Medical expert explains risks involved in Tomiyasu’s return to action

Dr. Rajpal Brar has claimed that is common for calf problems to have a knock-on effect and aggravate other injuries.

The Japan international has been sidelined for almost the entirety of 2022 thus far, starting once in the Premier League against Manchester City, before being rushed back amidst an injury crisis to take on Liverpool in the League Cup semi-final, and has only recently returned to the playing squad.

Despite returning to full training at the start of the month, he is yet to play a single second of senior action, and wasn’t even included on the bench for Thursday’s win over Wolves.

Medical expert Dr Rajpal has claimed that it is common for certain injuries to trigger alternative issues, because you compensate for one injury by using your body differently, and the longer you suffer with one injury, the more likely you will affect another part of your body.

“It’s common for, not just calves, it’s common for anything to compensate, especially when you’re dealing with an extended hiatus,” he told The Arsenal Way.

“Now, when you ramp up and you’re coming back you’re always going to have potential compensation in other parts of your body.

“Imagine like the body as a set of chain links when one link is weakened, the others pick up the slack, right. So, it’s not always uncommon for that to happen.”

Dr. Rajpal Brar continued by assessing the risk and reward when looking to roll the dice on Tomiyasu’s fitness, highlighting the gamble that Arteta might have to make.

“With muscular injuries it’s a risk versus reward where it’s almost probabilities,” he said. “So, what you’re saying is, ‘alright Tomiyasu’s at 75%, can we risk him?’

“And so that’s kind of always a grey area that comes in when it comes to elite sport. They don’t always work for you, they only work against you.”

It makes perfect sense to me. When you have an issue with one foot, or a toe on a foot, your balance is off and you regularly suffer pulls or issues with the other leg or you groin due to how you deal with avoiding putting pressure on the injured area.

Fingers crossed Tomiyasu can get over his most recent issues quickly to give us our best chance of finishing the season with a flourish, although Cedric has deputised well of late.

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