Max Allegri gives up on Locatelli – Should Arsenal go back?

This is a very interesting situation developing in Italy as it seemed that the Italian World Cup star Manuel Locatelli was being chased by both Arsenal and Juventus, and it was widely reported that the Sassuolo player only had eyes for the Old Lady, despite Arsenal supposedly making the bigger bid.

So, it seemed like a done deal, with Juventus only needing to match Arsenal’s offer to secure Locatelli’s services, but here we are just two weeks from the end of the window, and it now appears that Max Allegri has decided to move Aaron Ramsey to Locatelli’s position and forgo paying a transfer fee for the Sassuolo star.

Allegi was asked about Locatelli by Sky Sports Italia (transcribed by The Mail) after the 3-1 win over Atalanta, and he replied: ‘Locatelli is a Sassuolo player. I think Aaron Ramsey played a good game tonight, he’s an intelligent player.

‘I think he has a future playing just in front of the defence. Tonight it wasn’t easy against Atalanta and it’s just the second time he has played in that role, he went to cover lots of aerial balls.

‘When he gets used to it more, he will make fewer mistakes because he’ll have the structure laid out in his head. He is a player I can count on a lot.’

This could simply be a negotiating ploy from Allegri to try and persuade Sassuolo to accept a lower price, or it could mean that Arsenal now have a chance to go back. If Locatelli could perform a well for Arsenal as he did in the Euros, he would be an excellent buy.

Do you think we should go back with another bid?

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  1. We already have Xhaka Torreira Lokonga Elneny.
    Unless we can work some amazing player swap deal I think we are done at DM for now.

  2. If Roma will still take Xhaka, then yes. Locatelli is a player who can command a good resell value if he wants to go back to Italy in the near future

  3. Plaese, Please do not go back, Italian players do not like leaving Seria A, how many Italians have been successful for Arsenal and moreover the lad does not want Arsenal anyway.
    Torreira was a flop, please enough is enough.

    1. Torreira is Uruguayan so not the best example, you are right that Italians love Serie A and don’t often want to leave the boot shaped peninsula, however I think Locatelli would succeed due to his athletic ability allied to his undoubted technical skills.

  4. It is Definitely a big No. If arsenal was not his favotite then there is no chance that once signed he will sweat for the arsenal badge

  5. Arsenal might get Locatelli on the rebound, but if they can get him to buy into their youth project, he’s a potential game changer. I don’t care if Arsenal still have Xhaka, Locatelli is a more complete player, he plays the ball more quickly and as he demonstrated at the Euros he will actually make runs into the box. The combination of Partey and Locatelli would immediately become one of the best midfield pairings in the Premier League.

  6. NO, NO, and NO! His head is turned turned already! We do not have enough players, LOYAL to project Arsenal, as it is. See how it is a problem showing the door to distracted‘ players?’ Want names?

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