Media Lies? – Arsenal are nowhere near the most expensive for season tickets


by ken 1945

When I decided to look into the thorny subject of season ticket prices, it was because my view is that Arsenal Football Club has been totally misrepresented by the media yet again.

Little did I realise what a can of worms I was about to open.

Initially I wanted to reveal every level of cost from the top six clubs at the end of last season, plus West Ham, who are being subsidised by most of us anyway.

However that proved to be an impossibility.

Just go to the Chelsea website, as an example,to realise how many different areas there are, quoting different prices and then you will understand why it is a nightmare to produce a spreadsheet that includes all these different scenarios.

That meant I had to review exactly what I wanted to achieve and decided that, if I produced the lowest and highest prices for three catagories that would include every age group, then that would suffice.

I also decided to only include those areas that a “working class genuine supporter” would be looking to purchase a season ticket.

No prawn brigade prices included, I hope you will understand why.

In deciding this, I realise some of you might accuse me of trying to mislead, but that is not my intention, as I have tried to do this for the other clubs as well.

As a fellow Gooner, I just want to present the facts by using the same criteria for all six clubs, wherever I could work it out!

I have obtained the prices stated from our rivals websites and contacted Arsenal directly to obtain our own. The Arsenal prices are for the lower tier around the Emirates and are for a new season ticket holder to purchase.

Please note that the higher prices quoted for our rivals MAY NOT BE THE CASE, but it is the lowest price that I wanted to investigate.

Please remember that Arsenal is the only club to include seven cup ties as part of their pricing structure, and I have used this fact to work out the averages that appear on the spreadsheet.

So fellow Gooners, some interesting facts emerge from this exercise dont you think?

It wasn’t the detailed information that I promised myself I would do, but this does show that my belief the media has deliberately misled the football world at large and, more importantly, continue to paint our club in a bad light is correct.

As an aside, I stumbled across the following when doing the above research.

Source = BBC

Average £yield per supporter at home games:

Arsenal = £85.45

Chelsea = £79.25

PSG = £70.75

Barca = £59.50

Would be interesting to know what a pie and a pint costs at other venues, but I will leave that for someone else to calculate!!!

Ken 1945


  1. Sue says:

    It’s here at last Ken ?

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    I can’t imagine how you would work this out, in relation to ticket prices, but you have to consider the level of product Arsenal fans get in return for their money, in comparison to other top clubs.

    1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

      Value for money is really important . we’ve been crap for the last decade watching Wenger struggling with his zip week I week out

      1. Angus says:

        Compared to Tottenham, Liverpool and West Ham? (surprise london is expensive) over the last 20 years? Or are you focusing on 2 where we won an FA cup anyway? There is no product debate, we had one of the best if not the best products for the majority of the 20 years. That is before we include clubs like Everton/Newcastle rewind 20 years Everton were more succesful and Newcastle were a lot richer. Short term memory syndrome most our fans. Doesn’t make it good, long term staving off Liverpool/Everton for that top 4 slot will be hard but at least Roman has put Chelsea on even footing now so maybe its a 4 way fight for 2 slots instead of 3 way for 1. Spurs do not have a chance in 5-10 years.

        1. Uchman says:

          tnx Angus a true gunner

        2. ThirdManJW says:

          Not winning or even challenging for league title for 14 years, or doing anything of note in Europe for 9 years, can hardly be described as a “short term memory syndrome” as you put it. 14 years is a long time, and this sustained period of regression came straight after some of the best success we Arsenal fans have ever known! Which makes it an even harder pill to swallow.

          If you forget about being competitive, and just focus purely on the entertainment side of things, then you do have more of a point, up to around 2011, 2012. We have played some the best football for a long time under Wenger, until around 6/7 years ago, when we lost Cesc, Nasri, and RVP all in the space of a year. I don’t think we ever recovered from that, from an entertainment perspective. But you have to accept a balance at a top club. Of course you want to be entertained, but you also want success. I am a realist. I don’t expect a trophy every season, but I do expect us to at least challenge, and 3 FA cups in 14 years, on the back of an unbeaten season is just not good enough!

