Mbappe would be a brilliant signing but he would not consider joining Arsenal anyway

Because Mikel Arteta last week didn’t flat out reject the possibility of Arsenal signing Kylian Mbappe, it’s led some Gooners to bizarrely come up with reasons why the 24-year-old wouldn’t fit in at the Emirates.

It’s a subject I chose not to entertain most of the summer simply because logically, if you can demand the biggest wages and the most realistic chance of lifting trophies, why would you pick Arsenal?

This happened during the World Cup, when some readers suggested Eddie Nketiah was a better option then a short-term deal for Ronaldo.

Remember those two headers Eddie missed against Man City? Imagine If Ronaldo had been presented with those identical chances?

The latest I read was a fear that Mbappe would slow down the development of Saka and Martinelli.

Martinelli’s one of my favourite Gunners who I think has the highest ceiling to reach.

Yet only two years younger, to compare him to Mbappe is naive, arrogant or both.

In terms of goals, trophies, impacts at World Cups, it’s night and day.

You can see why some rival fans laugh at us.

This season marks two decades since we last won the Prem, only a few of those campaigns have we looked remotely likely of ending that drought, we have just returned to the Champions League after 6 years …… yet some in our fanbase put their noses up to one of the best in the world.

They either don’t appreciate how special Mbappe is, or they think our current squad are a lot better than they actually are?

There’s that theory that the Frenchman’s attitude would upset the dressing room.

To translate, our wage structure makes paying his salary not realistic simply because then you have to start paying his peers parity.

Our manager also prefers to work with youngsters who he can mould into his own ethos and isn’t comfortable with characters and personalities who would garner all the attention.

That doesn’t make Mbappe a bad apple though.

There was nothing wrong with his character when as a teenager he inspired Monaco to a League title or the countless domestic trophies he’s won at PSG.

5 years ago, his personality was good enough to win a World Cup, and in Qatar in December (another World Cup Final) he was class during the game and in applauding Argentina. At 2-0 down he was the one French player who stood up.

If Arteta’s stance is to never work with players who have an ego, then does that mean we never have world class players in North London anymore?

If our boss ever turned down the opportunity to work with Mbappe, that’s a sackable offense.

I think now that it suits their agenda, PSG are happy to portray their player in a certain light.

All their employer has been guilty of is accepting a world that you introduced him to.

PSG didn’t have to pay over the odds to keep a talent they knew wanted to go to Real Madrid.

When it suited them, they were happy he agreed a lucrative extension to his contract.

It’s the employee’s legal right to honour that deal and it’s ironic that he’s now ‘disloyal’ for respecting that agreement yet would be accused the same if he were the one trying to force the move.

PSG made him a rich man as will be the case wherever he goes next.

That’s the sports fault though, let’s not pretend no one else would take it if it were on offer to them?

Whether it’s France, Spain or Saudia Arabia, Mbappe will become even more wealthy simply because he’s one of the best in the universe at what he does.

He will guarantee shirt sales, sponsorship and social media numbers for that reason.

Let’s not forget, this is a sporting contest not a popularity test.

Based on ability, Mbappe makes our team better, he doesn’t go missing when it matters, isn’t crippled by the fear of failure, is mentally strong.

The current dressing room might be the perfect son in laws but ultimately it wasn’t good enough to finish above Man City.

Roy Keane admits never socialising with his teammates. They were his work colleagues and what he cared about was their end product.

I however will not play this game.

I would rather be negative and honest than positive and tell a lie.

Arsenal fans telling each other why they would reject Mbappe, is like me sitting in a bar preaching to my friends why Scarlett Johansson isn’t my type, while they look at my girlfriend who is less attractive.

If I continued to list why she’s not good enough, a true friend would tell me, ‘Dan! She doesn’t care, she wouldn’t choose you!

Whisper it quietly, but when Mbappe thinks of his next move, Arsenal don’t enter his thoughts.

Arsenal made huge progress last season as a team and individually, yet let’s win something before we pretend we are good enough to turn down Mbappe.

Be humble!


