Maybe not Simeone but who CAN be Arsenal motivator?

Ever since the Arsenal fans accepted that our team was not going to win the Premier League title this season, whether that was after losing back to back games against Man United and Swansea, the draw with West Ham or even much earlier, most of us have transferred our title hopes to Leicester City and not just because of the typical English urge to back the underdog, but to stop our north London rivals for getting their hands on the coveted EPL trophy.

We can point to the luck of certain decisions going their way and the fact that their injury and disciplinary problems have been almost non-existent, but the way that they have dealt with the pressure has been fantastic and diametrically opposite to the way that Arsenal have regularly folded when the going got tough.

I have heard a lot of football pundits questioning the players and talking about the lack of leaders in the Gunners squad and they may have a point but surely this sort of thing is really the preserve of the manager. Not only should the boss, especially one with the experience of Arsene Wenger, make sure he does have the right blend of players, he also sets the tone and makes sure that his team have the right frame of mind in any given situation.

There is no doubt that Claudio Ranieri deserves huge credit for the way he has kept the Leicester squad going, and you can read a very interesting piece about him which also criticises Wenger in this BBC report. Most Arsenal fans who want Wenger replaced are therefore looking at managers like Diego Simeone who get the maximum from their players and although I do not want him I do think we need a real motivator.

So who could do it while keeping the flowing football that makes Arsenal so good on our day?

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    1. Joachim Lowe’s style and successes impresses me very much. Frank De Boer too.

      Not every manager will be able to show such fiery passion like Simeone, Ranieri, Pep and Klopp does. But I feel there may be other ways a manager can motivate his team/players other than demonstrating passion.

      1. Create CONSTANT competition among the players. No player should feel too comfortable or assured of his position except he is an Alexis Sanchez (a fighter). This means the manager must be instinctively ready to drop a player to the bench the moment he stops performing and to dump him entirely from the squad if he has become too comfortable and soft.

      2. Never be too loyal. Be loyal only to players that are ready to fight for the badge. Be a father-figure (if you like) off the pitch. But on the pitch, BE THEIR BOSS. Don’t criticize them in public. But never become too defensive of them either.

      3. Never become too boring for the players. Excite them. Make them look forward to something new and fresh, be it a strategical improvement or a new signing. This will excite the fans too. And when the fans are excited, they will more often motivate the players from the stands. Our last summer transfer window activity didn’t do much to excite the club this season. And I feel that is a major reason for the collapse in form for many of our players (especially the strikers) this term.

      It’s such a shame we couldn’t get either one of Klopp or Pep. They would have been the most ideal managers possessing that superb combination of style and immense motivational skills.

      Off the top of my head the only other person I can hope for is Ronald Koeman. I hope this man is in the shortlist of managers to possibly take over from Arsene.

  1. Diago Simeone is the best we can get, sometimes in life you needs to give up something in order to get something. So success over beauty all day long.

    Is frank rijkard still in the managing career??? Just asking because he might be an option, he started the rise of Barca before Guadiola.

  2. I want someone like Pochetino, since we can’t get him maybe Koeman then!

    But its like its gonna be Henry..

  3. who can motivate these players…

    macgyver (old skool)
    tony the tiger
    celia kay (gone but not forgotten)

    i believe all three have there badges an are available at the moment

  4. Mr Motivator. No not the guy of the tele who wore fluorescent spandex gym clothes whilst erm motivating people to get fit in the 80s but Diego!

    Either him or koeman. In fact anyone but Wenger should be given a chance to take us forward.

    1. Hahaha ? That Mr motivator came to my mind too ? I’m sure he was on some kind of happy drugs!
      Is he still alive? … Get him and the original Mr T from The A Team! ?

      Some rumours are suggesting that the Board are looking at Koeman… i doubt that they would want Simeone.

      Bilic is also an interesting option.

  5. Arsene will see out his contract protest or not, Henry is definitely being fast tracked to take over from him, which is fair enough, he just got appointed as assistant manger for the u18s. Henry is Arsene’s natural successor and until he is ready, we are screwed by le prof’s old school antics, even if the stadium were empty, you know how defiant Wenger is, he won’t care, the board won’t care either because they know the protest wont last for long, we love our club too much for that and they know it, they’ve known that for more than a decade. Now Henry doesn’t seem the penny pinching kinda guy, how do we protect him against the board in the future when he wants to spend and the board has a problem with that? That’s the question we should be asking now, as for the current situation, even an arab spring kinda protest will not shake Arsene, waste of time.

  6. What’s the point? Wenger isn’t leaving in the summer

    Arsenal board could have tried to get Klopp, Guardiola, Simeone etc
    But they LOVE Wenger

  7. you do not want simoene ??? LOL We’d be lucky if he even thought about coming to arsenal you cheebye !!!! LOL

  8. Simeone is what we need. He will get rid of deadwoods and buy the players needed CB, DM,
    Striker and Winger. He will bring the physicality back to Arsenal which we have lacked since the days of Vierira and Petit. He will also motivate and bring leader to the team unlike Wenger who hates physical players now. Wenger wants to play Barca type football with garbage players like Giroud and Theo upfront lol.

  9. Big Sam Allardyce…Never been relegated,he’s English, good man motivator. Did I mention that he’s English and never been relegated?

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