Maybe Wenger really CAN take Arsenal to the next level?

There seems to be more and more negative comments about Arsene Wenger on this site as well as a few others, but the fact is that Arsenal normally do extremely well during every season under Wenger. We have won 3 FA Cups in 4 years, and all we still hear is anti-Wenger vitriolic. Is that fair? Do you only want a manager that wins every single game in every single competition? Because you could be waiting some time, mates, because there is only one manager ever that went through a whole English season without losing a game. Ever. Who was that then?

Klopp? Guardiola? Mourinho? Are all these managers perfect? What did they win this year? Who can you name that has been so consistently successful over the last 20 years other than Ferguson? And if he hadn’t been around Wenger would have won twice as many trophies.

Wenger oversaw a ten year period where we had to sell all our best players to pay for our stadium, but still managed to keep us in the Top Four. Who else could have achieved that? Now we actually have the financial muscle Wenger is buying players that will improve over time, and the likes of Xhaka, Mustafi, Elneny, Holding, Gabriel, Bellerin, the Ox, Jeff and even Iwobi are certain to improve and work their way into the Arsenal first team.

The protests against Wenger have been horrendous this year, but has everyone forgotten that we went a whole 20 games unbeaten after the first game of the season? Have you not noticed that we won 9 out of our last 10 games, including class wins over Man City and Chelsea to win the FA Cup? What is there not to like?

Wenger said yesterday, after signing his new contract, that the team can still improve, especially if we buy yet another two top, top class players to add to our excellent squad. “The message to the fans is in aid of the club. Let’s be together to support our players, to support the club and all give our absolute best to be at the level that we want to be.

“We can move up to the next level, I’m convinced of that, by having faith in the way we want to play football and by supporting the players we have already.

“Of course we’ll try to strengthen our squad to be stronger next season, but we want to be faithful to the way we want to play the game. We want to support this way [of playing] all together.”

So, another couple of super-duper class players, with Wenger improving the tactics and the togetherness of the squad, there is no reason that Wenger can’t take us even further forward.

So let’s all stop the protests and actually get behind the team, which is not doing that badly in fact. We can’t change the fact that Wenger is here for the next two years at least so the protests are a waste of time and energy. And maybe Wenger will actually come through with his promises now that he has the financial muscle to buy a few stars?

Let’s all call a truce and give Wenger at least a year to see if he can win even more games than this season?

Sam P


  1. HA559 says:

    Stay off the bad stuff folks. I used to believe he could take us to the next level as well. Unless I see a summer clearout of the overpaid players and the ones that get no game time, I’m not going to change my mind about it.

    It is far more likely one of the two best players are going to leave.

    1. Durand says:

      I was thinking the same. Tired of AKB’s barking on about 3 FA cups.

      How many champions league trophies in 21 years? How many premier league titles in 14 years?

      I’m forever grateful for his past glory and helping the club stay competitive during the lean years. But that doesn’t entitle him to do whatever he wants.

      I’ve never stooped so low as name calling and personal attacks on Wenger; that’s my personal decision and I won’t judge any fan that expresses themselves differently. Even when he blames fans, media, referees, anyone and everything except himself and weak performances from players.

      However, a clear line in the sand is being drawn, and it’s Kroenke saying “F $$$ you” to the fans. I’ve seen him do it to the people in St. Louis over the Rams, and again when Usamnov made his bid.

      Kroenke is Herpes to this club; never ever going away, disgusting when it surfaces, and a turn off to anyone who may find the club attractive.

      Prepare for cheap replacements, no leaders who may question Wenger, and more excuses than Kroenke has shares. Board meeting a total joke; dupes on board can have an opinion, but they have no influence or power.
      If we get any top talent at all I expect a last minute panic buy b/c the wolves are howling at the door.

      Profit counts more than trophies at AFC now, and Europa League new Wenger trophy. No one coming without CL football, and no way in hell will Arsenal pay the salaries to compensate for missing champions league.

      2 more years of Wenger and 2 more years of protest. Kroenke loves the attention b/c it grows the brand. After all, didn’t Kroenke himself say he didn’t get into this to win trophies? Now Kronke is about winning trophies and Arsenal to the next level?

