Mauro Icardi to hold talks with Arsenal next week!

In the latest developments on Arsenal’s hunt for a new striker this summer, it has today been reported that Gunners target Mauro Icardi will fly to London to hold talks with Arsene Wenger next week, ahead of a proposed move to the Emirates.

Nobody seems to know where the Gunners currently stand when it comes to potential incomers and if the media is to be believed then Arsenal are supposedly wrapping up deals for Higuain, Mahrez and Lacazette, whilst Giroud is reportedly on his way out. The likelihood of that happening has the slimiest of chances, so should the latest developments on Icardi to Arsenal be trusted?

According to Italian football journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, who is well renowned in the football transfer world, Icardi will fly to London next week to hold talks with Arsenal and Arsene Wenger over a proposed move from Inter Milan. Icardi’s agent previously stated that Icardi had no real interest in leaving Milan and that the pair were hopeful that the Argentinean would soon be offered a new contract by the Italian giants. However it seems as if money and a lack of champions league football may force Inter Milan into selling their star striker and Arsenal head the lists of favourites for his signature.

Icardi would offer Arsenal something different to Olivier Giroud and could be what we need as a plan B player, however I wouldn’t consider the Argentinean striker to be a big upgrade on Giroud. With 47 goals in 88 SERIA A games since 2013, Icardi has shown promise but I wouldn’t suggest that he holds enough quality to be a consistent starter ahead of Giroud and isn’t that supposed to be what we are looking for in our hunt for a striker? Icardi would probably be the cheapest striker of the bunch that we are currently linked with, but is he really worth investing in, if we could instead get the likes of Draxler or Lacazette?

We will have to wait until what next week brings for this story, in order to see if there is any truth behind Di Marzio’s claims!



  1. I feel sorry for Arsene Wenger as no one wants to sign for Arsenal. It was relatively easy for wenger to decide on the transfers..

    Bringing in vermaelen or nacer benatia for a season long loan and give some competition to Gabriel & BFG and developing Chambers. Buying Carlos bacca and riyad mahrez could have been easy rather running behind targets like Higuain , morata or lukaku. My signing would be:

    season long loan – Vermaelan & Van persie
    Buy – Carlos bacca/Icardi & riyad mahrez
    sell – campbell & szchescny
    release – flamini

    1. ^Flamini has already been released.

      Ah, the famous ‘next week’. When it comes to Arsenal transfers, there’s nothing more vague than ‘next week’. It means absolutely nothing.

      1. It always seems vague and half hearted. Other teams just simply nip out and buy a star player like they’ve gone out to buy a paper. Arsenal’s dealing are snail paced with every likelihood of the player being put off somehow. I’m sure Arsene Wenger deliberately throws spanners in the works so he can avoid spending the money but is seen to be trying.

        1. That’s because you’re not on a che site, or whoever, day in day out. I bet the rumours for Kante were longer than our rumours for Xhaka, and Kante probably waited to see if we’d pick him over Xhaka. Unless people visit these sites they can’t really say if it’s much different, only feels different because you never got out ahead of it, you only see the end result. I imagine that all these rumour mill sites are the same. I will say though, if we were getting as many end results as some others do, well then it would make all the lies and rumours more worth it.

      2. There must be something to it when i go into the article just to point it out and then it’s one of the first comments there already. Stop feeding desperate, frustrated and angry supporters with the same lies gazidis comes with! Until confirmed, I’ve stopped caring about rumors. The only rumor I’m interested in its who will replace wenger, and when dangote will make an entrance to ownership of arsenal

  2. Things will remain the same with Wenger still our manager so let’s stop fooling ourselves there won’t be anymore new major signings as Xhaka was our one major token signing like every year since Ozil came in then Sanchez then Cech now Xhaka!

  3. sick and tired of Icardi holding talks with arsenal week after week!

    There’s no report of his wife cum agent being in town yesterday to discuss anything with the management…..

    U know what, just forget it……starting to Lose interest in Icardi anywayz

  4. This is just a make weight article
    there are NO talks between Icardi and Wenger, Theres nothing going on between Higuian and Wenger, there was never anything being talked about between Morata and Wenger, the last person Arsenal were serious about talking to was Vardy and that was ONLY because he was the striker who’s name was on everybodys lips at that point, and even vardy (as dense as he appears ) realised that the whole thing was just an approach to make it seem like Wenger vwas making an effort to sighn someone.
    THERE WILL BE NO NEW STRIKER!!!!! we all know it we all know that this complete farcical act of deception goes on year after year and we hope and pray and argue that “this year it will be different” or “This Year Wenger will spend and spend” , well he wont!!! and he never EVER will !!!!!
    Why on earth would any Arsenal fan with a modicum of intellect believe for a moment that this one team out of Kroenke’s empire would be treated differently to ALL the others????
    no club that stan owns wins ANYTHING!!!, EVER!!!! because they are no longer run as sporting clubs they are run as businesses that pay excellent diveidends to thier board members and major shareholders.
    We lost our club the day that the board allowed Kroenke in and Wenger is just a puppet who has been bought by Kroenke to keep the ship steady.
    Wenger doesn’t get paid 9 million a year to win trophies, he gets paid 9 million a year to keep the fans at bay, to fend off criticism from the press and to take the flack for the continued failure to win anything of note and Maybe, just maybe win the EPL or at least finish within the top four to string out the hopes of the fan base for yet another season.
    Thats it!!!
    When Arsenal are after a player they normally get then quiet efficiently and reasonably quickly and theres ALWAYS many strong verifiable stories in the press. When we are closing the shop and no longer looking its goes like it is now…deathly quiet.
    We are done there will be no more strikers and we will have to settle with who we have and we ALL know that they are NOT good enough, BUT so does Wenger AND kroenke …they just dont care.

