Maybe the AKB v AOB dispute will be GOOD for Arsenal

Bad Publicity Could Be Good Publicity by Gunner SA

Usmanov vs Peter Hill Wood, AKB’s vs AOB’s, looks like division is running right along the chain at Arsenal. If you look at it as a glass half full this could be the best thing that happened to Arsenal in the last 10 years save for the FA Cup.

We all know why the AOB’s are unhappy and their facts can’t be disputed. AKB’s we just need you to let loose a little.

The banner that a handful of fans unveiled at a recent match could do so much for both sets of Arsenal fans, if protests and banners bring results on the pitch the AKB’s would be just as happy. If AKB’s could pretend even to be mad at Wenger or the board and voice their concerns the difference could be immense.

Wenger has responded to that one banner, now PHW, and that’s just one banner, imagine when a few more pop up….Don’t do it for the sake of trying to get Wenger sacked, think of it as a kick up his butt. I say if Wenger genuinely tries to change and plugs at least one hole in the team in Jan with a decent player, let him have next season in peace.

Here’s hoping we do one over on Southampton tonight I sure miss 4th spot now!



    1. they are both formerly of the kgb.

      known as ‘people of the night’ . they roamed the soviet union looking for people to convert to there way of thinking by any means necessary.

      fear not little one, they do not exist. it was all a part of folklore

        1. Hilarious and scary at the same time. What you will see inside, will make you laugh your intestines off, just after you already screamed for your life. I wouldn’t dare!

      1. I was already spending a lifetime thinking of the proper reply to his question, when I saw that you had it taken care of in just a few micro-seconds. WOW!!
        And your reply isn’t even fiction or imagination, even though it seems like it is.
        Well done Muffdiver. More Muffs to your…

          1. I did not just wake up one morning and decided Wenger I don’t like Wenger anymore. Almost everyone can attest to the fact that he has really been doing things the wrong way recently and it seems no one stood up to him until now.

            However, this AOB and AKB thing should be approached from a calm and rational perspective. You can call me an AOB, but I will only remain an AOB if Wenger doesn’t change his ways. It’s not secret that the board (just generalising) worships him. Obviously, Wenger has been the one making all the key decisions and those decisions, up until now, have been flawed.

            If the man starts doing the right things, the he should stay. But I’m afraid he seems terribly immune to advise and criticisms.

    1. Im sorry but this banner thing is utterly disrespectful and damages the image of the club… Also what do you think it does to the morale of the players knowing that their supporters arent fully behind them…

      1. PAH!
        Sir Silver Spoon Chips telling Arsenal supporters they are ignorant is the most disrespectful thing I have ever heard in relation to Arsenal.
        WhoTF does he think he is?
        This isn’t the 17th century, he isn’t some lord of the manor who can have some of us dogs flogged for voicing an opinion.
        Newsflash you pompous old git chips, those ignorant fans paid for your range rover and your wife’s facelift (not that it did much good, silk purse and sow’s ears and all that…) so you should show some respect to the people who pay over the odds so you can quaff champers at breakfast!

          1. “Newsflash you pompous old git chips, those ignorant fans paid for your range rover and your wife’s facelift (not that it did much good, silk purse and sow’s ears and all that…) so you should show some respect to the people who pay over the odds so you can quaff champers at breakfast”.

            This has got to be the most funniest and realest thing I’ve heard all day. LOL.
            Mr Peter Hillwood should know that he can’t mess with no AFC fan’s intelligence.

      2. @ryanh27…… I heard a cheLsea fan say our problem have been longer than the banners……. He hates mourihno’s Bad-mouthedness, but never halts trolling wenger…..Boy says he’d pick a genius with tactical bad-mouthedness over mr clueless and stubborn any day!

  1. No its not its all just getting boring….it was cool at first but lets just leave this mess alone… u like arsen or not we’re all arsenal fan this is just dividing us all its stupid….we shouldn’t let 1 man control all of. Our heads….we are arsenal not wenger lets support the team….either wenger change his ways or he’s gonna fail and move on lets bbc just be patient we’re gonna be herd in the end….4-0 to the arsenal tonight…sounds confident? ..yes I am….arsenal fa life

  2. This is complete nuisance. Why do the fans have to be divided among themselves. I have been advocating this quite for sometime now that this division among fans will lead to trouble and nothing else.

