Maybe Arsenal could profit by being OUT of the Champions League?

Wenger is here to stay but there IS hope…‏ by Drew

Hey Gooners? How are we going? Feeling sad, angry, frustrated, suicidal? Or maybe you just don’t know how to feel anymore huh? Well, don’t despair because there is HOPE for us fans after all!

Now I’ve become very fond of this site Just Arsenal, you get to read how other Gooners feel about what is happening within our beloved club, kind of like a support group for alcoholics! The only fault I have is that sometimes fans on here don’t realise that everyone has their own opinion about certain things like how the club is run or if Wenger is fit for the job…

Personally, i’ve lost faith in Mr Wenger. Yes, he has done great things for this club but his great legacy is diminishing after every game we play due his lack of general tactics. I’d love to see a new manager come in and shake things up but we all know that Wenger will not resign, and the board will not fire him. So let’s just forget about Klopp, or Pep for a while Gooners, not gonna happen!

But i say the IS HOPE FOR US!!!!… I thought twice about writing this article but here it goes…


There I said it! Look at Man United. Yes they not as well as people would expect but they SPENT millions this transfer window, maybe our board would be forced to do the same with the backlash they will get from fans huh? Or maybe it will force Arsene Wenger to either go for broke during one last transfer window and buy the DM,CB,ST,LW that we’ve needed for so long… Or he’ll just resign huh?

Look guys, these are desperate times, i don’t want to hear excuses about how the season has just started and all that. I’m a Gooner fan through and through, and i feel that one season out of the Champions League won’t hurt the fans as much as it will hurt the board and Wenger, and THAT’S when change will come.

PEACE ya’ll…


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  1. I wish Wenger was not part
    of the transfers process.
    Alas he controls everything.
    Flamini Sanogo Chamakh Park
    Girvinho Ryo Ozil Podolski and Giroud
    would never have been signed.
    Diaby Rosicky Coquelin Bendtner
    would have gone 2 years ago.
    We would have signed two quality DM’s and
    a top quality striker 2 years ago.

    1. Spending £42 million and £150,000 a week on a player we absolutely did not need unnerved me. That money was enough to get us a decent DM and another CB. I still can’t believe we were going for Suarez and only offered £40 million + £1 we refused to go any higher on that amount, but then we forked out £42 million on a luxury player we still don’t need to this day. Madness, Could not believe it. Smh

    2. Flamini was a good free agent experience head to have around
      Sanogoo has a global reputation at u21 level he is a good fourth choice to have. He is already built for the prem and a great back up in the giroud mould.
      Chamak had a eurpapean reputation and was doing very well in champs leauge and France. Rvp stood in his way at arsenal
      Park was a gamble he had a good reputation in France but never addapted/given the chance
      Gervinho is a very good player who can be summed up in one phrased confidence wasn’t their . We often used him as a scape goat but didn’t acknowledge his goals and assist. He often went to acn wich ment he was back on the bench when he came back
      Ryo was an unkown younger
      Ozil is world class
      Podolski was a well known player who joined on the back of a fantastic season
      Giroud was also a top scorer in France

  2. I wont say that Arsenal does not need more signings but we would surely do better with the same squad but with different manager/tactics. The board, Wenger and even some of our key players have lost their ambition for major trophies. Despite the new arrivals our team spirit looks worse than last year and its clearly Wengers fault. The only solution is to press the board to sack Wenger and to become ambitious again, just like Man Utd fans did with Moyes.

  3. You are a hijo de puta Drew.

    Now I’ve become very fond of this site Just Arsenal, you get to read how other Gooners feel about what is happening within our beloved club, kind of like a support group for “alcoholics”!

    If nothing else at least you are right on one aspect.

  4. I was not convinced by the purchase of Falcao, but Di maria! shear class! I never thought he was that good! All his goals are class! I am seeing Man U beating us home and away. They are better than last year! And that Cesc’s Pass to Costa? oooh Wenger! Why did you let him go to Morinho? I will never forgive you. For sure I will never forgive you. I hated Fabrigas with passion when he left for Barcelona, but now I have forgiven him because there is a good reason for his departure. Fantastic players left us because of Arsene Wenger, Fabrigas, Nasri, RPV, Fabianski, Sagna ………….., we also failed to sign fantastic players because of him, Yaya Toure, CR7, Ibrano, Di maria. Oooh Wenger don’t you see what we are seeing? Kindly do something.

