Maybe Arsenal fans should try thinking like Wenger?

Arsenal fans have been complaining for years that Arsene Wenger acts like he he owns the club, and the reason he is so tight on buying players that cost fortunes is because he believes that the money is coming out of his own pocket, and he is trying to save every last penny on a transfer deal and get the very best deal for the club. This is why everything takes so long under Le Prof.

Now he has publicly admitted that he is obsessive about spending Arsenal’s money in a new book – Game Changers: Inside English Football, written by former Charlton boss Alan Curbishley.

This is what he said: “I personally believe the only way to be a manager is to spend the club’s money as if it were your own, because if you don’t do that you’re susceptible to too many mistakes.

“You make big decisions and I believe you have to act like it’s your own money — like you’re the owner of the club and you can identify completely with the club, because if you don’t do that I think you cannot go far.”

This is very telling about Wenger’s philosophy, and also explains why Le Prof is so scared to take chances. It was okay when he was buying players for a few million at a time, but I can imagine today’s prices causing immense anxiety if you look at it through his eyes.

Can you just imagine, if YOU yourself had to make a decision on whether to spend 50 Million or 60 million or any other fantastic sum on one real player. Can you imagine writing a cheque like that and not being sure that you are doing the right thing?

The angst must be killing him…

But US, the fans, would think nothing of playing FIFA and swapping players left right and centre and knowing we will win in the end, but its not real money, it’s not a real football club, and the players are not real people, with families and relocation worries and slightly dodgy ankles etc, and maybe a parent that needs hospital treatment that is depressing them at the moment.

Think about the difference between their decisions and yours before slating Wenger or the players. They are real people and Wenger worries about them, their families and their form on the football pitch.

Maybe we should too, instead of just criticizing all the time…



  1. I don’t know if it’s Wenger being frugal, indecisive, out of depth with the markets reality & player valuation.
    Or Diick Law inability to seal deals the way David Dein used to. Or the board & Kroenke limiting the spending power of all parties involved using Wenger as a front to hide from that facts (you know the good cop bad cop thing). Or just a lack of organization within the club.
    Whatever the case is, at this point the club can’t complain about the fees asked for players specially ones of the quality Arsenal should be/are targeting. They are hard to replace for the selling club plus they know how desperate & in need Arsenal is.
    You had TWO full months to do your dealings: ship out surplus to requirements, under performers, players you don’t trust and bring in quality, more proven players with character. Dare I say world class player, clear upgrade over some!
    With one week left that you like it or not your going to have to overpay if you’re to get your targets before the market closes. If the market wasn’t already inflated as it is wait for it it’s going to skyrocket even more as the clock keeps ticking.

    1. The whole lot of them are to blame Wenger,Gazidis,Kroenke,Dick Law etc because it’s clear they all agree on this senseless transfer policy that Arsenal are using,Arsenal are a very rich club but they refuse to spend money on the players we need,our spine of CF and CB is not strong and if Coquelin gets injured no one else can play the DM role like him!

  2. Perhaps they should slash the price to tickets then to match their low levels of ambition.
    Its just trying to justify the continued employment of someone who can take Arsenal no further – someone who football has passed by.
    Arsenal are being left further and further behind…

    1. talking about being left further behind, Wenger talks about inflated player’s prices, he has his own valuation of players which should resemble the prices of 99 and early 2000s, questioning the current high prices of players. I wonder why he hasn’t crosschecked his salary and questioned why is it rising every year, while player’s valuation should stay stagnant? he laments everything on high prices but never on his own revenues. hypocrisy at its best

  3. But Wenger spent £35 million on Xhaka when we needed a striker and a CB
    We had Cazorla, Ramsey, Eleney, Coquelin, Wilshere, Bielik, Chambers for B2B/DM

    Either that means we have plenty of money and has waited too long to get more transfers or Wenger just doesn’t understand what team priorities should be. I think its both Wenger likes central midfielders so spent a lot of money on one and is being cheap in defence and up front.

    Getting Xhaka is great but Top forward was the Top priority especially with Welbeck gone till Christmas or later. If funds are limited then should have got a Forward first not a week before the window closes

    1. I don’t know why people say that regarding Xhaka. Last season it was obvious we needed a strong passer in central midfield as Cazorla was the only one and things went bad when he got injured plus putting him in the middle wasn’t really the long term answer. Now he has the option of Xhaka or Cazorla so I think he did really well to get him.

      1. Yep.. Our wheels fell off last season when Santi went down. He can play direct, relieve pressure, slow play down or speed it up. Ramsey and Elneny together lacked so much pace with the way we moved the ball, this dragged Ozil deeper and away from where he’s most effective. We need that player to set the tempo. Mind the cliche… But a midfield general.

      2. what about the need for the striker? we had that for more like 3 years now, why he didn’t go for the striker early is something you and your master know.. we missed Carzola last season due to injury, he goes for Xhaka, we have lame misfiring striker for 4 years now and still we keep faith on him, where’s the logic there??