    You think 10 people among the 4000 travelling fans make a difference. That banner was the most unclassiest (if that’s even a word) thing i have ever seen at Arsenal and i until then was very proud of our away support cause the way they cheered the team.

    Piers Morgan and his band of followers have been saying Wenger-Out since the invention of Twitter. They haven’t been able to do anything other than spread negativity among fans.

    Why don’t we give this AKB and AOB thing a rest?

    1. Wake up little Suzy. The winds of change are blowing. How did you manage to come to the conclusion that it was only 10 supporters? The size of the banner perhaps? Lol. “Denial is a terrible thing”- Pet detective.

  3. People keeps repeating that Arsene doesn’t do tactics or is tactically inept, but than showhow when a player leaves us for another club they always underperform. In recent memory, Nasri, Kolo, Adebayor, Cesc, Alex Song, Helb, and some more i cannot remember. And older players like Ovamars, Petit, Vierra, Thierry Henry, and some again I cannot remember. Without tactics you cannot maintain a Champions League spot even with a star-studfed team, ask David Moyes or AVB. Did i mention Alumina was our first team keeper back then?

    People keep mentioning Arsene is Joses bit*h. Then let me tell you a secret, so was Ferguson. One win in 10 games against Jose. Even Carlo Ancelloti. Does that mean they are not good managers? There is always a nemesis.
    Jose is Pep Guardiolas bit*h. Klopps bit*h. Simeones bit*h. Just look up the record.

    1. Jose, Pep, Klopp, Simeone, Carlo… Bit*hes everywhere!
      Are you trying to say Arsene is a bit*h’s bit*h?!

      Seriously though, anyone that says Arsene doesn’t have tactics, is a bit*… ok enough with that word.

      Arsene’s tactics is great! In comparison, I think Arsene’s tactics -in terms of quality and brilliance- is second only to the “tiki-taka tactic” (we saw in 2008-12). That is why we are able to make the Champions league 16 consistently in the first place. That is why (along with the quality of players we have) we always come out on top of the other smaller teams in the EPL.
      Maybe what some people meant to say is that Arsene’s tactics is NOT FLEXIBLE ENOUGH. He doesn’t mix it up when he clearly needs to. Maybe to be PRAGMATIC when he needs to. To sacrifice offense for defence when he needs to. To be willing to play a 5-3-2 or a 3-3-4 when the need calls for it.
      But to be fair to him, he is capable of that. He isn’t just willing to, most of the time. He’d rather stick to some god-forsaken principle/philosophy of playing “our own game”. Atleast in the early part of last season, we saw an Arsene Wenger that was willing to go into games with a pragmatic approach, closing out games with 1-0 leads and lesser possession stats! The one time we decided to throw caution to the wind and go all out against Chelsea, we were mentally brutalized beyond repair.

  4. after tonight we get to see if AW is learning from the MU game.
    We did play tactically diff against DB, (yeah the early goal helped)…and we stuck in at West Brom to hold onto the lead…wonder wat we’ll see toninght?..A win is a win…all we need is 3points with no injuries..

  5. Look, I have always said that we are definitely passing through a critical stage of our development. The entire club is in a dynamic state right now. We have always known that in time (with the potential we’ve got/we’er getting) the club will need to transform into the status of one of Europe’s giants -A real force in world football (in the mold of Real Madrid/Barcelona/Bayern/Manchester United and AC Milan (in their glory years). That has seemed to be part of the plan anyway. We can’t expect things to be as they were say, 30 years ago (my eye’s on you Peter). The club’s global reach has expanded and is expanding. This what we want. The dynamics of the fanbase will change. With each step in our journey to becoming a true great, expectation levels will increase. Power and control may even need to change hands! The old-timers (fans and officials of the club) should be ready to see new trends (or the frequency of old ones) rise every now and then.