      Ask St. Louis about Kroenke and trophy promises

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    5th again for sure

    1. RSH says:

      Reclaim fourth, 10 year extension.

  3. Twig says:

    So who’s going to follow Henry and Kolasinic? We need a senior striker to compete with Giroud and Welbeck. We also need a midfielder who loves the ball, mobile and can open spaces (sounds very much like Cazorla I know 🙁 ). If Sanchez and Ozil leave it’ll enable to target more high profile targets.

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      I think Wenger already said we only need 2 players this transfer window so bar any opening day humiliations then that right there is pretty much it.

      1. Twig says:

        Nooooooo!!!! :'(

      2. Nebsy says:

        And the two players are Sanchez and Ozil replacements.

  4. The Vicibles says:

    ..Maybe he CAN’T / WON’T

  5. Sam-afc says:

    I don’t even know what to say anymore….
    The club had no say, on why this decision was so long winded and it clearly affecting the players throughout the season. Gazidis has come out and said exactly the same amount of garbage on the last contract extension Wenger got. It’s like deja vu all over again.

    Please please Arsenal prove me wrong.
    Go out now in the summer and bolster the squad early with a couple of world class signings.
    I’m hearing certain fans would be happy to get Mahrez as a replacement for Alexis ??
    If we lose Alexis we are screwed!! Show Alexis we mean buisness and he might stay. I’m praying he does??

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Give him £350,000 a week and he’ll stay.

  6. princegooner says:

    Until Sanchez and Ozil are actually sold I’m not going to to rant, even if they are sold I still won’t bother because they decided to leave on their own.
    I don’t think the club wants to sell them, Wenger said two top top players to add to the squad I don’t think he’s done that yet the ones he’s signing are back ups.
    For me he has signed the contract no need to worry much let’s support and see what happens, I believe he knows what is involved and it won’t be like business as usual because everyone is alert and at the slightest trace of failure I know it’s going to to be hell let loose.

  7. ZEN2OH says:

    1st of all most getting both Ozil and Sanchez to sign would be the best, then if we sign Riyad Mahrez, we will have to convert Sanchez to a full time CF, or still add the likes of Belotti, but i would love to see them both, we could loan the New guy Henry Onyekuru. We need CM and DM in both Mario Lemina of Juventus, plays very Similar to Pogba though he has a lot to improve on since Carzola gets injures mostly, same goes to both wilshire andd Ramsey. Then get a DM from Eventon Idrissa Gana Guaye, then we are good to go
    Perez is leaving
    Jekinson should too
    yaya sanogo too
    Joel campbell

    Replace Perez with Mahrez
    Get Belotti
    Either both Lemina and Gana or get one of them but Gana preferably
    With the new formation , we would be solid in the middle, Attack and defence (maybe not too) Above all we need to also take the Europa League seriously and win it, so we can play UEFA supper Cup and win that too

  8. ArseOverTit says:

    It will be the same old sh£t from him and the board. It always has been.

    Expecting different results is utter madness.

    Still, let the cash tills roll, its season ticket renewal time folks and while your exiting through the gift shop why don’t you buy yourself and the kids our shiny new sweatshop 1st team kit?!

  9. blink says:

    Been a big fan of Arsene & understand his difficulties when moving to the Emirates.
    However the fact is in the last 3 years he has spent very decent money & not got near winning the league.
    I think its far harder nowadays & Arsene’s best days are likely behind him. It’s not just him & SAF anymore as now you really have ‘top top quality’ younger managers in the league.
    Oh as for your statement ” Klopp? Guardiola? Mourinho? Are all these managers perfect? What did they win this year?” WELL Mourinho won 2 cups & they ALL won Champions league football!
    Cant stand Maureen but I would have loved Klopp or Guardiola to have replaced Arsene. They have not been in their jobs long so have not really moulded a team or got in the players they want as of yet but still both finished above us.
    Who’s to say they are not going to get even better?
    Arsene has had the incredible luxury of having a team with all players chosen in his image for many years & still unfortunately come up short.
    Poch has done a fantastic job for spuds in a relative short space of time & Conte has come in & revitalised Chelski. 1st class young managers with fresh ideas.
    Fact is at the end of the day he has finished behind Klopp & Poch who both have smaller budgets so he is now under performing.
    Mourinho had a shoddy league run with Man U but still got them in Champs league & won trophies this season.

