Maybe Arsenal Women should have bought a Partey equivalent as well?

After the past few performances from the Arsenal Women, is it clear that we are lacking something within our first team, and should we have done better scouting to get this addition?

Most of the clubs in the Women’s Super League have added to their ranks rather impressively during the summer transfer window where they have managed to attract some talents from America who are also World Cup Winners. Although we too have added to our ranks it seems as though there is one slight bit of quality missing compared to the likes of Manchester City.

Yes, we have many defenders to choose from but given the injuries we have and the struggles we have faced over the past few games where we have lost to Manchester City in the semi-finals of the FA Cup and then we just about managed to grind out a 3-1 win against Bristol City over the weekend, to me it seems clear that we are lacking something to really be able to challenge in the Women’s Super League this season.

We will compete I have no doubt about that but whether it will be enough to get us trophies this season, I am not too sure given how the previous few performances have gone.

Whether this is down to missing that creative bit of quality in the centre of the park, whether it is another forward player that we need to add more oompf to the team and help the likes of Miedema or whether the girls just need a bit of a kick remains to be seen of course, but if we won’t be buying anybody else to add to our ranks then this current crop of stars really need to pull together and pull their socks up because if they continue in this nervy, unconvincing way then they will struggle to beat the top teams and as we have seen, other teams will also be able to suss them out.

Is our ladies team strong enough to compete for the WHOLE season Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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