    1. these players left Arsenal because they needed more money than what we could afford to pay..

      1. @goonerforever.. Who can blame them, this is their profession and we all want to get the best from our careers. So what was attractive about Arsenal for these guys? We have been and still are the weeping boys of that Top 4 group for the past 10 seasons, always the brides maid.

        On top of that we weren’t winning anything, kept getting biatched by any decent team we come across, it got so embarrassing when we got biatched 8-2, last season was just a complete embarrassment 6-0,5-1,6-3,3-0 etc..

        We were not signing any class players but did the opposite by selling the best we had while replacing then with league one players.

        Our wages were so laughable compared to the likes of City, Chelsea and United, these guys would sign good players, reward them with decent wages and them went on to win trophies.

        Now after all that, why would any players want to move to Arsenal or stay at Arsenal when they weren’t going to get anything? While moving to these clubs guaranteed you to win trophies on top of earning top wages.

        Come on now it’s common sense, these guys did not grow up as Arsenal fans, we just bought then from different clubs, they are just professionals looking for the best for them and their families. Simples.

        1. well said GOONSTER I fear soon the exodus will start again if we don’t bolster the team with the right players and salary, there is a super league starting in Europe we have to be ready for it with a solid team as they say speculate to Accumulate,

        2. Well said.When a player left Arsenal, we say that they left for the money.But that justification would make sense if only Arsenal is a club who wins trophies every season, which is not the case.Like @GOONSTER said What was attractive arsenal for this guys?What did Arsenal give them?Trophies? NO, higher wage?NO.We keep saying that RVP, Nasri, Sagna….all left for the money?So what?
          RVP wage at Arsenal=80,000 (220,000 at United)
          Sagna wage at Arsenal=50,000 ( 150,000 at City)
          Nasri wage at Arsenal=55,000( 175000 at City)
          Football is their profession, that is how they make a living.They see other players, who were not even better than them earn high wages and also win trophies in other club, so why wouldn’t they want to leave.And the most surprising thing is the Manager is one of the highest paid manager in EPL. I don’t blame them for leaving, for wanting to better their lives and for wanting something Arsenal couldn’t give them(Trophies).

          We Arsenal fans are the only fans who hold grudges against the players who left the club.Others do it also but we Arsenal fans took it too far.We are so abusive when it comes to those players.A player can leave his former club and still be in love with it.We are the only club who are told by the manager to not boo the player who left.

          1. I agree with football players being professionals and seek the best deals for themselves, but does it never come to mind that earning 50k or 100k a WEEK is all sh!t the same?

            Yeah, they got to retire at age 33 or 37, so…? They will have made incredible fortunes by then and if they are not sh!t nuts they’ll have their grandchildren still live in luxury even if no one but them had earned money in their families at all.

            It always irritates me when these kids whine about not making enough money when they earn a thousand times more than e.g. an equally talented water polo or handball player. Okay, big business, big entertainment, yada…

            Let them make all that money but don’t PLAY for that only (football is supposed to be a GAME, remember?) – play for the club and the badge.

            Its called greed, man, nothing else.

      2. We can afford to pay…
        Our wage bill is very close to chelsea’s.
        The difference is there talented youngsters are on 10-20k p/w whilst ours are on 35-50k p/w. We offer brand new contracts and high wages to useless players e.g (bendtner 50k p/w, djouru 60k p/w, diaby 70k p/w).
        Our wage structure is truly ridiculous…

    2. @Gavan, There was really nothing on that pass to Costa, our 2 defenders who were marking the only attacking player in the switched off and that was the difference!

  5. This is crap article.. If Arsenal are out of the chamion’s league, no big players would want to come as there is no money to match City, United or Chelsea..

    1. Actually this is not entirely true. Manure are not playing in Europe and yet they got whoever they wanted. Make no mistake, you can have anything and anyone for the right price.

      1. yes but Man-U is known to be second biggest club in the world every player knows that they will bounce back as they are doing so now, and they paying above the rates to do so

        1. Correct. This is why we had to make Arsenal a GLOBAL brand after 2006. Until years 2000 we were nowhere near in terms of brand recognition with the likes of Manure, Liverpool etc.
          Back in the 80’s I used to draw strange looks from people asking whom do I support. Arsenal who? But then came ’89 and then everything changed in ’96. I had two great decades and a lesser last one but it is not over yet 🙂
          Keep the gooner spirit up. Red Army, Red Army!

