Football media just love bashing Arsenal – Don’t join them!

Arsenal fans should SUPPORT Arsenal by Sam P

I don’t know what Arsenal have done to deserve it, but we are always the favourite target ofr the media to shoot at. Paranoia? No, because you are not paranoid if people really do NOT like you and are always slagging you off. I am not saying that we are the only targets, because things like the Man United fiasco last season will always give them bullets to fire, but I reckon we get more abuse than any other big club.

Like I said, I don’t know why it is, but I do think that it should galvanise the Arsenal fans rather than making us start to view our manager and our players through their biased viewpoint. Look at last season, when Arsenal were the best team in the Premier League and managed to stay on top of the pile until the injuries kept piling up and we had to do without many of our best players after Christmas.

Even while we were sweeping all before us, including the media’s little pet pooch Liverpool, most pundits continually told us that we were in a false position and that any minute we would collapse. And how pleased were the likes of Michael Owen when it finally happened, but NOT for the reason they had been saying.

And I know that we Arsenal fans were fuming from the performance in Dortmund, but from what the likes of Souness, Redknapp and Scholes came out with afterwards, you would think that we had just been relegated into the conference rather than lost ONE game against a fantastic Dortmund side, in a ground where no English team but Arsenal has ever won.

So come on Gooners, let the media do the Arsenal bashing and let the supporters do the supporting!

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    1. “It was a very bad experience, You can’t explain that, you can only see that it’s happening” – Luwis VanGall.

      You ain’t seen nothing yet Bro. Wishing you many moyes of this at the theater of nightmares.

      1. United needed a presence in defence. A man with no fear, a man who could make ross kemp cry, someone who is considered the best HOLD UP PLAY legend of all time. Its obvious lads! They needed zigic. Still better than blackett, evans and smalling.

          1. gamer
            September 21, 2014 at 8:07 pm:
            we look soo much better and fluid without giroud in the team its like a wall has been removed lool
            There, he said it! Not me!!

      2. On topic though:
        Some in the media have a negative mindset in the way they approach matters pertaining to the Arsenal. As a collective entity, I do not think they are against the club though.
        The truth is, most of the time they are usually right about us. They say what they see, how they see it.
        When they criticize our rivals we hardly take notice. That is just the life of your normal football club supporter.

        1. Agree, but media do have their favorites. Main papers in spain for example, are trying to hide madrid’s situation. I know they have bashed basel and deportivo in a row, but the team looks just so unbalanced without di maria and alonso. Yet the papers only talk about the attacking power. But yeah, we have problems and the papers take notice, but also slightly hide their favourites’. Pool had shit defence and they did not say a thing until they lost the title.

  1. next 2 league games real test especially chelsea away, its not our attack its our defense is a whole team i worry about we dont seem to lern from past mistakes

  2. I don’t get how they all attack the Arsenal defence. Yes, it could be better, but we’ve conceded 6 goals this season.the ‘solid’ Chelsea have conceded 7, Liverpool and United have conceded 8. City have only conceded 5. We’re not exactly adrift from the others.

    Still very disappointed that we didn’t get the DM we need, because we clearly have a great team – a good DM would definitely make us equivalent to Man City or Chelsea in terms of squad quality. City have the best strikers, Chelsea have the best defenders, we would have had the best midfield… The midfield is where the game is most often decided. So long as we hang in there until January and then get the signings we need, we can win the title this season. We can go further in the Champions League too.

    1. If Wenger is gonna persist with the 4-1-4-1 thingy, how about we try something like a three man central midfield of:

      When and if Diaby is fit, I think adopting that setup will work fine. The Caveat is that the energy and movement in that midfield should be channeled properly to make it fluid and dynamic. Read the recent Diaby interview, and he is sounding like he will be employing a more reserved approach to his game this time. Meaning, less up-down running from him and, more intelligent construction of the game at the base of the midfield.

      1. no Ozil? after his performance yesterday? he will play like that all the time if actually played central. the only way Ramsey and Wilshere are going to get to play together is if we play 4-2-3-1 again and Ramsey and Wilshere learn to be disciplined when one is going forward

        1. I am assuming Wenger doesn’t employ the number 10 CAM role (like in the 4-2-3-1) and actually pushes Ozil to the wings.

