Media critics helping Arsenal´s title challenge

I cannot remember which of the many former football players turned TV pundit that came out with it, but I must admit that I was left with my jaw hanging open in surprise, although by now I suppose I should be used to Arsenal being criticised and questioned by these so-called experts.

Whoever it was was talking about the upcoming Manchester derby and having talked about Chelsea´s problems, they said that the game between Man United and Man City was between the two sides that could now go on to win the title. As an afterthought they mentioned Arsenal, but with a dismissive, `well they always manage to mess it up somehow´ sort of comment.

This is fairly typical of what the Gunners get from the football press, but I would like it to carry on for a bit, even though I think it is disrespectful, ignorant and inherently wrong. They are happily ignoring the way that Arsenal are playing these days, against bigger or smaller teams and with different tactics as the different game demands.

The reason I want them to carry on is that I think it spurs Arsene Wenger and the players on. That, for me, is part of the reason for Mesut Ozil´s fantastic form and there are others like Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud and Santi Cazorla who have been heavily doubted and seem to draw inspiration from it.

The questioning of the club´s credentials also creates a team unity and although I do not want us to go down the `everyone and everything is against us´ route, I do think that having something to prove can only help the Gunners to succeed and wave that Premier League trophy in everyone´s faces.

So come on Arsenal haters, keep on hating…

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  1. I will say we’re looking a bit thin… Fingers crossed Theo and Ox are nothing major!!
    It was reported Ox’s substitution was precautionary by SKY.
    It’s only RW we’re lacking in terms of our preferred first-team. But with Bellerin, Monreal, Santi, Ozil and Sanchez playing the way they have been. I dare say whoever gets the nod this following week will get all the service they need to look good!

    1. I think Campbell should start as the RW if those too aren’t ready to go. He needs to play with the first team so we can really see what he’s made of. Him getting the odd game with 10 other substitutes was always gonna be difficult for him.

      Give him a start v Swansea and I bet his play will be elevated playing with the likes of ozil Cazorla sanchez etc

  2. The Only positive note that i observed after the loss to sheffield wendesday for us was krystian bielik when he came on!

    1. You are damn correct, Greg. Though Iwobi showed some promise and Kamara made a few tackles here and there, I will say Bielik changed our game when he came on. He brought a bit more intelligence and control to the midfield. He certainly looked the most calm and more matured young gunner on the day. And for his age, that guy’s got some serious potential.

      Bennacer is still quite timid, but he looks a hard-worker.

  3. After seeing debuchy’s performance against sheffield wednesday i can safely say he is no competition for hector bellerin at right back!

  4. When i said that bellerin is a starter way ahead of debuchy, i was taunted on this site.. where are those idiots now?
    Usually i predict the player growth correctly. And the next big thing in arsenal academy is going to be Gabriel. He is the best defender we have ahead of Kosc. I know lot wont agree with me. But i know i am right.

    1. Ha you definitely don’t know as much as you think, debuchy has suffered 2 LONG term injuries and you expect him to go back to being a world beater playing the odd game here and there…. Ok mate…..

      “The next big thing in the arsenal academy is gabriel”
      Hhmmmm didn’t know he came from the academy and didn’t know your the ONLY person who rates him.

  5. In fact, I will say the opposite and say media have always protected us. 10 years of mediocrity, yet no one bats an eye but keep on defending us. I am sick of media treating us like some small babies. Let us man up and accept that we have to improve. 4 or 5 good games wont convince me that things are changing for good. With walcott gone AGAIN and OX gone again , its again a mountain to climb for us. The next 3 games are real crucial , if we screw those up, hey we could be back where we belong

    1. Well said and the media are going to dismiss us as for the last 10years we fall apart…. Lets go back a couple of seasons when we was top of the league all the way to xmas then come the end of the season we just about got fourth spot

      Lets hope wenger has learnt from his mistake that year and will buy in January and no I players like kallstrom!

  6. We shouldn’t need to harm some of our starting eleven (even for Petr Cech) on a tier 3 cup. The Capitol whatever cup alone shouldn’t be exist. Wherever you go abroad, there’s only two competitions in each country. The league and the cup. FA is too greed. I hope Theo and Ox will return soon.

  7. After last nights sh1tfest I think the media are totally correct in what they say.

  8. Arsenal football club is the best place to work after Google in the world. I believe that i will never get sacked or thrown away for any purpose whatsoever. Those players who asked for not signing anyone are all injured and will never be sold which means they are safe. Walcott has a calf injury, ox has hamstring without even breaking a sweat. Debuchy will never ask for a chance to replace Bellerin again. Walcott,Wilshere,Giroud,Ospina have all begged Wenger to not sign anyone and they are stagnating even when the performance is satisfactory. What ambition will Wenger have now i don’t know as there is nothing left in luck department. Arsenal don’t have any speed other than Sanchez and Bellerin whose work load is going to intensify. Walcott came on without warming up and at what desperation did Wenger had to urgently make the substitution nobody will know. The forthcoming matches are extremely tough which will be absolutely important.

  9. Lets be honest, we weren’t really much up for the game. If we were serious about this competition, we would have played atleast one of Cazorla, Alexis, Ozil in the starting lineup to have some creativity that would create chances. That said, we played a lot of wingers without an attacking midfielder. Also Giroud can’t affect the game because the service to him wasn’t provided. Also, we saw Sheffield Wednesday what they were really best at. That is set pieces. 2 of their goals came from that. Which means we have to practice more on that.

    What I think, we traded our first team player’s fitness for the win. But we lost Theo and Ox from that. If their injuries are not severe, we don’t need to worry much. Let’s focus on PL which is our main target this year. I think we can do a lot better than that against Swansea.


  10. @admin. I think we have two sections of fans who comment here on this site. The ones who comment after a defeat and the ones who comment always be it a defeat or win

    1. It looks to me that Arsenal fans will always be divided in one way or another, but life would be very boring if we all thought exactly the same….

  11. any updates on ox and theo?

    in case both are unavailable who do you guys think should play RW?
    campbell or ballerin upfront with debuchy as the RB

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