Mertesacker to bring new approach to Arsenal’s youth training

Per Mertesacker has always been regarded to be the consummate professional at Arsenal, and he has put down his long career at the top down to taking a new approach to keeping his body supple and fit. He likes the holistic approach and even uses yoga as a way of keeping his body in tip top condition.

The Big German is fully intending to pass on his all-round approach to body wellness when he takes over his new role in the academy next season. “Footballers are used to working only three hours a day.” Mertesacker said. “And out of the three hours they are at the training ground they are on their mobiles for half of that.

“We have all the money in the world but do not realise how important the body is. A player on average has a seven‑year professional career, 10-15 if everything goes right. You have to do everything possible to be at your maximum.

“A lot of players don’t even know what maximum is – for them it is about having fun on the pitch. But there is more to being a professional than that.

“In my new role as Arsenal academy manager I will do everything I can to challenge the young players’ mindsets. I want to challenge them so that they are ready to take on new ideas and protect them from being injured, when it comes to their body and soul.

“I want to convince them they have to do something to get to the top of the world and I want to be an example for them. For me there wasn’t really a way up but somehow I made it there anyway, because I did everything I possibly could to give me the best chances to succeed. Talent is what you make of your situation.”

we have seen too many of our academy players get sucked into the playboy lifestyle before they have even reached a first team spot. They are paid obscene amounts of money even when playing for the under18s so it is very easy to get distracted. Let’s hope that Mertesacker’s new approach can see more of our starlets actually making the grade in the future…



  1. gotanidea says:

    He knows how to command the defense well, despite he is slow

    I hope Chambers can learn a lot from him, because Chambers is also slow

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Last I heard Chambers was in the first team squad, not the Academy, and he’s much faster than Mertersacker.

  2. Innit says:

    Yes. Because he was slow he didn’t get the respect he deserved. Other than his lack of speed, he was a fine centre back.

    He will be a good defensive coach

  3. Phil says:

    He was a far better player than he was ever given credit for and there is absolutely no doubt how much he loves Arsenal Football Club.The Youth team set up has under achieved for years and the BFG could be the person to start bringing the young talent through.We continually hear about how good these players are but seriously when was the last time we had genuine encouragement that the system is working?Pers is the right choice at the right time

  4. ArsenalMane says:

    Blah blah blah! Just do what you’re paid for

    1. Phil says:

      Pathetic comment pal

    2. Sergio says:


      Shut up.

      Interesting comments on Per’s coaching philosophy there, let’s see if it works!

  5. Gelz says:

    Although not blessed with pace, it was his positional sense and reading of the game that made him a good defender. If he can pass this on whilst keeping the young players grounded, then he’ll be an asset to the youth set up.

  6. Sean says:

    Metersaker will be a great addition to the coaching set up full stop. Was a leader in the back4, the dressing room also as capatin & i believe he does care about the club loads.

    Him & Boss had a great understanding despite his lack of pace but he could read the game very well & had that height in the box. He may teach our young guns minds perfectly for the next step up to the 1st team. Seems to know his stuff so kudos to Per.

  7. Remember Resource? says:

    moley (my source) says that arteta is our next manager and sokratis will be our first summer sigining. Also says that the 50m transfer budget rumour is complete non sense.

  8. Barren says:

    0ff topic fellow gooners let’s support arteta bcoz he might prove us wrong let’s also give him time to implement his way coz the players need to remove that Wenger mentality.
    2.arteta needs to realise the big job he has to do regarding our gk/cb/dm area!!!
    3.let’s hope that 50mil is just a smoke screen for the other teams bcoz if every1 new we had 100/150mil to spend we wud have got caught out in the transfer window.
    4.he needs to demand alot from our players and that’s why I think ozil is going to fall short to mhki.
    5.a young backroom staff is needed to shake things up bcoz alot of our young players stopped developing this past season.
    6.imagine what a pre-season we cud have if we get most of our transfers in b4 the world cup.
    7.I am 100% behind arteta if we get the right players!!!!!!!

  9. Jeremy says:

    Hope we see some results soon.

    The youth players which we brought in, didn’t seem to make the mark.

  10. ThirdManJW says:

    He’s actually a good defender, so that is a positive, but I don’t think Mertesacker will doing any favours for the mentality of these young players, given what he’s said over the last month.

  11. Beaveraldinho says:

    I’m all for Arteta and I for one hope he gets in enough defenders so that we can return to 3 at the back in some games. 1 GK 2 CB and 1 top CM (Seri please) will be enough to get us back on the road to glory. With these signings and formation my hopes would be:
    Kolasinac to become a starter again as a wing back. Auba, Laca, Mikhi and Ozil to fight it out for 3 spots each week. CM’s to be given license to boss the middle of the park without too many defensive burdens. A back 4 (including keeper) who can stop counters and minimizes unneeded errors.

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