Did Messi block Ozil transfer from Arsenal to Barcelona?

Reports in Spain are claiming that Lionel Messi blocked Mesut Ozil’s arrival from Arsenal, citing the move as bad business.

The German international was linked with a late move to the Catalan club, but it failed to materialise, and the latest claims are that Messi himself was the reason Barca backed out of the deal.

The superstar is claimed to have described a potential deal as ‘poor business’, although that explanation is a little vague to say the least.

Arsenal haggled Manchester City into bidding a whopping £60 Million for Alexis Sanchez, knowing full well that he will likely be available for free at the end of the season. The same principle could be the thinking of the Argentine, knowing the Gunners would have refused to sell their key player cheaply.

The story leaves you to make your own mind up somewhat as to why he is claimed to have blocked the deal, while it also has no quotes or evidence to prove their claims.

There was talk of an offer being made on the Spanish deadline day, which would have left us without an opportunity to replace the German due to our window having closed the night before, and thankfully he wasn’t allowed to move then.

Arsenal have had a tough transfer window, seemingly failing to bring in a number of targets, and have had to settle for just two senior arrivals, and losing more players simply wasn’t an option.

Is Ozil good enough for Barcelona? Would Messi accept him at the end of the season?

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  1. Victor victory says:

    Ozil was “WOW” for Germany last night. It brings back the old argument of Wenger’s team and tactics. I believe the wine is good, in fact very good but the container is less purified.

  2. BigStick says:

    If he did he’s an idiot. Ozil is brilliant.

    1. Mobella says:

      I like your “if” thing. I don’t know Messi owns Barca.The major problem with arsenal is the fans. We believe everything we read on internet. Some of us still believe we should have bought Drinkwater and Barry because that nitwit Merson said so.

  3. Hass says:

    If you have ozil in the team he needs to play behind the striker in a 4231 with runners either side and mobile striker… it’s bloody obvious.. but we rather a 343 with everyone out of position!!! It’s fkn amazing …. maybe with ox gone we won’t square peg him into right back and let bellerin have a run of game and it could all improve… then again I’d say Wenger knows a bit more about football than I do!

  4. Verstellung says:

    I clicked the “source” link and this story is dubious at best.
    Why is this even an article?

  5. Simon says:

    I’ve tried to be positive about Arsenal despite our obvious problems and concerns-

    Then I realised its about to get a lot worse-

    With no contracts in place I think it’s safe to assume that we will definitely lose Ozil, Sanchez at the end of this season.

    And for zero cash return.

    To replace those 2 players, at that level of quality will cost £100-200 million – and I’m not exaggerating.

    That just doesn’t seem viable for Arsenal. And in addition to that we still need at an absolute minimum a central midfielder.

    Our bid for Lemar suggests that role will cost £100m on its own to fill at the level we require-

    That’s £300 f-in million!

    How the hell are we going to achieve that?

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      Well for Sanchez and Ozil, rest assured, if we lose them for free we will NOT be replacing them…that term is simply not in Wengers vocabulary. He will play Wilshere on the right wing on Ozils position and go and buy a left back and play Kolasinac further up the pitch…just wait and see.

  6. Frank says:

    Messi said that Özil wasn’t the player they need to replace Neymar. Other words, Özil isn’t good enough and who in their right mind would argue with Messi.
    Barcelona play with everyone behind the ball when defending. Özil would be a weak link in Barcelona and the good teams don’t want passengers which says a lot for the people that think he is one of the best players in our team.

    1. Mobella says:

      You watch him saying that or you read it from one of the itk.

      1. Frank says:

        Is the express ok with you?


        Let’s be honest, Özil wouldn’t cut it at Barcelona with their high tempo man-on-man defending.

  7. walle says:

    Will be interesting to see if any of the top European clubs chase his signature next summer when is available on free transfer…. I doubt any of Barca, Real, Bayern or money bags PSG will come calling. The guy doesn’t try for Arsenal even though he is a Wenger untouchable…. never gets subsitituted. It will be rude awakening for him next summer when he discovers clubs like Arsenal are his level now not the elite clubs. even on a free I dont think he will be offered terms similar to what he is declining at Arsenal currently.

  8. Antony Douglas says:

    Ozil is a ‘professional footballer’ who is paid good money to perform. We should stop making excuse for him. The other good teams will stop me from playing. He needs to work harder for Arsenal. If you went to work and did nothing you wouldn’t be paid. He needs to pull his sock up.

  9. Turbo says:

    I can’t help but wonder how many of these rumors from various supposed news sites are simply made up or conjecture. When I heard of Ozil to Barca rumors I was thinking “would he really add quality given their various other options” and if I was Messi I might ask “what is up with this nonsense” and object. I wonder if the reporters and/or leakers might not just be doing similar and talking as if that could actually be happening.

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