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  1. Nketiah might’ve missed some sitters, but I’d still prefer him to lead our front-line over the old Ronaldo, because of his efforts

    Remember how Ronaldo’s inability to do high-press put Man United’s defense in shambles? Everything changed after they employed a more hardworking CF

    As for Mbappe, I can’t imagine him helping our defenders on the left wing for ninety minutes. His attacking skills might’ve been devastating in Ligue 1 and in knockout competitions, but I’m not sure how he would fit into our current tactics

    If he’s willing to lower his salary, I believe Arteta would be happy to have him in his starting line-up

  2. “Be humble!” – yes, and I want to see that from the players at arsenal as well. Don’t buy in players we know won’t be humble and will just do their own thing.
    It’s not a lack of humility on my part to say I don’t want arrogant players at the club – I agree he’s better than anyone we have right now, I just prefer that we stay on this journey and tried to win things the “right” way, rather than be compromised just because it might win us something in the short term.
    We’re trying to build a team with a team ethos; all of the players are told they need to have a growth mindset, which requires humility, it’s been talked about several times – buying a great player who is of a completely different mindset would break that structure immediately.

  3. 1st of all rival fans are not laughing at us they are laughing at the articles linking Mbappe to Arsenal. The fans didn’t cook up the narrative. From evidence on this platform & others the majority of Arsenal sees it as unrealistic.

    2ndly most of the fans know & don’t deny how special Mbappe is. The reason for the pessmism varies frm fan to fan as stated by the article itself. For me the major issue is economics. To acquire him would basically mean Arsenal’s total income revenue for the next 3 or 4 years will be spend on one player. As much as i like the player i dont think that would be feasable. Neither would the Kroenke’s.

    Lastly different strokes for different folks. Scarlett Johanson might just be too promiscuous for some and others, like me, would prefer the church going type.

    ALWAYS FORWARD!! (& block out sensationalism)

  4. Arrogant to the core. No Ballon Dor, no champions league, just a football player but thinks he owns the world.

    You don’t want that poison in the dressing room.

    PSG management have been kissing his cheeks but he shouldn’t think he is going to get same treatment elsewhere.

      1. That is not the point. If he think he is all that where is Ballon Dor? Where is Champions League? PSG will still win League One without him.

        That guy is a poison. Thinking he is the one winning his club and country everything. France would still have won the World Cup without him. His sulking after last one final it was as if he took it as a personal failure.

        You get him at Arsenal and he will want to walk over everyone. Do you picture Mikel taking that BS?

        1. Well he’s only 24
          I think winning the World Cup is okay lol
          Where’s Saka world Cup?
          Where’s Saka league titles?
          Where Saka CL final appearance

          So point is , he’s better then anyone we have by a distance

          No Arteta wouldn’t put up with his bs but that don’t mean he wouldn’t improve our chances

          1. The guy like Mbappe if you don’t put up with his bs he walks away or doesn’t deliver.

            Saka does not demand to be played in a certain position, Saka does not give transfer target to the manager, Saka does not talk down his teammates.

            1. But Mbappe is a better footballer ?
              Surely thats important in ….football

              You are saying because he’s only won a World Cup and countless titles by age of 24
              So you can’t then defend what our players have achieved mate

              1. It’s not about his abilities I am talking about. It’s his stinking attitude as if he has won everything under the sun.

                Do we need a player who want to dictate formations and transfer targets? A player who attribute failure to his fellow players publicly?

                A very good example of someone whose success has gotten over his head. That stinking attitude is not welcomed by Arteta, nor by fans and Arsenal squad. He will be kicked out the first day he try that bs. And we will have an astronomical loss.

                  1. If he was what he thinks he is he should’ve won them Champions League.

                    PSG win League One by default. Mbappe or no Mbappe. They won it regularly before he went there didn’t he?

                    France won the World Cup because they had the best squad. He had minimal contribution.

                    If he was all that he should have single handedly won them CL, the trophy they want the most.

                    They guy think he is Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Zidane, Pele, Maradona combined.

                    It doesn’t matter how much talented he is, his attitude is destructive.

                    1. What about when he won the Ligue with Monoco?
                      Minimal contribution?
                      He was the second highest scorer
                      He scored twice In the last 16 and scored in the World Cup Final
                      Hows that minimum contribution ?
                      Then 4 years later he wins the golden boot

                    2. Griezmann had more goals and assists. He won the golden boot but they didn’t win it did they? But they won it when he was not the top scorer. Far from it.

                      He is extremely talented I don’t deny that. But he takes himself as larger than life. A player like that is destructive.

                      Let’s say we get him but he wants to play in his preferred position. So the manager has to tailor his tactics according to him not according to the whole squad. And if we don’t achieve anything he will do interview talking down his colleagues.

