Maybe Emery should just keep quiet about his Arsenal failure

Is Unai Emery trying to save face with his excuses? by Lagos Gooner

Just some days ago, almost all the sport websites carried a story about Emery. Emery according to them spoke about his time at Arsenal and why he failed. I love it when a man tries to defend his actions or inactions, but I love it better when the man just keeps quiet and allow events to flow. You don’t really need to start explaining every action you take, especially when the explanations are not needed.

According to the daily Mail, Emery has come out to explain why things didn’t go well for him at Arsenal. This is what our former coach said.

“This second year, we have not played well; we have not defended well. We have not been competitive; we did not transmit. And I told the players myself…There were several problems: four captains; the Ozil-Kolasinac case; Pepe’s signing, who needs time since he came from France… We didn’t play well, that’s for sure…That brought us bad results, there was no improvement, the fans focused on me and they threw me out. But I keep the positive things, there were many.” he said.

I feel for Emery but most of all the things he highlighted were either caused by him or by nature. The issue of four different captains was caused by him. I don’t know where he got the concept of choosing more than one captain from, but the concept is shrewd and weird. When a team has several captains, loyalty among players will be divided! Emery being a world class coach should have known this better but then, he has the right to experiment new things, doesn’t he?

The Ozil-Kolasinac case was an unfortunate one. Nobody likes to be mugged; nobody likes to be robbed. I had a bitter robbery case and for weeks, I found it difficult shutting out terrible memories from my head, but then I finally healed! It was not Emery’s fault that they were robbed, but it was his fault that they never healed completely. A coach these days, also double as managers, they also doubled as motivational speakers. If Emery felt they were not fully over the traumatic experience, then he could have done whatever he could to help them heal. Nothing more to say about this.

Now to the issue of Pepe not clicking; I want to ask, who really asked for him to be signed? Emery or who? If it was Emery that asked, then it is only natural to think Emery would have planned on what to do with him and how to help him acclimatize better. No excuse here sir.

I don’t want to been seen as crucifying the great coach; what I just did was to analyze his response. However, I still maintain that Emery would have just kept quiet and move on with his life. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. gotanidea says:

    Of course he has to save his face, because he needs a new job now

    1. SueP says:

      I agree with that sentiment
      I’m not one of the supporters who feel that UE was such a great coach. Finishing 5th and losing the EL final when Chelsea were already in the CL and didn’t ‘need’ the win the way we did shows how much the team went down the toilet that Spring under Emery

  2. Sarmmie says:

    I didn’t even read any of the articles. He’s gone for good. He’s the worst thing that has happened to Arsenal in a long time, a very long time. He really spoilt a lot of things.

  3. Durand says:

    He was risk averse at an attacking club.
    He set up uber defensively against lesser opponents at home.
    He played not to lose rather than playing to win.
    He didn’t play to our strengths, but rather based setup on disrupting opponents.

    Failed to coach up players over 18 months; compare that to Arteta coaching up players.

    And his biggest fault was trying to reinvent our club into some Seville like mediocre monstrosity, rather than reorganizing and re-energizing our beloved DNA.

    Good riddance to him, poor choice as manager from beginning, his time at PSG should have warned us off him.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Nice to see you back Durand, missed your common sense regarding UE.

      As for keeping quite, he had enough to say when he was dismantling us from top to bottom, I suppose he now has to convince everyone and himself that it was just bad luck, underperforming players and the fans turning on him that was the real problem -the most destructive eighteen months that I can remember at The Arsenal.

      1. Durand says:

        Thanks Ken, I’ve been reading just haven’t had anything to add or enlighten readers regarding recent threads.
        (No offend Admn just felt I couldn’t add much to debates, so please don’t censure me!)

        UE was bad choice from beginning. PSG showed he can’t manage big players, and his attempt to reinvent Arsenal was rightly rejected by fans wholeheartedly.

        Rather than re-energizing our DNA as Arteta has done, he opted for transformation, which lost the players and fans, had us turning on players and each other.

        He couldn’t coach up anyone in 18 months, yet Arteta has reinvigorated Xhaka, turned Saka into a quite an out of positioned LB, and sky’s the limit with Martinelli.

        I may seem cold and heartless, but football is a contact sport, even for managers. Personally I can’t support him when I felt he was dragging our club down.

        I wish him luck, maybe he can replace Jose at spuds when he does his typical flame-out.

        Emery would be better served staying quiet, rather than elaborating on his failures that were plainly seen, especially by us fans.

        You and I were harsh on him, but still fair and consistent I felt.

        1. Admin Martin says:

          Great to see you back Durand and I would never censure you unless you call me a spud of course.

          1. Durand says:

            Thank you Admin Martin, I would not lower myself nor tarnish your honor with such a filthy accusation of anything potato related.

            Athough their badge and Liverpool’s both remind me of some type of pretentious super chicken with their proud stance.

            1. Admin Martin says:


  4. Nigel Benson says:

    The idea for sharing the captaincy came from the club psychologist, I believe; not Emery.
    I was less than thrilled about his appointment (I wanted Arteta then), but there are already enough sticks to beat Emery with, without making them up…

  5. Abel says:

    How does a man on a six figure salary who knows that his job depends on communication in english fail to improve his spoken english in 2 years living in england and pretending to speak english in training and official functions.
    Bearing in mind that he had access to language tutors who also work with foreign players to help them acclimatise to the English league.
    He is and will always remain an unintelligent fraud.
    He didn’t complain about the positivity of the fans when he was appointed to replace Wenger who was hounded out by the toxic negativity of the fans towards him.
    He simply blows hot air with nothing to back it up.
    Yes he won europa league multiple times with sevilla. So what? He was in Sevilla for over 3 years, what exactly did he build with them ?
    Had Neymar and the best squad in France and managed to lose the league title to Monaco.
    Lost a 4-0 1st leg lead to Barcelona in Champions league. Even wenger at his worst was not capable of letting such a lead slip.
    The players played well initially cos he was a new manager and talked about a process. They soon stopped playing for him when they discovered he had no pattern of play and had an Ego as big as the stadium.
    Wenger would never throw any player under the bus and would rather take the flak and be blamed for a loss. But UE was eager to blame his players whenever things went wrong.
    Rant over.

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