Merson is unconvinced about Arsenal’s direction under Arteta

Paul Merson isn’t one of the many Arsenal fans that are convinced about the direction that the club is taking under Mikel Arteta.

The Gunners made the Spaniard their manager last year and he has already delivered the FA Cup and the Community Shield.

One thing that he has been praised for in some quarters is that he has changed the culture at the club and that he seems to have given the Gunners some kind of direction at the moment.

However, Arsenal is enduring a tough time in the Premier League as they struggle to score goals.

The club didn’t sell any of their top strikers from last season like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Alexandre Lacazette, yet they are struggling to score the needed goals, and Merson has now questioned the direction that people claim the team is taking under Arteta.

He used Leeds as an example that it is obvious to see what the Whites are doing when they play, but that cannot be said of Arsenal.

He said to Sky Sports: “Where are Arsenal going? People say you can see what Arteta is trying to do, but I’m not sure.

“I watched Leeds and you can see what they are doing. Some of their passing and movement, you could tell they have worked on it, but I do not see that with Arsenal.”

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  1. Leeds have had 87 shots in four games v Everton, Arsenal, Villa and Manchester City… what an entertaining team to watch. Even if they’ve dropped points, they’ve still given their all… I want us to be like that!!
    We really need all 3 points tomorrow…

    1. Agree Sue.
      It’s a must win game for us. Zero goals from open play in the last five games is a big worry for Arsenal. I agree with Merson. I am on the fence regarding the suitability of Arteta as our coach. But I will wait until the end of the season to see if things improve overall.

    2. Today’s Leeds vs Everton match was a real joy to watch. Both teams played entertaining football. None of the press and defend c**** we see our team play. Merson might be right. There is no telling what MA is trying to do from one match to the next and that’s scary.

      1. 👍 It was a great game, Icw. Really like watching Leeds and not just because of Ayling!
        Not sure what to expect tomorrow..

  2. I agree with Merson on this, unfortunately.
    Tomorrow’s game is so important, not only for the team, but for Arteta’s future……

  3. Agree, Merse is correct, our team should be scoring goals and our attackers should be able to produce more than they are. We look together more as a unit but attack with no verve or swagger. A win tomorrow is a desperate thing or our league season looks dead in the water.

  4. Arteta is killing arsenal slowly but surely style of play not good formation not good team selection not good

  5. I think the jury is still out with arteta. He is learning on the job. Lets wait until jan until we formulate an opinion. He has so far had a year of two halves. With last season him looking like the new pep or klopp and this season looking like the new unai emry. By January I think it will be fair to assess.

    Although I have expressed many disappointments. I would like to point out I would like to give him credit for last season which was a masterclass and is the form he needs to find again

  6. Said the same thing last week, ahmad, about it being a must win game!!
    I don’t like it when the pressure’s on, but this is where we find ourselves. A much needed confidence boost is needed… I don’t want to head down the road next weekend on the back of another uninspiring performance..

  7. The fact of the matter is that Leeds are playing under Bielsa for 2 years now, so them showing their play style is a given. People comparing with Leeds need to give MA the same amount of time before any assessment.

    1. 1st season under Bielsa Leeds went from 13th in the Championship to 3rd.

      Their goal difference went from -5 to +23.
      Goals for 59 to 73
      Goals against 64 to 50.

      There were considerable improvements under Bielsa in the first season that we are not seeing under Arteta.

  8. I remain positive about Arteta taking us back to greatness… I have this gut feeling that tomorrow’s game will be a good win for Arsenal. I would prefer Arteta sticks with the 4-4-2 and my predicted line up to win is:

    Bellerin Holding Gabriel Tierney
    Nelson Elneny Cebalos Saka
    Lacazette Auba


  9. we should be comparing our changes with those at Everton and Spurs. All 3 clubs changed managers at roughly the same time. Their improvement is evident and still continuing. We have improved as well, but have stalled or even regressed.

    We are becoming the training ground for MA in his own career development. Should we be so?

    MA lack the vision (or experience?) on how to improve the team. Look at what type of players were added at Liverpool and Everton this summer, who improved ManU since last Jan, who brought the latest the improvement in Chelsea?

    It is correct to replace Ozil because he has declined with age, but where is his replacement? The vision of a succession plan in key positions is critical in any organization, not just a football team.

    We used to have a creative core that we can mix and match – the last generation being Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky and Wilshere. Who is their successor? May be it is the disrespect of creative midfielder that led to both Emery and MA to become a collector of CBs (10?).

    As we talked about some of our players are not good enough comparing to theirs, we have to admit that our coach is not good enough comparing to theirs.

    People may argues MA needs time. Yes, he’s like a U21 players starting in the first team – showed glimpses of brilliance but is he a Haaland or a Sancho?

  10. Blah blah blah,

    everyone is a pundit these days, ancelloti inherited a stable everton team and yet had cash splashed on the team on quality buys.

    The talkertive one joined the chickens that had been together and had some matrix among themselves to even qualify for uel under poch without any signing throughout the constructn of their stadium! Same squad that boast of proven top top week in week out performers like kane, son, alderweild etc.

    Why must we analyze narrowly?

    Our team may ooze quality in our eyes as fans but in all truth we dont have top 4 quality , ma needs time plz

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