                      If he doesn’t keep his attitude and ego in check he will not reach the heights of Messi, Ronaldo, Benzema etc..

                    3. When they won the World Cup he scored 4 goals , only one player scored more
                      He scored in a world cup final that they won ?
                      He scored two against Argentina In last 16
                      So yes he played a massive part in winning world cup

                      Can I ask.
                      Simple yes or no ……
                      Is Mbappe better then anyone we have ?

                    4. Dan I dont disagree he is probably the best player in the World right now but his attitude is destructive.

                      Dont you read all the unnecessary drama he is causing at PSG as well as not considering the benefit of the club which has treated him more than he deserved?

  5. Mbappe spell ultimate striker in the modern game, but he comes with a baggage, the kid has ego as big as a macka breadfruit.

    What we need is to be clever in our recruitment, no more gambling, properly drill and organize teams are far more effective than individual performers.

  6. Brilliant player, but signing him would undo all the hard work Arteta and Edu have done in changing the club’s culture. Player power would be back, and in great force!

    Not only that, Martinelli would barely get game, as Mbappe has made it very clear that he only plays on the left. And imagine how weak we’d be on that side defensively with Zinchenko and Mbappe.

    1. Undo what Jen ?
      You really think we wouldn’t finish top 4 with Mbappe
      Surely at West Ham , Forest , Home to Saints and Brighton he couldn’t do any worse ?

      1. Where did I say we wouldn’t finish top 4?

        I don’t think you read my comment at all. I was talking about the culture.

  7. Mbappe?? Putting up his stinking attitude where arteta is will be the beginning of his downfall!!! ask your dear ozil and auba.

  8. I’m not sure where the arrogant thing came from. On the pitch he is demanding and can perhaps be a little selfish or rub people the wrong way, but haven’t people said the same about Ronaldo, Ibrahimovich, Cantona and our very own Thierry Henry?
    There’s an interview with another ex-gunner, Cesc Fábregas, in which he talks about this perceived arrogance and explains that it simply looks that way as he’s so much better than everyone else.
    Off the pitch it looks like the problems with PSG started after they used his image in a promotional video without telling him that he would be the focus, which he objected to as he felt that they were highlighting him over his teammates. Surely that would be the opposite of arrogant. Since then it has suited PSG to continue the narrative as he won’t sign an extension, something which is absolutely his right.
    I suspect that the criticism is rooted in racism and/or transphobia.
    As for him never joining Arsenal, financially it may be tricky but according to reports Arsenal would be his preference in England and he likes Arteta and his project. It is admittedly speculation, but since people seem to believe other speculation, for example that Saliba has a problem with Arteta, then why not this?
    By the way I get what you were trying to say with the Scarlett Johansson analogy but it doesn’t really work. This hypothetical girlfriend may be “less attractive” but is that the only criteria? It may not matter to you what she looks like because she’s a beautiful person or has stuck with you through difficult times, so you could be telling the truth in saying that Johansen isn’t your type.

    1. I know that’s now Ronaldo , Messi and Mbappe who some readers have said they wouldnt take because of their attitudes
      Attitudes havnt stopped them from winning

  9. Wow I see the point posters are making, but saying that he would undo all the hard work? First of all I am running to the rooftops and shouting if I see Mbappe signing for Arsenal. Second, as Dan says, there is no way we are even in his alternative options, unless he has lessened his desire for RM. As far as I know, he wants RM only. A PL top club may be the next best thing, but I dont think he even thinks that. Thirdly, majority of his prideful image has been crafted by the media themselves. They want a rivalry to develop and the characters to have personality just like how CR7 vs LM10 was. People say Mbappe is arrogant? Wasnt Ronaldo similar? Or just because he won a BallonDOr it was ok? Well Mbappe almost single handedly won France a second successive World Cup after brilliantly performing for the first. Fourthly, he might not be good enough for the PL? Most of the arguments on the PL supremacy front rest on Power and pace. Doesnt he have both in abundance? Fifth, Martinelli? I mean if we are getting Mbappe, why cant Martinelli compete with him? What is this sudden adoration for player development? Isnt it always like that? A better player than the incumbent comes, then the incumbent has to make way and fight for his place. And Marti has an overwhelming amount of fight. He will be ok.
    Lastly, I dont think we have money to buy him this summer.