          1. We now have the 5th largest fan base in world football, thats the only reason our sponsorship deals now are good as our on pitch success has been abysmal and we’ve been pretty much a laughing stock from 2010-2013.
            Our deals renew again in another 3 years its in our clubs best interest to spend and do what is required to win the league and champions league in that time in order to get man utd level sponsorship deals.

  6. You think Mr Gru learns or takes advice? Why do you think he is despicable? I wonder how Baldy copes with him.

  7. What!!!

    With due respect to your opinion but I for one tend to disagree, currently qualifying for the CL is the only bragging rights we the funs have over other teams in the EPL and you want to take that away too.

    The day that Arsenal fails to qualify for the CL is the day this “big team” tag should cease to exit because we do not have the trophies or a team in recent years back this theory.

    CL separate us from good but mid table teams like Spurs, Everton, Villarreal, Real Sociedad, Sevilla (sp), Napoli, Weder Bremen, etc.

    Its a good source of income too and actually attracts top quality players to our team.

    Don’t be fooled our board is not as flexible as United’s, if they cant show full commitment right now while our bank balance is quite healthy, we have a new sponsors, most experienced coach in the EPL, wonderful infruscture and CL football, I cant image what would happen minus all these. We cant manage to attract players with ridulous wages and showing them our trophy cabinet like United does.

    CL football is vital for this club and it should not be used as an exercise for our underperforming management and board. Its there lack of ambition and willingness to see our team succeed at all means ON THE PITCH that I question.

    1. yeah, valid points man!… i’m just a frustrated gooner man, i’m desperate for change within our beloved club.

  8. Every one loves Wenger and he knows that, he has been great but if he is really a serious man that wants the club to be among the top elites like he says then let him accept defeat and resign and allow another manager to take over. Everything comes to an end. Henry, Viera, Bergkamp, Chapman…….. all left, they were all great, they moved and the club moved on. The club will not come to an end if he also goes but am very sure if the supporters go then the club will come to an end(FACT). He has to accept things come to end just like players retire.

  9. Don’t even try it, if we even think about dropping out of the CL we are finished, look how hard it has been for Liverpool, look at United struggling to get back in, they make money that is 3 times the amount we make each season and are the biggest in the world, but they struggled to attract players so they had to over pay for these players, and let’s not talk about their wage bill.

    What we need to do is for Wenger to stop being a stubborn and egonimistic for once, he is a proud man who hates being told what to do, the more he is told how to play and what positions to fill the more he does the opposite to tell everyone Who the main man is, this is boosting his Ego at the expense of the club, which is a bit selfish of him to just bruise his Ego and pride at the expense of the whole club. Wenger has got to accept criticism and defeat sometimes so that we as a club can move from this stagnant place were have been for the past 10 years. And I am a Wenger fanatic. But he has to stop thinking about himself for once and think about the clubs success.

    1. I think he missed him otherwise he’d be down asking for a red. Ref was very close. Media is making Ivanovic tougher than he is.
      But yes, overall this site is full of fu cking pussies throwing the towel after the first punch. Gone were the days when the men were men. We have fans these days and these fans are yapping on internet instead of blowing up their lungs at the Emirates.
      Nevertheless, it is very entertaining to pi$$ on their parade now and then. Is my daily Xanax.

      1. @Budd
        It sure does look like he took a chip out of him. LOL
        You’re so damn right. This place has become “Whiney moany Central”

  10. Wenger extended his contract because Giroud refused to be sold to PSG. He cant live without OG. When OG goes to PSG or Monaco, Wenger will also resign and go to france 🙂 🙂

  11. We cannot lose on the CL “cash” as it would be another excuse not to recruit.
    Finished below the CL spots would be catastrophic.

  12. The mistake was to sell the club to someone (Kroenke) who has no clue about football and the passion that relates to it.
    Usmanov might have brought a “Chelsea style” of management, but he is also an acute businessman striving for success and ambitious.
    I think with Usmanov we would have been challenging for CL and league trophies year after year.

