Medical expert gives verdict on Lucas Torreira injury

Lucas Torreira injury was one of the negatives in an otherwise fruitful start to this New Year.

The Uruguayan, who has made 33 appearances for the Gunners this season, was stretched off in the first half of Arsenal’s game against Portsmouth in the FA Cup earlier in the year.

He was expected to be out for the next 10 weeks which would have also seen him miss the rest of this season, however, the coronavirus outbreak has brought his return date even closer.

The Uruguayan can hope to play a part in the remaining games that Arsenal has to play this season when the Premier League resumes, however, Arsenal fans are still curious about when he would be fit enough to play for the team.

Dr. Rajpal Brar has shed some light on the expected return date for the former Sampdoria midfielder.

“The way Torreira’s ankle was caught between Bolton’s legs meant that his ankle was caught in an external outward rotation, while taking a direct impact force, said Dr Brar as quoted by Football London.

“This mechanism of injury typically results in a ‘Weber Type B’ fracture.

“According to a trusted orthopaedic surgeon I regularly consult with, the first priority and key diagnostic factor is to assess the stability of Torreira’s right ankle.

“The fact that he was able to bear weight through the ankle and leave the ground in a walking boot on crutches was an early, positive indicator.

“In the following days Lucas likely went through a battery of tests that firstly included an x-ray to determine the type of fracture.

“If the pattern appeared stable he underwent a ‘stress radio-graph’ in which the ankle was manually rotated outwards during an x-ray. If this stress radio-graph showed significant medial (inner aspect of the ankle) gapping – typically anything over 5mm – then the fracture was considered unstable with surgery indicated.

“If the imaging suggests a stable fracture, or borderline, you’re placed into a CAM boot, directed to bear weight as tolerated, and to come back within a week’s time for follow up x-rays in a weight-bearing position.

“This timeline might help explain Torreira’s extended consultation with a specialist. Once his follow up indicated a truly stable fracture Lucas went into a non-operative protocol.”

It will certainly be a boost to have Torreira back for the last few games of the season, however, question marks will be there over his fitness and any impact he may have on the remainder of the season could be negligible.

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  1. Interesting and well detailed article but in many ways of probably only academic interest about Torreira , as he will probably be as fit as anyone else,LONG before any future games are played, IMO. I see no early restart to the season and there must be a serious chance that it will be null and voided. Hope not obviously and that would be a real blow to almost all clubs(not Norwich and similar lowly placed clubs) ,fans and all football folk but could, just could, be the only viable option, in time.

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