          I think there is a product debate. Do we get value for money? But then again, is it even up for debate I guess? Once you pick your club, that’s it for life, you’re stuck! You can’t go elsewhere for a better product at a lower price anyway! You can choose not to buy merchandise, and attend matches, but if you do decide to, then the club is ready and waiting to squeeze every penny they can out of us…which I do not like.

  3. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    The price is worth it just to watch Smith Rowe.

    1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

      we should sell Ramsey, Xhaka, Iwobi and El-neny. add up their wages and give all to Emile Smith Rowe. we have to keep him happy no matter what . Trust me, he’s going to win the Balon D’or 5 times in the next 7 years . he will be 18 on Saturday when we play PSG . we have to act fast and offer him this new deal along with the Captain Armband .

      Emile Smith Rowe for the captaincy

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        I agree but alas we can never sell Iwobi. He is wack and no one would ever pay money for him.

  4. Phil says:

    Ken -It was never going to be an article about the different shades of red on the club shirt over the years.Also the cost of a match day programme.It was always going to have research stats and facts involved so no surprise there.
    On your follow up perhaps you could do an article on what the supporters did or are doing with the “Merci Arsene” T-shirts we all got at the Emirates on Wengers last home match.Im sure there will be a wide range of uses us fans did and of course the ones who simply couldn’t resist wearing it on holiday in foreign countries.

    1. Sue says:

      I’m wondering what you’ve done with your t shirt Phil ? mine is in my wardrobe!

      So our prices aren’t as steep as everyone makes out! Quite surprised at chelsea’s & the spuds!!

      1. Durand says:

        Phil offered to donate his shirt to me, because I live across the pond here in the States. Phil, an absolute unselfish gentleman, but alas I declined because Wenger’s departure was tribute enough.

        1. Ken1945 says:

          Durand you missed out a few important words in your reply, so let’s insert them Wenger’s departure, witnessed by over 56,000 fans at the Emirates, was a fitting tribute enough said!
          Understand that you didn’t witness it personally, but he was given the send off you would have been proud of.

          Still waiting for your reply to Robson’s thoughts on Gazidis by the way.

          1. Durand says:

            Ken my friend! I shall reveal all here in this post! A bit abbreviated to be sure, but still answers.

            First Wenger sacked, but surely you are being a bit cheekish aye? (Is that proper usage?)
            Wenger was finished when Sven and Ivan went to get Aubamayang, deliberately leaving Wenger out. About a month after Wenger said Ivan not involved in transfers. 22 years earned respect to finish season, common sense we can all agree. Nothing to gain by embarrassing Wenger.

            Suarez bid, nonsense. Refer to Wenger statement yet again. Who is lying? Likely Robson, who’s “honesty” has been oft questioned.

            Lastly on Gazidis as a negotiator. GOOGLE Gazidis and MLS and see all he has done here in the States. I don’t much care for Gazidis personally, but I’ll let you decide between facts and Robson’s Anonymous “Agent”.

            You REALLY think Kronke let an idiot CEO his crown jewel? The more anyone logically considers facts available, conclusion is Jaded Robson more full of sh#& than himself.

          2. Durand says:

            Not a fan of Gazidis, but never question another’s love for our club. Just be happy when we grow another fan.

            He was going to Arsenal games in the 80’s I read. All the way up until 1992 when he left London to return to the States. Start up MLS i think for 14 years.

            That’s BEFORE mighty Wenger, Silent Stan, and Henry and Vieira.

            Still don’t like Gazidis, but admit BEFORE me as fan by far. I admit I was wrong about his love of Arsenal. Facts are humbling

          3. Ken1945 says:

            But you are quite willing to put forward that Kronkie let Wenger have complete and utter control over his crown jewel from the moment Dein left?
            Is that you logically considering facts? REALLY?
            You can’t have it both ways just to suit your argument.

            When you sacked someone in your company Durand, it was obviously because they weren’t doing their job properly….. so did you then let them stay on for a further six weeks doing the same thing?
            Or did you do what Arsenal did to Robson and show him the door as soon as he was fired?
            If it gives satisfaction to declare that Wenger was sacked, then carry on by all means. Just ask yourself if that is how a dismissal is carried out?

            What exactly was Gazidis doing before he saw the light and began the process of change?

