Maybe Arsenal fans should start appreciating the Kroenkes after all

How the Kroenkes Are Changing Strategy at Arsenal. by AI


Arsenal have had a famed transfer strategy of getting undervalued or opportunistic signings from foreign leagues. It is how we got Santi Cazorla, Alexis Sanchez, Oliver Giroud, Per Mertersacker, and an endless list of other club servants. It has mostly worked out over the years, until the club realized that those sort of deals were getting much more difficult to pull off as money poured into the domestic league from every side, and smaller clubs broke their grass ceilings. Overnight, the strategy was amended. Big money rumours on obvious players like Thomas Lemar started to surface. Some of those big money moves failed to happen as with Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy. Some happened. And the club found itself in decline.


Football is not only an on-the-pitch sport. Backroom dealings are often as important as the talent on your roster. The Kroenkes, infamous owners of Arsenal, are largely resented by the fanbase who deem them responsible for the club’s failings. The biggest grievances are related to tight budgetary notions. However, these notions might not be fully informed.


The Kroenkes shared ownership of Arsenal Football Club with a Russian businessesman and other private members. Despite their family wealth and vast holdings, they never put a cent in the club until two seasons ago when Arsenal signed Nicolas Pepe. Curiously enough, that was also the time that they obtained full and sole ownership of the club. A common financial trope is that you don’t solely invest in shared assets. Otherwise, you would only bear the risk burden while everyone shares the returns with you. You wait until you can eat alone. Even if it means that the asset loses value (which only makes it easier to acquire for yourself).


In the first summer of their sole ownership, the Kroenkes underlined the 72 million euro signing of Nicolas Pepe while restructuring the academy. In the second, they changed management staff, including the coach, the director, the entire scouting network and paid for the 50 million euro signing of Thomas Partey. We are now in their third season, the academy is steadily churning out top players and there are reliable rumours linking Arsenal to several big money signings. It is clear that something has changed at Arsenal Football Club and that change begun with the Kroenkes acquiring sole ownership of Arsenal.


Kieran Tierney has reportedly been offered a bumper new 5-year contract. Similar prison-length contract renewals have happened with Bukayo Saka, Folarin Balogun, Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang and now, according to reports, Emile Smith-Rowe. This is a vastly different approach to contracts from what was previously obtainable. We notoriously left contract renewals until the last minute. This is different and proactive.


We have not entirely left the old approach to transfers alone. In two consecutive seasons since the Kroenkes full ownership of Arsenal, we have signed Gabriel Martinelli and Matteo Guendouzi from the lower tiers of Brazilian and French football. William Saliba was another future-minded signing. In the third season, we are reportedly after Anderlecht’s 21-year-old captain who is regarded as one of the best midfielders in Belgium. Kieran Tierney and Gabriel Maghalaes have turned out to be shrewd signings.


We are heading for a rare but increasingly familiar summer of big-money spending. If the multiple links are to materialize, we could be spending north of 150 million pounds before sales. That is exactly what we have asked for and that is what might be happening. Mikel Arteta has insisted throughout his media briefings that he believes he will be supported in the window by the owners. He insists that his project will go bang with success in a short while. And when you see names like James Maddison, Eduardo Camavinga, Yves Bissouma, Ben White etc being linked to us for significant sums, you understand why he said that.


Ultimately, the Kroenkes are business owners. They barely have the sentimental link to the club that we do. They are hard, calculating and shrewd. From a fan perspective, that makes them bad owners as results go down the drain. But from a business perspective, they have been brilliant with how they refused to spend their money until they acquired sole ownership of the club. Since the acquisition, they have been making moves with the motive of increasing the value of their business. The academy and scouting restructuring were sorely needed.


In a world where even the likes of Lille and Monaco have outsourced their scouting to specialized scouting organizations and the club owns a data analysis company, Arsenal has no choice but to follow the modern trend of clubs like Liverpool who have a fraction of the scouts we had and have done well in the market. Their other moves such as hiring Edu, Arteta and Richard Garlick are yet to bear fruit. But make no mistake about it: the Kroenkes won’t stop now until they increase the brand value of their asset.

On a final note, when everything is considered, the Kroenkes have been successful with their other sporting franchises. The Athletic reported that they see Arsenal, along with the LA Rams, as their crown jewels. Given what they have been trying to do since they gained sole ownership of the club, it is only a matter of time before we are back right where we belong: one of the crown jewels of European football.


