Mauro Icardi – Arsenal interest confirmed

Arsenal are linked with striker after striker at the moment and it’s gotten to the point where it seems increasingly unlikely we will secure any of our targets before the season starts. It’s at the stage where come September we’ll all be wishing Jamie Vardy joined us after all.

From the likes of Morata and Higuain, to Lacazette and Lukaku, Arsenal have so far had no luck at all in securing any of their striker targets, or even submitting an official bid based on what the media tells us. Another player to join the list of endless rumours is Inter Milan’s Mauro Icardi, who is a SERIA A striker that is attracting plenty of interest across Europe.

Icardi had another promising season with Inter in Italy and although he seemingly has no real interest in leaving, the club could be putting him up for sale this summer. Arsenal are one interested party, alongside North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur, although they have recently announced the capture of Vincent Janssen, so Spurs may no longer be too keen on the Milan forward. Spanish side Atletico Madrid are also rumoured to be interested in Icardi.

Icardi’s wife, who is the player’s agent, handles all of her husband’s negotiations regarding contractual talks and offers from other clubs. She previously announced he is not for sale, however this may not be the case and has now stated that although there are offers from other sides in Europe, she hopes that Inter offer her husband a new contract in the near future.

Mrs Icardi said: “Ive asked for a renewal because the club promised me a renewal. Last year we accepted their conditions, which mean a lower salary, the sale of the 50% of Mauro’s economic rights and there is no release clause on his contract. They have to keep their promises.”

It seems as if she and her husband are keen on staying in Milan, with new contract negotiations hoping to be held. However she does recognise that Icardi does have other options and plenty of interest from other clubs, including Arsenal. Mrs Icardi continued: “There are many offers, but I do not negotiate with other clubs. I only talk about Mauro’s contract, that’s my role, not doing negotiations. Atletico Madrid, Tottenham and Arsenal have made contact. Napoli and Roma are also interested now.”

It seems that Arsenal mean business when it comes to Icardi, because unlike Lacazette at Lyon and Lukaku at Everton, Arsenal have actually made contact. Arsenal fans will be hoping that Icardi and his wife change their minds on wanting to stay at Inter Milan, because if they don’t come to London with Arsenal, then the Gunners can wave goodbye to yet another summer transfer target this year.



  1. Last season in Serie A..Icardi was in Top 5 (4th)

    1. Higuain: 36 goals
    2. Dybala: 19 goals
    3. Bacca: 18 goals
    4. Icardi: 16 goals
    5. Salah: 14 goals

    Year before he scored 22 goals

    He is quick and strong. he is only 23 so has time to improve

        1. I’m sure he’s having a good time at China League. Precisely at Guangzhou Evergrande. Low football high money, that’s his new motto now. Hahaha…

    1. Very rare of Italian footballer came from La Masia Barcelona. Icardi, was one of them.

    2. F@#K the stats!! We’re not going to sign an immoral player who backstab his team mate (Maxi Lopez) and steal his wife and children. And to have his bitchy wife as his agent would be disastrous as well.

  2. We should try to sign him, she’s got him a lower salary and 50% cut in his image rights and quote “no release clause on his contract” last time out! Wenger’s gonna love negotiating with her 😛

    1. Is it not them getting the 50% image rights in return for the losses elsewhere. Makes more sense to me.

  3. D R A X L E R: Just the right type of Arsenal player. Wenger can work with him for CF position. I would be soooo happy!!! D R A X L E R, please..

  4. Arsene has signed Asano whatever. Why do we disturb ourselves? He will not sign another striker. Mind you, Giroud is staying!!!

  5. Only thing MR Wengers will to sign is his memoir, ‘Wengers: I Don’t make purchases till too late or NEVER’

  6. Same old Arsenal. being linked with every player under the sun.

    I have a feeling Wenger is cooking up something though

  7. This inactivity is boring. Just sign anyone, even if that is ogonaS (inverse of ……).

      1. Sign Tai from arsenalfantv.
        He is a free home grown player
        is totally loyal to Wenger and
        his salary is only constant
        refills of his water bottle 🙂
        C’mon Arsene sign Tai.

          1. That eyesight mate will be useful at penalty shootout situation. The goalie will hard to guess where he’s going to kick the ball. Hahaha…
            Just kidding, I like Tai. And he’s not loyal to Arsene, he loves Arsenal maybe bigger than any of us.

  8. Wenger said himself that the best strikers are from S.America why hasn’t he gone out there and sign one already????

    It shows Wenger knows what is right and just decides not to do it
    Let’s hope one of the Argentina hotshots will come, I think this is the perfect time to ‘pluck’ Icardi from Inter, if we are really interested we can get him am sure….

    But now that the wife has mentioned our interest, I hope Wenger won’t change his mind as he reportedly did with Higuain..
    On a side note; Juve are closing in on €20 Gabigol yes, Euros!
    That’s another promising young S.America we are letting go..cos we’ve got Asano…its a pity!

  9. Guys why do we torture ourselves every season, we all know for sure that wenger is done with his shopping and we should brace ourselves for our terrifying strike-force of GAS (Giroud-Asana-Sanogo)

  10. I would welcome Icardi! He is young, has time to develop and has a good scoring record in Serie A.

    I am unsure if the rumors are true. Last week it was Lukaku, two days ago Lacazette, yesterday Higuain, today Icardi.

    Any guess on tomorrow’s transfer rumor? Llorente? Falcao?

    1. Does the meeting is schedule for this today? Only hours left.
      I’m telling you, if this is some kind of fake BS news, it’ll be hit me hard!

  11. _____________Sanogo
    _________Neymar Suarez Messi
    ___________Busquets Rakitic
    __Alba Mascherano Vermalaen Umtiti

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