          4. Durand says:

            Critical thinking Ken. Follow the logic. Wenger had a grip on EVERYTHING at Arsenal. Do you deny this? You REALLY think after 22 years he just coached? You’re smarter than that.

            There was only Wenger and his yes men scouts to find players. You disagree?
            Ivan got Sven (the best) and IMMEDIATELY named him head scout, who’s 1st window in Jan did well, and let’s see in his 1st summer window post Wenger. Deserves time you agree? Or you already judging?

            Next Ivan got Raul (the best IMO) who didn’t start until Dec or Jan was it?

            As i said before I’ll repeat again because you chose to ignore. RESPECT Ken, Respect. Whether quotes by Ivan, Stan Kronke, or Josh, even knob board members, no way they “show the door” as you say.

            Have you managed a business? 22 years, 20 consecutive CL appearances, invincibles, etc… No one “shows the door” to that man, you are just being contrarian. He missed CL, had another contract and chance, done by January, victim of his success and stubbornness.

            Die hero or live long enough to be villian, aye?

            Amazing simply Amazing how you defend Wenger on so much. But easily dismiss decades of facts about Gazidis.
            For what? An anonymous agent?

            Perhaps read on Gazidis as you often suggest about Wenger. He has been a fan longer than precious Wenger you fawn over.

            Really a bit much Ken, to have a debate where your stance is premised on anonymous agent by Robson of all people.

            I’ll stick to my side and the facts. They go back to 1992. 26 years of verifiable facts.

        2. Sue says:

          I remember reading that…. good ole Phil ☺

          1. Phil says:

            Sue-I did the decent thing with my two shirts(I forbade the wife to ever think she could wear her one) and ended up giving them to two individual gooners who I can assure you have cherished them.Im pleased they are with people who will wear them and even more pleased I will never set eyes on them again.But we don’t want to start dragging all that up again…..or do we?

          2. Sue says:

            You’re a very funny guy Phil!

  5. snowden says:

    Thanks for this Ken. Because I do not believe anything the media spits about Arsenal I looked into their claim that Arsenal are the most expensive club to watch and found the claim was rubbish.

    There are a lot of ‘anti Arsenal’ on this site. Are they paid up members of the ‘anti Arsenal media fraternity? Or is it they have nothing Better to do than come here and sling their snot around the place?
    Anyway I look forward to another positive post from you.

    1. Ken1945 says:

      Snowden I believe the more a lie is repeated, the more it becomes believable.
      Thanks for the comment, much appreciated.

    2. Les Martin says:

      Like untold Arsenal you have put in a shift with your fine research
      I’m all for exposing media lies about our great club
      Up The Gunners

      1. Ken1945 says:

        Les Martin, Untold Arsenal are another great site, and one I’ve neglected lately.
        Two opposing sites in many ways, but both Arsenal through and through.

  6. barryglik says:

    So we see the “pricing structure”
    “per “age group”.
    We need to see what %
    of each age category
    comprise each club’s match day attendance.
    E.G. 60% Adults 30% Juniors 10% Seniors
    would be more expensive than
    40% adults 40% Juniors 20% seniors.
    Also London costs differ from Manchester and Liverpool costs.
    Taxis/trains hotels food and beverage.
    Socioeconomic factors? Tourist factors?
    Broad brush generalizations are easy to make
    but under closer scrutiny often reveal fundamental flaws.
    Thankfully everyone on justarsenal never fall for such generalizations and only
    write articles and comments after thorough, balanced considered research 🙂
    Like me of course 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Macca says:

      Don’t know where you get your prices my ticket cost more than £1250

      1. Ken1945 says:

        Mscca your season ticket cannot be in the lower tier as that is what I clearly stated the prices were based on.
        So working out YOUR average price,it comes to just over£40 per match.
        That still puts Chelsea and Spuds as dearer season tickets.
        That was my sole intention, to get our fanbase to check the facts!

        1. Les Martin says:

          Can we start calling it Spuds in the swamp High steet nowhere near to WHL and Pensioners next to Brompton cemetery nowhere near the Kings road and state aid united out in the sticks for reasons of geographic accuracy ?

