Maybe? Don’t be daft Wenger, Arsenal MUST rest Alexis Sanchez

As an Arsenal fan I have probably become too used to having a large number of players unavailable each week due to various injury problems. The fact that our awful injury situation seems to be almost constant even after Arsene Wenger acted to bring in a couple of fitness and conditioning experts in order to fix the problem seems to put a constant strain on the team.

But maybe the manager has become too used to it all as well, because in his comments ahead of the FA cup game this weekend against lowly Preston North End, reported on the Arsenal website, the Frenchman suggested that he was not sure about whether to rest our Chilean international star Alexis Sanchez this weekend.

Wenger said, “We will play with 90 per cent of the squad, I will rest Koscielny because he came off with fatigue, of course Ospina will play, maybe Alexis I will rest certainly, but the rest will play.”

Arsene please, even though the FA cup has been a good friend to the Gunners and looks like it is once again our best chance of a trophy this season, do us all a favour and do not even put Alexis Sanchez in the squad. Imagine what would happen to our already slim hopes of claiming the Premier League title if Alexis was to pick up a knock.

Is he just teasing us or is Wenger really thinking of risking our key player in a cup game against lower league opposition after all the injury problems we have already been hit with?



  1. otunba_007 says:

    He is just teasing us the fans to get a reaction, He won’t dare play Alexis at the FA cup and if he does he must be a very stupid fellow. Then i will realize finally that he is the number one enemy of Arsenal..Even if he still wants to play i won’t let him i will even tie him to bed if possible..

    1. Budd says:

      Wenger being the number one enemy for Arsenal is got to be the most stupid comment in ages. OK, he may not have what it takes these days, he may not have the charisma anymore but it is hard to find someone these days who loves the club more than Wenger.

      1. bran99 says:

        “it is hard to find someone these days who loves the club more than Wenger”, he loves the club or the salary? if he loves the club then he would have done anything to see the team winning trophies. but his paycheck gets fat, trophy drought, ambitious players are sold and a mountain of excuses to cover all the failures..

        1. Break-on-through says:

          There’s loving the club, and there’s loving the club when successful. We have many online fans that arrived on board because we were invincible. They’re not happy because it’s not what they thought they signed on for. But they have a bond now, so feel let down. Nobody but themselves to blame.

          What some people fail to understand is that the board members own the football clubs. When Arsene is trying to do right by Arsenal, it means make the owners happy. The problem is owners and fans think differently. If Arsene just had to make fans happy, I think he knows just how easy that could be in an ideal world.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    Alexis might have a meltdown if he doesn’t play, haha. I love this guy though. His passion for the game is so great to see. Whether it be Bournemouth away, on a cold winters night, or a big glamour match against Barcelona in Europe, he just wants to play every minute, and give 100% in every game. He really puts Wenger, and a lot of his team mates to shame.

  3. mark says:

    Might as well play the little fella as he’ll be off to pastures new soon…and to stand any chance of keeping him we either need a good cup run, or him to be injured (and therefore unattractive to big clubs..).

    P.S. I’m joking about the injury, wouldn’t wish that on anyone (aside from maybe Costa).

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