Maybe Aubameyang agrees that Arsenal aren’t an ‘ambitious club’?

The truth hurts? by Dan Smith

Many gooners are unhappy that the president of the Gabon FA is urging Aubameyang to leave ‘failing Arsenal’ and join a more ambitious club’.

“I don’t want to say that Arsenal aren’t ambitious, but Arsenal don’t have ambitions as high as some other clubs as far as Europe is concerned,” Mounguengui told ESPN.

“So if Pierre could secure a contract with a more ambitious club, he’d definitely find his place there.

“On an individual level, we all consider him to be among the best players in the world, but the advice I give to him is to continue to work and to attract the attention of the biggest clubs and the most ambitious clubs.”

Pierre Alan Mounguengui was asked a question so is entitled to give an answer. If his opinion hurts our fans, then that’s because the truth usually does.

If it’s true that Barcelona, Real Madrid and Man United are all interested, they are more likely destinations where you would win silverware in the next few years.

Yes, Man United, because their owners will carry on throwing money at the project until the law of averages means it works. Ours won’t…

It’s funny, some fans defend Stan Kroenke and ask for examples of his crimes, yet fail to see we have become a smaller club under his reign.

The only chance to keep our striker is to pay over the odds for a 30-year-old, the same method many have complained we did for Ozil. Yet it’s not just about wages. Auba will be having the same discussion that a Van Persie had years before. “Show me your ambition? Show that you want to be title contenders. Show me your transfer targets? Which centre back do you have in mind to make us better? Why do you always make the cheap choice for your manager?”

Remember we are currently 8th so there’s no guarantee we will even be in Europe next season. Trying to finish 5th and hoping we qualify for the Champions League due to Man City’s mistakes don’t count as ambition.

It’s funny how supporters are allowed to say it. We are allowed to leave empty seats at the Emirates. Yet we convince ourselves that our players would think differently?

They’re going to have the same concerns and questions as us. If you, as a fan, have been choosing not to go to Europa League fixtures then how can you then think that’s enough for our best player? That’s the tournament we couldn’t even make the last 16 of, by the way.

All now will know whether he’s willing to negotiate by now. They would have known by last summer when he and Lacazette entered the final 24 months of their contracts. Remember how we were promised by the new regime this wouldn’t be allowed to happen again? I guess this must be Wenger’s fault.

Yet again we are being forced to sell our best talent or force him to stay and get no fee for him. That’s why top managers didn’t want the Arsenal job in December. We sell our stars, we don’t spend money, we have zero ambition. An Arteta accepts it for the sake of getting such a high profile first job as the reward is worth the risk.

Auba will already know what clubs are willing to pay him what. Not just can he make more cash elsewhere but also he can end his career winning things.

How can you blame him for that?

Dan Smith


  1. Definitely not blame the dude!hope our top management would take a que from the past situations & do what’s right

    1. If we don’t blame him then we can’t blame Van Persie either. The quotes/questions “Show me your ambition? Show that you want to be title contenders blah, blah, blah,” apply equally to VP when he questioned Wenger.
      Yet VP is vilified and Auba is wonderful.

  2. Well said DAN! The sober minded plain truth often hurts those who prefer to ignore the truth and who choose the cowards way out, by self fooling. Brave and moral people squarely face unpleasant facts and look for ways to alter those facts, by taking actions. But they do not ignore the existing facts.
    As you so RIGHTLY say, the players are fully aware how little our owner cares about glory or the players or us fans. He cares ONLY about his personal wealth and only a coward and self fooler blames ANY player for thinking as fans also and CORRECTLY do!

  3. I feel Wenger left Arsenal with a far weaker team than he inherited in 1996. The defence were dreadful. Midfield dodgy. He purchased Laca and PEA to compensate. Unfortunately, we got a very poor replacement as a Manager in Emery!! I have faith in Arteta and believe he is the way forward. Who ever leaves and comes in. Arsenal will come good. We have some great exciting young players. Who will win the Premiership in within three years. COYG

    1. Besides I can name a couple of clubs, Juventus, Psg and Man City comes to mind that threw hundreds of millions towards their champions league project but as yet are still missing that final something. So you can either buy success(buying the best available players at over inflated prices) or you can built success getting young up and coming players and building a team. I think it’s clear that our club is going for the latter.

  4. Spurs is putting up a price on Kane of £200 million, so if we sell Aubameyang, Pepe, Martinelli and Lacazette we can get him (sarcasm)


  5. Merson is saying Auba should stay.
    I’d love nothing more, but do I see it happening? Not a chance…….

  6. Auba staying has nothing to do with Arsenal’s ambition. His agent wants to get him the best possible contract. Money talks plain and simple and even if we wanted to give him what he wants, the world wide epidemic we find ourselves in will make it virtually impossible.

    1. Agree with you there Mike
      How many clubs are in a financial position to give him what his agent thinks he can negotiate anyway?
      Arsenal weren’t on top of their game when he signed so he just might be waiting to get a call from the European top table OR he wants Ozil style terms to stay.

  7. I would absolutely want Auba to stay but if he leaves for good money, I won’t be too worried cause I believe in Martinelli, Nketiah, Saka, Pepe to lead our attack in few years to come

  8. Money does talk plain and simple yes, but look at when we offered Ox 180k a week, he turned it down for 120k a week to join Liverpool…
    QD pointed it out before that Auba left a CL team in Dortmund, to join us – a EL team…..

    1. Sue
      I think that the Ox saw ambition and a regular start at Liverpool as an attractive prospect
      But you are right that money talks
      It will be interesting to see what happens

  9. Under Kroenke we have shown pitiful ambition, generally feeding off scraps and then allowing our good players to go for zilch.

    He is strangling our club and is completely unconcerned about the fans. It was the lack of bums on seats and vocal mayhem that mattered to him. Loss of revenue- not a passion for our club

  10. I don’t think you can be more ambitious than Mikel Arteta, and less ambitious than Stan Kroenke. A very ambitious manager – and an owner who is totally without ambitions for the club he owns. See, the tragedy of Asn’l 2020. A part of it, anyway.

  11. Untill we start buying world stars not club rejects the problem in Arsenal will not end and they will remain as a mid table club untill they sack Kroenke.

  12. Hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see a great future unless football business changes after the virus clubs go near broke, the only good thing about Arsenal is that we don’t have huge debts and banks will lend to us

    regarding Auba I think he might stay if his not pushed by the club, he loves London and if he dose stay he could be club legend with a statue outside and sh!7 loads of cash for life with a life time of being a celebrity at Arsenal where your name is cheered and you can’t beat that even with a medal or two

  13. the bubble is bursting

    with no income and all the exorbitant wages and fees

    clubs are facing potential bankrupcy and massive drop in income and yet players and fans are instill insisting on spending big and paying players whatever they want…

  14. Too many articles about Auba. Guys didn’t we said that earlier about Alexis? Van P?

    If any player wants to leave let him leave, we will find many others, even though it is difficult to replace Auba right now. But this is ARSENAL, it is a team, we have many other players in this team and we are building something for the future as Wenger did years back.

    The doors will always be open to anyone thinking about leaving.

  15. Maybe something good comes off this corona pandemic and Stan Kroenke hopefully decides to sell his stake in the club. One can always dream.

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