        2. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Ken, admittedly I’ve got a good seat, literally behind the television camera but according to the receipt which I have in front of me for 19 Premier league games plus 7 cup ties, be they Europa Cup or FA Cup, the price is £1761.46 and when we had Champions League around the £2000 mark. A bit different from your maximum for an adult ticket of £995

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            I don’t understand why you basing your prices on lower tier only. Are you basing the other clubs on lower tier tickets.

          2. Ken1945 says:

            Kenny, finally getting round to your question.
            I based the prices on the lowest season ticket advertised by every single club.
            Because there is so many different prices according to where one stands. I couldn’t compare every single one.
            I contacted Arsenal to confirm the prices they were advertising and, as I said, the prices I used were for the lower tier in all three categories.
            That was the same criteria I used for the other clubs as well.
            I think you answered your London club pricing query, but as I replied to Phil. add the six fa cup games to City’s season ticket prices and £300 more (average guess) shows the value of our tickets.

            OT Shirt being presented today, hopefully patient will allow picture.

    2. Ken1945 says:

      Barryglik,it was the ‘generilization’ that our season ticket prices were the highest that is behind this exercise.
      You can do the groundwork on the points that you raised and obviously bother you, look forward to seeing it.

      1. barryglik says:

        Well using your”statistics”
        Arsenal Adult season tickets
        are easily the highest
        and as Adults is clearly the largest category
        at the Emirates…do the maths.

        1. Ken1945 says:

          I’ve done the maths worked out the averages and you still don’t get it?
          This is really hard work when someone doesn’t look at what has been presented to them.
          Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea are all charging more, on average, than we are.
          Unless of course, you only use your ticket for the premier league games, don’t trade them in for cup matches and generally waste your money.

          1. Ken1945 says:

            Barryglik. what in your opinion would make up the largest percentage of any of the clubs mentioned??
            I think it might just be the adult season tickets wouldn’t you?
            So, what are actually trying to prove?

  7. waal2waal says:

    OT: I liked the performance out of “mountain-mavro” this afternoon – provided he continues to do well far as his positional sense, attitude and all round learning & development we have the making of an awesome giant as a defensive option – he’s 1.94m – idon’t know how big that is exactly but in simple terms that’s fcuk**g BIG.

    In simple terms i really hope he and the other young guns who had a run out today make the grade.

  8. jon fox says:

    An interesting article Ken, as far as it goes. But for a true comparison of actual value, you need to include how well the various clubs play, how entertaining, ease of viewing, comfort, civility, stewarding and many other intangibles that only personal choice can really evaluate. I gave up my season ticket four years ago as it was not value for money but still came on most games, esp weekends on a shared season ticket belonging to a friend or bought from the supporters club. I could not stand the dross and boring football Wenger continued to foist on us and stopped altogether for the last season and three quarters, vowing to give the club not another penny until he was gone. WELL NOW HE IS GONE , AND SO I WILL START COMING AGAIN. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A DECADE, I AM LOOOKING FORWARD TO THE START OF A NEW SEASON. I know from our many discussions on this site that you think he was treated disgracefully towards his end times. As you also know, I think it was he who treated us fans disgracefully for a full last decade and he has even said since leaving that he was wrong to have chosen to stay so long. We fans paid the price, (in angst and embarrassment at how our club was known for being bullied) for his obstinacy, IMO. But we have moved on and at long last I THINK, ALONG WITH MANY OTHERS WHO CRAVED HIS GOING, WE CAN NOW ONCE AGAIN LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEW SEASON WITH EXCITEMENT. BTW, my season ticket five years ago was approx £1500 in West Upper.

    1. Ken1945 says:

      Sorry Jon but I disagree completely with your post.
      First of all, the subject was on ticket prices.
      Not on facilities, playing performance or Wenger’s final hurrah
      . The club has been lambasted for years by the media over its pricing structure regarding season tickets.
      I knew that wasn’t correct simply because they didn’t take into account what our tickets offer.
      If one doesn’t think he’s getting value for money, then one does what you did and stop buying the product.

      This has nothing to do with value for money. Wenger, Herbert Chapman or even you and me.
      Simple question… do we have the most expensive season ticket in the premier league….No we don’t….end of!