Agboola Israel

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  1. Realistically I think the overall hatred of the Kroenkes is the lack of funding and mismanagement of the board, but I do genuinely agree, things seriously look up, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Of course KSE would be reluctant to go put their money in a joint ownership, as long as it’s not false promise I’m happy for them to take us forward.

    1. Rome was built quicker than it’s taken for Kroenke to dismantle a world-class side. 16 years by my recogning. The transfer policy of the club has been shocking since David Dein left. Some people have short memories, or aren’t old enough to remember Arsenal were arguably the best club in the old First Division/PL in getting talent into the club through our scouting/youth teams and ability to get players from abroad at a good price. This article misses soo many things that is wrong with Kroenke’s ownership of the club.

      1. “were arguably the best club in the old First Division/PL in getting talent into the club through our scouting/youth teams and ability to get players from abroad at a good price”

        I’m pretty sure Kroenke has little to nothing to do with what you mentioned above. Does kroenke scout? Does Kroenke coach? Does Kroenke negotiate the sale of players?

        1. Kroenke owns the club, and therefore appoints people who should know what they are doing? How many Directors have left the club after making a complete mess of transfers? And I am not just talking about Ivan Gazidis.

        2. And this is the problem with Arsenal these days, people like you are willing to give Kroenke a pass when he has presided over a fall to our worst league position in 26 years. Were you even a Gooner then?

          1. Ah the classic “argument from authority”, fell free to read up on it. It’s a show of someone with really poor character to act like their opinion is more valid because they are older/supported longer. So a 25 year old young supporter is inferior to yourself? The arrogance.

            Half the fans on here are thrilled with the appointments of MA and Edu in their roles so I’m not sure your point is too valid.

            FYI No-one is saying Kroenke is a saint, there are just a lot of other people in the mix that have caused the issues son.

        3. Where do you get that from? A lot of Arsenal fans wanted Arteta sacked last season for giving us our worst home record for 90 years. As for Edu, he presided over the sale of Martinez to Aston Villa, a huge mistake that a year later we are still trying to rectify. Personally I want them both to succeed, but Arteta has probably only got this season to improve league performance. Thanks for analysing my character with your last sweeping statement. I am sure I will have sleepless nights. Regardless Kroenke has presided over a shocking period during our history. We didn’t move to the Emirates to become a mid table side.

      2. Thats correct. Our transfer business has not been the same since Dein left. He was a born negotiator and got us great deals.
        Wenger pointed out who he wanted and Dein went and got them for a good price. After he left everything chanced.
        Now we buy overpriced and sell for a fraction of the players values, or even worse leave on a free or has to be payed off to leave.

  2. I’ll appreciate him more once he gets more involved. I think making his son run things at Arsenal is just the beginning

  3. If Man City fail in their Grealish move Arsenal will consider him instead of Maddison.

    Willock to Newcastle is almost done, loan + option to buy. Brighton and Crystal Palace are interested in Nelson. Crystal Palace want AMN and in addition to Leeds are interested in Nketiah.

    As said days ago, Granit Xhaka to AS Roma is a done deal for 17m. Locatelli to Juventus is a done deal. Club will push for Neves and then move for Bissouma if that move fails.

    Max Aarons, Mert Muldur, Ridle Baku and Tyler Adams are some targets to replace Bellerin if he’s sold. Aarons is the top target for now. Inter looking to offer a loan plus obligation to buy atm.

    Bid for Aouar on the table is 25m. Still being considered.

    Ben White medical scheduled for Monday/Tuesday.

    1. I think selling Maitland-Niles for Neves or Bissouma will be a mistake

      Aouar and Grealish will make Smith-Rowe, Willian, WIllock and Nelson redundant. I’d prefer Pereira, Lemar or Odegaard

      1. Mate, I’ve enjoyed your contributions over the last season but I don’t want whatever crack you smoked for mentioning Lemar.
        Willian is already useless, Nelson can’t cut it with us, the boy has skills but just lacks self-belief.
        Willock can go make it at Newcastle, How many times do ya’ll have to understand that not all youngsters will make it at their parent club and that it’s okay?

