Mbappe’s Arsenal transfer talk to ease fan pressure on Wenger?

Even though the transfer of Kylian Mbappe to Arsenal did not happen this summer, it was one of the most persistent Arsenal transfer rumours in the football media, or at least it was in the early stages of the summer transfer window before the transfer fees being talked about switched from the silly to the downright crazy when PSG shelled out around £200 million to sign the Brazil international Neymar from FC Barcelona.

The fact that it was the same club who later secured the signature of the highly sought after young French striker just highlights how much spending power the French club has and how Arsenal cannot compete with them on a financial basis no matter how well we do commercially.

However, just the fact that the Gunners were even in the mix for Mbappe was a surprise to many people and some of the more suspicious Arsenal fans out there felt that our interest in him was a really a smoke screen and that Arsene Wenger never seriously thought he would sign Mbappe.

That question, at least, has now been answered by the player himself who has revealed, as reported by Sky Sports, that he did consider coming to play for Arsenal under Wenger.

He said, “I met with Arsene Wenger, who is a great coach. He has a great reputation here in France, he’s well-respected and knows how to develop young players.

“This was a real option for me. But, of course, Paris Saint-Germain was the main option.

“We weighed up the advantages and disadvantages of all the clubs but my family told me it had to be my decision and one I needed to make.

“It also had to be a long-term decision. So it was up to me and I decided to come here in order to develop.”

So there you have it Gooners. Will this admission from Mbappe help to ease the pressure on the under fire Arsenal manager?



  1. Tas says:

    AW had many many top players slip through his fingers Messy, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic just some of them, some he was guilty of losing but some for instance who knew short ass messy would be the best player ever two, years ago Marshal was one that everyone said he was crazy to let slip but…

    1. Incarnate says:

      Dein would have found a way to make it happen, he was the charismatic and shrewd business man, no way Ronaldo would have slipped away to Man. U after taking a tour of the Emirates stadium and in fact agreeing to a deal in principle under his watch.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    No! Because we didn’t sign him!

    1. Midkemma says:

      Spot on dude, Wenger failed to convince him so how is that good?

      Wenger needs to be able to convince players to join as part of his job, I been moaning about Gazidis but maybe this year has reasons why the transfer window didn’t work out as planned?

      See my comment below about funds potentially being tied up ready in case of this transfer going through ^.^

  3. Kenya 001 Ars fan says:

    Oooh yeh all talk no action thats wat this mr bin has always done he shows interest in wc he buys average…

  4. Midkemma says:

    If anything I think this will be a negative on Wenger, it was him who failed to convince him and ultimately his failure, even if not entirely his fault.

    Wenger failed to convince him 12 months ago and failed again now.

    If Monaco let Wenger talk to Mbappe then the bid must have been real and enough to make Monaco consider it, even if it was before PSG started treating money like it was monopoly…

    Bahh… I like bashing Gazidis but it doesn’t sound like he failed on that end.

    Following this thought on…

    Was AFC holding back on funds in case MBappe did say yes to us and that was the reason AFC was slow to bid big in Lemar?
    Reports say we will go back in for Lemar in Jan but we won’t be selling Alexis for the rumored £20 million to aid fund it plus talk about price being higher in Jan as well, we read there was no funds unless Wenger sold during the Lemar fiasco but not now? Mbappe had influence on this? Until AFC knew then they couldn’t commit on Lemar?

    Just a couple random thoughts.

  5. Rkw says:

    He has such a reputation in France that he has missed signing every quality player to come out of the French league in the last five years … prolly mbappe just asked himself what quality young players have emerged in that time at arsenal under wenger and realized that this wasn’t the place to be … so no another failure doesn’t absolve the arrogant ostrich

  6. Atid says:

    Had to laugh tonight, that great successful manager, Tony Adams, having a pop at Wenger!! I am sorry all these ex players who thrived under wenger, and couldn’t manage a wnak in a sperm bank, giving it large. Well firstly go and achieve one trophy, then try to sniff wengers pants in terms of the trophies he has won as a manager. Sure u were good players and wenger was a shit one. But regardless of how shit he is now, u have no right to bag him out. He lined ur careers and lead u to the success and wages u would not believe. I am sorry Wright, Adams and all u others, I played against most of u and u weren’t all that, but managers like Graham and wenger turned u into far more than u deserved, now show some bloody respect.

    Short memories!!!

    1. JJPawn says:

      Right on! Tell it like it was!

  7. JJPawn says:

    Oh, dry up and blow away…! Nothing original, just the same stupid rant.

  8. MANTAK says:

    Its another smoke screen. We can all walk into a ferrari dealership and waste the salesmans time when we know we have no chance of affording one. Same deal there. Our club were ‘never’ going to buy him for a penny over 50 million. Surprise surprise, following yesterdays revelation about Thomas Muller and Arsenal…the daily star report we are going in again in january for Lemar… department manipulating press manipulating the fans. #boycottbournemouth

  9. philpalmer17 says:

    Yeah well done Arsene you almost signed him

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