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        I agree with what you’re saying Ken in regards to Jon’s opinion but I remember a few years ago when I was paying around £2000 for my season ticket a friend of mine who’s a big Chelsea fan was paying around £1600 {both clubs best seats} for his season ticket whereas mine included Champions League he’s ticket was Premier league only. However it still doesn’t alter the fact that the three big London clubs, Arsenal Tottenham and Chelsea are the dearest season tickets in world football. Liverpool and Manchester United are half the price of ours although I believe both have raised their prices recently. Season tickets in London are a bit like property when you compare them with northern prices, Double.

        1. jon fox says:

          KENNY, may I ask you to read and fully consider the detailed post of mine in reply to Ken 1945, (immediately beneath your post)

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Jon, Arsenal do not change the price of their seats because of entertainment value. Their prices are no different to when I was watching the Invincibles. The only reason they’ve been reduced in the last two years is because of no Champions League football. As far as value for money goes, I’ll always be happy with the value because I love the club and will continue to go till I can’t walk or get to the game or die

          2. jon fox says:

            Ken, As you know, the club has category A, B, C games where different non season ticket prices occur and that depends on the opponent and likely entertainment value, from Arsenals point of view. I do not think that in general, our prices are too high, PROVIDED the team regularly give 100%, which was the main reason I STOPPED COMING, as they clearly did not always do so. I suspect any more dialogue between us on this subject , but not other topics, is pointless as you have your opinion and I have mine. Neither will change, which is how two passionate fans should be. Let us agree to differ on this relatively lesser argument(at least I say lesser, by comparison to some you and I have had on here) and hopefully agree that we BOTH look forward to the new season with keen excitement. I do really enjoy debating with you as many lately on here are hard to understand , English not being their native language.

      2. jon fox says:

        Ken If you choose, as you have done, to base on only the pure season ticket price, then it gives only a very narrow view point and does not get to the heart of what really matters to fans, which, surely, is value for money. You can have a package holiday abraod with a cheaper budget airline and nopt for self catering OR you can pay extra for a more luxury flight and full accomodation with meals etc in a clas hotel. What mattrs is how much you enjoy and how much you think was value for money. Several others have said the same as I about value beuing more important than mere cost. In any case you have distorted the figures, MOST people actually pay, by concentrating on only the lowest price avail, which is why I said “it is intersteing AS FAR AS IT GOES.” It is less than fully honest -which does NOT mean actually dishonest(as you know I pick my phrases carefully) to cherry pick stats to “PROVE” ones point. Politicians do this constantly and are all the more loathed for so doing. And to conclude; I will accept your figures, since I have not the will to check them for myself, but what does it prove? Merely that we have not the dearest of the various cheapest season tickets in the PREM. But as I believe most Gooners think, we have one of the poorest value for money among the big clubs. And the big clubs only are wht we should be compared with for true comparison. How you “can disagree completely with my post” is therefore baffling to me. I suspect you are trying to defend the honestly indefensible, again by cherry picking stats.

        1. Ken1945 says:

          Barryglik, so now you see how it’s worked out?
          I presume from your comments that you are not a season ticket holder, otherwise that would have been obvious.
          All the other clubs in the survey do not have this, BUT the seat is guaranteed if they want to buy it as an extra.
          I’ll leave you to work out what that cost Spuds, City and Liverpool fans EXTRA for their CL seats, let alone fa cup tickets.

  9. D says:

    This is what the media always do to Arsenal, and sadly, as with many posters on here, a large portion of our fanbase then uses these made up criticisms to attack our team and manager with.

    – In a season when we had the joint top number of clean sheets the media continued to attack Arsenal for having a poor defence
    – Last season the pundits and media would say that we are poor at defending corners, yet we had conceded the second least from corners in the entire league
    – Last season the pundits and media said that we weren’t scoring enough goals, yet we had scored the third highest number of goals for the season
    – The media said that we didn’t have enough players scoring goals in the double digits, but there were only two teams in the entire league that had more players doing that, yet they still only focused on Arsenal for having this supposed issue

    There are so many examples of this, so please do your own research before regurgitating the media’s lies.