        Aouar, Maddison/Grealish and ESR would be a dream come through. you guys should drop the ESR will get limited chances, We used to have Rosicky,Nasri, Fabregas,Ramsey in the same team FFS!!! and football was beautiful

        1. Maddison looks more likely than Grealish..
          Aston Villa will not sold him below 100 Millions

        2. I predict Aouar or Grealish will bench Smith-Rowe and our other AMs, whereas Lemar would likely start the games with one of them

          About Rosicky, Nasri, Fabregas and Ramsey, none of them could help us get an EPL and an CL trophies

        3. How much I wish I could like your comment over a trillion times, Eddie. I don’t seem to understand how everyone fail to realise we had so many technical midfielders in just a decade ago.

      2. Hi GAI

        ” I think selling Maitland-Niles for Neves or Bissouma will be a mistake” ?????????????

        Apart from the ever referred to F A Cup run, the evidence for this is what ?

        AMN – THREE managers served under with no great impact, finally loaned to relegated WBA, and shop windowed this pre-season.

        He will be sold.

        Anywhere circa £20M – we should bite whoever’s hand off.

        Either Neves or Bissouma will be of far more value to the side.

        And no AMN at full back please, we will sign at R/B plus White can play there.

        Also general point on this thread.

        All this (widely available all over the net) ITK stuff above – no mention of a keeper – the one position we will be signing for sure !!

        1. I like Maitland-Niles’ effort in pre-season and it’ll be a waste if we don’t try him out as Partey’s partner in EPL or some cup matches

          Neves and Bissouma might be more proven as DMs, but they don’t have great understanding with our academy graduates. Maitland-Niles will click better with Smith-Rowe and Saka

    2. We only bid £17 million for Aouar and refuse to budge. Lyon only want €25 million which equates to £21 million.
      Same old story even though he is a bargain we will piss about till someone steps in and takes him as we did with Hazard, Mata etc etc for the sake of a measly £4-5 million its truly pathetic. If he is your mangers desired target sign him don’t dilly dally. Edu clearly doesn’t fancy him where Arteta rates him highly. We are going to end up with a situation in the near future as with Emery where Edu is signing players he wants rather than the manager i.e Zaha vs Pepe to name one difference of opinion.
      If rumour was true this happened last year when Edu said Partey and Arteta wanted Aouar then…
      I may be in the camp that doesn’t think Arteta can succeed unless he works with the cream of the crop as he did at City but I cannot attach any blame to him either if he is overruled on signings he thinks are significant over Edu’s choices of is a priority

      1. Matt, you are right about Arsenal “pissing about” regarding Aouar, as Liverpool are now in the frame and can offer European football.

    3. Kev, I though Arsenal were not budging on £20m for Xhaka?

      Any news on Laca leaving yet?

      Why does it take so long to make a consideration for Aoura? Lets get it done already!

        1. That would be better for the team, but I don’t know why the board is too mumu for Auba. In my opinion, I would prefer Laca to Auba as he is more interested in the team than Auba

    4. Thanks Kev for Updates

      So our 1st preference is Neves then Bissouma…
      That’s music to my ears..
      Neves is quality…
      If we get Aouar then still club will go for Maddison or Grealish?

    5. Preferring Neves over Bissouma is strange as they play different positions. Surely Neves would be replacement for Xhaka and Bissouma replacement for what Elneny is supposed to be?

  4. In my own opinion football is not profit oriented sport,it deals with fans emotions.if the kroenkes are not ready to invest in the club they should sell it to somebody that is ready .

    1. Dacoster can you spend millions of dollars only for you to get zero profit? That’s charity, kronos family is a business family
      Business is business, sport is sport…. but there is also sport business if i may remind you
      The club has to excel if the also want a stable business too. And that’s exactly what they are doing right now

    2. Dacoster I think everyone here agrees with you, but the world moves on, and less and less of the major clubs are still owned by football philanthropists – the sheer sums required now to invest are too vast for well meaning individuals to sustain for any length of time. The only way to long term survival is through self-sustaining business models.
      New owners may invest to impress in the short term, but they to must ultimately make a club balance it’s budget.

  5. The Kroenke’s and Arsenal are like oil and water. Doesn’t many years history prove you wrong. This article saddens me. Has it taken all these years for the Kroenke’s to support their club……Arsenal. They are a failure.

  6. Net spend is where we fall short. I’m much more concerned about our poor management of players and contracts over the last decade than Kroenke himself. We have lost a small fortune at selling low, buying high and contracts running down.

    Unfortunately I see no change under the current manager.

