Maybe Arsenal going out of Europe is a blessing in disguise?

Don’t you think it is a good thing Arsenal were knocked out of the Europa League considering what’s at stake as far as the Premier League is concerned? Arsenal have “Eleven Cup finals” to win to lift the Premier League.
Many will bash me for repeating this, but Arsenal getting knocked out of the Europa League is actually a good thing, as it gives Arteta more time to focus on winning the Premier League title.
The club has been topping the table all season and was only displaced for a week a few weeks ago, but even so, the competition is fiercer than ever with Man City not ready to lose out on league glory. But unlike Arsenal, City will be occupied with trying to win the FA Cup, the Champions League, and the Premier League. Like this weekend, when Arsenal plays Crystal Palace, who are winless in 12 games, they have a golden chance to stretch their lead at the top of the Premier League, with Manchester City distracted by the FA Cup fixture they have to honor this weekend.
Anyway, expect Arsenal to bounce back, as Odegaard, speaking after their Europa League round of 16 elimination, admitted all focus was on bouncing back this Sunday, saying, “It’s done now, we can’t think too much about it, we have to move forward and we have a new game on Sunday and we just have to be ready for that one now.”
After exiting the Europa League, it will be horrendous for Arsenal to bottle the league title race, but I doubt they will considering the elite form they have shown in the league.
Even Pep, as we reported earlier this week, has named Arsenal and Napoli as the two teams playing the best in European football this season.

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  1. No, because we’ve missed the chance to win a major European trophy and make a history. We also have tougher fixtures in EPL, as compared to Man City’s

    Patrick Vieira’s sacking is also a bad news, because Crystal Palace players would likely be more pumped up to avoid being transfer-listed by their club and play with a different approach which could be unfamiliar to our coaches/ players

    1. Europa league is not major trophy. Its a trophy for outside top 4 or losers in Champions leagues. This trophy is major trophy for Everton, tottenham or Brentford. Not for a club like Arsenal. Now we should focus on league.
      So, to sum up: 3 trophies matter for Arsenal: EPL, CL and FA Cup. Even Carling Cup is more prestigious than Europa.

      1. Agree not a major trophy what so ever ,made even more of a joke by letting the CL losers join in because of terrible viewing figures .

      2. EL is far more difficult than FA Cup/ League Cup and offers a bigger prize. Arsenal have never won a European competition for more than three decades

  2. Arteta has to address his Cup competition run. We have been dreadful in cup competition since his FA Cup in when he first took over.

    We have looked so uninterested during this season’s Europa. We’ve lacked motivation all throughout.

  3. 100% agree priorities

    I know many will disagree but what ever happens now it’s been amazing

    I want to win but second I would snap ur hand off at the beginning of the season

  4. No, I think it’s all about momentum, and Thursday was a huge letdown. This Palace match is not going to be easy. Especially with maybe missing Saliba and Tomi. I’m worried about whether or not we have consistency we need for the final push

    1. I think we have been very constant in the league so far this season. We seem to be more motivated for EPL games than cup games.
      I do think the boys will come out with vengeance against Palace on Sunday. They have done alright in the league this season.

      Lets keep calm heads like we have done all season. The finishing line is in sight 💪

  5. Obviously it will help our EPL chase being out of the Europa League, as long as we beat Palace on Sunday. If we do beat Palace on Sunday and go 8 points clear then with a game a week, we SHOULD (SHOULD not guaranteed) be fit and ready for the EPL run in. Let’s get one thing clear, we CAN get a result at Man City. We can get a draw or a win. The odds for the EPL are for us winning it. Why…….we are de-facto 5 points ahead. With a draw at the Etihad we could cement the PL. Never-mind the Europa League, we are UP for league games. More importantly, what is for sure…..City will lose points, because they are not the City of old and look very laboured……often

  6. Being defeated is never a good thing as it tends to undermine the confidence of players which in turn affects performance.The role of the Management team is to get the players to eliminate the defeat from their minds and to focus entirely on the Palace match.The Sporting defeat highlighted to me just how dependent we are on TP and Odegaard, and let’s hope this duo stay fit for the rest of the season.I would also like to think that Arteta would reflect on the wisdom of discounting such a terrific player as Tierney from his plans.

  7. I’d have preferred that we had won – particularly with the team Arteta entrusted to get the job done as it could give the most hard pressed players a break.
    Out of choice I favour putting out the best team possible and then withdrawing some if the job looks to be sewn up.
    Neither happened but Arteta took the decision to go all out to get the win and that fell at the last.
    I’d like to think that a win last night would have improved the winning mentality so losing was disappointing.
    No use crying over spilt milk now. A comprehensive win on Sunday with CP, currently rudderless, should consign any jitters to the bin.

    1. No point crying over spilt milk but I think we should learn from this. Every failure is more chance to learn and that’s what good teams do. I think we did not learn that by exiting FA cup and cordoba cup. Hopefully we will learn from this for next season. We should not have made that many changes in midfield it should have either be Gorgi or Viera not both because that is where we lost control and lost the game.

      1. Evidently, we should ‘learn’ from a loss. However, what we tend to learn is based on assumptions and heuristics rather than rigorous reasoning.
        In an alternate universe we would have fielded our strongest team, we would have won the match and everything else would have been more or less the same.
        The disappointment of losing a match can lead to a clouded perspective however.

  8. All things being equal, it does lessen the risk of players picking up injuries in other competitions than the EPL. It also means any fear of fatigue should be put to rest for the run in.
    Those are the positives.
    It would of course have been nice to go on and win the Europa League, if that could have happened.
    But it was never considered a major trophy at the beginning of the season. It was considered an alternative route into the CL, and as such, we don’t need it anymore.

  9. Given the draw of Juventus and then Man U, four potentially punishing and exhausting games, maybe we are better off out than in. The squad isn’t quite big enough to cope with that sort of schedule at the tail end of the season. Two or three more quality players and then perhaps. Beating Palace on Sunday, if we can, will restore the confidence.

  10. I don’t think it was “a blessing in disguise” as our players and coaches needed the experience of a protracted European competition, especially with likely Champions League qualification next season.
    Anyway, I think we have to make the best of a bad situation and now ensure that we win the PL in grand style.

  11. Disappointed as personally I think we had good enough squad to challenge on both fronts. If it’s a blessing in disguise or not only time will tell. A lot of it now depends on manager and players to show us its a blessing in disguise and make it into positive thing by winning the league. I am one of those fans who want my team to enter a competition with mentality to win it not with mentality of let’s see how far we can go. Hopefully next year with more quality recruits as addition to what we have and our young players gaining more experience we can challenge on all the fronts we participate in.

  12. I think a major point I would like to highlight that most of the fans are missing is even quality players won’t perform well for you if they don’t have enough game time under their belt and have no sync/coherence with the team. All this is related to rotation. If you rotate regularly not every match but enough to embed the bench players and give them playing time then starting a game with these many changes won’t impact your performance but if you don’t like Arsenal as we are top of the table of least rotated team then throwing even World class players from bench to start the game will yield avg or bad performances. So people should not really jump on bandwagon of “these players are shit”. They need to look at above mention factor and also the age of players as I belive experience plays a big part as well.

  13. We played them last week and got problems and we played them last night and got problems again.

    If this tournament was important for Arsenal we would have done more to win the game, which also got influenced by two early injuries.

    It was one of these days we should try to forget, Sporting CP’s goal illustrates my point.

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