Mesut Ozil agrees move after secret talks with future club

Mesut Ozil is claimed to have held secret talks with Fenerbahce president Ali Koc, and the pair are believed to have carved out an agreement ahead of his exit from Arsenal.

The German playmaker has been exiled by the club in recent months, having not featured for the senior side in a competitive outing since the Coronavirus pandemic in March, and was later overlooked when registering their Premier League and Europa League squads for the current campaign.

Some had hopes that the midfielder could be brought back in from the cold in January, but after his latest snub in midweek when he was again left out against Man City in the League Cup, those thoughts are likely to have gone away.

Ozil is now claimed to have agreed a move with Fenerbahce after secret talks with their president.

The last words of the conversation were supposedly ‘see you in June, as quoted in German publication Bild, who cite sources in Turkey for their report.

Should the news prove to be true, that will mean that Ozil will be seeing out his current deal with Arsenal, despite the likelihood that he will not be playing for the first-team in any fixtures for the remainder of the term.

These talks should not have taken place without the say-so of Arsenal Football Club however, as he isn’t allowed to talk to clubs over pre-contract negotiations until entering the final 12 months of his playing deal, and the club could well raise issues should there be proof of such a meeting.


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  1. @Patrick, Ozil wasn’t snubbed for the game against City, he’s not in the league squad so couldn’t be picked, even though it wasn’t a league game. The earliest he could play for us if bought back is February. Your final paragraph is confusing as well because he is in the final 12 months of his current deal but not withstanding that it’s likely Arsenal not only knew about the meeting but encouraged it.

  2. Arteta has had a ridiculous record in league so far and it his own creation, Ozil, Guendowsi, Martinez, Salina, Torera all of them are such names who can take the steam out of any competitor on their day but sadly Arteta had great designs. Definitely we are competing to avoid relegation. High time he is sacked so that someone with better managerial ability can infuse vitality in the team.

    1. Bring back Quenduzi we have lost to many young prospects in the past if we lose to Chelsea and the game after we need a new manager arteta has had enough time

  3. Another non story BECAUSE it is all about what happens to Ozil AFTER June, when he will no longer be here, I care nothing about what happens to him then.


    He leaves on JULY 1ST as a free agent and we get no fee for him. So what does it matter what happens to him then!
    Of course I do realise that many on here who claim to support Arsenal , actually CARE MORE ABOUT OZIL than the club they claim to support.

    1. Mr Jon Fox you want to criticise and belittle fans supporting Ozil yet you do the same thing with Arteta please give it a rest, we all support Arsenal, so please respect other fan’s opinions.

      1. Mike, my “woke” fellow Gooner . What I exercise is my right to free speech and is always exactly as I see it.


        Though I often challenge the views of others , I DO NOT SEEK TO SHUT THEIR OPINIONS DOWN, as you are doing in your post to me!
        If you wish to deny others the right to their free speech, then China, North Korea and Russia etc will welcome you.

        In a free world with real liberal values, free people are not required to “respect other fans opinions” if they choose to disagree.

        BUT THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO “NO PLATFORM” OTHERS OPINIONS. In a world of woke tyranny though it IS expected . I doubt you have ever even thought about this matter, so I thought it best to expain it to you for your consideration. Food for thought perhaps, or perhaps not . The choice is yours, not mine.
        But my words and my right to use them IS my choice!

        1. I have been reading your comments Jon, you claim you simply oppose people and not prevent them from expressing their opinion but the fact is, whoever doesn’t agree with you, you either see as unreasonable or unintelligent, well, you have been an Ozil hater right from time so to me your opinion in this topic doesn’t matter.
          As a realist, you better accept the fact that Arsenal will be relegated if Arteta is not sacked.
          I loved Arteta but from all indications he is a bad manager that believes strongly in favoritism and that is so bad .

          1. Angelo, I do NOT “hate” Ozil. On thr contrary, what I ACTUALLY DO is to loathe the lazy way OZIL plays and how he does not give back to the club that pays him and all others too vastly too much. A more moral man would think it his duty to try in all games 100% but he does not and I loathe that he does that but do not HATE him.
            BTW, you are yet another fan who misuses the word “hate” when what you mean is mere difference of opoinion.
            At this time of trouble for the world it is not responsible to misuse the word hate for a mere opinion difference of fan opinion.

            Actual “hate” is what NAZIS had for JEWS! What tyrant run countries like China, North Korea, Russia have for peoples freedom and for democracy. It is what violent criminals have for innocent victims , what drug dealers and racists have for ordinary people It is not and never can be what fans have for an opinion about a players use to the club.

            I take comfort in knowing that as you so lightly misuse and misunderstand what HATE really is, that it appears that you personally can never have been the victim of true hate thus far and for that I am grateful. I urge you and others not to use this damaging and incorrect word again in a mere football opinion context.

  4. If gunners want survive you should sacks Arteta before January and appointed a new coach like putacheno Sam aladyce kounte and so on

  5. My beloved arsenal has lost the directions I I last enjoyed my team when Henry was at arsenal in 2006 the problem with ars is the board coz they new arsenal is struggling since 2007 but they have failed to resolve the problem if a team is fighting for top 4 instead of winning the league then tomorrow it will be fighting for relegation.

  6. In a less strident form than Jon, it is a non story. He is staying as he always said he would. Am I bothered if he and his agent have spoken to another club? No

  7. First of all, Ozil wasn’t snubbed for the Carabao cup, he isn’t eligible to play. Second of all, if he has been talking about leaving to Fenerbache in June, surely that is not legally allowed and is breaking his contract with Arsenal and im sure we are quite within our rights to sack him. So i am not sure about the articles validity.

    1. Incorrect Reggie! At END of June his contract with Arsenal is over and he can then go where he is offered any deal he chooses to accept. Not DURING June but afterJune is over! That means from July 1st onwards.

      1. He or his agent are not allowed to discuss a move until 1st January, if they are discussing moves now they are in breach of his contract.

        1. The article said last 12 months of his contract he can not negotiate with other clubs… that is where the confusion arose for me

  8. Now are we saying Guenduosi is needed at arsenal, arsenal supporters are amongst of people who contributed mess to this club. This guy is a talented, very energetic and has winning mentality, since arsenal bought this guy many arsenal fans doesn’t like him but am seeing this guy as an arsenal best player then, and the future captain, if care is not taking the guy might not be come back again cos big offer is awaiting for him from esle where.

  9. Merry Christmas all gooners…

    I think Özil is the rotten apple in our club, he has divided the fans more than any other player that I can remember in almost 60 years of supporting Arsenal & yes that includes Jon Sammels from the 60s, Jeff Blockley from the 70s etc etc. I even fall out with my own brother over him. I don’t deny he has incredible talent but we have never seen the best of him, he has been a freeloading passenger for years & the contract he was (wrongly in my opinion) given just highlights the issues even more.
    If the fans are divided over Özil, maybe the players are too, we finished last season looking like a proper team and giving hope for the future, the team looked full of heart and prepared to run through brick walls for our exciting new manager, the naming of the 25man squad seems to have been about the same time the wheels started to come off & Özil always has something to say on social media which just keeps bringing him to the fore. I for one will be happy to see him go, it just should have been 4 years ago !!

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