Maybe Arsenal should use Matteo Guendouzi to land this top target

Matteo Guendouzi’s future at Arsenal is now uncertain after he was punished for his antics on the field against Brighton.

The midfielder reportedly asked the club to allow him to leave in the summer, a request that was turned down (The Metro).

As we continue to deal with the fallout of the talented Frenchman, it might just be best for us to get rid of him.

One player that Arsenal has been trying to sign for some time now is Thomas Partey.

The Ghanaian looks the sort of player that could bring about a marked improvement to our team should he join us.

His performances for Atletico Madrid this season have been impressive, but paying his release clause would be a problem for us.

A recent report from Elgoldigital suggests that Atletico Madrid might be interested in taking Guendouzi in exchange for Partey.

If this is true, I think it gives us a solution that most Arsenal fans would be happy with.

Arsenal has made it clear that they don’t have plans to sell Guendouzi, however, using the Frenchman to land Partey would make perfect sense.

Both players play in midfield, but Partey is definitely an upgrade to Guendouzi whose temper might rob him of an outstanding career.

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  1. What’s wrong with having Partey and Guendouzi together?
    You guys keep pointing out his hotheadedness as if Viera wasn’t known for one either.
    What Guendouzi really needs is a senior player leading him on and off the pitch.
    While Arteta puts him through. This will be one of Arteta’s test, will he mould Guendouzi with tough love or will he just ship out the talented young man just to have things easy.
    If we could have Partey and two other creative midfielders, I believe Guendouzi will fulfill his potential

    1. He wants out, according to the reports, am sure you know it’s unfavorable to keep him especially now that he has 2more years left on his contract, he can just play 1 more seasons and decide not to renew next year, bringing us to our familiar terrain. It’s better we let go now.
      But am dissapointed at him if truly he wants out because he was disciplined for his wrongdoings. I hope he doesn’t kill his career because of his ego

    2. Oh yeah!
      I don’t know why Guendouzi and Partey can’t be at Arsenal together. Hotheadedness? Puh-lease. A lot of players Guendouzi’s age are the same. With some help, I think it’s going to be sunny skies for the Moroccan.

      1. If we can get €30million or more for him get rid. Not enough ability, humility not defensive mentality to wear the arsenal jersey I’m afraid. A bad egg IMO. Plus his stats are awful., Check them out. Points per game with him are dire.

    3. exactly Guendouzi needs a senior leading figure to advise him

      at this stage we have none…

      our senior players are either leaving, at the sick bay or having issues themselves

  2. I would much prefer Lacazette swapped for Partey,as it’s been reported variously that AM are interested in him.
    Hopefully,Guendouzi has learnt a hard lesson and settles down to become the good player that he has shown signs of becoming

  3. If reported rumours are correct, Guendozi is already looking elsewhere, whereas Lacs has, reportedly, said he wants to stay.
    We already have, in AMN a better all round player and he and Partey would be akin to Petit and Vieira in my opinion.

  4. My worthless 2 cents

    Swap Guendouzi or Laca for Partey

    Swap Torreria for Kessie

    Use the proceeds from the sales of
    Miki, Bellerin, Socrates, El Neny and
    Chambers to sign Aouar from

    Buy either Boubacar Kamara or
    Axel Disasi

    Send Holding and Mavro back out
    on loan.


  5. A major problem i see in our youngsters is their decision making.They have massive energy but to be quality they should play with their brain.
    I also dont see many creative ones,they are all more direct.

  6. The Club is hardly going to say he can go. Makes them look weak and will reduce any bargaining power they may wish to use.
    Personally, I think we should keep him, great players have attitude, just need to channel his passion in the right way.
    Who are his mentors at AFC?

  7. How long is Partey gonna take to adjust to EPL? I’ll prefer to keep Gouendouzi. Gouendouzi is a real athlete. He just made few mistakes and Arsenal want to show him the door? He is from French league 2, but he didn’t rake too much time to adjust to EPL. If Arsenal sell him, they will regret it in the long run

  8. All this talk of Partey… will it be that easy?! Other teams are in for him.. will he choose us over them? Or even stay at Atletico? This could very well be a long summer!!

  9. Martinelli, Leno, Tierney and Saka are the only players on my no-sell list. The rest I’m not too worried seeing the back of. So if Guendouzi lands us Partey I’m all for it.

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