Maybe Arsenal should take another look at this lethal Ligue 1 hitman?

Is This Ligue 1 “Hitman” Everything Arteta Needs?
In comparison to the 2021–22 league season, when Arsenal’s offense was a liability, the offence has definitely delivered so far this season. The addition of Gabriel Jesus undoubtedly aided this transformation, but even in his absence due to injury, Arsenal remain dangerous.
Many Arsenal fans were concerned after Jesus’ injury, but four league games later, Arsenal have won all but one, which they drew. Some may be fooled into thinking there’s no need to bolster their attack, but with everything that’s at stake at Arsenal, there’s no need to gamble when everything can be assured by an attacking signing.
Following the Mudryk saga, a number of quality forwards have been linked, but Football London has a compelling case for why Arsenal should reconsider their interest in Lille’s Jonathan David.
The Canadian international appeared on Arsenal’s transfer radar in 2022, but no concrete move to bring him on board was made.
According to Football London, signing David this month could be the most cost-effective move Arteta and Edu make this winter. Lille would want a reasonable bid, but it would be far less than what would have been paid for Mudryk to join Arteta’s project; the Ligue 1 club may consider offers higher than the £26.5 million they used to sign the 23-year-old back in 2020.
On why a move for David makes sense Football London writes, “Capable of playing in a central and wide role, David would provide sufficient cover and support across the frontline, offering blistering pace, strength, and the added bonus of being comfortable with both feet. In addition to his attacking output, David also works hard without the ball and often helps his side regain possession. This is another quality Arteta likes his forward players to have.”
Aside from his brilliant qualities, David has a keen eye for goal, scoring 15 goals in 38 league games last season and 12 goals and 4 assists in 19 league games this season.
If Arsenal can bring him in, he might just bring a bag full of goals.
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  1. I am Canadian so am biased. Would absolutely love to see a Canadian National Team member playing for Arsenal.

    He was a real part of Canada’s push to Qatar – they won CONCAF and finished ahead of US and Mexico despite the World Cup result – although they ended up with two of the last four in their group (I know, I know, excuses…)

    Lille is firmly/safely in the middle of Ligue One as well so perhaps would be willing.

    1. I’m Canadian too and biased. I share your view that JD has potential, but he’s not yet ready for prime time at Arsenal…maybe 3/4 seasons from now. Why do we need to splash 50M on JD when we already have “Red Hot” Balogun?

  2. If he’s that good, why have there not been any rumours in this window about him not only moving to us but also to any other club? My other point is that whilst it’s common for us fans to suggest who we would like Arsenal to get in, I’m sure they don’t get their scouting tips from us fans.

    1. What???? They aren’t taking my opinion into consideration GB. I thought that was the purpose of this board.

      Just kidding and fully agree – he would be under-the-radar and not $50M. He probably is in the same category as Balogun as well.

      If they were taking my advice we would be in League One…but have to show my Canadian “homerism”

    1. Ryad Marhez was not so lethal… in French ligue 2.

      How is he doing now in the PL?

      Coutinho was lethal…. in the PL
      Not so lethal in la liga

      Is reality that simple?

  3. Not convinced by this guy – watched him in the WC and he didnt really impress…

    Toney from Brentford would be immense and im sure he’d jump at the chance to join us. Only issue is the pending case – tho in the meantime, Jesus would be back, so he could be worth a punt

    1. Dude, he plays for Canada… Not exactly dripping in talent are they. Apart from Alphonso Davies, they really don’t have much depth of talent. Plus he works very hard for his side tracking back etc, which by definition will mean he isn’t always in the box to score. This is partly the issue with Jesus but you wouldn’t change him would you.

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