    1. “Successfull with their other franchises”?
      They have never won anything significant! We gone from the fourth biggest team in the world to fifth biggest in England financially/Support. The Kroenkes/Waltons are so rich it’s not about profit anymore, but stabile investments to guarantee generational wealth and legacy. That’s why they won’t sell because sports teams is some of the safest investments/placements there is.

      Also they didn’t contribute anything in the Pepe or Partey deals, they just allowed the board to use previously locked accounts and take up more debt.


    1. Ahh – Jose – it’s been a while since we had some fundamental religion in the mix: “monsters/Hell/Pablo Escobar/Communists/Gestapo/Death by Lightning etc. I must admit I haven’t thought of Arsenal in this context lately. But I’m sure Scotland Yard will sort it out.

    2. Stop shouting please and also take a chill pill, you will worry yourself into an early grave.

    3. Communists in the same room as Gestapo and fascists? A bit of targetted reading required to improve one’s education and understanding, Jose.

  8. How can say this is true. lYou just need to compare the squad of 08-09 when silent Stan bought the club, where it finished in the league, moving through to now and last season…
    If thats success your seriously deluded. The progression is negative not positive, we are going backwards which has been accelerated in the last 5 years that is the cold hard truth of the matter and having blind faith in the man will not help. His sporting franchises have average success in every sport they compete in. He is quoted on record as saying ‘winning trophies doesn’t measure success in his eyes the financial state of the business does’
    He has been very successful in one thing at Arsenal that is turning his 1 billion outlay to purchase sole ownership into a now growing profit of a club currently valued at 2.38 billion on the open market by Forbes. Only in his pocket is our once great club a winner.

  9. There are some valid points of the article, but the overall optimism is still primary based on hopes and speculation.

    The restructuring of the board is an improvement if – and only if – the new members represent the top of the game. Without taking side on the Edu competence debate bringing him to the club only worth credit if he is doing his job well. Or even perfect. The Willian signing does not suggest that.

    Similarly it is nice to appreciate the trend to bring young talents from lower divisions like Martinelli, Guendouzi and Saliba (even though the latter came from Ligue 1) if they are properly nurtured and become world class players. Let’s not give up hope on that, but we shouldn’t start giving awards just yet either.

    It is understandable that fans associate owner support with big-money spending. Yet it is not necessary true. Cazorla was a great reinforcement to Arsenal, even though he only cost 17M. Many supporter appreciate a new signing if it’s expensive, but it is shortsighted and stupid. Buying White for 55M is good business if he becomes one of the top3 defenders of the PL (or the world). If he stays at the level of Holding, Saliba or Mavropanos, then paying a fortune for him is actually pretty bad business.

    Since the evaluation of the transfer window activity cannot be based solely on the total volume but the quality/worth of the player purchased, we cannot start applauding the restructuring of the scout network without analyzing the outcome.

    Last but not least, if the Kroenkes were hardcore businessmen then they would have clear and transparent (possibly public) expectations toward Arteta, Edu, maybe even Mertesacker. I don’t know how deeply they are involved in the everyday life of the club, but I seriously doubt if they have/had such performance indicators in place.

    1. How reassuring and cathartic to have a mind of your quality on this site. I MUCH hope you find time to write more often!

  10. Yep, well said. The 8th highest spending football club in the world over the last 10 years. The only fault of the Kroenkes is to have entrusted the running of the club to senior execs who have cared more about lining their own pockets than Arsenal FC

  11. Well Stan has apparently invested in the project, being a very astute business person he will have had the true value of the Arsenal brand reinforced by the recent and ongoing bid. Bear in mind that the new value is before any substantial success has been achieved. So Stan now gas an asset he can literally take to the bank and prove its new value for future borrowings to enhance his empire.
    The investment in new players as well as writing off the debt( the old players) places Stan in a very good moment.
    Tax and loss of profit ,write offs. At the same time as increasing the value of the brand substantially. A win win situation, satisfy the supporters, see off the bidders, and own a sitantially increased asset.

  12. I hardly know where to begin in dismantling this starry eyed fan article worshipping the appalling and destructive Kroenkes. It is so uttrly wrong as to be laughable.

    Firstly, the Kroenkes have effectively had overall control for a number of years and Usmanov gaveup and sold his shares some time ago.
    Secondly, to argue as Al has incorrectly done, that the several other Kroenke franchises are”successful” is obviously nonsense and a rank amateur comment from a writer who has not done his research to even a basic level. Ask the fans of all those franchises exactly WHAT THEY think of KSE and you will have to snort with derision at Al’s silly comment!