    1. Ken1945 says:

      D. when I contacted Arsenal to confirm the prices I was quoting were correct, they were very helpful.
      They remarked how frustrating it was that the media never take into account what the season ticket offers.
      I asked them why the club didn’t refute the media’s findings and do you know what they replied

      They are always having a go at the club, it’s not really worth it.

      That is what I was told, so what the hell can we supporters do if the club isn’t bothered about its image and the facts being reported?

      1. OzzieGunner says:

        ??Ken thank you for going to the effort of providing this research. D thank you for your comments with which I agree. To the media only the Arsenal can do wrong!

      2. jon fox says:

        That is a disappointing reply from the club to your ” why not refute” question. It smacks to me of a club with a guilt complex , in that they know that a true and fuller comparison (than yours) of ALL prices throughout the range would show the truth and they dare not publicly challenge the actual facts , which would be bound to be across the tabloids and the REAL truth detailed in them. Ken, I do admire your undying loyalty to all things Arsenal BUT would seriously question whether or not defending the club on all things as you seem to be bent on doing , IS actually helping us , in the longer term. All businesses, which clubs are, have faults and weak links and the ones with real ambition are keen to hear what ordinary fans/ customers really think and to know where the club can make things better for their FANS/ CUSTOMERS,us lot. And thus be harmonious. It cannot be rationally denied that since Dein left and Gazidis and Kroenke came, fan / club harmony has been as rare as hens teeth.

        1. Ken1945 says:

          Jon, again I say to you, please stick to the subject heading.
          I’ll willingly debate any subject with you, but it has to have a topic and not diverse into other rambling subjects that means one loses sight of the original topic….which was do Arsenal charge the highest prices for season tickets?
          The answer is plainly no and that is what is up for debate.

          I must say that you are trying very hard to justify this misleading information from the media by bringing in other factors that do not contribute to the actual cost paid by fans.
          Your claim that most Gooners think like you is another example of a irrelevance, as every single year the waiting list for season tickets expands.
          If what you describe carries any weight, new season tickets would be available with a very small waiting list.

          1. jon fox says:

            Ken, we are on different wavelengths as to what actually matters. If you want me to concede on what I consider your narrow and pedantic point, then I gladly do so. But I concerm myself, as do many others, with what actually MATTERS TO MOST FANS. As Corbyn might well say, “the many, not the few.” If this is just about scoring a narrowly made point, as it seems to me it is, then my congrats to you. And have you evidence that the waiting list expanded under Wengers last 3 or 4 years? Cos, I doubt that very much. I will not have been alone in giving upo my own S/T five summers ago and now wanting to get it back(which I now cannot ) I have no doubt whatever that THIS summer the list will have lengthened much compared with last summer. Finally, changing subjects, you asked me on another thread if I had read your comments on another matter. I WOULD LIKE TO BUT CANNOT FIND THEM, CAN YOU ADVISE WHERE? For now, my very best wishes to you anyway.

          2. Ken1945 says:

            Jon,I really don’t care about scoring points, more to sticking to the point.
            All I hope to have done is make our supporters aware that the reported ‘highest season ticket prices in the world’ is not true, and, in general, this has been the issue
            Now others might want to take on the debate as to if our season tickets are value for money, perhaps yourself even?
            I will actually contact the club again and get the official waiting list for season tickets over the last ten years, if possible of course, and produce them for discussion.

            The comments that you are referring to regarded Gazidis leaving the club.
            My question to you was, why doesn’t the board overturn the decision they made regarding new board members.
            This would allow Usmanov on the board.

          3. jon fox says:

            I would be keen to learn the truth about season ticket waiting lists over many past seasons, though I cannot see the club providing you with the truthful figures. They can’t even get the announced crowd figure anywhre near accurate, and don’t want to, as it will show those non Arsenal fans who just read the attendance in tomorrows paper, the actual truth ABOUT THE CONSTANT EMPTY SEATS. And Arsenal under KROENKE and GAZIDIS HAVE APPEARED TERRIFIED OF TRUTH COMING OUT. As to your final question, the obvious answer is surely that KROENKE HAS FORBIDDEN THE BOARD TO HAVE ANY MEANINGFUL DIALOGUE WITH USMANOV. Kroenke is only interested in his own wealth and cares nothing of us fans or glory for the club. Only of its share value as an asset , against which to borrow, as he has already done. . That is clear to all, including you, judging by your past posts. Perhaps , if you wish, we can continue discussing on whatever is the current thread rather than keep turning back to this thread. I AM ALWAYS HAPPY, KEEN EVEN , TO CONVERSE WITH YOU, just not on the specific of our already well discussed difference of opinion about current S/T price comparisons. I will state though , finally on this topic, that I am happy in general with all our prices , PROVIDED THAT the team always give 100% for the shirt. I stopped coming as they clearly were not doing so and believe those days are now gone, hopefully never to return.

