Mertesacker calls for long term patience in Arteta’s rebuilding plan for Arsenal

So we have had long interviews or statement from Vinai Venkatesham and Edu trying to explain to Arsenal fans that the Gunners have set out a long term rebuilding plan to get our team back up amongst the top table in the Premier League and Europe.

Mikel Arteta has also tried to convey the message that all our current investment is concentrated on building a young talented squad that will grow together, and can aim for success after being molded into Arteta’s perfect fighting unit.

But that comes with the warning that there are going to be setbacks and pitfalls along the way, so the fans and staff are being urged to stay strong and support the team through thick and thin until the plan comes together.

Now Per Mertesacker has also had a long interview to try and help the supporters to understand the process as well. Arsenal are currently priced at 10/1 with sites like Thienhabet just to reach the Top Four this season, and Mertesacker doesn’t think that there is much hope of reaching those heights in this campaign, or maybe not even next season either! Per told The Beautiful Game Podcast: ‘Probably not [top four this season], that is what I’ve learnt. I’m looking more long-term, Edu needs to look long-term sometimes, we need to build a foundation for the next three or four years. Me in the academy, I live in ten year cycles,’

‘Mikel needs to address the here and now, the next games are the most important for us. I’m going to get behind the team because they need us to create that positivity and energy around the whole training ground.’

‘That’s what our whole job is as lifelong Arsenal fans to build that atmosphere. Because what happens if we go down? Do I have my job next year, what happens if we don’t reach European football? Does that have an effect on staff and numbers in the academy,’

‘So we’re trying to make sure we keep the positivity within the environment of Arsenal football club because every staff and every fan has a huge part to play in this.’

So it is clear that none of the highest ranking managers at the club are expecting instant success considering that Vinai, Edu and Martesacker have all emphasised the need for patience, and Arteta himself explaining his long term rebuilding process.

So it is clear to me, that no matter where the team finishes in the League this season, the top brass are backing Arteta for the long term and have faith in his project.

So we can assume that calling for @ArtetaOut is a total waste of breath at the moment, so we may as well just get behind the team and enjoy the highs with the lows, until we find out if Arteta’s plans finally bring us success….

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  1. Like I said in the previous post, the spuds who were winning one nil and thinking all is well untill they started losing 3 nils. Let that not happen to Arsenal and I can see the players especially the defense playing with determination not to lose the game rather than anything else. This unrecognizable pattern of football is not sustainable. Soon the mental strength of the defense will cave in and we may start conceding 2-3 goals again. The attack is failing the team. Pepe is more interested in the man he is going to dribble than actually going direct with his runs. Saka who could create can no longer create, relies too much on his left foot and doesn’t have scoring instinct. Why not roll out the Calvary at this point in Martinelli, Nketiah, Lacazette and Auba to play together with Lacazette linking with the midfield and attack and Martinelli allowed to roam and play the free role? With Lokonga, Partey and Lacazette dropping deep to support and hold the midfield, their grit, strength and energy will make the midfield very strong first and foremost and then Lacazette can also create and link up with the attack which he is good at and then we can see his trade mark long range shots from outside the box. A 4-2-1-3 system is suitable for this and all 4 players can play direct football and can shoot with both feet. Any of Pepe, Saka, Smith-Rowe or Odegaard in the second half to bring another dimention to the game. Dynamism from a manager is what makes him great. My 2 cents.






  2. ts time for Tavares to get his chance He can play as a winger. Saka and Pepe have been poor. Auba has also struggled a lot because in that CF position as he’s highly service reliant. I still maintain that in a side creating lot of clear cut chances he will score loads and miss as much as well. His confidence is low too. I hope after this season people open their eyes about the winger we got. He’s not going to morph into this world class player some think he well. His individual game was never there.

    1. Tavares should’ve played ahead of Tierney, because he’s currently more confident in cutting inside. Italy have Spinazzola as their inverted LB, Man City have Cancelo and Matty Cash can cut inside/ shoot effectively from the right side, so Tierney should’ve been able to do it as well

  3. Arsenal’s attack has been blunt but Arteta’s tactics are a cause for concern. There is a problem in the way we attack and Arteta must look into that. I also don’t like the way we press. It is not well organised. He also needs to properly identify the right lineup and formation for his style. We must also inject more energy into our play. If he can solve these issues then he will go far. I can see what he wants to do with the positional play and the like but a lot of factors are holding him back.