    Thirdly, Kroenke bought a majority share way back in 2007/8 season and IF he cared for his “asset” he could have, at any time since, started treating it with the care and love it deserves. The lie of investing on behalf of other shareholders, for them to also benefit is absurd!

    Fourthly, The ONLY reason that KSE is now proposing a fan advisory board is because both Kroenkes have been shocked and spooked to their selfish core by the mass fan protests against them – esp over the obscenity of the now doomed Euro super league – and for all the previous years of ownership could not be arsed to even address the fans and even treat us as valued customers at all.

    SILENT STATN HE IS CALLED AND FOR A GOOD REASON, AS HE LOOKS DOWN ON ALL “LITTLE PEOPLE” whose fanhhod and money makes him wealthier than God.

    He is dirt, filth and a lowlife and to pretend otherwise, as this ludicrous article is attempting to do, is to completely ignore all salient facts in favour of a fantasy article.

    Probably the single most wrong article I have ever read on JA in my many years on here as a fan.

    1. I have agree with you, jon fox (this time). Upon reading the whole article I couldn’t help but wonder if Agboola (the writer) had been paid by the Kroenke family personally to write this!?

      We all need to stay grounded. Tell you what, Let’s give it until January next year and see exactly where we are in the league. By this time we will know if MA is still the man to take the team forward. Then, let’s see what happens over the next 2 years and see where the club is in terms of challenging for the EPL and in Europe. By this time we will know more about owners and their ambitions!

      Right now we are the lowest we have been in over 50 years. Jewel in the crown? My arse!

      1. guy, I chose not to answer or comment on his post, as unlike me with all my educational advantages of literacy, English is plainly not his first language.

        However guy, I firmly believe he shows the PASSION of a true fan! Don’t you?

        I admire true honesty in all comments, even though i much believe I have the right to take their opinions to task if I disgree.

        We ALL have that same right too, fortunately for democracy and free speech, despite Ad PATS often “censorship gone crazy way” of running JA.

        1. Passsion yes jon, but I think wishing somebody’s plane be struck by lightning is not something open to mistranslation, and nor is it a direct bible quote. Perhaps we differ in that I do not condone the right to wish physical harm on others in the name of free speech, second language or not.

          1. guy , Please be reassured that I have never WISHED physical harm on any good person. Nor do I on the Kroenkes, despite thinking them both disordered men.

            But I have to be honest; I have wished physical harm on Trump and also on other extremely badand wicked people who lead governments in certain tyrant controlled lands, Xi, Putin etc.
            I excuse these evil wishes – which I FREELY ADMIT ARE NOT PURE – by reasoning that countless millions of ordinary citizens globally will be free and unharmed if tyrants die.
            During the second world war, almost all free people across the world would certainly have wished Hitler dead. Were they right or wrong then? Only God should judge !

  13. I do not have the same positive view of the Kronkes as the author. Clearly Dein was a key piece, yet they remove him?

    Sell players to fund Emirates, yet where were the sell-offs to fund the Rams 6 BILLION dollar stadium?

    Spend £72 million on Pepe, £54 million (rumored) on White, but hire inexperienced manager and Director in Edu? Plenty of money to hire experienced hand to see us through tough times.

    Forgot to mention how Kronke moved the Rams to maximize his milking operation; remember St Louis and all Kronke’s promises?

    It’s not even about Superbowls with them either; their goal is hope to make playoff for revenue boost and then pray for luck to advance further; they are never built to win.

    1. Forgot to mention the “sport” side of the clubs. Kronke clearly doesn’t care about titles, remember his famous quote about not getting involved to win titles?

      Stan cares little for sport, ambition, and competition. How can I say this?

      20 years in CL but never added the players to win. The Super League with no relegation, even now it’s about getting back to top 6 or top 4, why?

      Is it to win or to guarantee extra profits for participation?

      Author clearly drinking Kronke Kool-Aid and disengaged his brain.

    2. My exact point, we’ve spent a decent amount over the past couple seasons but the management of the spending has been terrible.

      It’s funny to note that most of the MA fans here are the one’s that are the most against Stan. They’ll blindly support MA and his large shortcomings but will villainize Kronkes. Can’t have it both ways, very hypocritical.