    1. Thank you Sid
      Normally I say everyone is entitled to their opinion but anyone who says they wouldn’t take Mbappe over any of our attackers does not have a clue about football

    2. “People say Mbappe is arrogant? Wasnt Ronaldo similar? ”
      Yes, that’s why I could never like him, regardless of how good he is/was. Zidane could have been described as arrogant, but there’s levels to it. Perhaps a better word is entitled – Ronaldo and mbappe appear entitled to me, like every time something doesn’t go their way it must be because the whole world is against them. Most of the other greats didn’t, even when they appeared arrogant. Haaland and de bruyne might appear arrogant at times, but entitled? Not really.

      1. I agree Davi. For me personally, I always respect a person’s arrogance if he has earned it. Mbappe in my view has. The kid has a World Cup for God’s sake! He may be entitled and I certainly did not agree with some of his attitude in some psg matches wrt Neymar and Messi, but then sometimes we ought to wonder whether that is all there is to it? He came to PSG young, saw first hand Neymar’s antics, the world’s most expensive signing and someone he was expected to follow. Obviously PSG also were not able to manage him properly, he needed someone like Sir Alex to bloom further and develop, but even then he has kept up his numbers. There is a perceived notion of the weakness of the French league, but France as a footballing nation are really strong and maybe currently Mbappe is there best player. So I know it is somewhat roundabout way of saying it, but maybe he deserves to be entitled?

        1. No no – no one should have that entitled attitude. I definitely think neymar has shown similar traits (not sure about Messi – I may have my eyes closed with him because, but i think the problems with him were more off field, trying to influence the coaches and owners?), and he may have influenced mbappe with that attitude, but i can’t make any excuses for it still. I don’t see the same entitlement emanating from haaland, and he’s surely a similar level of player to mbappe at a similar age.
          I wouldn’t say I respect arrogance in anyone, but i understand that players and people in general often need a kind of arrogance to bolster their mentality when climbing to the top in their field (I suspect that’s what you meant?). I just think there’s a limit that has been crossed by neymar, c Ronaldo and now mbappe, which makes it very hard for me to tolerate – it becomes destructive over time because they believe they are bigger than the team and I’d never think that of players like Henry, Zidane, Ronaldinho, the old Ronaldo etc. It may even be the reason psg were unable to win the champions league (or even put up very much of a fight). despite the incredible talent they were able to field, though I couldn’t say for sure.
          I’ve avoided mentioning Ozil, but he was an in-house lesson on this imo – I thought he treated this club like he was above it and didn’t have to put in 100% like the rest, despite all the money we paid him (and we let him for years – never understood why wenger wouldn’t sub him, he always seemed to play 90 mins even when ineffective), though others will fervently disagree!

          1. I was saying mostly Mbappe’s bad attitude with respect to Neymar and Messi. There were some instances last season, but again the media blew it up. I know no one should have that entitled attitude, but all the players you mentioned are mostly successful. CR7 one of the greatest players of our time, same with Ibra. Mbappe already knocking on greatness. My point was mostly centered around a person deserving his arrogance if they have the ability to back that up. Like Mbappe has… and in any field we see accomplished people having a certain arrogant air about them. It is not overly visible, but we all boast about something in some ways…just that Mbappe and Ronaldo have more opportunities and platforms to display that boasting and subsequent frustrations that come with it.

          1. I don’t deny how good he is – he’s probably the no1 player in the world right now, or very close to it.

  10. Would take him in a heartbeat
    So what if he as an ego (the best players do )
    Pipe dream anyway as we couldn’t afford him
    And Arteta wouldn’t know how to use him properly and he cannot handle big players
    Can see why Wenger wanted him all the years back

    1. Factually incorrect about Arteta not being able to handle big players, in fact, quite the opposite.

      He bombed our two biggest names at the time (Ozil and Auba) out the club because they weren’t meeting the standards he put in place. Huge pair of balls for any manager to do that, let alone a rookie.

      And he was correct in doing so. Ozil continued causing trouble wherever he went, and apart from a short up turn in form at Barca, Auba’s woeful EPL performances have continued on at Chelsea.

      1. Factually correct
        Depends how someone with blinkered reasoning wants to look at it (me and you both )
        Auba went downhill when Arteta rolled up that is a fact ,no denying it .
        His goal ratio was better than Henry’s
        Ozil was bombed out because of matters outside of football ,yes his performances had gone downwards but who was to blame ?
        Your comment about their next clubs is obsolete as both had nothing else to prove .
        Like I said we can all find excuses both sides of the fence ,who’s right ?depends on how you look at it .
        I’ll stick by my own thinking and I can guess you will too so no winners in anyone’s book .

