Media gunning for Özil but Arsenal have NO PROBLEM

From some of the reports that have been seen from the English football media in the last couple of days, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Arsenal and Germany international star Mesut Ozil had phoned Arsene Wenger last week putting on a croaky voice and claimed to be dying, only to sneak off to Berlin and get absolutely blind drunk and into a fight in a nightclub.

Arsene Wenger and the club have not spoken up about the situation, probably because they feel there is nothing to talk about. As a more rational and less sensational report by The Guardian explains, our record signing was released from the matchday squad for the trip to Newcastle because of illness, but the boss was well aware that Ozil´s condition was pretty mild.

After the German started the last 12 games in a row, putting in lots of effort and playing well for us, Wenger was probably happy to give Ozil a little rest, especially with Aaron Ramsey and Tomas Rosicky available again. The media seem desperate for Ozil to be in big trouble when he gets back to London but as long as he comes back fit and healthy, I doubt that anyone will have much to say to him about going to a nightclub.

He does not drink alcohol after all and it is surely his own business what he does with his spare time. If the Germany coach Joachim Low wants to drop him for their friendly against Australia on Wednesday or their Euro qualifier in Georgia, which he won´t, then Arsenal will not care a jot and would probably be happy for our player to get a bit more of a break.

Is there too much focus on what players do in their spare time as long as they are not breaking the law?

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  1. Ozil is still one of my 5 favourite gunners.

    1. Alexis
    2. Ozil
    3. Cazorla
    4. Rosicky
    5. Giroud

    Just apologize to Wenger. Wenger will say don’t do it again and Ozil hits 2 assists and 1 goal against Liverpool

  2. Giroud is no saint. Last year he was f**ing pornstars in hotel. Dunno why his wife didnt leave
    this women-nizar.

    1. Yeah, Giroud had a late night romp HOURS before match against Liverpool, which we lost 5-1. Not only was he humping in late night hours but he cheated on his missus, and was on the front page ’cause of it.

      He barely got a scolding from the fans, and no one certainly wasn’t asking him to be sold because of it. So there, I proved you wrong.

  3. Maybe Ozil was invited by his friends to join birthday party. Ozil haters are making small thing into a big one. German media hates Ozil thats why they bring negativity.

  4. ‘Is there too much focus on what players do in their spare time as long as they are not breaking the law?’

    Most definitely! and the worst thing is these headlines obviously sell or there wouldn’t be vultures looking to snap players letting their hair down occasionally..

    In the build up to a big-game definitely, then they have a responsibility and of all the supposed off-field exploits the Giroud one erked me as it was the night before a game and his performance was sub-par.. If he had’ve shagged a model and bagged a brace though it would’ve been a different story.
    Everything else has just been headlines… Which sadly seems to work

  5. Sell Szczesny, Mertesaker, Wilshere and Walcott.
    Sign Cech, Subotic, Scheniderlin, Depay/De Bruyne and Dybala/Martinez/Higuain

  6. I dont want these players at Arsenal next season: Diaby, Arteta, Flamini, Sanogo, Podolski, Walcott and Campbell.

    1. i dont want these players

      Giroud, Walcott, Campbell, Sanogo, BFG, Monreal, Arteta, Flamini, Poldi, Sheez, Wilshere

  7. haha this is literally the perfect example of what the media can do!!!!

    ‘call in sick and ask for a couple of days off’
    There’s two likely scenarios
    A.) Ozil was in fact slightly under the weather
    B.) As this article has stated, he has just started 12 games straight. To avoid media backlask about being ‘dropped’ or ‘tired’ or whatever crap usually gets spun as Ozil is the media’s favourite whipping boy.. Wenger simply said he was sick and gave him a rest.

    Now even if A is the correct scenario. Do you seriously believe Ozil rang up Wenger and put on a sick voice so he could go out and party??

  8. Get off Ozil’s Dick. How is he very Wrong? Because he plays football for Arsenal FC, he isnt allowed to be in a Nighclub even when ill? Did we buy rights to his personal life along with his contract?

    1. LOL, you are an absolute joker. You are going to compare running for 90mins (after being jaded from 11 straight games; with 4 in less than 14 days) to clubbing (probably sitting down and watching the ladies dance. regardless if you are being paid a million bucks, running around on a field is no easy task.

      1. Why do you need to lie to prove a point? Joachim only said he didn’t know where Ozil went that night. He knew he was in Berlin but didn’t know about the club and wasn’t his business.
        There’s nothing wrong with going clubbing. Messi and cesc hit casinos. Stop creating propaganda.

    2. It really doesn’t take 100% fitness to hang out at a night club but it takes more to play a high intensity premier league match, if he had played and fluffed his lines, we’d be on his case. He wasn’t pictured smoking, romping or even dancing. And for those who are constantly bashing him about his lack of impact in games, maybe you should watch the Newcastle game again and see how much impact a player like Ozil would have had, a player who can keep possession, drag opposition players out of position and requires constant attention from the opposition to stop him from delivering that one killer pass even if he seems to be having a bad game [I recall Ronaldinho had a relatively quiet game in the 2006 champions league final game, he did just one thing all game, he delivered that pass to Eto’o that got Lehmann sent off, he wasn’t huffing and puffing for 90 minutes].

  9. OT – Read we are being linked to Smalling again. In the beginning of the season we were slating him. However his recent performances show he is improving again. He could be the Mertesacker replacement and also help our home grown quota. Especially now that FA wants to grow this to 12 from the current 8.

    Should we bid £12mil and sell Mert?

  10. In honestly I think Ozil just asked for a longer break before he trained with his German squad and Wenger obliged. He has basically played every game since his injury and probably needed a longer time off. We all witness what happened in that Newcastle match and we had Ramsey and Ros fresh from injury to run the midfield in Ozil’s absence.

    And Low said that Ozil flew back after the Newcastle match. I see your point @galen, he coulda stayed on the bench or went out a day later, but I don’t see any mal intentions in this. Media needs to let him be.

  11. Constructive criticism is ok as long as it’s even and fair with all the players.

    OT: but I really hope we get Dybala, guy will be something special and I hope he becomes special at Arsenal. What better club for him to grow than us. I know a lot of fans would prefer Lacazette and I understand why but I’ve watch Palermo where he featured a few times and he would fit right in our system. Could even be a left footed Alexis for us. Podolski’s replacement for me, high wages and nowhere near deserving of his pay. Inter fans found that out too.

  12. Wise up, there is a massive difference between running 11 miles and engaging in physical battles in the toughest league in the world and going to meet a few friends, especially if he doesn’t even drink!
    You are an idiot!

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