  4. Patience is needed. But we must see some progress, by reaching a top six position in EPL table by the end of this year

    We could have a good September, by getting at least a draw against Spurs. Next month is going to be tougher, so my expectation for October is two wins and two draws

    1. We’ve been patient for the last 5years, when we didn’t qualify for champions league by virtue of EPL log. So, we need more 4 years of patience? That’ll be a decade of waiting

        1. Doing that just to protect your beloved Arteta. Is Arteta bigger than Arsenal? Who’s interests are you protecting? Arsenal cannot be sacrificed for one man who has never done much for it.

    2. Gai
      Spuds are beatable. Let’s not consider a draw Incase Arteta reads this post he won’t feel too lackadaisical. With the right tactics and formation the team should aim for a win and not settle for mediocrity. Arteta needs to take a clue from how Chelsea played and beat Spurs in front of their fans. In my opinion only a win I’d good enough.

      1. NLD has always been tough, even during Wenger’s time. Spuds also have one of the best CFs in EPL and we’re still in limbo, so let’s not pressurize the team too much

        1. Not during Wenger’s time. Your comments are always trying to shield Arteta. The best thing is not to start the game with Xhaka. That’ll be a terrible mistake

          1. A quick search of Google reveals that from 2010 to 2018, Arsenal won 8, drew 5 and lost 7 against the Spurs (my numbers are probablyslightly off as my eyesight ain’t what it used to be but you get my point)

            So Armoury, yes even in Wenger’s time NLDs have been tough. Facts matter.

  5. That all makes sense. It seems obvious that it will take some time to build a successful team, and it’s perfectly reasonable to ask fans to be patient. This window was a good start, but more new signings are clearly needed in midfield (Replace Xhaka, Elneny, and possibly AMN depending on how he does this season) and strikers (Big questions over the futures of Auba and Laca, and it’s still not proven that Balogun/Martinelli will be good enough, and Nkatiah is still with Arsenal, etc.etc) so there’s still a lot to sort out and that will take a couple more windows at least.

    1. @Yossarian- does it all make sense? In theory maybe, but surely we would have expected at the very least to have seen a pattern of play that would show progress. I have not seen this at all. We got over the line against a Championship quality side in Norwich, then produced a determined and battling display against Burnley. We probably deserved to win both games but let’s put into perspective the quality of the sides we played. Both are poor in terms of EPL standards and the real test will come on Sunday and against Brighton.
      I would be more supportive and encouraged if I could see we have progressed, but this has not been evident at all. Or am I just not seeing something?
      Metersacker is just supporting his bosses and would never say anything against Arteta, so his comments should be dismissed. We can all see what is happening on the pitch and we are not anywhere near top 4 quality and I’m struggling to see how a top 6/8 spot is likely with the mediocrity I’ve seen. Just exactly how long are we supposed to be patient for?

    2. The team was better before the arrival of Arteta and his projects. Even before we spent too much money, the team was doing better. Arteta splashed the money and the team is going down.

  6. The system used in academy and the one that Arteta is using, is completely different. How are we going to achieve that project? They should not fool us because Arteta acquired players like Suares and Mari. Are these considered as part of the long-term project? So, is it 3 to 4yrs project started when Arteta was employed or is it from today?

    1. It will be from next season ,because that will be when our season starts properly ,or so we will be told that probably around Xmas time

  7. That word patient again !
    Does the club want all the fans to have patience of a saint for the next decade ,they can not keep using this excuse as it does not run with a lot of fans seeing 14 years ago we was told that we will now be able to compete with the best teams in the word ,so 14 years is not enough time for fans to wait to see us once again compete for the big titles .

    Patience is all well and dandy if we see progression.
    I personally do not and the football being served up to me is pathetic to say the least so
    Excuse me if I do not have the Patience of a saint .

