Maurizio Sarri wants to take Arsenal outcast to Lazio

Maurizio Sarri has asked his new club, SS Lazio, to complete the signing of Arsenal midfielder, Lucas Torreira this summer.

The Uruguayan spent last season on loan at Atletico Madrid after being declared surplus to requirements at the Emirates.

He is still not expected to be a part of the plans at Arsenal this season and Mikel Arteta will be happy to sanction his move away from the club.

Although he failed to impress in Spain last season and remains unfancied at the Emirates, he seems to have admirers in Italy.

Calciomercato reports that Lazio and Fiorentina are competing for his signature ahead of next season.

The report says Sarri wants a leading central midfielder in Rome and he has asked the Biancocelesti to add the 25-year-old former Sampdoria man to his squad.

He is looking to make a name for himself again in Serie A after sitting out management for the whole of last season following his sacking by Juventus at the end of the 2019/2020 season.

Arsenal is open to selling Torreira as they look to bolster their squad ahead of the new season.

Selling him would provide them with much-needed funds and it will also free up space for new signings.

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  1. I very much doubt if we will get 10m for Torreria, but no doubt the blame for yet another substantial loss will fall on the shoulders of Arteta in the eyes of those obsessed with removing him from office.

    1. Did MA want him in his team last year? No

      Could MA have sold him last year? Yes

      Could we have likely gotten more for him last year than now? Probably

      So yes the responsibility partly lies with MA, or did he only start last month?

      1. Probably is the key word
        Definitely is another
        Unlikely is also another
        Take your pick because nobody is rushing to take him off our hands
        How difficult is it to see that a player with value will sell and one with less will hang about a bit?

        1. SueP No-one said over charge for Torreira did they? A player loses value as their contract runs down, very simple. I agree he doesn’t seem to be sought after but will he gain value every year MA keeps him on our books or lose? Should’ve taken whatever we could get last year.

          You do understand that your last sentence makes no sense when not linked to a asking price. Perceived value needs to meet asking price, basic market forces. A player with higher value doesn’t get sold faster than a player with less value if the price is wrong, it’s got nothing to do with that and everything to do with the price asked.

          By your logic a £50mil valued player will always sell faster than a £5mil player and “hang about it bit”

      2. Pretty sure he could have been more productive than Ceballos. I was surprised he returned for 2nd year and people expected something more or different.

        Getting in 2 bustups with teammates was enough, lucky for him he didn’t bring up their wages.

        Well at least he wasn’t named Kim Kalstrom or Denis Suarez. Ahh, good times.

      3. Congratulations, for being the first respondent to take the bait.By way of confirmation of his ability the experienced Manager of Athletico Madrid rarely played Torrerria and did not seek to sign him.Arteta to blame again?

        1. Yes I took the bait, it was absolutely irresistible and you got me! Too smart!

          Grandad I’d hope that you’d be able to read and comprehend by now. I said partially responsible, definitely not completely responsible.

          No where did I state that Lucas was brilliant or would fetch a high price at all. My point was a player that’s loaned out and not really played will only lose the value the longer we keep him on the books so it’s better to sell him ASAP, even if that value is relatively small. “Logic, meet Grandad, he’s new”

  2. I think we should keep him purely as a DM to partner Thomas Partey.

    Unhappy with the decisions by the transfer crew at AFC and a manager not believing in his abilities as a coach to get the best out of the resources at the disposal (ie players) to glue the characters into a well oiled team.

  3. I really feel for him and the blame is on MA.
    Torreira is a fine player…..lets keep him.

  4. Torreira is quite a good player. It was simply a matter of the wrong club, the wrong league, the wrong time. It would be interesting to see how Arsenal rank in the league in terms of failed acquisitions. Based on the amount of deadwood we have created, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us at the very top.

  5. Lucas Torreira was happy in Italy, playing all the time. He and his family were not happy in England and his form suffered. Arteta obviously didn’t rate him (nor did Simeone to be fair); once again so much for the clean slate.
    Best for the player and Arsenal for Torreira to move on. It is always a risk when a foreign player moves countries and leagues, given different language, culture and weather.

  6. Let him move on. He and his family were never happy and comfortable in England. Best of luck Lucas.

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