      1. “It’s funny to note that most of the MA fans here are the one’s that are the most against Stan. They’ll blindly support MA and his large shortcomings but will villainize Kronkes. Can’t have it both ways, very hypocritical.”

        Key difference is one has been here short of two years and is actually passionate about football, hasn’t been here long so can repair his shortcomings/image. The other has been here 15 odd years and doesnt give a damn about football, just profit. So your argument doesnt hold water I’m afraid.

        1. Come out of your cave I see? Some things dont change though…like you never stating your own opinion and only commenting on others.

          It’s ok to have your own thoughts mate, it’s safe here I promise.

          1. I dont state my opinion over and over and over as its pointless which a lot of people on here and yourself seem to fail to grasp, plus I’m barely on here anymore as it’s just an echo chamber of negativity which frankly I cant be bothered with, nicely sidestepped on a rebuttal there by the way, long live the echo chamber mentality 👍

          2. But DTM’s entire second paragraph was clearly stating his opinion. And a wise one it was too. Did you not have the wit to see that,in your CONTINUAL haste to constantly damn MA!

  14. In what way has Gabriel proved to be a “shrewd signing”? The jury is still out as far as I am concerned and he needs to improve substantially to become a successful acquisition. I only hope he goes on to allay my concerns next season, but I doubt if he will.

    1. I agree Grandad, his first few games were fantastic and then seemed to drop off the pace quickly much like Partey.

      Most won’t admit it but it seems many new players regress quickly under the coaching and tactics of MA.

  15. Wow you are really off your rocker if you think Kroenke have been anything but disastrous for this club. Took over a club with absolutely TOP prospects and financial model, leeched away for over 10 years and driven the club to the ground. Are you receiving some sort of compensation for trying to influence people? Absolute rubbish

  16. Pepe’s transfer fee was dodgy and suspicious. Raul had the club overpay by a substantial amount. He was friends with the man in charge at Lille at the time, with the club needing money to avoid financial disaster. It was a bung, so I don’t see why we would be grateful for the £72m spent. Why do you think Raul left under a cloud? If the Kroenkes are spending money this summer, it’s transfers owed to us, they’re paying off their transfer debt to fans. A few good signings do not change the piss poor management of the club in recent years.

  17. This has to be one f the best articles I’ve read here in a while. Nothing but pure facts and truth, instead of the emotional and sentimental attacks on the Kroenkes.
    Agoola Israel, Nice one bro.
    Kepp it coming

    1. An utterly astounding view from a usually wise fan, who however(as I have long noticed) likes to stand firmly away from mainstream opinion.
      I am usually pro any fan who writes as they truly believe, whether for or against mainstream Gooner opinion.

      But Eddie, this view of yours seriously astounds me and I use “astound” with the utmost sincerity, esp coming from you of all people!
      I would ask you where were the Kroenkes care and love- as you and Agboola now claim those exist – during the long period 2007 til NOW?
      I note your use of the word “bro ” though, which perhaps(??) provides a clue for your defence of this so wrong article!

    2. Saka, Nelson, Smith, Niles, Balogun, all came through the academy that Wenger set up. We need to wait a while to see if the new structure will bear us fruit

  18. They may be shrewd businessmen but when last did one of their sporting franchises win a major trophy? For fans looking for club stability; they are good. Arsenal is in a better financial health than many European behemoths. However, success on the field of play as measured by major trophies is another story. It is evident that from the recent signings emphasis is on youths with a good resale value. Traves, Lokonga, Tierney, Martineli, Gabriel, Saliba and throw in Gendouzi in there-are all promising youthful talents brought from outside. Willock, Saka, Smith-Rowe, Nketiah and Nelson are bright talents from the academy. This is good but the question has to be asked is Arsenal not being turned into a nursery. Can Champions League football be achieved with this approach? Is Arsenal strengthening or weakening? Lokonga is a good talent, but is he really better than Gendouzi? Truth be told, this window all the business that has been done so far has not yet strengthened the starting eleven but has increased the future value of the team.

    1. Well said, winner!

      Having a young squad is great if you have lots of “winning” experience in the mold. Arsenal don’t have much of that at all.

      Yes, there should be investment in youth. But, to be a team challenging at the top requires a squad of players with character and a winning mentality!

      Buying players with big tags also sends messages to the rest of the football world as well as to the team itself. You mean business!

