Medical expected today for Arteta’s exciting new midfielder signing (plus video)

Well, it seems that all the Arsenal rumours in the last few weeks have made fans confident that Youri Tielemans and Gabriel Jesus were going to be Mikel Arteta’s top signings this summer, but suddenly it has been revealed by the Athletic that the Porto attacking midfielder Fabio Vieira is set to have a medical in London today.

This is how Fabrizio Romano described the deal in the Guardian…. Arsenal have had an offer of €35m (£30m) plus add-ons accepted for Porto’s attacking midfielder Fábio Vieira, who is due to have a medical in London on Friday before signing a five-year contract.

Vieira had a €50m release clause but Arsenal negotiated for the Portugal Under-21 international, whose ambition has been to play in the Premier League. He scored six goals and provided 14 assists in Portugal’s top division this season in 15 starts and 12 substitute appearances.

The Arsenal hierarchy certainly did a very good job of keeping these negotiations under wraps, but Vieira looks to a very exciting player. He is the perfect age for Arteta’s project at just 22, and his stats are not just good in the League as in 8 Under-21 European Championship qualifiers for Portugal, he scored seven times and set up two goals as well. Depite his age he has already played over 50 times for the Porto senior side. He was born less than 20 miles from the Portugese City and has spent his whole short career with the club.

have a look at his skills and goals in the ideo from WorldOfFootball….

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  1. The signing of Fabio Vieira by Arsenal is a statement of intent that why the club is planning for an assault to finish in the top 4 it also has the future in mind because if you look at the ages of most players in Arsenal is below 24 years these players can be with Arsenal for the next 10 years.

  2. Not pacey… but flexible!’ – What can Arsenal expect from Fabio Vieira?
    Headline on sky sports .
    Straight away that worries me ,our midfield already lacks that pace and power and by adding another lightweight small technical player seems odd to me unless Arteta is going to change up his boring tactics this season this seems an unnecessary purchase especially as we have more pressing needs first .
    This could be our attcking players for next season
    Fabio -170cm
    Tielemans -176cm
    Eddie -175cm

    All very good technical players good on the eye but isn’t that what let us down last season .
    Let’s just hope we get in our more pressing needs as well

    1. They are here again, negative mofs.
      How do u come to the conclusion that he is slow? From YouTube videos? Dude is quick, he has decent speed or do u want to be fast like Walcot b4 u know he has speed. If I ask u to list players we should buy now, u will list nonsense

      1. Did I say I watched a you tube vid ?
        No a quick search will tell you his strengths and weakness and pace was definitely not one of them but what do they know .but good old savage as watched his 3 YouTube highlight reels and is now an expert on the lad .

    2. What’s with the pace you’re always crying about.he is’nt a winger,wing back nor a center forward.WTF is he going to do with pace.

        1. Exactly Reggie
          Two fans that are happy just as long as we have signed someone without actually taking the time to digest what they bring to the team ,but as long as we have spent money that’s good enough .
          Utter nonsense .

  3. Based on his YouTube videos about his games against Chelsea and Liverpool, I reckon him to be similar to Wilshere. Diminutive and slow, but highly technical

    We’ve got similar talents in Patino, Hutchinson, Cottrell and Akinola, but maybe they need more loan experience. I was just surprised Arsenal didn’t sign Zinchenko, Fabian Ruiz or Palmeiras’ Danilo, probably because of their limited budget

    I think Arteta prefers tireless high pressing attacking midfielders, instead of ball-winning defensive ones. I expect Nketiah, Odegaard and Vieira to lead our high press

    1. Exciting and interesting move in our offensive department, but now we need to add some steel. I want a monster with quick legs in our engine room 🫣

        1. We have signed an outstanding player, but we need one that can replace both Xhaka and Partey. I believe we will have a decent window but probably not have more than £100 million available unless we can sell some players.

