his ties with Tottenham?

    1. jon fox says:

      Will, Football people say all sorts of things. Only naive fools believe implicitly every thing they hear. Get real! Mourinho also said he would never go to Spurs, a few years back, Asked, at his press conference, why he is NOW there , he simply smiled and said “Because Chelsea sacked me”! Circumstances alter decisions and intentions too, whether or not YOU realise that!

      1. Will says:

        Mourinho and Poch strike me as two very different characters. Also it is a good few years since Mourinho was at Chelsea, there is no way Poch leaves Spurs and joins Arsenal.

        Even though, I must admit it would be great if he did and he did a Sol Campbell!

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      Exactly. He said it was never going to happen due to his loyalty to spurs…Guys are really reaching in their quest for anyone but Emery.

  4. ken1945 says:

    I’m not sure why we are talking about UE successor, because the club have officially said they believe he will turn our performances around.

    Just as the situation with those who want certain players out, we can have opinions and discussions as to what might happen, the media (mccoist an example) will speculate, but if we win on Saturday and Thursday, then nothing will happen.

    Of course, if we lose these two games, then the club MIGHT change their stance, but as they are sticking with UE, despite our worst start in decades, they might even continue to support him.

    The only thing I admire from what the spuds have done is the fact that they had, OBVIOUSLY, made sure they had their man, before sacking poch.
    Unlike us, because when AW resigned, he gave them half a season to find a replacement and they still hadn’t got a replacement a month before the season started…then got it completely wrong.

  5. Twig says:

    I feel if Auba joins Barcelona he could get 30 goals a season. The service he would get will be nothing he could get at Arsenal. But who do we replace him with?


  6. Sue says:

    Tomorrow will be battle of the P45’s… Ralph Hassenhuttl and Unai’s jobs are hanging by a thread!
    Going to be an interesting afternoon…..

  7. Durand says:

    Emery probably gets a result on the end of yet another lifeless and droll match, thereby extending his job for the time being. I wonder how much is down to the board and management actually believing Emery is the right coach still, and how much is down to them being so woefully unprepared for the teams regression under Emery this year.

    It is a regression; points, defense, and goal difference. I still wonder what the plan is going forward; are they rebuilding based on Arsenal DNA ( beautiful, attacking and slick passing football), like why they brought in Edu like they said. Or are Raul and company trying to reinvent the wheel and stamp their mark and authority by trying to create something new?

  8. The Crystal Ball says:

    Pochettino will go to Manchester City in the Summer, when Guardiola leaves.

    Mikel Arteta might be the next Arsenal Manager (if the Board are still too stupid to bring in Eddie Howe).

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