  3. i think it is cause wenger doesn’t give a fack about the media… unlike whorinho wenger never plays to media’s tune

    1. Agreed. He gives nothing away – especially with regards to transfers (as we all know well!). It drives them potty.

  4. They are against arsenal because wenger questionable decisitions are alway’s an easy target.

    For example: having only 6 senior defenders was an awful decisition. Media will only highlight it. Why even when are winning instead of praise us they alway’s Have a bad word about us. Because they dont like wenger ways anymore, admit it, wenger’s decisitions alway’s get A LOT of polemic.

    We will be the main source of cheap critiscism until Wenger adapt to modern ways (won’t happen). When wenger finally leaves you’ll see how fast media will pick a new target for his usual bashing as long as Arsenal keep doing the right thing.

    In conclusion, the way wenger is running this club is drawing a lot of attention from media. ‘

    1. So, you do NOT THINK the Media and Pundits CAN question the SPUDS Manager, the Utd Manager, the Everton Manager, the Pool Manager, or, their “modern ways”, especially after results the last couple of weeks.
      FACT is, almost ALL the aforementioned ARE Utd, Pool, and Chelsea men, or, have an affinity to one of them.
      They DO POINT OUT that Wenger SHOULD have bought a CB to replace TV, and a DM, and most of them DO say, that had he done so, we WOULD be title contenders.
      However, ALL those others SHOULD have strengthened in areas that they did not also.
      You should take what they say with a pinch of salt, after all, that is what they get paid to do.

      1. So media Just hate us because of the sake of it? (I totally made a mistake talking about english media when i’m not even living in england atm, i apologize .)But what matters most is WHY THEY HATE arsenal if we are not a BAD club. They seem to Have only eyes for our club and there has to be a reason behind. As i said before, we are decente fans, we are a healthy club, our players are good guys, but our mánager tends to make the same mistakes since the last 10 years. Maybe they don’t question other managers THAT HARD because they will probably improve and CHANGE. Fact is that wenger never takes a @%#& from media and he will alway’s stick with his philosophy no matter the cost.

        1. The media target us because they know arsenal have some of the most fickle fans that will jump on the media bandwagon and turn against their own team at the drop of a hat. Just glad I am not one of those, I support everything that the club does, no one is there trying to soil it on purpose, I believe everyone involved has the best interest of the club at hearts.

          People are human though, so they can make mistakes.

        2. I find wenger does the opposite to the media. Just like with transfers. I believe wenger goes for someone we are not linked with in the transfer window mayb for hes own amusement? I do hope we get a proper DM and change the tacs alot more. Hopefully with all the ear bashing wenger gets it will gradually sink in

    2. Ok i knew it. We win a game then wenger is a demigod again. Most people here only bite when thing’s are going wrong . Is Arsenal getting bash from media bcause of us fans (hooligans)? No, we are normal people. Is arsenal getting bash from media because of having polemic players like balotelli..? No, our players are excelent guys…

      Everything with our club is right with one exception. Is arsenal getting bashed because of our manager decisitions? Probably. That’s my opinión at least, i don’t think that media and pundit’s are just yealous, they sometimes actually Have a point.

    3. I might get a lots of sticks for what I am about to write but I must disagree with you and say that he is not stuck in the past as a lot of ppl might think but he is pretty much developing the next type of attacking football that a lot of clubs are dreaming of.
      We are at the end of our “10 years refurbishing plan” and we’ll only be stronger from this point.
      Mr Wenger wants to win the champion’s league and he only wants to win it with Arsenal.
      Lets put the AKB and whatever bullsh*t in the trash, where it belongs and support the magic our club is bringing to this sport.
      We are not far…

  5. Do i have to visit gooners news or newsnow to come to this site, if i open directly it takes me tote old articles, anybody going through the same sh1t

    1. Yessss! A fellow victim! It’s time we bring out the “Admin Out” banner. I mean it is really frustrating for me. I had to login to my account, on my PC, for me to see the recent topic. The mobile version is not working for me right now.
      Admin what is going on!!!!!!! Spend! Spend!! Spend!!!.

  6. “Don’t join them”…!!!!
    Only suggesting it, is insulting to the Arsenal fans.