    2. I dnt get why u keep listing players we should buy for God sake, don’t u get tired? Arteta will not buy ur fantasy players, or any fans fantasy players. He will only buy his players based on what he feels he need

  4. Well that brightens me up somewhat. Only saw him via YouTube and he looks a very fast and astute midfield player. Will he adapt? Youri Tielemans has……and had we got him Bissouma is at his peak. If we get Tielemans the we may have the beginnings of a real midfield. I hurt for Tottenham signing Bissouma….a top, top athlete. We have missed the boat there. Painful. Now we need Jesus and a “Giroud” style forward or the midfield will be irrelevant. Here at Arsenal we usually get let down. We go halfway then stop. If we get Aaron Hickey then we have a defence, as Willy boy….Saliba is coming back after his fecked up treatment. Wrong is wrong and no amount of ‘Ego’ boasting will make Arteta right. If we don’t get two forwards then as usual we will feck it up and rely on Nketiah, which would be lunacy or worse. We made a hole in January. A big feck up, now we have a chance to turn it around. Please GOODBYE to the ‘hitman’ XHAKA. We still have chance in the market…will we feck it up….as usual? The problem is the Spuds may have out thought and out fought us in the market.

    1. If we sign Bisouma and come January the AFCON comes up that would mean All Three of our DM goes away leaving only Xhaka and Lokongo.
      You’d be the first to moan and squeel about the AFCON and how arteta wasn’t prudent to anticipate this.
      Then again Torreira is on his way back so Bisouma was just going to be another expensive supplus to requirement.

      1. True.
        And why is it Bissouma is suddenly a world class player. we need??? Just because Spurs bought him, is my guess.
        His strength is in the defensive department, and Conte loves negative football with focus on defense. So there is a good fit.
        Would be very illogical, if Conte and Arteta were after the same players.

      2. Augustus
        But Bissouma HAS signed for the Spuds. Do you think he will make them WORSE. He will make the much better. Wake up. A TOP player.

        1. Him being a top player isn’t the issue Sean, do we really need him is the question.
          Xhaka, elneny, party, Lokonga and Torreira all occupy the position he is going to play . It would make absolute no sense for us to sign a 50mill player and put him on the bench .
          2. When the AFCON comes up he, partey, and el neny would leave us for at least 4 games , that means we would be short in that dept.
          Just this past season we all witnessed how short we were when party and elneny left us and if it wasn’t for the prudent decision to declare that we were short on players due to covid, we might have ended up in 8th position this season.
          Let the spurs have him , our world doesn’t revolve around what they do or don’t do.
          The striking dept is where we should be more concerned about .

          1. I am surprised most of you here does not know that the last AFCON is the last to be held January and from the next which is next year will be JUNE/JULY. So using AFCON as an excuse to not sign Bissouma is invalid as I sure know Arsenal management are aware of that development and have other reasons for not needing and going for him but definitely not AFCON

  5. When you consider how many clubs are interested in the likes of Tielemans, Raphinha and Bissouma etc. it looks like Arsenal are stumping up cash for low radar targets again. I hope I’m wrong but I’m not that impressed with what I have seen of him. We need strength in our midfield as well as mobility and pace. I was hoping for Tielemans and Raphinha tbh. Now that would shout out a statement. With the addition of Jesus we would be a top three contender for sure!

    1. How come we supporters see our failings but Edu/Arteta seems to have their heads up their own asses. I fear Liverpool, Chelski, Man City and (choking on it)….the Spuds are out thinking us, out battling us and making seriously astute signings. Other clubs like Newcastle may well out think and out buy us. The lack of urgency may lead to a half done transfer window. ‘The Process’…waiting to become great in the future is stupid because we live in the ‘NOW’. When the future comes it changes and it never happens as one fantasises/imagines it. We live in the present moment and should remember the uncertainty of the future. It’s Today that makes tomorrow not an arbitrary futuristic plan…..’The Process’ may genuinely NEVER develop. Let’s go for the title NOW and buy the players we need…..all of them.

        1. Pat
          Study a little Buddhism. To understand reality study Buddhism. I say that because I wish the best for you. We can always find out more about life and get an understanding of why/how things change and work out differently to expectations. As I say I wish you well and hope you have realizations in your life.