    2. No! No! No! I totally disagree with the writer, Arsenal is unfortunate to have a wrong owner in the person of Stan Kronke, he has no interest in football but rather cunningly in the profits that comes from it through his lucky cafty gamble. How can a financially stable club as you said be unable to afford a solid experienced grade A manager? He comfortably parades corrupt and incompetent board members as well, glaringly wasting money when he finally wants to spend in the wrong players. Since Iwobi was sold due to pressure from Ozil fans Auba’s goals dried up, he’s no longer competing for Epl golden not to mention the unproductive tactics of MA. I don’t hate White but I won’t be surprised if he turns out to be another Chambers. You can also disagree with me but there’s nothing new, no miracle that MA will produce in this coming season Martinelli is retrogressing likewise Partey, maybe Smith Rowe’s own may set in if time is not taken. Bring in any good player under him and he fizzles out, how can Arsenal be struggling to score goals parading the likes of Auba, Lacazete, Saka and Pepe with Xhaka and Partey in the midfield? Get a competent Manager now that will take the club back to Europe MA have failed to do that for 2 seasons now, Ancelotte did it in one season with Everton that has less quality players compared to Arsenal or is it that Everton is more stable financially than Arsenal that they can afford Ancelotti? Please Kronke doesn’t deserve this praise singing that you’ve just done, he has done much harm to the club and we the fans that loves and wants the club to be soaring high but Kronke doesn’t love the club but the money.

  19. This article is massively misleading as it portrays a one sided story I would otherwise refer to as half truth. We often read in the bible what the devil promised eve (knowledge) but that was half truth as the bigger truth would be death in the end after eating the Apple.

    To say that the Kroenkes should be appreciated would be anti Arsenal as we have numerous reasons to do otherwise. The club has gone through several periods of decline with the Kroenkes avoiding to respond because they have their plans of magically restoring us into the glory days with their super league fiasco.

    Now let us not forget that they are acting reactionary to the actions massively shown by the fans against the ploy to sell the heart of football to the devil. They plan to take away the passion of the ordinary fans and substitute it with lust for money.

    They had thought we will be happy to take a free ride into a Super League structure that discourage healthy competition among clubs. Now that in self should be unforgivable. No amount of apology should make us forget that so soon.

    Finally lets not forget they have always went for the cheaper and more convenient options in there transaction even when they know it brings the footballing value of the club down. I say they did all these intentionally because they knew the super league was coming. This was a long plot by a few to take away our happiness and no one should ever under mind that.

  20. Money has been spent way before sole ownership.
    For the last 6 or 7 years infact.
    Look at Ozil, Auba, Laca, Mustafi, Xhaka.
    All late era Wenger signings.
    Unfortunately the club has gone backwards as most players werent value or good enough.
    Out of over 200m spent above none took the club forward.

  21. There is one major reason why Kroenke has opened the cheque book; the loss of Arsenal revenue occurring from two eighth place finishes and now being out of Europe with the corresponding loss in revenue, magnified by the Covid lock outs.
    My criticism of KS&E has been their ineptitude in selecting and maintaining a Board and senior management team to manage their Arsenal asset. The appointments of Tim Lewis (investigated and removed Raul Sanheili) and Richard Garlick look positive for the future. If Mikel Arteta and Edu are now provided the funds, there can be no excuses should they fail to improve the Club’s performances and resulting league position. .

    1. OZZIE, A very shrewd and to the point post! Those who trust “snakes” and actually believe that snakes are cute, cuddly and loving should get a puppy dog instead. ONLY THEN will they be proved right.

      I know a great deal about dogs in general from vast personal experience. I also know about business snakes (as against actual physical ones) from my long business and actual life.
      I know the difference between snakes – or perhaps I SHOULD CALL THEM SHARKS – and lovable, people loving, puppy dogs!

    2. Read Durands comments Oz – in the States all he wants is a playoff place as thats the cheapest way to keep funds incoming. Same here top 6 – he will invest for top 6 thats all. Then its a wing and a prayer to do better because he won’t put funds in because the cash outlay to win outright is more than the increased cash reward.
      No top 6 place and he invests just enough to get us back there. Its a pattern to make money.

      1. Guy
        Thanks for the mention, I live in the States and I’ve seen Kronke’s model for decades here in various sports.

        Interesting to read how he got his majority shares with the Rams. Perhaps if proper research were done he would never have gained a foothold in Arsenal.

        Very true that his version of “success” is measured in money and he couldn’t give a toss about titles.

