Mesut Ozil aiming to win Ballon D’Or with Arsenal

Mesut Ozil had already won the German Cup with Werder Bremen, La Liga and the Copa Del Rey with Real Madrid and even the World Cup with Germany before coming to Arsenal. He has since added the FA Cup and the Community Shield to his trophy cabinet, but he still believes that he can go even further and win the Ballon D’Or while playing for the Gunners (and can we add the Premier League trophy too please!)

“If I continue to develop well and stay healthy, I would like, in the next few years, to hold the Ballon D’Or in my hands,” he was quoted as saying in the Guardian. “I am convinced that it can happen.

“I’m feeling very positive. I’m a world champion and I play at a top club in the Premier League. There is much more of a physical test here than there is in Spain or in the Bundesliga – I constantly have bruises, but that makes me harder. I feel physically better than ever.”

Ozil has definitely improved since his enforced rest through injury, and his time spent in the gym has helped him to cope better with the very physical demands of the Premiership. He has recently been named Man Of The Match a few times lately, but do Gooners really think he could be good enough to stop Lionel Messi and Ronaldo from keeping their monopoly on the Ballon D’Or?


  1. If mesut wants to win the ballon d’or he most definitely has to give a 120% effort every game! He has to step it up “big time” maximum!

    1. Indeed. His talent has taken him to be one of the best #10’s in the world – now he needs to do the extra hard work, with the help of those around him.

      If we get Bale on the right wing to complete our attack, imagine the possibilities with Özils playmaking skills, Sanchez’ hard work and brilliant technique, Girouds hold-up play and strength in the box with Bales speed and deadliness with the ball. Any of them could win the balon (except giroud, “naturally”)

  2. He just reminded of Zenedine Zidane, they play almost same style, but he really needs to score more goals, they really consider it. PLUS, arsenal have to win trophies UCL???? EPL???? All the best Mesut.

      1. Same STYLE doesn’t mean same CLASS, I am playing same style of football with king henry and I am nowhere near pro. Football, see the difference???

        1. seeing as zizou dominated midfield an ozil doesnt same style THEY ARE NOT.

          twat, see the difference???

    1. Jeez!!! That’s rude. More like an arrogant comparison of Trey Song to R. Kelly (Wait a minute, who’s Trey Song btw????).

      Ozil reminds you of Zidane? Is that what what youtube told you?

      1. Bro, that Trey Songs b*****t got me damn very pissed, you know. Forget the accolades the king has won, have you watched Trey’s life performances??? The mitch got nothing on Kelz at all.

    2. To be fair, he’s not entirely incorrect, even though i agree with you – Zizou was the best player ever walked on a football pitch. I’d say Özil is more of a Bergkamp-kind of guy.

      Pogba – now that’s a guy who in a few years might deserve to be compared to Zidane. France is going to be a strong team in Russia 2018

  3. Alexis stand a better chance I think, if he can keep his 1st half of the season form. Then he is in with shout in the near future.

    1. If Alexis is far from being Balon D’Or-material, then there’s something seriously wrong with PL, seeing how Alexis has taken it with storm in his first season.

      This might actually be true though, seeing how all of the teams are out of european tournements

      1. I agree with you, times have changed…

        In other news: Lukas Podolski keeps on scoring for die mannschaft. Too bad he’s not a type of player Wenger needs in his team. He should go back to Köln, or to Borussia Dortmund…

  4. Until Ozil becomes dominant and involved 80% of the time in each game he is nowhere near the Ballon-dor. You can’t be disappearing for large chunks of each game and expect to win it. Needs to score more goals too..

    1. Lets face it – Messi / Ronaldo are going to be on top of the list for Balon D’Or atleast 2 more years. By that time, there are still players like Neymar, James, Bale, Pogba and Götze to compete with, and any of them have the same, if not better possibilities to reach the level required to win the ball.

  5. Oh boy! Not before I kiss Angelina Jolie!!! Not just any kind of kiss, you know. We are talking French here.

    1. It’s a shame you guys don’t know Arsenal has won every trophy there is to win, and repeatedly too. I mean Champions’ League, CWC, EPL, etc. Of course, with me in charge.

      Don’t you just love FIFA!!!

  6. Mesut!! the fish eye.. ballon d’or? Hmmm. who says it’s not possible? Impossible is nothing and for that you know wah it takes.. extreme hard work.. goals, assists. work rate.. trophies too. EPL UCL. not the Fa cups and Carling. then we can start talking of ballon dor. wish you the best Mesut Oezil!!!!

  7. When did Mesut Özil start being called a ‘flop’? We were top of the league in February and flying until we went away to Anfield and Özil was a key part of our success. Just a couple of weeks after losing to Liverpool, Özil got injured against Bayern and was out for 6-8 weeks (pretty much the rest of the season). He was called a flop before the end of last season, but when did he get that title? When he was out injured?

    1. Can’t disagree with that galen. But is makes you wonder about those with amoeba-like memories who have been slagging AR15 off recently.

  8. hes just simply over rated….back to the basics if he wants to succeed at Arsenal….

    we still need a proper ACM that can consistently produce results week in and out….

    Carzola is ageing and hes in his final year contract next season…

    1. Just thumb me down before you even get to read what exactly I’m about saying.

      Honestly, I don’t fancy Ozil as our major CAM. I prefer Santi there for eternity. In fact, if not that Wilshere tends to do too much when with the ball, I think he’d be better than Ozil.

      1. Santi is already 30yo…he cant last for long….we still need another ACM to rotate and provide cover…

        dont forget we once had 3 or 4 ACMs gone injured at the same time…

  9. He is saying in the next few years

    It’s not impossible and I hope his dream comes true. He is a very talented player and in the coming seasons he will justify the £45 million purchase

    He needs to improve every year. But no reason why it can’t happen and I would never say it’s impossible.

    I think if we have a top striker who can kick in his assists in addition to Alexis, it will help his cause.

    Ozil should concentrate on loads of assists, increase his goal tally and work extra hard and it’s def possible. Alexis has ability to win it as well

    I also think Ozil (if healthy) will score more assists then Fabregas next season

    1. Costa is world class…his price tag justified everything…..

      Benteke is young and has lots of potential….

  10. Even if we won the PL a couple of times and the UCL in the next few years and Ozil was instrumental there would still only be a slim chance of him even getting nominated. Whilst Messi and Ronaldo are around no-one else is getting a sniff of the Ballon D’Or. Messi has at least another 3-4 seasons, Ronaldo slightly less. At his absolute best MO has the equivalent talent of most of the second tier contenders but you generally need goals to get a look-in.

  11. Should also say, whilst his chances may appear non-existent and we can mock him, as Arsenal supporters we should perhaps be slightly more welcoming of this declaration.

  12. at least he is showing belief and desire. typical with people on this site dammed if he does dammed if he dont

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