  8. This is a mind game. Mertesacker and Arteta want to be paid whilst the team is dropping. These are not academy players that were acquired by £130 million. They were playing for big teams. How can you take 3 to 4yrs to introduce them to a system? Imagine the that this is doing to the brand. There’ll be reduction of supporters. By not qualifying to play in Europe will have financial impact. It’ll be difficult to acquire some players as the team will not be doing well. The negative impact surpass the positives

  9. I would agree with 3 to 4yrs project if players were promoted from academy. But Arteta spends £130 million in one transfer window, and tells us is a long-term project. Everyone should open his/her eyes because this is a mind game

  10. Patience is required indeed, but the main point is that there should be clear signs of progress. Klopp also took time at Liverpool to succeed but every season there were definite signs of progress. The same thing must happen with Arteta and Arsenal, progress in every part of the field, progress in team tactics, progress in individual player development and finally progress in terms of game success rate which will invariably improve our standing. At this rate, there will be automatically a positive atmosphere in the Club which will in turn lead to more success, it is a self sustaining cyclic model, one on which most top clubs are built on and Arsenal is definitely a top Club.

  11. Even if we were to finish in the top six, that would not be acceptable to certain contributors who will continue to slag off the team as long as Arteta is in charge.Why don’t they just have the common decency to admit that.Personally speaking, if we make the top six this season I will be delighted but breaking in to the top four will take some time particularly as the sides concerned have the financial muscle to strengthen their square when appropriate.

  12. Yeah of course- humiliated at Brentford. Embarrassed by Chelsea. Anhialated by City. Crept over the line against Norwich. Had to battle against Burnley.
    Turn that around what you have written. The same people who seem to defend Arteta despite zero progress, no signs of a cohesive game plan. Insipid displays. No goal threats.
    Some people just can’t see what’s in front of them and continue to support a novice who is showing no signs of being capable of doing the job is nerds to do.

    1. @Phil (wrong email again by the way!)

      In my world Mikel Arteta is the manager chosen by the club, and whether we like it or not they have no intention of sacking him any time soon.

      As long as he is the manager I will support and hope he brings us success. Once he is gone I will support the next man that is chosen in exactly the same way.

      I simply want success for Arsenal, and if Arsenal think he is the right man for the job, then who am I to argue.

  13. AdPat- I agree with you that Arteta is, at the moment, being supported through this transition. The point I’m making is that just how far will he be allowed to go if results and performances stop is progressing. The first three games were abject. I do not make any allowances for the COVID and injuries, the performances were so bad it was embarrassing. Are you telling me this will be allowed to continue? If we were held to draws by bothNorwich and Burnley do you seriously believe this would have been acceptable to you? Just because he is Arsenals manager and you feel he should be supported? That is not right. Wenger was sacked because he could not reverse the downward spiral he put the club into. Emery was sacked because he could not satisfy the Fanbase of progress, despite having an infinitely better record compared to Arteta. But because he is Arsenal manager, you will continue to support Arteta? For how long I wonder.
    Lose to the Spuds with an uninspired performance and fans having to live with that but you would still support “The Process”? Follow that with Brighton and again a poor result and performance matters nothing to you?
    Nope- not having that at all.
    Someone is accountable somewhere. Surely it is Arteta. It certainly isn’t me. But I’m expected to support someone who has had more than enough time to stamp his mark down. He is yet to scratch the surface

    1. @Phil…. “Lose to the Spuds with an uninspired performance and fans having to live with that but you would still support “The Process”? Follow that with Brighton and again a poor result and performance matters nothing to you?”

      Can I turn that around?

      If Arsenal Draw with the Spuds with a big show of passion, and then beat Brighton convincingly, how will YOU deal with it? Will you then support the “process”?

      Fair point?

      Shall we wait and see before judging mate….

      1. AdPat- I said before the Norwich game that the performance was every bit as important as the result. We needed a win, but Arteta also needed a performance that showed he was able to to get some quality in our play that has been missing pretty much since he took over, and certainly most of last season. He got the 3 points but the actual performance was so typical of Arsenal under Arteta- totally uninspiring.
        And let’s remember we played one of the worst teams to ever play in the Premier League.
        And Burnley is Saturday sad pretty much the same.
        I actually expect is to beat the Spuds, they have performed as badly as is this season and flattered in winning their first3 games. So the bar should be higher.We need7points from these games and nothing less is acceptable.

        1. I’m with you Phil
          If we are talking of progress it should be about how we are actually playing and not just the results ,the Norwich and Burnley games we expect 3 points but you also expect good football and not just huffing and puffing over the finishing line ,and there lies the problem with Arteta ,20 months in charge and the football we are witnessing is the same since he came boss it should be made a crime to have to put up with that .
          This is where a lot of fans are getting their negativity from it breeds form having to watch such crap .
          It’s up to the manager to get the fans all loved up with the football we are playing and that is where he is completely failing .
          If he is here to stay till the season ends then he should be judged accordingly where we finish ,if it’s not in the top4-6 then send him packing and we start again .