  13. If we fall out of the Champions League we would not be able to recover the way Manures are doing, because I don’t see our board spending exorbitant money.

    Champions League football is the only incentive for good players to join us. We gotta remember that we do not have a trophy laden cabinet.

    Besides, do you really think we would be able to fill our stadiums for Europa League drab matches? Although, on the flip-side Europa is the only competition that we have a good chance of winning.

  14. To describe the present as “desperate times” just underscores how successful Wenger has been and how spoilt fans have become. These are not “desperate times”, even by the high standards Arsenal has rightfully set.

  15. There were times when i used to be excited about new signings, big signings. But what purpose those signings serve when they play out of position/are redundant to the requirements/unable to perform at 100%. All these 3 issues are plenty in Wenger’s management. Feels like money going down the drain every year. Give these set of players to Klopp and he will win us the UCL and PL in the first term. Give 50 mil to spend to Klopp every year and we will permanently become a force to reckon with. Even if we do not have a World class DM and strong back four, it should not be the end of the world. A manager with his tactical prowess would neutralize these shortcomings. But Alas! Wenger in terms of tactical thinking is a zero, absolute zero.

    No hopes of any trophy this year. I have made my peace with it. What i actually fear is that Wenger is going to be handed another transfer kitty next summer only to find out that money spending could not win us any trophy again next season. 3 years more to go.

    1. so guys and girl, dont be suprised if we just make 4th, GET PAID like every year, buy Reus who isn’t a CB or a CDM, forget that Wenger has zero tactics, get tons of injuries, and Wenger extends his contract. yes i don’t want to be like the spuds and never see the champions league BUT if we keep qualifying by getting 4th place, the board is HAPPY!

    2. Wenger with zero tactics. I wonder how win against mid-table and lower-table teams despite their managers having tactics measured as negative?

  16. in what way we should try for pl & cl looks tough but we can do well till dec based on fixtures & spend in in jan transfer window signa couple of players

  17. No, that’s ridiculous. We are financially dependent on being in the Champions league, we don’t have big american owners who can haul us out of trouble if we lose that income like liverpool and utd. If we go out, we will not be able to buy any of the players for the positions you mention and we may even have to lower our wage bill.

    Seriously, sometimes I think I was the only one who read the report and business plan released by Arsenal when they starting building the Emirates…

      1. how is wenger responsible 4 ozil’s injury. blame it on ref who allowed countless challenges made by Oscar & other chelski players

        1. I am not talking about only Ozil’s injury. I am talking about the endless list of injuries even when 1/3rd of the season is not over yet. If you are telling me there is not a slightest share of Wenge’s fault in these, then you are fu*king moron.

          And when it was evident that Ozil is unable to cope with the endless number of fouls/rough play against Chelsea why the f*ck he was not taken off sooner rather then making him play like a uselessly for 90 min and risking his injury.

          1. *****DELETED**** debuchy/theo/giroud were bad luck rest may have something 2 do with training methods

            (ADMIN COMMENT – Leo, you KNOW the rules on personal abuse. You are both in danger of being moderated)

  18. Arsenal rejected a bid 4 ozil from Bayern in summer
    Özil has travelled to bayern to have an MRI scan following knee pain sustained against Chelsea
    just when we thought ozil/theo & sanchez could play 2gether when chelski come 2 play at the emiarates hope our players give them same treatment esp 2 Oscar/ivanovic

  19. Off-topic- I think people are overlooking the “Walcott factor”. I believe that when he comes back it won’t take him long to performing well. He is a great talent and won’t one of those guys who gets injured and needs time to get back to his best.

    Walcott scores goals and with him and Sanchez on the wings, Ozil in the centre, Welbeck up front, we will be a better team and goals won’t be a problem.
    All we will need is a DM and defender in January.

    Imagine what we would be like with Ramsey, Khedira, Walcott, Sanchez, Ozil and Welbeck (or Reus)

    Surely, this team could beat Chelski.

    1. yeah right!! Does not matterr if you have Flamini and Mert in the back. We can beat every one if we have Walcott.

  20. Is Wenger really that bad that you wish your team to fail to get rid of him? I really think the problem is Wenger alone because he used to buy better with David Dein. Plus on playing Ozil position, there is something he sees everyday which we are not seeing and remember he was playing through the middle for the whole of last season!

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