Maybe Arsenal getting a new striker could actually be good for Eddie Nketiah

Arsenal has the best talent on its books. Bukayo Saka, Eddie Nketiah, Gabriel Martinelli, Martin Odegaard, William Saliba, and a slew of others — almost everyone in the band’s ranks is now of the highest quality.

I could write about how brilliant each of these stars is, but I’d like to focus on Nketiah for the moment. Many have criticized the Englishman for failing to capitalize on his opportunities. He has started in practically every league game for us, except the Fulham game.

Surprisingly, he’s only scored twice with his two goals, dating back to our 2-2 tie with Fulham in August. As a result, he has been chastised and characterized as a striker that we simply cannot rely on to score regularly.

Despite these reservations, the former EPL striker Leroy Rosenior believes our No. 14 has enormous potential. Rosenior believes our Hale End graduate has the potential to be a star for us, and that even if there is a fear that adding another top striker will prevent him from achieving his full potential, signing another top striker might be the catalyst for him to reach his true limits because he will learn from him.

“Be honest, firstly, credit for Arsenal for digging out a result, but looking at the two teams, I think you’re right. I do think Arsenal need an out-and-out striker. Nketiah needs to be a part of the Arsenal squad and I think he’s got loads of potential, and he would do better developing with an out-and-out striker alongside him,” Rosenior said on PL productions, as transcribed by TBR.

I can’t argue with Rosenior’s claims; they make common sense, and I hope that even if someone like Ivan Toney enters, Nketiah will be eager to learn and continue to believe he can reach his full potential at the Emirates. Mikel Arteta trusts him. He offered him a new contract last summer. He had the opportunity to sell him this summer, but instead chose to sell Folarin Balogun. Nketiah must be patient and eager to learn, and who knows, he may be able to repay the manager’s confidence in his ability and prove the doubters wrong.

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  1. Any new striker joining Arsenal spells trouble for the young England international, he’s a poacher not technically gifted as Jesus nor is he as versatile as the Brazilian.
    As a result he would rapidly accumulates ring rust.

    1. Eddie Nkettiah is not a wrestler so how is he going to have ring rust, or I’m a missing a part of his career

  2. Playing A N OTHER striker alongside Nketiah is not going to happen, as virtually all teams now play with one out and our striker ,IF even one. We are often better without even one as goals are spread among our more fluid system players, unlike City who rely in Haaland to such an extent. And when he is invisible, as when in SALIBAS pocket, against us, CITY look toothless.

    The modern game is fast evolving away from a specalist striker, in favour of more fluidity and rapid inter passing up front.

    1. Bruh city only started losing after Rodri’s suspension, he’s the main player of their team not haaland

  3. He has learned from top CFs like Lacazette, Aubameyang and Jesus. If he was gifted technically, he would’ve become our Aguero

    He wouldn’t learn much from Toney, because Toney relies too much on his physicality

    1. Exactly…if Eddie couldn’t learn from Laca and Auba then it’s unlikely he can progress much further …its a shame as he is U21 Engkand all time goal scoring record holder but doesn’t seem to have the extra 1% required to really crack it at the PL level.

      Toney would shake things up and is a different character to everyone else at the club …if he scored 20 goals at Brentford how many would he score with our midfield and wingers?

      1. A diminutive CF like Nketiah should be as skilled as Aguero or Jesus, otherwise he will always struggle to score in EPL. Another example of this small CF type is Donyell Malen, our academy graduate who can’t replicate his Eredivisie productivity in Bundesliga

        Toney would offer his strength and aerial prowess. I don’t think he will score many goals for Arsenal, but he could make other attackers score more goals

        1. Yea, Tony could be like another Giroud which would be fine for certain games. It would also give Arsesal options against some opposition. He is also pacey and he will improve under Arteta. But I am not sure Arteta will buy CF in January because players are usually expensive in January. Any top CF will cost lots

  4. I think with Toney we would have a great chance of winning trophies. I’m not saying he’s as good as Haarland but he doesn’t have to be because of our awesome midfielders

    No offense to Nktiah. He’s a good CF and has potential but we need to be tough and determined and do what’s best to get trophies. Also Jesus is injury prone

    Toney with Saka, Martinelli/and Trossard, Odegaard etc would be a fantastic attack. And with Rice, Partey, Saliba, Gabs, Zinchenco, white and Raya/Ramsdale we would have a complete and almost perfect team

    That’s my opinion anyway lol

  5. Nketiah and “potential” been flogging that dead horse for years.

    1. Can’t create on his own
    2. Doesn’t create for others
    3. Can’t dribble defenders 1v1
    4. Isn’t a hold up player
    5. No aerial game in the box.

    Sorry but he’s not good enough, he won’t be either staying at Arsenal. Can’t use age or lack of opportunities as an excuse anymore.

  6. can’t see how less playing time can be a benefit

    anyway we are not getting a new striker in January

    only January business could be injury cover if Saliba and/or Gabriel go down – that is where our squad is thinnest and most vulnerable

  7. Enormous potentials my foot… and he hasn’t made good of it all these these years e he’s been in the 1st team. If being with Jesus did not improve him, Toney coming on wouldn’t either. Too many blunders he has committed in Big chances. Not gutsy. Show him the exit door 😠

  8. Let me just bottom line the Eddie Nketiah debate. There is scarcely a CB in England who loses sleep the night before an Arsenal game wondering how he’s going to keep Eddie Nketiah off the scoresheet.

    Eddie lacks size, pace, power, and just about all the other physical attributes you want in a top tier striker. What complicates that is he’s too wasteful with scoring chances to ever be considered a goal poacher. He has hit his ceiling, and it’s not high enough. Is he a nice guy? Yes, 100%. Is he a hard worker who will get the most out of his ability? Yes. The problem is, there simply isn’t enough ability in him. Two goals in 9 games.

    In a 38 game season, that projects to 8 goals, or one goal per month. I don’t think anyone can say with a straight face that a CF who scores one goal per month is fit for a club with championship aspirations. Eddie should be sold for the same reason Rob Holding was. He earned his minutes, and when he got them, he showed he wasn’t good enough against top level competition.

    1. The club unfortunately sold Balogun, an actual striker with potential and goal scoring ability. It is possible that 3 years from now some will be repeating this very topic:

      Nketiah and his potential if given enough opportunities. Also how he can improve as a 27 year old.

  9. Eddie does well as a backup striker. I remember when Jesus got injured last season he came on and got the job done… I have seen someone saying he lacks pace.. it seems he doesn’t watch arsenal games. Eddie has incredible pace and good positioning he only lacks in first ball control and finishing. If he gets those right he will be Dwight wright

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