        1. Factually incorrect yet again Dan Kit, as Auba played a huge roll in us winning the FA Cup. If you disagree, I’d advise you on watching what he did for us in the cup, including turning up in final.

          Arteta was completely right on both players, and I’ll ask this if you disagree – the culture needed changing, and we needed discipline, and how would that have been possible if Arteta kept excusing the behaviour of both of them?

      2. Hervetz signing is defended because Chelsea whole team was in turmoil so we can’t judge their players last season. Doesn’t that includes Auba?

        After all he did fine in Barcelona after he left us scoring 13 in 23 yet you have failed to mention that?

        1. HH, I did mention Auba’s short up turn inform at Barca.

          I’m amazed how many times people respond to something they clearly haven’t read.

          1. My point is if he was a bad player at Arsenal how did he do so well at Barca a new league immediately after he left us? Having not played for considerable time at that?

            A separate question what is your opinion on why Havertz was awful at Chelsea?

            1. We all know a new club, new league, etc can breathe life into an out of form player. All I’ll say is that the EPL is much tougher than La Liga, and Auba has proven that. Shocking form for around 1.5 years at Arsenal, excellent at Barca, and even worse form back in the EPL at Chelsea.

              In his defense, Arsenal were transitioning during his spell with us, and Chelsea are a mess, but I think also that Auba is coming to the end of his career also which definitely plays a part.

              I don’t think it was too difficult scoring for a team like Barca when you’ll win most games you play, even during their transitional period under Xavi.

              In regards to Havertz, it’s the same answer as above. I think there’s a risk because of his form and the fee, but he showed huge potential before Chelsea, and is young enough to unlock it. Hopefully his form was because of the mess at Chelsea, and being able to adjust to the EPL.

      3. Well no Zack
        Ozil played for us most often in CL
        Played when we finished 2nd and won 4 FA cups
        Arteta dropped him , paid him to sit at home while finishing….8th
        His failure to replace Auba and trust lacca and Eddie led to…..5th
        So those decisions made didn’t help those seasons

  11. Spot on.Re auba’s “short up turn in form” that was only down to the fact Arteta has a soft spot for his boyhood club Barcelona where Auba was able to rack up goals only to foolishly return to a PL rival and has the balls to make a cryptic “nothing personal, London is blue” post.oh boy he must be cursing the day he made such decision plus the sly dig interview of “He can’t manage big players”.Underestimate mikel at your own peril.

  12. Also part of the team that finished 5th and 6th under wenger’s final 2 years,played in a ghosted mode in our EL loss,bottled a top four chance already in our hands and was part of the team who got us to 11th place before emery was sacked and 8th eventually at the end of the campaign under Arteta, not much good his ego has brought upon the team after a good and humble start you see?

      1. He was rebuilding the mess that Emery, but mostly Wenger left.

        Genuine title challenge within a year of cleaning up most of the mess, and getting his players in. Zero genuine title challenges in Wenger’s final 14 years! Yes…14 years!!!!!

        1. Season Leicester won it we were in title race ?
          That’s the point
          Your making out that Arteta has done something never done before

          1. No we were not. We only managed to finish second right at the end after Spurs collapsed. Spurs were the ones that were pushing for the title that year.

  13. It has disheartened me when I read the comments of the anti-Mbappe joining Arsenal brigade. Who sounded vehemently opposed to Arsenal signing him this summer if he does become available for signing eventually.
    I think the opposition to Arsenal signing Kylian Mbappe this summer coming from the AntI-Mbappe signing Arsenal brigade is totally untenable. As it looks to bother on envy for his football playing career achievements.
    To cut my ranting short, if Arsenal has the financial resources and Arteta would love to have him in his team. Let the Arsenal owner Mr Kroenke authorise his signing please.
    For, certainly his signing by Arsenal this summer if possible and done. It will guaranteed us Arsenal winning the quadruple of titles next season. And can even see Arsenal to have another Invisibles season with over 100 points new record breaking Epl title win to it.
    However, all the current Arsenal’s top players including the newly signed trio this summer SHOULD NOT be sold at all this summer but kept.

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