Max Allegri makes decision whether to become the next Arsenal manager

Arsenal wants Max Allegri to become their next manager after they fired Unai Emery.

The Gunners had been on a bad run of form under the Spaniard with most of their fans calling for his sacking.
However, the club waited for him to play seven games without a win before they axed him.

He has since been replaced by Freddie Ljungberg, but the Swede is only there temporarily.

Reports from the Express claims that the Gunners have started looking at managers who can take the position of their head coach permanently.

According to the report, the Gunners have approached former Juventus manager, Max Allegri to become their next manager, but the Italian has turned them down.

Allegri has just left Juventus where he won five consecutive league titles. He has been replaced by Maurizio Sarri and has decided to take the year off as a sabbatical.

The Gunners reportedly enquired about him becoming their next manager, but he told them “No”

The same report claims that the Italian has decided to stay out of the game until next season and he is determined to stick to that decision.

Arsenal may well be hoping that Ljungberg does a good job so that gives them the breathing space until the summer to get Allegri.

It was always going to be unlikely that Allegri would take the job at this moment in time, he appears to be a determined man and it would have taken a very attractive package to persuade him. Sadly, I am not sure that Arsenal is that attractive an option right now.


  1. NY_Gunner says:

    Good. Didn’t like his style of play anyway…👍🏿

    1. Mohsan says:

      Agree, get Rogers or if I had a say I would go for Arteta. It is a risk but I have a gut feeling it will pay off. Who ever the club go for I hope they make clear what sort of football we as fans want to see.

      1. Diogenes says:

        Agree with both of you.
        Also, this ‘proven winner’ shtick is meaningless. He won the one-team league and lost both finals of the CL. That’s roughly comparable to Emery’s past.

        If we take anyone now, it should be Arteta. Pep will let him go, I feel, if he really wants.

        In the summer — either Arteta or Rodgers, with Nagelsmann and Ten Hag as backup options. Surely we can get one of these.

        But unless he really impresses with dominant play, let’s forget our hearts and not go permanently for Freddie. A good start is typical when a new guy comes in, but unless he really improves how we dominate smaller teams, he should not be given the permanent job.
        Also, don’t even mention Vieira. A club legend, but up to now a mediocre manager.

  2. gotanidea says:

    His team’s playing style is not attractive, so his rejection is not a big deal

  3. towny254 says:

    Allegri is living in London and is learning English if Freddie stays as manager till the end of the season then Max Allergi will take over

  4. Grandad says:

    Our next Manager should be entirely familiar with the demands of the PL and must have good communication skills .UE , unfortunately was not skilled in either aspect and despite having won trophies in Europe he was found wanting.

  5. JJ Pawn says:

    Bring back Wenger until the end of the season! We should make amends and apologize to the man who built the Arsenal brand.

    Wenger should also be allowed to continue to re-build the defense. With the fire power now at the club, Wenger attacks can at least be great to watch. With Torreira protecting the central defenders, Wenger can have his Kante moment.

  6. Thomaskelly says:

    Love to av Allegri as manager hes a winner

  7. sanmi.marvellous says:

    I don’t see us paying a double-digits million of £ for a manager now.
    I think Ljumberg will be there if he can get his coaching badge in 3 months and good performances.

    However, Viera looks likely a favourable option

  8. JJ Pawn says:

    As we can see we City are vulnerable, and so too are Liverpool. For us it starts with the back-line and the DMF who covers them. Clean sheets in the next game is a must!

    Bellerin–Mustafi–Holding–Tierny (Dribble up the wings, pass but be unpredicatble)
    ——–Chambers—-Torriera—— (Tackle hard, create hell for other teams.)
    –Pepe———Laca———Auba– (Attack and press, there are subs to be unleashed!)

    The older defenders will have to show mobility and coachability before starting on the back line. I would like to see Luiz in place of Chambers, and Guendozi in place of Torreira, if there are to be substitutions.

    The roles of Xhaka and Kolasanic are at HMF, like Luiz, as these are useful and powerful players. They have to tackle hard and expect yellow cards, so having them all is useful. Tackling hard is a very crucial for the DMF/HMF roles. Being feisty and committed in that middle is a must, but it must be controlled, and premeditated aggression as with Viera and Roy Keene. Not emotional nonsense, and it is a part that Xhaka needs to learn.

  9. GB says:

    No, no, never managed outside Italy and can’t speak English. Let’s not make the same mistake!

  10. Siamois says:

    I read that Allegro has been learning english with the intention to manage in England,if he turns us down he might miss his chance will have to wait for a good while, Pep is happy at city the same for klopp at pool,spurs just got Mourinho which leaves us, Man utd, Chelsea might want to keep lamps, Leicester are very happy with Rodgers,would he go to wolves? doubt it and they have a very good manager and project!so it would be between us and manure or wait longer for the club he wants even abroad and competition in poch,.I would take us!;

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