  10. khangunners says:

    Hahahha this article i can only laugh. Fans are divided and arsenal fc has shown us they are ambitionless. We will confirm to what extent by the transfer business we do if we do good and bring in players we really need then we are in for an optimistic season but if we start our usual panic buys then. …..i would love the author to write an article next year on may about our progress i would love to see what wenger would hve done by then and if it was justified for him to be given the extension. But am heartbroken i really am i hope the club knows what they are doing or we are just from the worst season in a 3 decades we might end up having bad season after another.

    1. Jonm says:

      We can write the report for 2017/18 now, good start to season, collapse from around christmas until first place is lost and then a rally to secure top four which may or may not work out.

  11. RAA1395 says:

    Now, it all depends on our transfer market deals…..if the two promised top class players PLUS we keep both Sanchez and ozil, then we may have a reasonable chance in competing. Otherwise, I will go ahead with my plan to lower expectations and prepare myself for Thursday night Europa, FA, and league cup….but even then, arsene may not play his top players in those competitions and we end up empty handed ! Can you imagine this !!

  12. John Ibrahim says:

    Mahrez ? This is why we will never win the title

  13. Ronny says:

    Ot is this right that ozil has declined a 250000k pwr week deal?
    Ta ta then on you go!!
    His vision is special at times but he’s deluded and egotistical if this is true.
    8 goals and 9 assists and he wants around 300000k on your bike fool!!

    Problem I’m hearing is not many people are in for him. That’s because ‘I’m ozil I play when I want to’

    1. RSH says:

      Ditch Ozil, get James. Ozil has proven he is not worth 300k per week, I have no idea why Arsenal would offer him that money.

  14. Robert Newton says:

    Yes Wenger will take us to the next level which is relegation zone???

  15. Robert Newton says:

    Arsenal deadwood a need to be cleared.
    Debuchy, Jennkinson, Gibbs, Wilshere,Theo, Campbell, Ospina/Szczesny, Perez, Gabriel, Elneny, Coq need to be sold and we need to buy at least 3 world class players CM, RW and CF

  16. D.Ace says:

    Personally i have no doubt that Wenger could lead or a build a team to success, its just that ( which in a way is similar to his situation 0-0) he gives under performing players years upon years for them to only leave if they get a sliver of confidence, until Wenger becomes ruthless and is willing to treat the Club first rather than the players, then we can win, but if Wenger carries on giving chances to players who have constantly under performed or are just unable to shake off injuries, then we have to sell, no matter how harsh it may be…

    + the biggest example for this was last year… Leicester beat us to a PL no excuse major overhaul was needed and still is now Wenger has to ditch players that cant/injured way to much to be relied on.. for me :

    Ox-If liverpool bid 30+mill for him 🙁
    Giroud+ Perez- We could get a combined 30-40mill for them :O WC striker + welbs+ henry as backup + Perez and Giroud are growing old
    Gibbs- Promote Bramall in a few years if he proves himself to be understudy to Sead

  17. bran99 says:

    “Klopp? Guardiola? Mourinho? Are all these managers perfect? What did they win this year?” not only this year mate, ask that question and put a 10 years window. the one year you are asking could be a slip up for all or most of them, but for 10 whole years what have your God won? FA cups? you can slip for one or 2 years, but 13?? 13 years in a row may be you’ll ask God why you!

  18. Nebsy says:

    Didn’t Wenger just take us to the next level?
    Next level – Europa Leage
    If you are thinking about the even “nexter” level, then I guess you’re right. He’ll probably manage to turn us into a complete Liverpool. So 2018/19 we might be looking for a top 8 finish.
    But as long as the books are balanced, there is no disturbance in the force. Long live the Empire!

  19. Yossarian says:

    The “Next level” with Arsene’s Arsenal was more than a decade ago!

    As a League team we’ve been regressing since then, and there’s no evidence to suggest that this trend will be reversed.

    Expect 2 more years of “Business as usual” and battling for 5th-6th place next season, as well as a humiliating exit from the Europa League.

  20. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Wenger’s taking Arsenal to the Next Level?
    What, ??That must be some kind of boy band pop concert,right?

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