    Before a new life is born and started, there is usually pain, agitation and unrest caused to a formerly existing one.

    1. In the style of MuffDiver…..there was no pain, albeit there was plenty of agitation before I created new life. The unrest came after.

  6. All we need is 3 points, AKB and AOB i really do not care about and when we win or lose arsenal fans are normally affiliated with one group for a couple days then move on, so they do not really matter.

    What does matter is getting three points and getting closer to the leading pack

  7. We just have to remember we r all Arsenal fans n only want the best for the club. Personally, I neither dislike Arsene nor owe him any allegiance. The main question is ” can we consistently win titles under Wenger?”. For me to answer “yes” to that question, there are a lot of the things that have to change at the club. The problem is not just with Wenger, although he is not without his fair share of the problem. For example, every fan, whether AKB or AOB, and every pundit have for several years now identified that we need a midfielder who can boss the midfield and help the back four, but Wenger has managed to ignore those genuine concern. Our squad rotation and substitutions have been fairly poor as well. And there still other problems that Wenger has to take the blame for. However, the board, as well as they have done business wise, have failed the fans in terms of football. The fans want titles, the board want financial stability. If we want want to be the big club we all dream about, then both factors are absolutely necessary. And it the responsibility of the owner and board to ensure that. They have charged fans with the highest ticket prices in Europe, stating financial stability as the main reason, but have consistently failed to give anything back to the fans in terms of trophies.
    The pressure from the AOB’s can be a good thing if those responsible for the running of the club respond well to it.

  8. The banners serve a purpose if they are written in a respectful way and the fans feel better about being able to voice an opinion publicly.

    I think a more useful route though is the likes of Usmanov starting to comment on Wenger, the next step was Gazidis visiting London Colney and us winning a game.
    Keep it up Usmanov the pressure needs to come from share holding fans.

  9. All managers get banners. Wenger isn’t the first and wouldn’t be the last to get one. It’s no big deal.

  10. All I want for Christmas is us actually competing than rolling over continuously. There is something seriously wrong with this great club. If it is not injuries its tactics, if it’s not Wenger it’s the board. If it’s not AKB it’s AOB. All we seem to do is find excuses. I for one am glad that the banner was shown at WBA to give the powers that be a rocket up their arses as the black scarf came and went.

    It’s easy to say to stop attending the games and hurt them in the pocket but with all the TV revenue and commercial activities it’s just a drop in the ocean. Also it is an opportunity for the glory hunters to get the tickets.

    I don’t want success next season, I want us to be competitive now. Ffs we deserve it considering we was promised the earth when we moved to the Emirates. Not a piddley Fa cup, Ffs 11 years ago in the good old Highbury (may she rest in peace) days

    This is not new to AFC I remember the shit that GG used to produce but at least they usually won the battle with passion and hard work. But then the fans were allowed to voice their concern from the stands and at the AGM, not turned away like the lepers down the seven sisters.

    This team has to have a bloody good look at itself and not act like pre Madonnas otherwise the History of this great institute will be gone for ever and AW is to blame for that in making this shower of shite believe that they are always unlucky and that they are brilliant. No we are not unlucky we lost because we were shit and play side to side for 90 minutes. Feck me, we see it, the pundits see it and even the opposition see it. So why has it not changed over the last 10 years. We are not Barcelona and I don’t want to be Barcelona, I want us to be known for our own history and not mimicking some poncy club in Spain.

    So who do I blame…? I blame AW, the board and the new kind of attitude of playing for the arsenal. It’s not for the love of the club but the love of the money.

    So I say more banners, more protests and more fcuking booing because it is time our voices are being heard and listened to instead of being looked at as the second rate citizens.

    So if we can get our Arsenal back and screw silent Stan, Gazidis and especially Chipswick and PHW who do Feck all for the club. Then so be it.

    Viva la revolution.

  11. Wenger should understand why fans put out that banner instead giving some reasons. History is history, look at the future. I don’t say we shouldn’t forget history, but now future is more important than history!!

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