    2. Les Martin says:

      Well said

  10. ruelando says:

    Could someone tell me how many matches does the season ticket holder gets to see

    1. Ken1945 says:

      ruelando, twenty six made up of 19 premier league games and 7 cup games.
      We are the only club in the top six that offer this amount of games.
      The others are just for the 19 premier league games, hence the need to make an average cost.

      1. Phil says:

        Ok Ken-I’m not trying to be a party pooper here but the Carabao Cup games that form part of the 7 games included in the cost of our season tickets are normally priced at £10 lover tier and £20 upper tier.Would this not increase the cost?Also a few seasons ago the Club began to fall in line with other Clubs and grace certain matches as Category A B & C.
        Don’t get me wrong as I believe Arsenal generally try to give good value and the Carabeo Cup games are always well attended because of the pricing structure.
        As an Away Scheme Member our tickets are subsidised by the club and discounted from £30 to £26.This gives a saving of £76 over a season and with 1100 members costs the club over £83k so they do try to accommodate fairness in their ticket costings

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Phil, Hi mate, the league Cup games are not part of the season ticket. The seven games are Europa League and FA Cup only. You get first chance to buy the League Cup tickets but it’s optional and not included as part of your seven cup games

        2. Ken1945 says:

          Phil, Kenny has addressed the carabou cup question, but here’s something for you to ponder over.
          The prices quoted for the other clubs are only for premier league games.
          What do you think the added cost would be for those City and Chelsea fans who reached the final of the fa cup last year? Another six games at, let’s be generous, £50 a game adds another£300 for them to fork out to be able to support their club in the same way our season ticket allows us to do.
          The sterling value of our season tickets are excellent and why fans on here try to bulls**t this just amazes me.

        3. Ken1945 says:

          And never reported by the media to my knowledge Phil.

      2. barryglik says:

        That is why Arsenals prices are lower
        using your stats because you are
        dividing the Arsenal price by 26 while
        dividing the others by 19.

  11. stubill says:

    I hate the term “Arsenal fans are being ripped off!”

    I’m not ripped off at all for my three season tickets, I know what I’m getting for my money, watching Arsenal play football (regardless of the quality).

    If I paid to watch Arsenal and Brentford turned out in place of Arsenal, then I’d be ripped off.

  12. Gooner14 says:

    I paid 84 pound for the man city game plus I have to travel from Leicester, so quite expensive. I don’t think the price should be so high when teams like byes Munich is probably less than half that.

    1. Gooner14 says:

      Then there’s programme, drink and a ? throw in another 15 quid ?

      1. Sue says:

        I just bought 2 tickets for myself & my son for the West Ham game. £46.50 for both. Like you said though there’s travel, food, drink & of course a good spend in the Armoury! But my Arsenal are worth it ?

        1. Gooner14 says:

          Me and my girlfriend are going to that game too, we got roughly the same area as man city game for I think around 46 as well. Just wish I could afford to move to London so I could get a season ticket, but then there’s affording the bloody season ticket too ?

          1. Sue says:

            Haha very true! Plus the waiting list!!

      2. Ken1945 says:

        Gooner 14, but don’t you think the fans of other clubs do the same?
        That has nothing to do with the season ticket price does it? Neither does the cost of getting to the game?
        One assumes that when a season ticket is purchased, one has done the mathe to ensure that the day out is affordable?

        1. Gooner14 says:

          Yes to be fair your article was on season ticket prices and you’re right travel does not really count. I was just thinking of the die hard arsenal fans that really can’t afford it, 84 pound is more than a day or maybe even 2 days wages for some but as sue said my arsenal are worth it ?

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