      1. Spot on there dude. We live in the now! Though its always good to look into the future as well, the script must be short term, medium term and then long developmental term. Focus on what can make us great now and then buttress that with good and astute additions for the future.

  6. I like the look of him, seems the kind of player we’ve been missing – someone who can pick the final pass.
    Only reservation is that it doesn’t look like he was a regular starter for Porto – makes you wonder how robust he would be to playing a full season. Suppose he’d be brought into the team gradually?

  7. A lot of you need to think deep. This signing further confirms pepe departure not xhaka. He uses both feet. Cut the lad some slack about his size. Bernardo Silva comes to mind. And do you people know he’s the captain of under 21 of Portugal team that is full of talents? I see what Arteta is doing. He’s bring quality at the same time character. Fabio silva is not a defensive mf. We all complain about squad depth yet signing someone to cover for odegaard and rotate with him everyone is complaining. We need creativity. We didn’t conceed too many goals but we didn’t score either. We need attacking players and full backs. If we sign tieleman then xhaka is gone. But this signing is sure that pepe is leaving. Arsenal will not change. For all we know we may see surprise signings before season start because this was out of nowhere and it was quick. This is to show that we are quick with negotiation except we don’t want the player.

  8. A porto fan said just two seasons ago, they were looking to sell him for 10mill but Arsenal has gifted them some money and they’re happy.

      1. ironically, at that time the article suggested he was worth a reported 27M, yet almost 2 years later, with considerably more experience, his transfer market value was 25M…we of course, paid 10M more…just because they put a release clause on him worth a supposed 50M, doesn’t mean he’s worth it…just saying

        1. His transfer market value is 22.5 mil but im sure now he is signing for Arsenal he will be worth 75mil by some on here who cant see the mistakes we are making again and again with signing over priced players.

  9. Good to see some signings that are not “buy someone for loadsa money because everyone says they’re good”.

    I remember the other Vieira and a host of players no-one had really thought much of until AW signed them – so many of them became greats at Arsenal.

    There’s more to it than buying for big money, especially when you finish 5th in your domestic league.

    1. Problem is, we need some greats in the squad now! It’s too young and need experienced players with a winning mentality. How many players in our squad have won the EPL or CL? We need leaders.

      1. I think you are in for a disappointment.
        We seem to be all-in on building a team with players who are max. 25-26 years, and who can grow into a potetila title winning team.

        1. I know i’m in for disappointment. But a young team will not win us silverware or possibly even finish top 4. Even AW’s teams were built around strong physical experienced players with a blend of youth. As much as MA might think a young team is the answer, it isn’t.

          1. 👍

            you simply must have some balance in your lineup, which doesn’t mean having Xhaka as your elder spokesman

  10. Another player with “potential” who has apparently cost significantly more than a proven Premier League player….Do we need another attacking midfielder player when we already have Odergaard and ESR…Do we need more midfielders with potential when we already have Loconga,Pattino,and Azeez.
    I would have thought that given Partey’s injury record a player like Bussouma at a cost of £25m would have re-inforced the Arsenal midfield in a way that we really do need.A player who is strong in defence and like Partey capable of breaking through the lines of any PL defence….But what do I…or many other Arsenal supporters know?!…watching a team under-perform more weeks than we’d like against inferior teams because we wholly lack steel…The fact that Conte can see his worth essentially tells me everything..We are told to trust in “The Process”…unfortunately the architects of this “Process” aren’t half as clever as they think that they are!!

  11. I guess with the 4 3 3 structure we might see Partey Odegaard Vieria and much like City do with de bryune and silva, you have 2 creative men there.

    I would still go for Tielemens. Hearing that’s still possible.

    Having rotation with the likes of Xhaka Eleny Longoka being rotated with Tielemens Vieira Partey means we can start to take wining a European cup and pushing high in the league as a real possibility

  12. This signing is the strongest indication we are going 4 3 3, I do agree with one writer we have more pressing needs.

    A huge squad is ideal to come to terms with the new five change rule

  13. Will we sing Vi – er -ah, he plays for Arsenal
    He comes from Portugal 🇵🇹


    Hope he can hack getting hacked in the premier league!;/

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