    2. Disagree wholeheartedly. Xhaka is neither a DM nor B2B. He’s a DLP which we don’t really have in anyone else other than Santi, and is absolutely crucial in the way we play.
      When Santi went down last season it wasn’t his ability to relieve pressure in the midfield we missed anywhere near as much as his ability to pick up the ball and play the right pass quickly and incisively. Xhaka will do that all day, and sit in front of our defense while happily doing it. Whether he plays alongside Jack, Santi, Ramsey, Elneny or Le Coq it will free them up to be a lot more aggressive with their positioning either with the ball or winning it back aggressively and in more advanced positions in Coq’s case.

    3. The way i see it, Xhaka wasn’t a luxury buy as many percieve him to be, we really needed him. Rob Holding too was a great addition. the way I see it, our squad is complete although I am also of the opinion that we could use an extra striker.
      But if we gonna get a new striker, he must be a proven upgrade of what we have, some one in the class of Suarez, Lewandowski etc. If not, then I am happy with Wenger’s decision to give the likes of Akpom, Welbeck, Theo a chance because there’s really no point in getting another unfinished product to replace the unfinished products we already have.
      Moreover, looking at the way we play, our attack is never focused on creating chances for 1 guy at CF, rather each and everyone of our attackers always gets chances to score in a game. if the likes of Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey, Walcott, and Ox can be more clinical, that can also be a solution to our problems. My point is; getting another striker may not neccessarily be the only solution.

  4. Now, I see only one player can join us ,that is, Sissoko from Newcastle. Sending Gnabry on loan to Newcastle and getting sissoko on permanent will be a good deal. Coming to CB, Since no one is ready to join Arsenal i would take Scott Dann from Crystal Palace. Regarding Striker as no one available within Arsene Wengers’s budget I would stay with strikers as Sanchez, Giroud and Walcott. Sissoko will give us physical presence in the middle which Viera was talking about. Scott Dann is not a bad option though with good EPL experience.

    1. Do the above and sign back Van Persie. No trust on Walcott or Sanchez on central striker role. They are going to definitely mess it.

  5. Wenger has said that he
    spend’s money “like it’s his own” .
    A massive slip of the tongue or what?
    Wenger spends money like it’s his own
    because it “IS” his money to spend.
    Because he controls how the clubs money is spent.
    Wenger pays himself 8 mill a year which is enough
    to pay all 600 of the non playing Arsenal FC employees.
    He then spends another 90 million quid on 30 players.
    Wenger makes out he is protecting the 600 Arsenal employees.
    In truth he is protecting his “own” salary, the salaries of the players
    and most of all the value of the business owned by Kroenke.
    Arsenal’s top 20 players are paid on average 100,000 p/w.week.
    The rest of the 600 AFC staff are paid on average 330 quid p/w.
    Yet Wenger claims he is a “Socialist”!!!
    What kind of socialist pays hundreds of rank and file
    workers 330 quid a week yet pays himself 8 mill per year!!!

  6. Wenger is the one who must start thinking like the Arsenal fans,we are suffering day in day out while Mourinho,Pep show efficiency in the market,we have zero chance of winning the title because of poor planning now anyone we bring in will be a panic buy!

    1. very true, he wanted to prove people wrong for more than 10 years and he did not succeed, may be he should try the other side as well to see which side is the right side?

  7. Why should we fans think more like Wenger? It should be the other way around! What a disgraceful article, AW is way past his sell by date and that’s not just in the transfer market. The whole club has a stale feel about it and it has been brought to this state by AW. His tactics are outdated, his man management skills debatable. Time for the fans to demand so much more and if AW is unable to deliver then he should step aside. Stop making excuses for the man.

    1. Your last statement that we should stop making excuses for Wenger is true. Ancelloti has won 3 CL trophies yet does not get as much recognition he deserves. Wenger can’t even get to a semi final of the CL for almost 6 years and he thinks he is some Emperor. What does it take to get a Striker in 2 months? We needed a striker who can get 20 league goals. We scored the same amount of goals as Westham last season. Ighalo who played for a mid table team had 15 league goals why our own Giroud with the creativity we had got 16 goals(3 of which he scored in the last game). Does Wenger really know that if we don’t get a striker this summer, we won’t win the league? I’m having a feeling that Wenger has no intention of buying a Striker. 40m pounds could get us any of Carlos Bacca, Chicharito, Ighalo. Some will say Ighalo is not Arsenal quality. I would rather have him in the squad than to rely on Giroud again this season. We need a striker Wenger. Sign a decent striker. We have had enough of Wenger’s ancient stories to last us a lifetime.

  8. As an arsenal fan, I don’t want to think like wenger. He is so stubborn, obsessive with a wrong philosophy and he think he knows everything.

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