        Early 2000 era Rams team a great example. Their nickname was “Greatest show on turf,” and they were simply amazing to watch.

        He milked that team dry, never added to the momentum and look at the resulting drought after.

        Nearly 10 years absent from playoffs; sound familiar?

        He milked St Louis then moved to LA.
        Well aware of Kronke’s franchises here.

      2. guy, like Durand, I also follow American sports, particularly the San Francisco 49’s and Giants, so I am well aware of the machinations of KS & E in their US sporting franchises.
        The point I am making is the same. They will inject funds into Arsenal to get the Club back into the top six and back into Europe. Any position above that will be a miscalculation on their part, as was the lack of appropriate investment, which led Arsenal to be in its current situation. I say “appropriate”, because transfer funds were provided, but were poorly invested.
        As I have stated previously, I am not against the purchase of Ben White for example, provided this doesn’t detract from providing funds to urgently upgrade the Arsenal midfield with a DM and ACM.

  22. this article, for want of a better word, reminds me of a wonderful film i once saw called wag the dog.surely, the author is on a retainer from the kranke camp, has to caN an article so full of lies and inaccuracies be posted on here. i believe there is more truth in the rupert bear stories.absolutely astounding.makes me want to believe in father christmas, all over again . !

      1. GUY, you are correct, the article should indeed be classed as an advertisement , straight from the desk of the kranky “mad men” people who lie to keep their jobs .never such nonsense have i ever read. surely the author is pulling our legs ?.

  23. Having now, and mercifully, read the many Gooners replies to this astoundingly wrong article AND noted how many sensible anti Kroeke replies there are, I am relieved to find that Agboolas maverick view is that of an almost entirely lone wolf. A very silly and confused lone wolf too!

    1. jon, if nothing else it generated some good discussion and reaction from kindred spirits.

      1. Indeed it did Ozzie. Doesn’t it say volumes about how humans react when ONE maverick view on any particular matter generates far more polar reaction than any amount of sensible and intelligent prose!
        Precisely the same reason that bad news makes headlines, while good news, (which outnumbers it countless times,as Covid has amply demonstrated) fails to make such a fuss.

        Actually, that is probably a good thing, as it shows that goodness and wisdom is so common as to be the norm, while mavericks and bad people are still thankfully fairly rare(in percentage terms only)


  24. The success or failure of a club is shared but the ultimate responsibility lies with those that control it. Today that is the Kronkes.
    Much of what is stated as absolute truth is in fact established rumour. Accounting practices can cloud the finances of any company. A private company is just that: private.
    The results on the pitch are public. Arsenal once Champions League finalists now no longer qualify for Europe’s third tier competition. No point pretending otherwise.
    Where once we worried about other clubs enticing away Henry or Fabregas or Vieira we now look to off load want-away Bellerin, past his sell-by Willian and (oh the shame) Runarsson!
    Going forward, the question remains what are the ambitions and leadership skills of our owners and those they employ? The answers for me will be score-lines not spreadsheets.
    My ambition is still to see us winning by playing great football with everyone giving their all for the cause. We’ve got to hope we succeed under the Kronkes because the rumour mill declares they aren’t set to sell.


    1. Oh by now he’s probably up to doing simple arithmetic and being able to spell his name!

  25. I’ll wait till end of window
    I still.think net spend will be 50-70 which isn’t enough to catch up with others

  26. I’ve spoken at great length about this highly nuanced situation, so I’ll keep my reply unusually brief, as I don’t want to engage in a discussion with someone who’s clearly unwilling to do their due diligence…utter nonsense unless the purpose of this endeavour was to actually inspire those with a far better understanding of our sadly indifferent owner to speak their truths…if and only if this was the case, kudos

  27. I agree with the article. If we are being completely honest with ourselves, the Kronkes have put up funds for transfer on numerous occasions since they took 100% ownership of the club. Its the management of the funds that come into question. Look at the pepe transfer for example, they approved the disbursement of the funds. It is not their fault if the money is mismanaged. To correct this, they fired the culprit(Sanllehi). Yes they might not go on a spending spree like their counterparts, but i would stick my neck out and say they have been doing the right things at the club, so far.
    Do i want an Arab mega billionaire to buy the club from the Kronkes? Yes i would as we would at least match the spending power of our counterparts. But does this mean the Kronkes have done badly since they took 100% ownership of the club? No it does not.

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