    1. You should research Kroenke if you are going to say no club he owns ever win anything ever, whilst highlighting the bloody thing. Scratch that, do you even know Arsenal.

      It silliness to the point of ***** to suggest Arsene only bid for a player to make people believe he wants one when he really doesn’t. Seriously dude!!!

      Suarez and Benzema are two such strikers the boss would have liked, could of had Higuain too only for liv mess sidetracking us.

      1. Really???
        so how do you explain the farcical 40 million and £1 scenario?????
        keep your opinion if you think your right but watch and see what happens,
        could have had Higuain ? yes we could but we didnt and now we are in talks to pay another 40 million over what we could have had him for three years ago?
        Im in no real mood to argue the toss with you about this but just wait and see,
        Whatever the real truth of it its clear that offering way less than clubs expect for thier strikers is NEVER going to work in todays market, and it puts the club in a bad light becuase the overwhelming image of Arsenal now is that we want everything at cut price and we are never going to budge on this.
        Its like walking into a ferrari showroom with ford fiesta money and sulking when the salesman wont sell you the car for an extra 30 quid. and THEN saying that evrybody else in the car selling world is wrong.
        Like I say “dude” wait and see what happens, wait and see if we buy a striker, wait and see if we win anything with the current strike force then tell me in two seasons time that the current mind set is right and proper for a supposedly competative sporting club.

        1. Not the suarez saga again
          The suarez bid was to trigger a release clause. Liverpool denied any clause had been triggered, it would appear now that the clause was triggered. This could only have been resolved by suarez taking liverpool to court, which he chose not to do.

          Suarez had previously been banned for racial abuse, and at the time of the bid part way through a ten match ban for biting, had stated he was fed up with england and the media attention and gave every indication of being a troubled player..

          At the time of the bid RVP had just fired manu to the title and we sold him for just over £20m, believed to be against wengers wishes. £40m for suarez at the time looked a very good offer and a bid risk.

          The criticism was media hype. Arsenal make very fair offer for striker is no story. Comments about £1 and “what have you been smoking” is a story.

          The real point of all this is that liverpools attitude to players and their contracts is very questionable.

  5. Meanwhile in other more realistic and exciting news, my cat just jumped down a tree.


    Wenger did promise 3 players, and there you go so forget the Icardi’s, Higuain, Lacazzette, Draxler, Mahrez, etc rumors.

    As the Napoli executive mentioned these rumors are generated by the media to hurt fans feelings.

    Arsenal will only get back to winning ways and improvement when the current administration leaves starting with Wenger.

    1. He did say Asano is for the future, whether he lied or not we’ll see. I’m holding on hope that he says the same thing for big Rob.

      Ps, looking forward to T Adams working with Holding, I hope they let him.

      1. Holding and chambers looked pretty good together for England U21 in the toulon tournament.

        I am sure I read though Adams was working with u18s.

  6. I believe Icardi could improve tremendously at Arsenal, at least Id hope it to be the case. He has similar overall numbers to Giroud, except he gets there slightly quicker by doing it in less games. He also has a better goals to shots ratio, this is usually slightly concerning most players, because a little better, counts for allot. Icardi is playing with an average Milan team, they aren’t what they once where. He’d be getting supplied by some of the best in the business at Arsenal, if his stats were to go even slightly up, we could have an Aguero on our hands. Italian football is slower, more tactical, so Id like to see him with an abundant of chances just like Oli had, he’d be worth a shot.

  7. The title of this article sounds like : Napoli’s representation will be at London to discuss Higuain’s transfer on Thursday. Hahaha…

  8. First question, this Gianluca Di Marzio, who is well renowned in the football transfer world. Is he known for factual well researched reporting or the normal made up rubbish.

    Second question, Inter Milan have new owners, with cash rich Chinese investors Suning Commerce Group taking a majority 70% stake in the club. Has di marzio explained why the cash rich new owners are selling their top goalscorer.

    Next week is a long time in the transfer market, like tomorrow it never comes. I think we can put this rumour in the bin.

    1. It sounds like nonsense. Why would a meeting date be leaked and scheduled so far in advance. If Inter are willing to sell and Arsenal to buy surely they would move that deal forward now and not next week?

  9. ****….those who think we should buy icardi or should have bought janssen or butyushi etc
    they are nothing special
    just like ppl wanted us to sign martinez William carvalho bony etc etc just fr the sake of buying
    Things to be changed this season are not to drop points against lower half teams like last year .and fyi our current players at their best are better than other shit players out there just support your team like the foxes fan did. and dont make the environment in our stadium” TOXIC ” .and admit fans are no genius if you want wenger out just remember where genius new castle fans and man utd fans are. should have spent plane banner money on charity

  10. No need to talk this week. Next week is fine. Not sure why we are rushing. Leave it to next week would be more polite to others also interested in Icardi. Plus I am sure everyone at Arsenal has better things to do than try to sign a striker this week.

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