Maybe we should play Miedema in the Arsenal Mens team?

Ever want to see boys cry? Stick Miedema in front of them and you just might!

Growing up only knowing football, our young Dutch record-breaking striker even went as far as playing for and against boys’ teams’ in order to be able to fulfil her dreams to become a footballer.

It is always interesting to delve into the past of a footballer and more often then not you see a pattern that shows most of them started from nothing, spending their days kicking the ball against a wall. Speaking to the Arsenal website, Vivianne Miedema reminisced about her childhood days back in Holland, stating:

“I’ve always been a goal scorer, even when I played as a No 10 and playing in the boys’ team. Actually, I can remember when I changed club and started playing for VV de Weide because they were in a higher division in Holland. We played a game against Groningen, a first division club in Holland with Richairo Zivkovic and Juninho Bacuna playing for them. Anyway, we beat them 7-5 and I scored five goals, and then assisted the other two. I can’t remember any of the goals I scored, but I do remember all of the boys crying because they were the professional club and we’d beaten them as an amateur team. The goalkeeper and the two central defenders were devastated – they’d just conceded five goals to the only girl on the pitch. That was a good feeling. I was used to beating the boys. I’d played against them since I was five years old.”

Given how she is going in the Women’s Super League and the Dutch National team, I am sure she has made some girls cry and will continue doing so, but all I can say is I am glad she is an Arsenal player and we don’t have to face her week in week out!


Maybe we should try her out in the mens team? Eh Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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  1. Love this post, imagine her scoring against the Spuds and Hugo in tears!!!

    Seriously, she is an absolute goal AND assist machine – sign her up on the longest term contact we can because if she goes to another WSL team we are in trouble. Love her attitude as well.

  2. Love how she celebrate her goals (by not celebrating of course ) our starting line up should be.
    saka ceballos pepe
    Party xhaka
    Tesco gabriel luiz hector

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