Medical completed – Arsenal first signing to be announced on Sunday

Arsenal’s Midfield Target Confirms He Is On His Way To The Emirates! by AT

With Arsenal currently suffering from an injury crisis in midfield, it was widely reported last week that the North London club had a agreed a £5million deal with FC Basel for midfielder Mohammed Elneny, who has been turning quite a few heads with his performances for the Swiss club.

Further reports have now emerged that a medical has indeed been completed and according to sources in Egypt, the player has himself given verbal confirmation of his move to the Emirates and is understood to have said that the deal will be completed and signed on Sunday afternoon. The source of the news is Ahram Online, which is a massive and reliable Egyptian website.

Now while there are no quotes from the Egyptian international on the subject, I believe the news is very reliable considering that it comes from a source in the player’s homeland and given that this is a story that has developed very quickly over the past week with numerous reports coming in from reliable sources. Besides, it is no secret anymore that Wenger is interested in the Basel star and is desperate to land him once the transfer window opens.

Perhaps the only hurdle at this point will be a work permit. But with the player being an established Egyptian international with 39 caps for his home country, that shouldn’t really be a problem. With Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla both recovering from long-term injuries, the 23-year-old midfielder might well have a big part to play in Arsenal’s quest for the Premier League title.


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  1. and on Top of that, Nice to see citeh and the foxes share the spoils …… we start 2016 Top of the LeaGue:…… We best not falter

    from here on , a DRAW(Let aLone a Loss) is vulnerabLe as we are been taiLed by a minimum of points…yea we are Top, but we aren’t comfortably sitted…. The slightest mistake made and everything will come crashing down…..(ofcuz we can only hope this happens to our surrounding rivals and not us)….we can only remain on top until MAY if we show winning consistency….. The saint mary’s backLash must not repeat itself again!

  2. signing of EL-Neny is much more preferable than No signings at all…….and he could turn out to be fantastic for us or not…….we’ll find out soon…..but right now, we won’t judge this book by its cover…… Let’s weLcome “The pupiL(EYES)”…

  3. I normally don’t pay attention to transfer news until its official, but there’s an element to make someone believe that this is most probably true:
    Typical wenger signing:
    1. Unknown or not popularly known.
    2. Cheap
    3. Relatively young at 23.
    4. The rumour started from nowhere and not too long.
    5. He can play more than one position.
    6. Wenger didn’t actually deny it but said not much.
    Should I continue??

    1. yea muda….pls do………. Ur criteria can come in handy and employed in qualitative determination of signings! L()L

      1. Spot on SOopa, lolz
        Wenger said: “Elneny undergoing a medical? You know
        more than me,” he told a news conference.
        “We cannot announce any transfers at the
        moment. Nothing has been concluded.
        “But I will be busy, that is for sure. I have
        already said before that we are a bit short in
        You have to believe something is going on.

    2. and there might be some truth in EL-neny’s signing for ArsenaL

      at Least it Isn’t MUZZI OZCAN or EMANUELE GUILIANELLI covering the rumours L()L

    3. @Muda I actually believe this piece on El Neny. We should wrap it up ASAP.

      However, Ahram (The source of the news) in Arabic means Taboo. I hope it is not a taboo for this guy to sign for us.

      Just kidding, Lo


  4. Just give me a minute while I faint……..
    And I quote ” I told u we are short therefore we will be busy” goodness me who is this clone lol
    Surely not impossible 20years on has Arsene finally changed???
    Watch this space ……

  5. I haven’t seen him play so I have no idea how good he is. But now that we have money to spend, especially after not spending in the summer, why are we doing things on the cheap again instead of going out and getting a proper, proven, experienced talent in that position? Just hope this guy is good enough.

    1. Remember Le Coq………. We don’t wanna unsettle him, even without a competitor, he’d been a Fighter with the spirit!………a good cover to deputize for him will make more sense at the moment!

      1. So what happens when the person deputizing for Le Coq does much better than him…do we still stick with Le Coq because we don’t want to unsettle him?
        Just asking.

    2. Calm down Mick,
      Its not all about the prize tag anymore below are few examples:
      1. Di maria, proven quality with outrageous tag of £70m. As you want it, but you know what happens later.
      2. Are you aware of the fact that the mighty Mahrez cost less than half a million pound??
      Somewhere around £400k. ENOUGH SAID

      1. @Muda. I agree with you in totality. Not the price tag if not, some teams would have been run away leaders in the PL. It is now that I appreciate Ozil more than PL flop Di Maria and he cost far less.

    3. Good question @ Arsenal007……. 1stLy, we can be sure we’d be got a good gem on a cheap and it won’t be a bad gamble…… 2ndLy, wenger would need to be more subtle in player rotation (not like in gabrieL’s case) and bearing in mind physical conditions like injuries, drop in form/fitness etc …..and some days we could have both boss the midfield in tight games……by that, Everyone goes home happy

    4. 2 thoughts;
      1. Expensive does not always mean good, the opposite is also true
      2. The guy has 39 international caps, proof enough for being proper, proven and experience.

  6. Bring in anybody, all we need is a total backup to bolster our title challenge. I see no reason why arsenal not lifting the trophy in 2016. Wenger should do all he could, put in his best.

  7. Cheap as chips but
    expensive cf to Coq 🙂
    Immediate cover for Coquelin
    and perhaps a cheap replacement
    for both Arteta and Flamini.
    The 1 for 3 manoeuvre 🙂
    Now all we need is a 5 mill buy
    who can cover Ozil, Sanchez, Wilshere and Wellbeck
    replace Rosicky this summer and replace Cazorla in 2017
    The old one for 6 manoeuvre 🙂

  8. Dear, Santa

    Please be generous to me, i don’t ask for much, i would never ask for a messi linking up with suarez and neymer but all i want for new year is a striker preferably ODION IGHALO and to beat BARCELONA home and away.

    Your’s awesome GUNNER.

    1. “beat BARCELONA home and away.”
      You asked Santa too much that I’m afraid Santa will not come back again …

  9. Its on the bbc website that talks are taking place so there is probably some truth in this rumour. I think his only experience of premier league teams is playing in the Champions League, at home against Chelsea and winning. Beating Chelsea is an experience that a lot of Arsenal players do not unfortunately share.

    If he comes he will need time to adjust to the Premier League so we will need patience, which is easier said than done in a title race.

        1. @SoOpa AeoN, it’s possible for almost anyone to change information on Wiki (especially if you know what you are doing). I remember when the profiles of Higuain, Nuri Sahin, and a couple others were changed to Arsenal. But if I’m not wrong, they never came.

  10. I feel so payched about this season. We have a genuine great chance of winning the PL and a double.

    And if we get a top attacker either a top CF or winger in the summer then we will have a great chance next season as well

    If Elneny plays the DM role well, there won’t be need for a DM in the summer even if Flamini and Arteta leave because we will have Coquelin, Elneny, chambers and Bielik. But Elneny will need to prove himself this season

  11. Elneny is not a DM but he is an extremely good box to box attacking midfielder with an outstanding long shot in his arsenal. And now he is in our Arsenal !

    1. pretty accurate assessment…he is more physical than ramsey which might be his advantage…always difficult to assess swiss players as their league is so lopsided and basle are way better than the rest but they have produced some quality players and few times i have seen them he seems a pretty decent player …. can never tell until they enter the epl whether they will step up a gear… but it leaves plenty in the kitty to bring in a quality striker…big bid for one of the Real attackers? and not benzema…still ruing our missing out on griezman which is unconsciable from the frenchman

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