  14. It’s all loser talk, isn’t it? Patience, three to four years blah blah. It relieves the Kroenkes down of any accountability. Don’t judge us in May 2022, judge us in 2024.

  15. The way we lost to Chelsey & Mancity was too bad. If there is any progress then you expect to see at least a very good fight in one of those games. Southampton drew with City other day. I feel it is not about any individual players but something else is wrong

    1. You are both cynical and negative, but there is answer to your woes, just stop being a football fan.I yearn for the days when football was a community based sport where money was less important in assembling a successful team.Sadly these days are gone and unless you are prepared to adapt to the modern game and it’s increasing divergence between rich and poor, why bother being a supporter?Between them, Arteta and Edu have made major errors of judgement, examples being the signing of Cedric and Mari, the failure to acknowledge the talent that is Saliba and the signing of White when his team mate Bissouma ought to have been a priority.However, and this is where I differ from the likes of Phil, I am prepared to accept that virtually every Manager on the Planet has made mistakes, which in hindsight, they regret, even Sir Alex Ferguson , Shankly, Stein, Guardiola, Klopp etc etc but due to the faith of the Boards of their Clubs and their fans, they came good and brought success.If Arsenal do not finish in the top 6/8 this season Arteta may well be sacked and with some justification, but having just entrusted him with a sizeable spending budget,I suspect the Board will be prepared to exercise more patience for a return on their investments.If any Arsenal fan does not accept this they can of course refrain from buying a season ticket and support a more affluent Club who will meet your short term needs.True Arsenal supporters would of course never countenance such course of action.

      1. Your right Grandad- true Arsenal fans would the next for their club. And a novice manager who is totally uninspiring in everything he is doing is not the answer. And by waiting to see if he can turn things around will only prolong the process that he is failing to live up to.
        Let’s wait and see who is proven right

        1. Phil
          It has nothing to do with who is right or wrong
          It has everything to do with how the higher-ups run their business
          I asked the question many months ago about who should be manager
          All of us could come up with less than a handful of suitable names but none of them would countenance the job
          Regardless, Arteta is on his Arsenal road trip. OGS is further down his at Utd. He is steadily building up his reputation.
          Nobody is saying that we are in a great place but I’m not sure there is an easy way out and to my mind there hasn’t been one for a good few years.
          Arteta has now got at least a team that I feel has a chance of firing. He has something to prove and the clock is ticking. Most of the necessary departures have taken place. What I hate about the disagreements is that it pits one set of Arsenal against other Arsenal supporters

  16. I must be cynical and negative. I do not believe all this rubbish about be patient, we are building a dynasty to last a thousand years, next week will be better etc etc Football is a short term industry on the pitch. Players last 5 years at the top if they are very lucky. 5 years of patience while all around improve and a team sinks to the bottom. Meanwhile the sacked managers pick up compensation and laugh all the way to the bank. Only the poor supporter loses money each year while the ‘superstars’ gold plate their Lamborghinis. If only I had had talent!

  17. Why are we accepting sub-standard performers? Most fans were offended when I criticised Willian, Xhaka, Ozil, and Arteta. If we could accept these people as our heros, then we settle for mediocrity

  18. Known this from day one. Arsenal would have to be relegated for Arteta to be sacked. A lot of people don’t see that yet, but the earlier they do the better for them. Arteta was brought to become the new Wenger. He is not just a long term plan, he is a VERY LONG TERM PLAN and he will become a legend at Arsenal. Mark my words.

  19. The six players Arteta and Edu have brought in may be good honest Joes or pros but none of them are game changers, although I have to admit that without Odegaards free kick, the Burnley game
    would have ended in a boring draw and a net total of one goal in five games. But Odegaard is not a player who can transform a bad performance into an unlikely win. In the mean time the other five teams all have their match winners and won’t be standing still waiting for Arsenal to catch up. And yes grandad we can support our local suburban teams, laugh off a 0-6 thrashing, make jokes about certain players’ incompetence and be back again to cheer on the following week, but Arsenal are playing at a different level and should be striving to be the best not simply making up the numbers.

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