Mesut Ozil a revitalised player since Mikel Arteta became Arsenal manager

Mesut Ozil has shown a huge improvement in training according to sources.

Mesut Ozil at Arsenal has certainly been a rollercoaster ride and just a couple of months ago it looked like his career at the Emirates would come to a sad and sorry end. Not no more if his improvement in form and attitude continues.

Sources have told ESPN that the German is a very different player in training under Arteta than what has been seen in a long time.

To quote ESPN, the source inside the club has apparently said that the 31-year-old is “a totally changed player”

The report further claims that Ozil is responding very well to instructions from Arteta, who has urged the midfielder to find half-spaces on the right side when they have possession.

For his part, Arteta is not surprised by the reaction from Ozil to his training methods.

‘I haven’t been surprised by Mesut’s performances because I know him well and his ability,’ said the Arsenal boss per the Metro.

‘But the structure has to be there to help him bring out everything he has inside.

‘He can’t do it all on his own. Nowadays, there are only two or three players in the world who can do that.

‘I try to prepare the team with the strengths and weaknesses we have in mind. In these kind of positions Mesut can be very effective.

‘Now I am hoping that he can sustain this level every three or four days and he’s putting in everything he has to try to do that.

‘His physical numbers have improved so much and he’s willing every day in training.’

This is all good news for Arsenal, it is irrelevant if previously you took a position one way or another with regards to the former Real Madrid star. All that matters is what is best for the club.

If Ozil continues to perform to the level that he currently is, then great. If he does not, then all the negatives will start again and the clamour for him to be sold next summer will reach fever pitch.

Hopefully, we continue to see more of this much improved Ozil.


  1. He’s been amazing since Arteta has come on board.
    Its amazing how so many players have improved, literally the whole team.

  2. Ozil has shown an improvement since the appointment of Mikel Artetar, but notwithstanding, he should be allowed to move on in the summer, MA will eventually adopt the 4-3-3 system of play next season. He should also move on for the team to enhance uniformity in weekly wages, l guess Aubameyang and Lacazette will be pacified and they will sign an extension to their contracts.

    1. Goona , So is anyone stopping him playing football then? I see no one doing so but I also see others excercising their own unalienable right to free speech. Would you wish to prevent that, as that is whay your post implies?

  3. I wrote a couple of times earlier. Özil is a genius. Only few players understood his tactics and strategy on the pitch. One of them was Sanchez. Imagine how he would have been under Klopp’s or Guardiola’s team.

    But better late than never, now at least it seems there is a manager that understand him (no wonder…Guardiola’s man) and put him in a right position. Özil seems to be encouraged by that…not to under estimate the atmosphere the new manager created for the other players as well

  4. For Ozil to be Arsenal in 2020 is because of media. He cannot show it on the pitch. Other players make 1 mistake and all the fans say the player should be sold. Ozil has been trolling the pitch for more than 5 years, but he is still ‘revitalised’. Ozil, Xhaka, and Mustafi should be gone long time

  5. Ozil, Xhaka, and Mustafi are delaying the progress of Arsenal. Arteta is digging his own grave by keeping these players. More so, he want to sign the slowest defender in Boateng. Feel sorry for Arsenal

  6. Arteta hit the nail on it’s head when he said ” the structure has to be there to help him bring out everything he has inside”. Under Emery’s style of play Ozil was a square peg in a round hole and even under AW was played out of position in a number of games.

    He is a gifted footballer and easy on the eye but not versatile, in the right team he can be devastating with his intelligence and passing through the lines. Whether or not he can be a consistent success in the current Arsenal team is the question. I hope Arteta can get the best out of him because with him on song the team will thrive. He seems to be buying into Arteta’s philosophy so let’s hope it’s the start of Ozil’s revival.

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