    Arsenal fans do no wait for the newspapers or “fake” pundits, in order to criticise their own team…
    I think we have been through some difficult times and we have the sense of the manager and the club.
    Don’t need to be a genius to see that we are not/have not doing well for years and years… Since 2006, we have clearly gone down on possible opportunities and hopes.
    After the 2006 CL finale, we should have had at 2 more leagues, few domestic cups and at least 2 CL trophies…
    We have NOTHING to show (Oh yes CL qualifications/season=more cash in the bank).

    Wenger should have been competing with Ferguson on trophy numbers until the Scot retired…!!

    Right now we should have been “mighty” and people in football would talk about Wenger in term of Mourinho, Van Gaal, Pellegrini, Guardiola, Klopp and Simeone trying to emulate the Arsenal manager…

    But guess what, he does not compare to some of those in term of trophies !!!
    Just does not make sense !!!!

  7. Souness,caragher,Neville are spot on when they say chelski and man city have best defenses but also top ability at other end to hurt teams and that’s the big difference between them and the rest of the teams this is where we come unstuck no doubt we will go to chelski and have a go but that will cost us as we are just not good enough defensively and that’s where we will fail!

    1. Nice example of when the media says exactly what they see. And I think this time I agree with them. But I hope that when we face these guys, we somehow find a way to makeup for our difficulties in defence by finding a way of defending from the midfield and as a unit. I also believe we have attackers (Sanchez/Welbeck/Walcott) that are capable of tearing apart both the City and Chelsea defence regardless of their strength.
      Most importantly, we don’t play into their hands, then we have a very good chance of beating them.

  8. Great day for us gooners! Man u humilated by leicester man city and chelsea drawing! “Today was a great day”! Coyg!

  9. Arsenal is lucky the media take
    any notice of Arsenal at all.
    Arsenal has not won anything
    of any consequence for a decade.
    The team scrapes into the top 4
    and exits in the round of 16.
    The team has no real stars no
    excitement machines not even any
    interesting personalities. The manager speaks
    the same meaningless cliches he did 20 years ago.
    Arsenal is the 3rd/4th place sustainable model
    sound, safe and profitable. However the club is
    not seriously trying to win anything important.
    I think the media find Arsenal so boring they are just
    trying to wake up the Gentry sipping tea and browsing
    highbrow magazines at the library 🙂

  10. Tottenham/gala is no match really but that Chelsea game will be a tear jerker for arsenal fans, remember last year??

    1. I remember no Ramsey, no Wilshere, no Özil, no Walcott, an early red card and an injured Koscielny. Nothing went for us that day. Nothing at all.

      We will be better this year, we have our better players fit and have strengthened our squad over the summer. Will we win? Probably not, but will we lose as heavily? Also unlikely.

  11. Well a lot of us are disappointed with not having a holding midfielder, but we have our strongest squad in a long while and are now much stronger financially. Wenger and Gazidis messed up this transfer window, but it could have been worse.

    We bought Alexis, who is a fantastic player; Chambers, who has been a revelation; Ospina, who we haven’t really seen yet but looked decent in the World Cup; Welbeck, who I’ll confess to not being overjoyed about; also we bought Debuchy who has been a solid replacement for Sagna so far.

    Would you rather be in Arsenal’s position of having a very good squad and £170m in the bank to spend in January and next summer to strengthen our last couple of areas, or Man United’s position of having blown £150m on players they didn’t really need and still not having a defence or a midfield? At least we have spent wisely and are still able to spend more.

  12. Because its easier, thats why they bang us.
    Chelsea, Manu etc they do as they re told to. Even if its in principle obvious, they go the easy way and do it, “obvious” is only for the coaches, and maybe for AW those werent as obvious, or simply put, he is a responsible man, not a bigmouth who breaks the bank for anybody, not knowing it is a sure answer to their needs

  13. Note to AW: In January, Please sign up a CDM preferably Wanyama; scored an absolute cracker of a goal against Swansea this Saturday. In the Kenyan swahili language “Wanyama” literally means a BEAST!

  14. Most of the pundits/commentators are either former players of man u- liverpool or plyers who played in that manu-lfc duopoly. So automafically they have an affinity towards man u and liv pool. Most pundits love the cash influx of chelsea and city. So the odd man out is obviously arsenal. More than that wenger’s introduction to epl was by really thrashing all the traditional concepts of english football. That was tough to digest for many. Simple as that.

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